Latest on the Canucks, Sharks and Penguins – April 24, 2012.

Check out the latest speculations on the Vancouver Canucks, San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins as they head into the off-season.

VANCOUVER SUN/VANCOUVER PROVINCE: examined potential moves by Canucks management following their disappointing early playoff exit. Elliott Pap noted they’ll have around $55 million invested in 17 players for next season. Assuming the cap ceiling remains the same ($64.3 million) for next season, that wouldn’t leave much space to “add a goalie, three forwards and at least one defenseman”. Brad Ziemer reports agent Mike Liut, who represents Canucks goalie Cory Schneider, wouldn’t be surprised if his client and Roberto Luongo return as the Canucks goalie tandem next season, believing it far from certain Luongo could be dealt. Jason Botchford believes the Canucks “are not physical enough to wear opponents down. They don’t block enough shots. They don’t hit a lot. They lack grit. They back check when they feel like it”, adding they also lack “the size in their top six to out-battle even the B-grade defensive blueliners like Willie Mitchell.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The calls for massive change from Vancouver pundits and fans overlook the fact that most of those called-for changes cannot happen overnight, are often easier said than done, and may be ignored outright by the front office. For all their faults, the Canucks are only one year removed from being a Stanley Cup Finalist, and won their second straight President’s Trophy as the best regular season team. That’s not to say there shouldn’t be any changes, and it’ll be interesting to see how Gillis addresses the goaltending, as well as his other roster needs, but moves will be made, and beyond mere tweaks. Yes, Gillis’ moves this season failed to pan out, but most of his previous efforts to improve the team worked, so calling for his firing based upon his work this season is ridiculous.

Time for Sharks to part ways with Marleau?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance speculated on the possibility of significant changes for the San Jose Sharks this summer, believing it’s time for a dramatic rebuild, which should involve trying to move long-time Sharks forward Patrick Marleau, despite the no-movement clause and two years remaining on his contract. Custance believes they could revisit their interest in Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash, and spend some money in free agency if the right player comes along.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: Tim Kawakami also believes it’s time for the Sharks to part ways with the 33-year-old Marleau, acknowledging his contract and movement clause makes him difficult to move, and doubts they’d get equal value in a return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the Kawakami link. Marleau isn’t impossible to move, for while he earns $6.9 million per season, there’s only two year left on the deal, so it’s possible there might be some interest out there. His NMC, however, will significantly limit potential destinations.  I wouldn’t be surprised if GM Doug Wilson looks into acquiring Nash, but of course that’ll depend on if Nash wants to come to San Jose, and if Wilson is willing to pony up the huge asking price to land him, which probably won’t include an ageing Marleau.  The Sharks could do with a roster shakeup, but teams will have more interest in players like Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski, two guys Wilson won’t move.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Ron Cook and Dave Molinari report Penguins management will have plenty of time to consider possible changes to their roster this summer. Cook dismisses calls for the club to fire head coach Dan Bylsma and trade goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, and doesn’t see them moving Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin, but suggested the possibility of moving Jordan Staal, who’ll become a UFA in July 2013. Cook also expressed doubt the Penguins could find takers for expensive, much-maligned defenseman Paul Martin, and believes beefing up the defense is easier said than done, unless Martin can be moved.

Molinari doesn’t believe the Penguins need an overhaul, but their recent playoffs failures suggest more than tweaks and fine-tuning are in order. GM Ray Shero might have to consider moving either Crosby, Malkin or Staal if he concludes he won’t have the cap space to re-sign all three in the near future. He believes Shero could seek a quality backup for Fleury this summer, and must consider revamping his defense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cue the “trade Jordan Staal” rumors this summer, which always seem to pop up every year. If Shero were to consider that option, however, I believe he’ll wait until the new CBA is implemented and make his decisions based upon that. He’s in no hurry to trade Staal this summer. Some will advocate trading Crosby or Malkin, but that seems remote at best. Fleury may have struggled in post-season play of late, but he remains among the game’s better goalies, and perhaps with a more seasoned backup, could elevate his game again. Martin is probably untradeable, and if there’s an amnesty buyout period in the next CBA, he’ll become a prime candidate to be bought out by the Penguins. With over $59.5 million invested in 18 players for next season, Shero won’t have much wiggle room, even if the cap were to remain around $64 million for next season to fill out the remainder of his roster, let alone find the necessary upgrades, especially on defense. 


  1. When Vancouver was eliminated by Boston last year I made the comment here that Vancouver should go after Corey Perry, and has many messages that told me I was….. Anyway, haven’t changed my mind, still think Perry’s bulldog attitude is just what Vancouver needs, put him next to Kessler and you have two scoring lines, one fancy skating one and one bulldog line.
    Murray would never trade Perry but Vancouver should make the pitch anyway. My guess is that for Pittsburgh, Vancouver, San Jose, Detroit and maybe Washington you may see some big deals as they just got another year older and fell back another notch although with Washington they still have life.

    One way to get rid of Luongo is to PKG him up with something for a return …my suggestion would be a Luongo and Kessler pkg to a team that would be in need of a Goalie and willing to take on term but at the same time adding a top 6 forward and goal scorer ….the tam trading would get back some solid future propects and or roster player …it seems as if this may be one of the only ways!
    I have stated before I could see a tandem as well which makes a little more sense in the short term as they would split the time in the crease …I mean they are the past best goalie tandem in the NHL and Nucks need it ..time will tell!
    Vancouver does need some new blood injected into the team! Very evedent!

    Pitt cant sign Staal at over $6 mill which he will command and him be there 3rd line center and also sign Crosby the same year …they have ignored the defensive end too long and can use Staal as the pawn to fill that void …its almost a MUST do situation …..They also have to tray and move Paul Martin as hes terrible and taking up to much cap they have a poor back end outside Letang Orpik and Niskanen …I think Vitale is great trade bait as well this guy is a great role player and can be valuable to almost every team !!! Matt Cookes time is up as well and is also very valuable to playoff bound teams next year!

    In my honest and humble opinion Malkin hates to be over shadowed by Crosby ……he really wants to be the main man on a team and I can see a point very soon when Malkin would like to go in his own direction and take over a team his self….is it now and keep Staal as the 2nd line center and get a hefty return for youth with Malkin and rebuild the core for longterm viability!

    • I think your correct in Malkin need to be a leader on a team. But I think they should let the poster boy (Crosby) of the NHL go. Because I really dont think his career in the NHL is going to last. He is going to continue to have CONCUSSION issues. Which will force him into early retirement. Malkin has shown that he is more then capible of taking the number one spot on the Penguins. As he did most of this year. Although Crosby’s concussion history may hurt his trade value a bit. I believe there would still be many takers.

  3. I agree with Slap once again.

    Staal should be the one signed up. He is a valuable two way guy and just proved he is a clutch guy as he was easily the Pens best forward in the playoffs. Crosby-Staal is a perfect one-two duo! Malkin will command more and deserves his own team. His NMC is for 13-14 season only making him easy to move. Just look at the list of teams who could use a legit legit #1 center (as we all know that all 29 teams would bid).

    Buffalo, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Columbus, Minnesota, Nashville, Florida, Phoenix, Winnipeg, Dallas, Colorado, Islanders!

    Laundry list of teams that could use him! My speculation if he were to be moved?

    To Nashville: Malkin
    To Pittsburgh: Suter, Wilson, Pickard, future pick.

    Stud D, high end forward, high end goalie prospect, solid pick!

  4. @ JJB

    I was thinking to Edmonton ….this way Pitt fills his shoes with Yakupov and gets a good back up goalie, so they would have two stanley cup goalies ….trade would be !!!!

    To Edmonton

    To Pitt

    • That’s not enough coming back from the Edmonton side.

      Are we all forgetting Malkin was the Art Ross winner by a mile this year?
      Why trade him for a kid, who at *best*, might be able to put up similar points to him.

      If that trade were to happen, you could drop Khabi, Omark & MPS; and throw in a first rounder, and a second rounder and you might be in the ball park.

      I would think that Pitts would rather have a proven winger, a couple first rounders and a top D-prospect to be honest.

    • Would never happen to many players in that exchange Slap. I believe Malkin would move by himself and they might get two player in exchange and maybe a draft pick. Still think losing Malkin over Crosby is a big big mistake.

  5. The Canucks could have used Downie. When he is on, damn! Honestly, what the Canucks need is heart. They have skill (and diving ability), but lack real passion and drive. Perhaps Martin St. Louis? NOT!

    • I agree.

  6. maybe i’m crazy but if i’m the pittsburgh GM i crosby is the center i trade. couple of reasons. one i think malkin might be the better of the two, but really that’s just splitting hairs as they are both elite talents. more importantly is crosby’s health. the “crosby-staal is a perfect one-two duo” statement is near laughable because more often than not you’d be left with just staal. you can’t count on crosby to play a hole season. you can’t count on him to be healthy for the playoffs. when he’s on the ice he’s extrodinary but you just don’t know when he’s going to be there.

    that being said, if you shop crosby you can ask for the sky and probably get it. there’s plenty of GM’s that would love to take the risk on crosby’s health. plenty of owners that would like him to be the face of their team. pittsburgh doesn’t need crosby like so many other teams do because they have another best-center-in-the-league and a great one-two duo on malkin-staal.

    @alforducks, perry is a punk. the last the canucks need is another punk.

    • How many games has Staal and Malkin missed?

      • crosby 274 played of 410 possible in the last 5 years. malkin 349/410. staal 350/410. relatedly, malkin and staal’s injuries have been mostly leg and hand injuries while much of crosby’s time missed has been more of the serious concussion-related variety.

        • And who has more points?

    • Perry is a punk?? Youve got to be kidding me man. Pretty sure the guy won the art ross last year, is an olympic gold champion and also a stanley cup winner. Smoke another one pal.

  7. Somehow, the best player in the league, the face of the league, a guy who lives in the owner’s house is gonna be traded. You guys are a hoot.

    • yeah, i know. but i still think it’s the smartest move for the penguins really.

      (does he still live with mario? jesus, dude how much you make a year and you can’t buy your own place? man the economy really has gone in the toilet.”

      • He lives on his own now.

  8. I said it a couple of days ago. I could see Malkin moving before Staal. Staal is the perfect 2nd line center and could be a 1st line center. Malkin is a great #1 center.

    Staal won’t produce 100+ seasons. But I could see Staal with more ice time putting a point per game type numbers. Even 60-70 points is great from your 2nd line center + you get his D which is a huge plus.

    Malkin doesn’t bring the D side to the table. And he could bring you that winger to play along Crosby.

    • The Penguins already have that winger to play with Crosby (or Malkin) in Nash. That’s not to say the Penguins couldn’t use another presence on the wing, but the glaring need is obviously the defense. I’m with the others here, and say it would be more plausible to trade Crosby or Malkin because of the expected huge return you would get for either.

      I go back and forth over who to deal, but of the two it would more likely be Malkin. I’d love to see the Penguins get their hands on someone like Drew Doughty to solidify the blue line.

      Pens: Drew Doughty, Mike Richards, and prospects
      Kings: Evgeni Malkin and prospects(maybe?)

    • Malkin is the winger that scores on Crosby’s wing.
      Why trade a dozen for two-6’s?

      • No he isn’t and neither is Nash.

        • When the Pens need a gola, they load them up on one line. What “winger” are you going to find better than Malkin?

          • One that plays on his line all the time not just on the pp and who is a winger not the # 2 center.

  9. Yeah I don’t know Crosby is the Center you keep. And if Im looking at trading Malkin to Edmonton I want Eberle. I would insist he were the centerpiece of that deal if he wasn’t then look elsewhere.

  10. @ Everyone

    Ray Shero has gon on record as stating that Crosby will retire a Penguin …enough said so stop the madness!!!

    If you trade Malkin to Edmonton you ask for:

    Yakupov, Khabibulin, Omark, Thebeurt and Pajaarvi

    Thats a 1st over all pick
    Stanley cup Goalie ( backup)
    Playmaker (omark)
    two way prospect (Pajaarvi)
    Defensive prospect ( Thebeurt)or Whitney veteran!

    Thats a good trade for both clubs

    • Slap, now you dissapoint me.

      Why would the Pens trade Malkin for an overpiced backup to sit on their bench (worth 50% of malkin’s salary), a 2-way player who is not able to contribute right ow and make them stronger, a defensive prospect who does not make them better, Whitney who they had before and would not give in to his salaray demands (he makes $5M a season), and Omark, who is not a difference maker?

      Malkin to Edmonton for Nugent-Hopkins, the 1st pick and Sam Gagner sounds more like what Pit would want to even entertain discussions.

  11. As far as the Pens go, I hope either way they buyout Martin. Even if there isn’t an amnesty buyout, next year would be like 2.3 against the cap and then 1.3 for the next five. It’ll hurt but with guys like Streit, Despres, Bortuzzo, Grant having showed that they can play in the bigs and signed to cheaper entry level contracts, that gives quite a bit of wiggle room. Not sure that I agree that Cookes time is done considering that he broke personal records this year in points and finally found a way to play tough without playing dirty. My friends always give me crap but if you are gonna trade one of the three centers, you go with Crosby. You’re gonna get a king’s ransom and with his health concerns, it has to give you pause when you think about trading a guy like Staal. I’d like to see them sign Montoya as a back-up. He could probably be had for roughly the same money that Johnson is signed for this year ( right around 750k ) and has shown he can play big.

  12. I dont think that trading Crosby is beyond the realm of possibility for many reasons. First there is the fact that the club plays a different and arguably better game when he is not in the line-up. Secondly, for whatever reason, Malkin seems to become a different and better player without Crosby, perhaps craving that leadership role and Jordan Stall would then slide up to #2 Center. Then there is the fact Crosby is entering a contract year. With his injury history, where do you start contract talks? To me there is the possibility of the Lindros syndrome following Crosby. At this stage of his career like Lindros, he is still young if injury riddled, and the potential of his having more elite years ahead of him make him hugely attractive to other teams who are seeking that “star” power.

    Remember how quickly Lindros declined after the Philly years, as talented as he is, there is always the possibility of the same happening to Crosby. I see teams like Toronto, Calgary, Columbus, Florida, and other star-starved teams giving up the farm for the opportunity to land Crosby, and if you were completely objective, wouldnt that be best for the Penguins as an organization?

    • I toltally agree with you Old Soldier. But hey if you fans in pit. Would still like to get rid of Malkin I would love to see him in SAN JOSE For forward of your choice and one of our 3 goaltending prospects cause the Sharks have alot of young depth in net in minors and they cant use them all. I’ll even add in a draft pick. A next year when Crosby is out for the season again I’ll sit back say I told you so.

  13. @ Bickleton
    Do I have the green light to start the Crosby to the Leaf’s rumour? lol

  14. No way Khabibulin is part of it if he were going to the oil. 5mil cap hit for your back up? No Thanks!!!!

    And that would be 10.5mil cap hit on your tenders. More and more teams in the playoffs ate doing well with low budget goalies. So ya no way jose.

    I had said before that if you’re trading one of the 3 it “should” be Crosby (and no he doesn’t live at lemieuxs any more and hasn’t for 2years now I believe)

    What I would like to see is a good goalie prospect (bernier or such) along with a good dman and picks.

  15. “It’s always been about the team first,” he said. “”At the end of the day, it’s going to be about what’s best for this team. We have a young guy in (Cory Schneider) who’s going to dominate the league.” — Roberto Luongo greasing the wheels

    It seems pretty clear from that quote that Luongo’s had enough of Vancouver and wants to be traded. I wouldn’t rule out Detroit as the destination.

    • Though I’m sure Gillis prefers to send him out of conference.

  16. Bickleton Wigglesworth III
    Perry a Punk ? Why just because is doesn’t wear a dress when he plays hockey like the SISTERS do ? Maybe Canucks can get the league to change the rules and play flag hockey ( like flag football)

  17. Agree with alforducks 120% regarding Perry and the sisters. In fact why can’t these two play on an NHL team without the other. Time to grow up boys. I’ll go in another direction build around Kesler and Schneider and call it a day. Break up the sisters. Take a bag of pucks for Luongo. Short term pain long term gain. That would take cajones.

  18. @ all you guys who think Crosby will be traded.

    You all need your head examined!!!!!

    Like I said …Shero has gone on Record Crosby will retire a Penguine!!!!!!! End of Story !!!!

    Malkin wants to be the go to guy on his OWN team ..its very evedent that this is the case and hes the player you can get the most return on to retool and restock without having to finish last every year and go through 3 years of drafting 1st to rebuild ….I think its time to cash in on an asset and trading Malkin can vastly do this in a phone call as opposed to doing it in years !!!

    • Why would Pitts restock? They’re a few years removed of a cup, and have had +99 point seasons six straight years now?

      Their defense is the only real weakness, if the league gives a free buyout, they’ll have 5 million to give the defense another go.

  19. If you guys think by signing Sydney crosby to a 10 year deal is stupid …you need to really start looking at the business side of Hockey ….Crsoby makes this team more money than any other franshise in pro sprts ..just his name and all the things surrounding the Penguins i.e Jersey sales …season tickets advertising partners and so on and on and on !!!

    If you trade Crosby you run the risk of loosing Hundreds of Millions of dollars for the $60 Million you sign him for its called a return on asset !!!!

    You guys have no idea of the amount of money that Crosby spins off …we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars here !!!!

  20. @S&S

    Edmonton and Pitts trade makes no sense… at all.

    Like, just nada.

    Oilers think they have their forward stars (and they have enough offense currently). They need a defense and a goalie. Although I think anyone in the league would be crazy not to grab Malkin, Oil want to dangle Yakupov in front of the noses with teams with D-studs to actually have some kind of a back-end.

    Pittsburgh it doesn’t work for them, because you give up one of the top 10 players in the league for a kid, who at best will put up similar points to Malkin, and at worst will tuck tail and run back to mother Russia.

    Just a quick hitter, why in the world do they want a goalie who has literally done nothing in the NHL for three years and who is closer to retiring than playing big NHL minutes?

    Also, every single one of your trades seems to have a lot of dead-weight going one way or another. Why would a team want MPS, Omark, Connolly in TO, Komi in TO or any of the other useless players you try to tie into every trade.

    As I Always say:

    1) Make the numbers works
    2) Make the deal make sense. Deals that don’t make sense don’t happen very often.

  21. I agree with Mio that the Pens stand still and make some minor tweaks. get rid of Cooke, Dupuis, etc and get tougher and more scoring form the wings. They were the heavy favourite this year, and will be the heavy favourite again next year.

    If scoring dries up, you can always put Malkin on the wing with Sid and make Staal your #2 centre.

    They don’t need to do anything major.

  22. Another thing to look at is the fact that the Pens played like crap. Forwards playing bad made the d play bad who made Fleury look worse. Fleury has never been nor will ever be a “shut down ” goalie. He’s gonna allow 3-4 every game on average. He’s the Moog and Fuhr of the 21st century. Martin and Michalek , Martin being the worse, were products of the team they played on and Pens gambled it would translate to their style. Ooops. Move Martin or buyout, re-sign Niskanen, move Despres into Martin’s spot and fast track Kuhnackel to become that “firecracker” player that they missed when Max was let go. They don’t need an overhaul, just a tweak or two.

  23. Jordan Staal is a better centre than Backes and he is just fine as the #1. They are not premier scorers, but do the job both ways and can still put the puck in the net.

    I’d say Staal is on par with: Bergeron, Spezza, Roy, Plekanec (see a theme here?). He is not a prototypical #1, but would be great if he had a winger who was a true sniper and needed Staal’s size to create space (theme continued). Looks like the Leafs are a good fit and could return to the Pens the defense and depth they are looking for.

    The Pens would want:
    – a 3rd line centre to replace Staal
    – a scoring winger who is better than Pascal Dupuis
    – a top-4 Defenseman
    – a d prospect with a top 4 potential

    Regardless of team, that is what they ask for.

    • Spezza isn’t typical #1 center? A pure play maker, and point per game player.

      • No he’s not. He’s not a leader, has neither size nor sandpaper, his compete level is inconsistent, and he’s a defensive liability.

    • Spezza is the best of the bunch, but i wouldn’t put him miles ahead of J. Staal. I’m just saying in that division, J. Staal gives you a chance to win every night.

      • Agree about Staal, but would add that if he was in the NE, he would be the best centre. Not as offensively gifted as Spezza (but still really good), he has all those things that Spezza lacks (and which, imo, keep Spezza from being a “prototypical #1″ centre).

        And Staal is only 23 years old! I think he’d look pretty great between Kessel and Lupul, though maybe it would take one of those to get him.

  24. @ NIKK

    @ Mio Kid

    You guys are …..&$#*&% …OK !!!!Seriously!!

    Dupuis is a fantastic addition for his salary $1.5 million and plays fantastic smart hockey and is very good with Crsoby WHY do you need to get rid of a guy who is a well rounded player that doesnt hurt you in any way ..STUPID !!!

    @ MIOKID

    Let me tell you something …..your an idiot!!!

    You talk like a kid …man Oh man you make no sense!!!

    let me answer you in sequence !!!!!

    #1) Khabibulin is only $3.75 for only one more year ..Pitt coudnt even put in Johnson because they had no faith in him so why not have a Stanley cup winning goalie in a back up roll and take on some slary for one year to have piece of mind …Makes sense to me!!!
    This issue cost Pitt parts of the series gagainst Philly they coulkd have used a Stanley cup winning goalie as a back up!!!Khabibulin still plays major minutes …you make it sound as if he sat all year on the bench hes been playing major games!!!

    #2) Replacing Malkin with Yakupov would be genius and he wouldnt leave for Russia if he has the Chance to play with the best player in the world and make Malkin type money in three years …he would not leave a healthy organization ….stupid!
    He has stated he wants to play in the NHL
    If there is any year to replace a Malkin type player with a first round pick and players would be this guy ..FOR SURE!!!!You can get four quality players for Malkin from Edmonton !!!


    really do you understand that the Pens have no defense and that it cost them the series against Philly ..a series where Malkin didnt even show up and took stupid penalties that cost them …..He is your biggest asset to trade and improve your team and make it viable for long term …why not just go out and get all forwards and play them on defense too …idiot!!!

    Sometimes to make a deal with certain teams it makes sense to add something to take on salary happens with regularity …I propose two side of every coin in a trade and how and what teams should do in what might actually be a GM discussion to help each club! So in some scenarios teams do ask for other teams to take on salary to finalize a deal and to make cap work .,…some teams can take slary on some cant …depends ..BUT IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME JERKY!!

    By the way ….most of the deals that ARE MADE dont make sense !!!!!!! and you dont make sense, you think everything is CUT & DRY ….you have no idea whaty actually gets tossed around in trade talk and trust me if you did you would probably find that most of thetrades posted here make more sense than the ones discussed in th GMs office …TRUST ME!!!!!

    You talk the big talk but make no sense you have no idea how an organization has to position itself long term and create a well rounded team ….Pitt has put all ther eggs into one basket and now suffer on defense ….how are they going to sign all the big names and have any money left over to help in the areas they are lacking short term or long term …..go ahead genius tell me when you have 5 players being paid $45 million …go ahead tell me !!!!!!!!

    The Pens are coming down the strecth over the next 2 years where they have to sign Staal, Crosby and Malkin and hire some top end defesive talent ….how are they going to that with $45 million tied up in pny 5 players ….
    oh I now …trade one !!!!!!

    WHO IS GOING TO GIVE YOU THE BEST RETURN so you can retool and restock for the next 6 years ……..MALKIN !!!!!!!

    You will get a 1st rounder and 1st ovber all and 3-4 top players coming back to rebuild with so you can win again for years to come not be handcuffed in 3 years and have no where to go !!!!

    • Buddy, you need to relax with the name calling and anger. Otherwise Spec will ban you from his site.

      Secondly, you can’t say that someone doesnt know squat about what they are talking about, and then end every paragraph in “TRUST ME”. Everyone has their own opinions and wants to share them. Mio likely has more people agree with him that those who agree with you- I’m just saying you are on the extreme side of things… give the guy a break. His ideas are not as terrible.

      I agree with him that the Penguins don’t need to do very much this off-season and they are the #1 contender for the cup again.

      What is a terrible idea: Thiking you can trade Malkin for a bag of pucks and hope to get better in the future. Last week Yakupov was no good, this week we should trade Malkin for him.

      I’m thinking Detroit is a Dyansty becasue they kept Datsyuk and Zetterberg- not traded those guys away. But then again, it’s not like Colorado had Sakic and Forsberg. Depth at centre is a terrible idea. What you really need is a $4M backup goalie.

      • Thanks NikK.

        As for good ‘ol Slapper:

        With posts like that, you’re showing more and more that you shouldn’t be taken seriously.

        Most trade, alas, are very cut & dry. I.E, you don’t see a team finishing top 5 in their conference every year for the past half dozen years throwing away their leading scorer, the leagues leading scorer for a kid who still hasn’t played a game in the NHL, and a bag of pucks.

        I don’t trust you, because you’re showing more and more that you’re just a rabid fan that doesn’t quite understand how this business deal in the NHL works. How often do you see:

        Player X, Y, Z moved for player A, B, C, D, E.

        Rarely. These massive deals rarely happen, and if they do they’re done in pieces; such as the Minny/SJ deals in the off season last year. All you seem to suggest are these types of massive deals where one side gets a massive short end of the stick.

        Also, in your defense of your argument, you say (I’ll add in caps and exclamation points because I’ll try and be like you here) and it’s funny watching you run in circles because you’re being way over emotional when posting (a-la rabid fan making deals in his basement):

        PITTS CAN’T SIGN STALL (spelling)!! They have to be able to sign CROSBY! TRADE STALL (spelling)!! Oh wait, rumours are Malkin?! TRADE MALKING FOR A BAG OF PUCKS! TRUST ME! That way they can resign Stall and Crosby! NOW let NAIL PLAY WITH CROSBY! So HE can earn mega bucks like MALKIN!! Trust me!

        You literally just backed yourself into the same place.

        Khabi – 105 games played in the last three years:
        Gives ~0.89 S%, ~2.933 GAA.
        You can get those numbers from an AHL goalie, not a guy you give the top scorer in league for.

        Why are you restocking and retooling for the next 6 years? Malking will be 31 years old in 6 years lol, Crosby 30… Why are you reloading when you have the best young core in the NHL?

        Now, look at the last three years in the NHL and tell me a deal that made absolutely no sense in any aspect.
        Teams make deals based one:
        Can we get better, can we get rid of a problem, can we make room, we are going in another way.

        Crawl back into the hole you came from, and let the big boys talk about hockey while you huff, puff and scream because someone doesn’t think you’re even close to making any sense.

        TRUST ME!

  25. Spec, all my posts are bein deleted?
    What did I do??

    • Nevermind!!

  26. Nobody trades Nail for Malkin. The Oil are young they wouldnt make that trade. If you want to move Malkin and you want to win now you trade him for Nash or trade him to Toronto for a Pkg.

  27. Guys! GUYS!!! I HAVE the Pens solution!

    Pittsburgh trades Malkin to my current employer, for me! Pitts saves 8.2 million (they sign me to 500k /year for 10 years)and they get a guy who was a good all round defenseman up through university, plus a cheap cap hit. And I’m a well trained winemaker to boot! I mean COME ON how could they not do it? Come on!

    • Trust me

      • I can’t believe I forgot that! Thanks!

  28. @ Nikk

    Yep your right !!!

  29. In San Jose, is Wilson still the man the ownership want running hockey operations ? If he is, how much rope will he be givin to make the changes, before they pull the plug on him ?

  30. The Penguins struggled in postseason play because of special teams and defensive play. The Penguins need to improve their defensemen corps to avoid hanging Marc-Andrew Fluery to dry.

    The Penguins will find ways to keep Fluery, Sidney Crosby, and Evengi Malkin. With James Neal locked up for several years, and Crosby and Malkin in good health, the Penguins will be an offensive machine for a few more seasons.

  31. Pittsburgh is probably the deepest teams up the middle in the league but that costs them depth everywhere else and ultimately that cost them in the playoffs as the defense sucked and they didn’t have a goalie they could trust to spell Fleury. they might end up having to choose 2 out of their 3 top centers to get the depth needed to be competitive. a little history lesson for those who don’t think the Pens need to change their current lineup, you should know that it was depth player Talbot who was the difference in the Stanley Cup final especially the last game where he scored both of Pittsburgh’s goals to win them the Cup.

  32. I think another thing to be considered, are Crosby and Malkin looking for raises? While they deserve to be paid the highest money in the (arguably), are they smart enough to realize that if they both get that money, it’ll just be them on the team. Wouldn’t be outta the realm of reality to see either/both sign a Kovie/Ovie type contract. Probably not to those extremes, it being likely there will be serious limitations in the new CBA, but something along those lines. Could see something along the lines of 10 yrs 7 mill a year average for all three (just for sh*ts and giggles) with front loaded money. This isn’t as bad considering their age and when the contracts would end, they would be at the oldest 35. At that point your have three of the best centers in the league for 21 mill. Know I know that leaves some wiggle room issues for wingers/defense, but they weren’t exactly busting at the rim with those when they won it a few years back. Again, when it comes to D, they have quite a few NHL caliber D coming up through the minors, so they will be able to replace some of those pieces at a minimum price. The big problem they have is developing forwards. There are few in minors that look like they’ll be impact guys.

  33. For those wanting a crosby trade.because of concussions.. dream on. as much as i would loveto have him on my team(habs) but everyone is forgetting that the owner of pittsburg is mario lemieux. the same lemieux that stayed with pittsburg threw thick and thin. the same mario that took the young crosby under his wing to teach him how to be a leader and live the expectations of a superstar. so until lemieux give up on crosby hes not going anywhere. you just dont give up the best player in the world.