Latest on the Capitals – May 16, 2012.

More speculation over Alexander Semin’s future, and updates on Tomas Vokoun and Mike Knuble.

YAHOO.CA/WASHINGTON TIMES: Dmitry Chesnokov and Stephen Whyno report Alexander Semin was “taken aback” when he arrived in Europe for the World Hockey Championships over comments made by his agent claiming Semin wouldn’t return with the Washington Capitals and was headed to free agency. That resulted in his agent, Marc Gandler, saying Semin wasn’t completely ruling out a return with the Capitals. Gandler also said he wouldn’t negotiate with the Capitals through the press, but said his client would seek longer than a one-year deal.

DENVER POST’s Adrian Dater doubts the Colorado Avalanche would have interest in Semin if he hits the open market on July 1.

Vokoun won't return to Capitals.

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera reports Capitals goalie Tomas Vokoun, who missed the end of the season and post-season to injury, wasn’t planning on returning, while winger Mike Knuble said he’d like to play one more season, though was non-committal about returning with the Capitals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Consensus among pundits and bloggers is the Capitals won’t re-sign Semin, but as Chesnokov pointed out, there will be interest in the winger around the NHL if he becomes a UFA, though he’d have to accept less salary than the $6.7 million he made this season. Chesnokov’s noted the lack of quality scoring talent in this summer’s free agent market will Semin will likely become a prized commodity. Don’t rule out an NHL general manager feeling a change of scenery is all Semin needs to regain his scoring touch.

As for Vokoun and Knuble, they’ll hit the open market, where the former could still find considerable interest from teams seeking an experienced starting goalie.


  1. Vokoun to Tampa Bay. 2 years @ 1.5 per!

  2. I’m betting Toronto picks up Vokoun.

  3. Semin may be a good fit in Long Island …..if anywhere other than the KHL….but its sounds to me this process is already in trouble …with the he said ….they said scenario…the TROUBLE light just went on again for Semin and his agent!! i would not take this guy for what he is going task for ..but rather spend my money on multiple players that can actually play an end to end game and contribute in various ways for the same amount it would cost to just have one player!! You need depth not money locked up in an over rated over paid ….pre madonna!!!

    Vokun could also end up in Colombus as they need some stability in net as well!!

  4. I really think that you’re going to see Vokoun signed to a 2 year deal by the Leafs for somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5m per season. I think you might see Knuble return to Boston for one season as Boston does seek that experienced player who can play in their depth. I do believe Semin is KHL bound. Not for lack of interest around the NHL because I believe that there will be a handful of teams who will make offers and want Semin on their team. However, I don’t believe that any team will offer up the term or the amount the Semin feels that he is actually worth.

  5. @Slap & Shot: Semin’s not a pre madonna, he was born in 1984, which is right about when madonna got her first hit. Knuble, well, he’s a pre madonna…he’s almost a pre beatle.

    • lol

    • Hahaha, Good one. Slap I think you mean to say prima donna.

    • Nice!

  6. I could see Detroit going after Semin. They have the cap space, and a strong system that he could be very effective in if he buys into it. He would be a good fit there, or maybe a team like Dallas, that seems to be so close the last few years, but is just missing one or two offensive pieces.

  7. @Slap shot (Elkund)
    Columbus is not looking for a temporary fix like Vokoun, they are looking for a long term number 1 who can be their guy for the franchise. Signing a goalie who’s on the downswing of his career would be pointless for them. The 5 teams that would be candidates for Semin would be NYI, Dallas, Flordia, Columbus and Phoenix

  8. I see Semin getting a contract in the range of 2 yrs, $9.5-$10M. From who? That’s the magic question. (Though Dallas isn’t a bad guess)

  9. I can honestly see Vokoun going to Detroit. They were really hurting at the end of the season without a true backup. Vokoun and Howie could platoon keepin Howie fresh for the playoffs. And Vokoun would be a relatively cheap option for the club.I would add Hockeytown to the potential list of suitors for sure

  10. I think there will quite a few teams bidding on Vokoun. His stats weren’t bad at all this year and teams will bank on him returning to Florida form. I think and hope the Leafs get him. The modern successful Leafs teams have always relied on elite goaltending to protect defensive blemishes. EG Cujo and Belfour. Vokoun did this in Florida to make them competitive. Vokoun will get 2-3 years and more than 1.5 for sure. Probably 3-4 million per year. Also GMs won’t have a problem paying for stability.

  11. FYI the goaltending crop is extrememely weak this year, and Vokoun’s agent knew it when forming a 1 year deal.

    It includes:Vokou, Montoya, Harding, Raycroft, Huet, Roloson, Niittymaki, Mason, Gustavsson, Hedberg, Biron.

    Only the first 3 can be in discussion of being in a starting/tandem capacity on a new team.

    • If I had to guess, IMO, by goalie-Vokoun=Toronto, Montoya=Pitts, Raycroft=Dallas, Huet=Europe, Roloson=retired, Niity=Edmonton, Mason=Winn, Gustavsson?, Hedberg=NJ, Biron=NYR also Harding stays, Luongo to TB, Johnson to LA and Bernier to NJD.

  12. Luongo for schenn and first rounder from leafs

    • Holy overpayment batman!

      • I would never do that deal. To take that bad contract off there hands they will have to take one back. They would need to take Komi back it is a shorter contract for them on there books. We would also have to give a few picks or a NHL ready young player too. Bozak or MacAurther.I would like to see Armstrong go.

  13. NFW Luongo nets Schenn and a first. The cost will be lower, plus the Vancouver Diving Fairies will have to take back a bad contract.

  14. Semin is a top offensive talent, with the wrong system around him. He will get a contract on a team that knows how to use him and he WILL flourish.

  15. Vokoun isn’t a big enough splash for Burke, his ego will put him after the big fish like Bernier or Luongo.

  16. If the Leafs do not get Luongo, I can only see them going after Hedberg, Clemmenson or Mason as veterans. I think there are still too many “what ifs” with Vokoun to be that strongly considered. I agree he has something to prove, but if he does not, well, Toronto has been there and done that…As for Bernier, as I have posted before, I believe he is overhyped and is no better than Reimer when playing his last season end and pre Gionta whack in the head earlier this season.

  17. “DENVER POST’s Adrian Dater doubts the Colorado Avalanche would have interest in Semin if he hits the open market on July 1.”

    Of course they arent interested! When you got a 31 year old owner running two pro sports teams usually cant expect much from them.

    As a Colorado fan, I am honestly getting frustrated. We will have 40+ million to spend in the off-season. Yes I know we need to re-sign some key RFA, but that will get done. So lets say 30 million to spend, and Kroenke isnt even gonna bother to look at bringing in any scoring help. Seriously, they missed thier chance with Kovalchuk a few years back. Yea yea, tired of hearing “but his contract is WAY too much”, seriously tired of hearing that. If you dont take those risk’s on contracts/players in the new NHL you will not succeed. Sometimes thats not always true or fair to say, but its also fair to say that its true with the exception of a handful of teams. I can see we probaly wont get Parise or Suter if they test the FA waters, but a player like Semin who plays LW would be great with Duchene on the same line wouldnt be hard to land with the right pitch.

    But Kroenke already stated, he is looking to bring in “roleplayers” this summer for the Av’s. I used to LOVE the off-season, but being an Avlanche fan its been a total letdown for the last few years.