Latest on the Capitals – May 15, 2012.

Alexander Semin has played his final game with the Capitals, plus speculation over which players they should pursue.


Semin won't return to Capitals.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance reported agent Marc Gandler, who represent Washington Capitals winger Alexander Semin, said his client has no intention of re-signing with the club and is headed for unrestricted free agency this summer. Gandler cited the Capitals’ change of direction and Semin’s belief he doesn’t fit into that system as the reasons behind the decision, adding his client wants to remain in the NHL, hoping to get an expanded role, including time on the penalty kill. Custance believes Semin “is an interesting option for teams looking for scoring in a weak free-agent market”, noting he’s only two years removed from a 40-goal, 84-point season.

WASHINGTON POST: John Feinstein suggests if Capitals GM George McPhee wants to make a really important move this summer, perhaps he should put together a package offer (including his two first round picks in this year’s draft) for Columbus Blue Jackets right wing Rick Nash.

PHILLY.COM’s Sam Carchidi took to Twitter to express doubt Semin could replace Jaromir Jagr at right wing if Jagr decides not to return to the Flyers next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize a lot of folks believe Semin could have a tough time finding a new NHL team to sign with this summer. Never underestimate the ability for NHL general managers to overspend on talent in the free agent market, especially those with cap space and the willingness to spend. Though he might have to accept a little less than the $6.7 million he earned this season, perhaps on a one to three year deal, I believe Semin will find an NHL team desperate for offense willing to take a gamble on him.

As for Rick Nash to Washington, that’s not a bad suggestion. He’d easily slide into that first line right wing spot vacated by Semin and should be a good fit with Alexander Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom. They have the cap space to comfortably absorb his $7.8 million per season salary, are a perennial playoff club,  and have depth in draft picks and prospects to offer up to the Blue Jackets. The downside, however, is the players the Jackets would want as part of the return. They don’t have any good young roster forwards to offer up, and they’d likely want either John Carlson or Karl Alzner as part of the return.  They could try to shop Semin’s rights to the Jackets, giving them permission to speak with his agent, but the Jackets management would need to know Semin is willing to sign with them. Even then, we don’t know if they would have any serious interest in Semin.


  1. Soft, one-dimentional and a diva… I’ll pass on Semin.

  2. Semin+Malkin or Crosby=Destruction

    • Semin + Backs + Ovie = whats?

  3. Overpaid, disinterested Russian figure Skater…. Pass!

  4. GAME 7 Rangers & Caps watch the 2nd goal replay if you can find it!!!! WOW what hussle to pick up the man coming in who scores the goal !!! JOKE!!!

    This is Alex Semin at his worst !!

    If anyone has the opportunity to watch the replay on the game winning goal by the Rangers in game 7 this playoffs, please go and watch it ….this play will give you all you need to know about Alex Semin …DOESN’T BACK CHECK ….gave up on the play and cost his team the game because he has no HEART!!!

    Disgusting play and I wouldnt want him on my team if I was a coach …..He can go back to the KHL …..Underachiever and not a player you can count on for anything!

    The Caps could have multiple players for a total of almost $7 million that would have had more of an impact then Semin!

    • I agree about Semin and that Game 7 goal. But most nights Ovechkin is no better. Brooks Laich should have been the captain of that team plain and simple.

      Point is if Ovechkin is going to spend more than half his career NOT back checking what kind of message is that sending to the rest of the team. The guy wouldn’t be able to find the defensive zone with a damn GPS.

      Yeah Hunter got more out of those guys than Boudreau did towards the end. Semin and Ovechkin probably crapped themselves every time Hunter looked there way.

  5. I know there is a lot of Semin haters on this site so I know I’ll be in the minority. But I have to agree with Lyle, Semin will be in the NHL next year. Due to his bad reputation, I believe it’ll be a short term deal as well. He has the offensive tools to play here, and let’s face it, he wouldn’t be the only one demensional player to suit up for an NHL team. I don’t see Philly as a destination because I think they won’t want to do much tinkering with their forwards. But without trying to sound like a broken record, I see Dallas, Colorado, Florida and possibly Minny or Carolina as possible destinations. Either way, whichever team it is, I can’t see NO team wanting him. He can still score goals, and he didn’t disapear in the playoffs.

    • Oh no doubt he’s in the NHL next year. There will be some sucker GM that lost out on Parise looking for something anything at that point.

  6. If Selanne does not return, offer Semin one year @ 5 million.
    Any caps fan have a opinion on how he and Bruce Boudreau got along ?

  7. I would love to have Semin on my team… at 2 million per. He would play on the first line when he felt like it and on the third when he didn’t.

    Good luck having him agree to those terms.

  8. @ Slap & shot, dude! you are right, that was pathetic. just watched it, and saw how Semin let the scorer skate right by as he coasted back.

  9. This is the second year in a row that Semin gave up on the play at center Ice to cost his team the final game in a series ….teams see this and watch this and document this …he is not a playoff performer …and thats when it counts and why you pay a guy good money ….to perform when its crunch time ….and he does not !!!
    Waste of money ! spend it on multiuple players to grow your team and multiple positions and look to score on a guy who could be a diamond in the rough who play a complete game and is a gamer!!!

  10. So Slap&Shot, please clarify by answering this question…Are you an Alexander Semin fan or not?

  11. If your GM signs Semin and your the coach you teach him to back check. If he doesnt do it he sits. No player likes to sit. You also have to pat him on the back when he does work hard. Semin is a talent and with the right attitude could help a team win. Just need to find that fit not sure who or where that team is.

  12. somebody will sign semin. scoring goals is hard, there’s always been a place in the nhl for talented half-assers. it drives people nuts, but that’s just the way it is.

  13. Semin needs to be in the right system, with a strong coach. Detroit could be a good fit, the team first mentality would mold him into being a complete player. Look at what NJ has done for AK.
    Mike Babcock is the type of coach to sit him when he needs to and teach him what it means to be an NHL Talent, not just a scorer.
    I just think that Washington Like Pittsburgh (in the early 90’s) let the players run the team

  14. I see a trade to Toronto as they are most likley willing to ponyup the most. Tor would be the perfect fit for Stall, A top line CenterPosition (something he will never be in PGH) and a face for the Team (Ala Sundin) PGH will want to package Martin as well with any Stall Trade

    To Tor: Stall, Martin and Pgh 1st
    to PGH: Schenn, Kadri, Tor 1st AND Either Carter or Kulemin (Reunited with Malkin)

    A Heavy Price but what PGH would want

    • The deal would be Staal and Martin for Bozak, Kadri, Schenn, Blacker and Kulimen. It gives TOR a top-tier 2-way forward, and it helps re-stock our prospects. Burke probably wouldn’t trade the 5th overall pick, but if he wanted to, we would gladly take it

    • It is Staal not “Stall”. Not even knowing his name sort of makes everything else kind of moot don’t you think? Beyond that there’s no mention of Toronto, Pittsburgh, or Staal anywhere in this article. Please find an appropriate place to post.

  15. Agreed that Semin just needs to be in the right atmosphere. Detroit could be interesting, especially with the positive influence of Datsyuk.

    Semin has had his poor defensive moments, but there are plenty of other similar (effort-wise) players in the league that still manage to get big contracts, e.g. Havlat, Heatley, Briere, Penner, Franzen to name but a few.

  16. Detroit would be an interesting option.. but will he fit into their system. Hard forecheck… which I don’t believe Semin does too well, if at all. He wants to play on the PK… well he will have to adjust his game..

    Maybe he will change his mind with Hunter no longer coach… but will Washington want him back.

    I don’t see Staal going anywhere this summer…maybe next trade deadline. If Staal is indeed traded this summer and Crosby goes out again… the Pens are in trouble….

    • He would not be traded at the deadline, the Pens would get less if they were to wait that long. They need to get full value out of him this offseason

  17. Ummm it is Staal. If you’re going to want to trade for a player at least learn how to spell his name. That much will make you sound slightly intelligent. Keep dreaming the Penguins want the Leaf’s overrated prospects.

    I’m a big hockey fan but SOME of you Toronto fans are absolutely obsessive and delusional. Feel free to chime in out of the blue off topic like you always do.

  18. Detroit will make a run at Semin if they lose out on Parise. Detroit has the lockerroom strength to make Semin change his views, but Semin might not sign there knowing it is expected of him. It will be interesting to see how July 1st shapes up.

  19. Semin will probably be a Leaf…

  20. I think people are wrong about Semin. These past two years he has been blah, but he has also been unhappy in Washington. There were some shining moments in the playoffs for Semin also, he blocked shots, back checked and did well and some where he didn’t.

    The right system, coach, and players and Semin is an all star in this league. I do see Detroit as the perfect fit. Datsyuk can teach him all the right things and Babcock can get him playing. I’d talk to Semin and I think Semin could be a more affordable with the potential to give more than Parise … difference is Parise is a SURE thing.

  21. What about the suggested rebuild in San Jose? Could Semin be brought to fix a hole there? They always seem to over pay too.

  22. I think most of you are dazed or confused or just listen to bad media too much.

    Way too much Semin hate for a top tier offensive talent. I’m going to come right out and say it, and some of you scrubs will deny it violently: Alex Semin is a 50+ point player in a MISERABLE season; there are 30 GM’s in this league that would love to have him at the right price.

    So that means he’ll get 5 million somewhere in the NHL this year, easily.

    Is he soft? Yes, he’s pure skill player.
    Is he poor defensively? Yeah, so was Kovalchuk up to this year, but poor defense or not… he’ll cost your team maybe 5-10 goals a season… He’ll get your team 20+ generally mid 30’s.
    Was he playing on a defensive team? Yeah, sure if you consider Wideman, Hamrlik & Green defensive defensemen (which if you do, you need to check your eyes).

    Mixed in with the right players, his defensive mishaps will all by go away. Washington was built to run and gun, and they were playing defense first hockey… Of course a pure skill player will get into some trouble in that scenario.

    I’m unsure of where he’ll end up. Colorado, maybe, but they’ve been very smart with contracts… Sharks if they can’t snag Nash or the price is too high. Don’t know about many Canadian markets?

  23. Agree with comments by Vinnie,Durt and Miokid,

    I could see Semin playing in Carolina, New Jersey or Detroit. My money would be on New Jersey, as they can afford him with or without Parise staying, but especially if he does not stay.I think Kovalchuk would be a much better influence on him than Ovechkin, and a better example of how to play the complete game.New Jersey still has a rep as a defensive, trap team, but they are really not like that anymore. They are an aggressive, fore check oriented team now.

    To those posting that he should become a Leaf – No thanks, and he would not be welcome on a Carlyle coached team anyway, that is a given.

    @Alforducks – I am sure Bruce Boudreau is relieved he does not have to deal with the Russian primadonna’s anymore, so I do not see him going to Anaheim, although Getz would be sure to drop him if he acted up or did not pull his weight.

  24. watch for whoever loses out on Parise to gamble on Semin. Washington is headed in the right direction with the balance they gained by signing Ward & Brouwer and Holtby will likely be the starter next year, if they add a few key pieces in the offseason they could be a dominant team in the east next year.

  25. As long as Sacco is our coach, COL will have 0% interest in Semin