Latest on the Capitals, Oilers and Blackhawks – January 21, 2014

Are the Capitals preparing to make a trade? Will the Oilers trade their first round pick? Should they pursue Dustin Byfuglien? Are the Blackhawks in the market for a center?

Does Philipp Grubauer's demotion take Michal Neuvrith (pictured) off the trade market?

Does Philipp Grubauer’s demotion take Michal Neuvrith (pictured) off the trade market?

WASHINGTON POST: Chelsea Janes reports Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth’s wouldn’t say if the recent demotion of goalie Philipp Grubauer will affect his trade request.  “I don’t think about it,” Neuvirth said. “My job is to play for the Washington Capitals. I’m focusing on playing for this team and I don’t worry about anything else.” The Capitals also placed defenseman Steve Oleksy on waivers.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Prior to the Capitals recent moves, Chuck Gormley asked if it was time for GM George McPhee to make a trade, citing the club’s recent struggles, including defensive mistakes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McPhee would probably love to swing a deal to bolster his blueline depth, but the current stagnation in the trade market (due to the lowered salary cap) is making it difficult to find willing trade partners. It also speaks to the market value of Neuvirth and Martin Erat, who also requested a trade. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Responding to reader e-mail, Jim Matheson says the Oilers won’t trade their first round pick in this year’s draft, mainly because it could once again be first overall. He believes the asking price for Jets forward/d-man Dustin Byfuglien would be more than Sam Gagner, believing the Jets would want one of the Oilers’ young core players. He also dismissed the notion of the New Jersey Devils parting with Cory Schneider and Adam Henrique for Oilers winger Nail Yakupov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this season the Oilers were willing to move their first round pick. Not now…Byfuglien won’t help the Oilers. If the Jets shop him, it’ll likely be in the off-season when his contract is easier to move…Yakupov for Schneider and Henrique? Welcome to Fantasy Island.

CSNCHICAGO: Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Lazerus believes the Blackhawks are in the market for a center and could deal for one following the Olympic break. If they have to shop a roster player, they could draw on their blueline depth, as they’re carrying eight defensemen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed the ‘Hawks seek a true second line center. Ruling out moving Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Johnny Oduya and Michal Roszival (who has a no-trade clause), that leaves Nick Leddy, Sheldon Brookbank and Mike Kostka as possible trade options. Of these, Leddy would have the best value, though he might have to be packaged with a draft pick or prospect. Any thoughts, Blackhawks fans? 


  1. Yaks for Schneider and Henrique? Yet more proof that all bad trade ideas dont come from Leaf fans.

    • No your right, just 99% of them.

      • Good one King!

      • lol awesome Canadian King. And 100% true.

  2. LMAO

    Yakupov is almost untradeable because no one wants him, he would not fetch either of those players in a 1 for 1 deal !

    Martin Erat had one of the absolute worst games the other night and cost his team BIGTIME in 3 different plays ….he did not showcase himself very well …and may have played himself out a trade as I would not take him after that display at his cost ! TERRIBLE!!!

    Not sure what an upgrade would be for Nuevirth if traded for another goalie .????
    It would most likely be a lateral move to appease Nuevirths trade request …..he could be a starter on a team but he will not get a quote un quote starter in return via trade???


    • BC, absolutely right on that. I wouldn’t make that trade, no way. I wouldn’t mind seeing Neuvirth in a Wild uniform, he would be better than Jose Theodore, that’s the rumor going on here.

      • this would never happen but…EDM sends Yakupov and a bad contract they do not like to WSH for Neuvirth and Erat (WSH picks up some of the $)

        • That is worth considering depending on the bad contract player’s salary and how much salary the Caps have to eat as the Caps don’t have much cap space left.

          It is kind of a sideways move for the Caps as it doesn’t address their immediate needs but has great potential for the future and moves players that want out. If we got Yakupov under those terms, I’d say it is worth the risk. I’d even throw in a mid-round draft pick for less retained salary or a less bad contract.

          • Also it may spark Yakupov to be playing on the same team as fellow countryman Alex Ovechkin, who the kid could learn from.

    • How do you figure Yakupov is untradeable? No one wants him? If he was actually on the market I think you’d be surprised what a GM will give up for him ( although I agree it won’t be Schneider and Henrique).

      • I very much believe that there is a luke warm trade market for Yakupov…and that he is over valued by the Oilers and that a team would be taking a risk on him.

      • Agreed Yaks is a very tradeable piece. Value wise tough to say but Im sure there would be no shortage of GMs interested. I just dont think his return is a top 2 center and your starting goalie.

    • Nobody wants Yakupov? Lol ya ok… Bet the oilers are getting just as many calls for Yakupov as the Leafs are getting for Kadri. Probably more.

      • Troll alert…talking about Yaks not Kadri

        • how about….yakupov and Ference to NYR for DelZotto, 1st and prospect?
          With salary coming off the books for NYR they will have room for both those guys.

          NYR trade Richards back to DAL for Fiddler? (dreaming)

          • No way rangerfan Del Zotto isn’t that good.

      • Boy you Canadians really hate Toronto

        • Would be a smart move by Shero to go after Yakupov with his surplus of good d-men. would be nice to see him performing up to his potential playing on Crosby’s wing.

        • its the equivalent of the penguins fans in the states

  3. Tortarella is an idiot, period. If we don’t have goons and goon lines in the NHL, would it be better? my opinion is it would be a better game if we could get skilled players to replace these no talent losers. It’s sad to see these players on the ice that have zero talent and contribute nothing to the team, I get the idea that a fight can motivate or bring a team up, then lets see the skilled players go at it, or are they not tough enough to stand up for themselves?

    • Excellent point! Although some big guys can actually skate and play (Prust, Bordeleau, Ott, Simmonds), we just need to get rid of guys like John Scott and Colton Orr but how do you do that without discrimination? I know those guys don’t belong but it’s up to each team to stop employing those types of players and with dinosaurs like Brian Burke still around, it won’t change.

      • You guys speak like you are the voice for everyone…..There are alot of people who enjoy this aspect of the game and I for one, believe you should have an enforcer on your team. People take way more liberties with the Penguins star players then they do with Boston’s….wonder why that is? How many games (per player) have the Pens missed due to being on the receiving end of a hit. Boy I tell you I would take Mr. Thornton any day over Chuck Kobesaw on my fourth line.

        • Seriously guys if the violence in hockey is to much for ya, just tune into the NBA from now on.

          • I have thought about this topic myself. I don’t mind fights where players stand up for themselves or teammates IE Lupul got slashed by Voynov and fought him.

            I terms of finding a way to eliminated the goon archetype one way might be to have players who meet 100-200+ PIMs in a season in any professional league meet minimum benchmarks in other stats to be an active roster player. IE Goon must average a certain amount of ice time per game, shots per game, and points over the year. Also maybe have a council to discuss players who might be debatable IE stay at home defencemen who are not goons at all just, their stats may only appear near the benchmarks, I know the idea needs a lot of work and would be rejected by the NHLPA but it is food for thought.

          • Brandon you are speaking of staged fighting which I’m sure most believe needs to go. You are right Lupul standing up for himself isn’t the same thing. Staged fighting should be an automatic 5 game suspension. That would eliminate it. It’s not hard to pin point a staged fight to a normal one.

    • We’ll stop seeing goons when fans shut up about a team needing a ‘tough guy’ so their team won’t get pushed around, or need ‘grit’ to show skilled players how to win. These are probably the very same fans that criticize fighting but are among the first to their feet when a fight breaks out.

      • Right, that’s what needs to happen, teams not employing the goon type player, once the GM’s around the league do that, we’ll have a much better game to watch, not to say it’s not awesome now! heh……

    • Not a Torts fan but you’re just wrong about fighting and “goons”. There are formal and informal mechanisms of social control in society. Formal mechanisms (refs and league officials) tend to be reactive rather than proactive in nature. Enforcers (informal mechanisms) have the potential to see threats and respond before damage is done.

      Formal mechanisms also tend to apply uniformly which means that in theory the same rules apply when you hit Crosby as when you hit Joe Schlubb. This is problematic as players like Crosby and other stars tend to have the puck more often meaning there is greater potential for them to be injured even if everyone plays strictly within the rules. The informal mechanisms or “the code” as some refer to it acts to protect star players from overly aggressive behaviour even if it is technically within the rules.

      Finally leagues with limited or no fighting often see increasingly aggressive and violent stick work and behaviour.

  4. I think Sean Couterier would be a perfect fit on the second line in Chicago. However, it would cost Chicago Hjalmarsson + either a high pick or forward prospect.

    • Plus it would take the Flyers being willing to move him.

      Which they are not.

      So no need to discuss any further.

      • I agree. Couturier is a fixture. What about Brayden Schenn? Could he be traded to the ‘Hawks for Hjalmarrson / Leddy and Finnish hot shot prospect Teuvo Teravainen? I feel like this could have legs. Agree?

        • Scotty, why not throw in Keith and Kane while you’re at it!!

          • Awh c’mon Chaliman! That deal isn’t that unbalanced! I think it makes sense for both teams.

        • I hope you dont mean Hjalmarsson & Leddy and their best prospect for Schenn. Even still I wouldnt do Hjalmarsson and Teravainen for Schenn.

          • Oops. I meant one or the other. Sorry about the confusion. Wow man, you value Schenn that much? And I really like him. But he’s unsigned and the Flyers will need a d-man (or 2) depending o how things shake out with Timonen and Meszaros in the offseason.

          • No way the Hawks will trade TT. He is better than Schenn straight up. Schenn for Leddy 1 for 1.

    • Couturier needs a change of scenery. Philly did not develop this kid properly and it will take time to do it unless he gets a fresh start in a good situation. Chicago would be deadly with him on their team!

      • Couturier’s (developing) 2 way prowess makes him a keeper!

        • Can’t judge him on points either. His game goes waaaay beyond goals and assists!

          • No I value Hjalmarsson that much. I dont see a deal for Schenn to the Hawks. Schenn has more value than Leddy and a second but I wouldnt give up a first or multiple picks or Teravainen with Leddy to get B Schenn.

      • have you ever seen him play, or his position on the team?

        The Flyers have handled Couturier properly, and he is developing into a core player, a huge part of the team. We keep waiting for his offense to show up, and we see sparks and bits and pieces, but not the whole package yet.

        The Flyers are not trading Couturier. There is not even being discussed.

        A few years ago with the Weber contract, they refused to include him in a package for Weber, after 1 season.

        He is going nowhere, and will be a Flyer for many years to come.

        I expect he’ll breakout offensively. The talent is there, and he is only in year 3.

        Most happen in year 3 or 4, and his offense has improved greatly since last season. He has steadily grown as a player, and will continue to improve.

        He would probably be considered untouchable.

  5. NJ would be insane to trade Schneider. They pretty much won the lottery when they traded for him since they had never really been developing goalies to replace the aging Brodeur, but yet were given the opportunity to get a legit #1 that another team developed.

    • Totally agreed. Plus, the optics would be terrible to have traded a top-10 draft pick for a goalie… and then ship that goalie out only a few months later! (especially when, like you say, they don’t have any starter-calibre goalies in the pipeline)

      Goes to show most of these “rumours” are just writers filling up column inches with random thoughts. Not a chance Lamoriello is thinking of trading Schneider.

    • Trading Schneider is probably just one of those Eklund rumours.

  6. I am not a Hawks fan, but what about Gagner for second line C. I know he is over rated in Edmonton, but maybe he might find his game playing with his old jr team mate Kane. Plus he wouldn’t cost much to pry away from Edmonton. Only issue might be fitting his contract in under the cap next season. Not sure what would go back, just spit balling here.

    • I’ve wondered the same. He’d be a good fit in a bunch of ways. Besides the cap issue that you note, I wonder if the Hawks would find that to be too small a line, with both Gagner & Kane on it?

      (mind you, the Habs have Desharnais & Gallagher on a decent line, so who knows!)

      • Paddy…thats a good point you make about the size of that line with Kane and Gagner, maybe they could beef it up with Bickel.

        • Good thinking, King. That could definitely add some size balance to it.

          Plus, Hawks have excess d-men, which the Oilers need. Could be a fit, if there were a way to make the $$$ work.

          Gagner for Leddy & Versteeg? Adds a d-man and some sandpaper to EDM, which need a lot more of both.

    • Hawks Second Line Center
      Crazy option Ducks Saku Koivu
      Can still skate, very good defense, good passer, PK but scoring is down
      do to being on 3rd and 4th lines this year.
      Contact end this year and a 3.5 million cap hit.
      Might not be that bad of a pick up

      • Not bad, al! Though I’d be curious how much the Ducks want to tinker with their lineup right now. You’d know way more on that than me – thoughts?

        • I doubt it would happen but Ducks do have several young studs waiting to move up next year. It really depends upon how much Chicago will be willing to OVERPAY. 2nd line centers are hard to find ( ask Leaf fans) so no matter where Chicago goes it will cost them.

          • alforducks

            What are the ducks looking for to improve there team? I heard that they are one of the leading teams to get Girardi?

  7. Brookbank and a pick to the Jets for Jokinen works on paper. Is Jokinen a true 2nd line C anymore? With the Hawks wingers, probably yes. Should the Jets push for Shaw over a D-man? Yes.

    • Pretty good one here. Depends if the Hawks were looking long term or for a rental type player for a run. Jets hold some salary.

      • Why does Chicago need to trade anybody????

        Iam not sure they need to make any major moves …they have some very skilled talent in the bottom 6 …it would be better to try and steal a UFA to play Center via a draft pick and or prospect than to trade any of the qualified players.

        Iam not a firm believer that a Hjarmalson trade for Cotourier is a good trade for Chicago…YES Cotourier is good but why do they need bolster upfron that much by deleting quality on the back end ….not sure Chicago really needs to trade a blue chip defender for another scoring punch ….Morrow and Iginla didnt add that much to a powerful unit in Pitt ….by giving up on the back end may be more harmful to the club as a whole on the defensive side of the puck when they are all ready a HUGE threat upfront!….IMO

        • The Hawks will not be trading any of the top 4 D men. Leddy, Brookbank and Kostka are the only D available. They have lots of good prospects in Rockford (Pirri, Morin) that should be playing in the NHL already but can’t crack a great line up.

          • Leddy and a pick (2nd) maybe another younger center prospect for Jokinen Jets hold 2 mill in capspace is what I was refering to as could work for both. Capwise works, if the Jets can get rid of Buff Leddy for sure is in their top 6 if not top 4 D plus a second and a prospect, Hawks get a vet (ufa) center who is still probably going to put up 50 pts, good faceoff guy and performer in the playoffs. Its not too bad, could work.

        • Absolutely with you on this account!
          They roll four lines they play five guys regualr and in the playoff Rosival probably plays most or all of the games unless other dee-men get nicked up.
          Their 4th line of Kruger (clearly inbe of the most under-rated players in today’s game rookie Ben Smith and Bollig (who has become more mobile) put immense pressure on and get plenty of scoring chances. They as the other lines go through periods where they and the two defenseman control play in the attack zone almost their entire shift. Columnist Mark Lazerus on a slow sports news day decided that since past years saw Stan Bowman doing something that he could throw it out there. (I guess hockey sportswriters for newspapers think it is necessary to write stories and speculate.)
          So many in Chicago are still totally hung up on the idea that the team needs a 2nd line centre (Anybody out there REALLY think a long term solution is going on the market, or just so to be UFAs?) and no matter if it is Vern Fiddler (not a 2nd line centre with a weak team is he?) or Winnipeg’s Jokinen (who contract is up feet, 31 total points and 13 goals and capapble of playing 2nd line centre as he should since he makes 4.5 MILLION) the fact remains the hawks are tarding Rockford Icedogs and draft picks and not over paying for someone who cannot make a difference.

          • No one is getting Leddy or any of the members of thsi team for a sone to be UFA….period.

            If Leddy was to tarded they would have to get more than he is actually worth, because he is not a finshed developed guy, but has excellent upside and speed speed speed. PLUS he is signed for a very reasonable 2.7 until 2015.
            They are not changing even the third pairing for a Jokinen.

            They are not trading Kostka for anybody, because teams could have paid him more and signed him this summer without trading.

            They are not trading Brookbank because he has little value serevs a role and is great in the room.

            Don’t waste your time trying to match players to the hawks as a fit or as hawks who are leaving.

      • Shaw (bruised ribs or not) is not going ANYWHERE

  8. I have no interest in Ganger at $5M/yr, or Hemsky for that matter. I’ll take Eberle though…

    The Oilers are stuck with Yakupov, yes, stuck with. They would nearly have to give him away for anyone to roll the dice on him. Maybe they could pry Erat from Washington for Yakupov, lol. Actually, the Caps might be their best bet to move Yakupov. Yakupov and Ovechkin together… McPhee tends to overpay so the Oilers might actually get some return.

    • FYI – Yak has more value and interest then Kadri. To say that the Oilers would have to give Yak away clearly says you do not stay up after 10:00pm est on Saturday to watch HNIC.

      • wait, im confused how 17pts with a -31 is good? yeah teams will just be throwing picks at the oilers for Yaks

        • I am in Pittsburgh… I might consider giving Despres straight up for Yakupov, but I might not. I would be concerned that his work ethic, or lack there of, would rub off on Malkin and backfire horridly.

          • MacT would laugh and hang up. There is nothing wrong with his work ethic or passion. His problem is trying to do to much by himself. Eakins is working with him on how to use his team mates.

        • Who is also just 19 years old. Last year as an 18 year old rookie, 17 goals (1st amongst rookies) 31 Points and a -4 in 48 games played. He sure isn’t the first player to have a sophomore slump.

          • agree 100%

    • Washington would definitely over pay. Give Yak a year or two and let him find his scoring touch then everyone will want the guy all the sudden. People always want what they can’t have. Mac T should tell everyone he thinks Yak will be playing the top line by next year and he wouldn’t even trade him for Crosby right now. Suddenly everyone will want him. lol

      • @Leafs24/7, sorry bud but you’re dreaming! lol. Yak will be in the KHL in the next few years.

        • You know that comment is just as ridicules as me saying that Kadri will be in the AHL in a few years.

          • I’d say there is a higher likelyhood of Kadri being sent to the minors than Yak going to the KHL.

            He is a young player that is struggling in his second year. On a very bad team.

      • Well, if (insert any name of any player) found a scoring touch everyone would want the guy… That is not saying much.

    • Why would they have to give up aaa talent like Yaks for a scrub like Erat? His poor attitude is all the Oilers need on a very young squad. Erat could probably be had for a 2nd rounder. Only reason he hasn’t been dealt IMO is because of his salary.

      McPhee won’t get anything close to what he gave up for Erat. Erat for Yakupov would be the steal of the century IMO if it did go down like you said.

      Ya stuck with Yakupov. One of the best young talents in the game, I’m sure the 29 other teams in the league would love to be “stuck” with him.

      Sorry Jim I don’t think MacTavish would pull something like that. Unless a top prospect is coming back no way this goes down

      • Jes, the Erat comment was a joke… note the “lol” there. The Caps would love to give Erat away at this point. I doubt anyone would even take him if he was put on waivers. The Erat trade will end up being one of the worst trades in McPhee’s career.

        Very few teams would be willing to give up a top prospect for Yakupov. He is too much of a risk to be either the next Daigle or to jump ship to the KHL. Yes, there is potential for a high reward… but most teams will not take that gamble for the kind of price that you suggest.

  9. Alright, let me throw my stupidity in the ring. This trade works on capgeek and I feel addresses a few problems. I’m not going to get into the hows and whys…you can all rip it apart at your leisure.
    To Toronto: Backstrom and Erat (Wash retains 1m)
    To Washington: JVR, Kadri, Kulemin, Gardiner and a first round pick


    • Cant fit in the ring with all the stupidity you threw in there.

      • @shticky, couldn’t have said it better myself, Erat is wearing out his welcome in the NHL, soon to the KHL.

    • What you smoking Brad?

      • What problem does this address exactly? Toronto basically blows itself up and gives their first round pick away for a buy out and a sometimes lazy expensive center and the Caps now have to figure out between Kadri and Grabo who plays with Ovi, get a guy in JVR who plays left wing to replace Erat who plays right unless they use Kuli on the second and Liach and Brower becomes second and third liners, get Gardiner who plays a similar game to Carrick, Carlson and Green …etc etc what a mess lol.
        Ill go out on a limb and say this is not really doing anything of importance for the except giving them doubles and triples of whats already there for the caps (besides maybe giving the Caps a top 10 pick because the Leafs just traded half their team away for a buy out and a lazy center) and is an absolute nightmare for the Leafs.

  10. Hawk thoughts:
    I have real trouble believing Bowman will trade any of his defensive depth for any centre, because the excess defenseman will not yield a 2nd line player, and whose to say one of the few available out there is a good fit. Depth on the defense has been the mantra in past years…have up to ten defenders who would play if necessary. They presently have eight. The other part is the current roster has only two players that could be sent down without going through waviers and both are not being demoted: Saad & Shaw.
    The will be only 1.1 mil Cap space besides what ever low end palyer and Rockford prospects and draft picks change hands.
    Is the trading partner taking on part of the players salary (like the Versteeg deal) because if that is not part of it the likihood a real centreman who can play in the top is not a likelihood.
    Just difficult for me to imagine the organization taking on another contract (especially one that is not ending) when the they have so few losses and roll four lines with effectiveness most nights.
    All this just makes Mark Lazerus look like a rookie hockey writer in an expansion town looking for publicity from thin air.

  11. as a hawks fan,kostka has to go before leddy.but kostka has no to replace leddy.

    • If I’m Stan Bowman I’d be looking at making a depth move down the middle – Similar to the Handzus deal we saw last year. I think a guy like Manny Malholtra would be a shrewd pickup if Carolina falls out of contention. Great comeback story, he’s a guy you can trust out there in forth line minutes – Very speedy and good on the PK. Not to mention he could come in and play his role without disrupting any chemistry. Great team guy.

      Very minor move but for a Cup run I could see it paying dividends for the Hawks.

  12. If Ottawa was out of the playoff hunt come the trade deadline I would consider swinging this deal.

    To Ottawa: D Nick Leddy, P Teuvo Teravainen
    To Chicago: D Erick Gryba, F Mika Zibanejad

    I think it is a nice hockey deal that helps both sides. A swap of defenseman types and top 6 forward types. Senators have centre depth, Hawks have winger depth. Natural fit for both teams in my eyes, maybe a small pick goes back or forth somewhere. If the Hawks want someone more seasoned I’d move Turris and promote Zibs as well.

    • Don’t know much about Gryba. Would love Zibs in a Hawks jersey, but that is a steep price from Chicago. A top 4 young PMD, and a Kane-like talent that just schooled in WJC for A great young center, and not sure what the ceiling on Gryba is.

      Undecided on this

    • Just send Leddy packing with your top drafted prospect Teravainen?
      So either Brookbank or Kotska MOVES to the left side and replaces Leddy????

      How does this strngthen the Hawks for THIS playoff run?

      ….and Mika Zibanejad makes the entire attack THAT much better? A second year guy?

      and this is an offense that starts with what guys like Leddy do in teh break out…

      Before you all break out in a sweat trying to find a fit, think about and acquistion who

      has an ending contract, and brings a dimension up front in the face off and with some jump, besides being able to engage guys.

      and anybody suggesting ANOTHER playoff team is gonna make a tarde with the hawks where both teams have to re-arrange personal your missing a bit of reality. That’s summertime trades.

  13. How about Tomas Plekanec? One of the best 2 way centers in the league right now. Habs already have Desharnais, Eller and Galchenyuk in the middle. The asking price would be huge, like at least 2 very good prospects, like Terravainen… I don’t know the other prospects. I just wish the Habs could land bigger guys to play wing. :)

  14. Hawks fan perspective:

    $1.1 mil in cap space. Makes no sence to get Plekanec/Gagner or someone with a high cap hit if the trading team does not eat a lot of salary too. I personally think Teravainen is untouchable

    I would think a target would be a B. Schenn/Kadri type.

    Leddy and either Pirri or McNeill would be the return I would see heading back. Leddy is a top 4 dman who is the Hawks #5 because of defensive depth. Pirri looked good in Chicago, but is a permanent resident of Q’s doghouse (though many Hawk fans don’t know why, he looks better than Zues there). Shaw is fitting in nicely, so if a price gets too high, Bowman will stand pat, or go for a low cost player like Adam Hall, or Malhotra for added depth.

    Just my take on the situation.

  15. Just spitballing,
    How about yaks (plus) to Montreal for fucale, tanordi and the guy they drafted last year. There would be more pieces going from Edmonton I know but Edmonton would get size on the back end and a goalie prospect. Their first pick from last year doesn’t look to be great but he adds size and they can afford to be patient.

    Even though I’m a leafs fan, I would sure love to see Pitt try and get him. I’d love to see how he does on a line with malkin or Crosby. Not too sure what it would cost. I’m sure depres would be a starting point

    What do you guys think?