Latest on the Capitals, Oilers and Jets – April 18, 2014

Could Alexander Ovechkin request a trade? Can the Oilers acquire a top-two defenseman via trade this summer? What moves could be in store for the Jets?

Despite a disappointing season for the Capitals, Alexander Ovechkin won't seek a trade.

Despite a disappointing season for the Capitals, Alexander Ovechkin won’t seek a trade.

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera reports Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin said he would never ask for a trade (his limited no-trade clause goes into effect in July in which he lists ten teams to which he’d accept a trade) and there’s no indication team owner Ted Leonsis intends to move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite some recent media speculation, it’s clear the Capitals still intend to build around their franchise player.  If the Capitals continue to struggle over the next two-three seasons, however, the Ovechkin trade rumors could ramp up in earnest.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis wonders if Oilers GM Craig MacTavish can replicate the magic of last summer’s David Perron trade on defense. Willis speculates if Martin Marincin and a second round pick might be enough to land the equivalent of Perron on defense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If MacTavish were to target a team pressed for cap space in need of shedding salary before next season it’s a possibility, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. At the end of the day, it’s still going to take quality to get quality.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless noted Jets GM Ken Cheveldayoff suggests a trade to bolster his club’s offense this summer is a possibility. While Cheveldayoff insists Ondrej Pavelec remains the Jets’ starting goalie, Lawless believes he’ll have to look at trade or free agent options in the crease.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If a trade is coming to bolster the offense, I doubt they deal away Evander Kane. Maybe Dustin Byfuglien, who moved up to forward this season but says he prefers playing on the blueline. As for Pavelec, if it wasn’t for his contract maybe Cheveldayoff would have different ideas. It’s obvious to most Pavelec isn’t getting it done as their starter. This June is the last opportunity for teams to exercise compliance buyouts. That contract is very difficult to move, especially given Pavelec’s performance. 


  1. I wonder if the Oilers will talk to the Panthers about either the first overall pick to get Ekblad, or Kulikov.

  2. I think the Oilers will try to go for Ekblad.

    • I think it may make more sense to maybe use the pick to try and get a little more imediate help, normally not one for dealing high first round picks away but the rebuild has to get moving in the right direction. I have seen Ekblad play a few times this year and am not sure he is NHL ready big difference playing 17-20 year olds for 65 games amd 82 games. They need a guy who is going to mske a more imediate impact on tue blue line. Eckblad will be a very g8od great D man but will he be one in the next couple years? It can take some time Im not sure he is Jones or Murray like

      • Well said. I’d be hesitant in drafting a d-man with the first overall.

        Maybe the Oilers would look at Kulikov, Myers…

        • Everyone knows oilers will draft offence.

    • Oilers already have three of their top six with less than two years experience – Marincin, Klefbom, Schultz. Add in Nurse next year and I don’t see how Ekblad makes sense even if he is ready. Too many inexperienced Dmen. I think they will draft a big forward, ideally a centre, and go after a short term UFA solution like Matt Greene.

      • I do think the Oil go after Ekblad. Yes, I agree with all that the Oilers need immediate help, but Ekblad is special, and what’s wrong with making the right move now for the future without giving up offensive assets? This kid is going to be a real force on whatever team gets him, so trading their first and an asset makes sense for the Oil on this kid.

    • Oilers will draft Draisaitl. It fits a more immediate need than a kid D man.

      Draisaitl is being likened to Kopitar (lofty I know), but a solid 2 way C man who can provide offence? Yes, please.

  3. Shoot, if Edmonton needs a D-Man, Buffalo could put Meyers on the table for the #3 pick. Although I still see Bflo doing a deal with the Jets for Kane, with the Jets converting Byfuglein to forward – I can see a Meyers, Enroth along with either Foligno, Flynn or Adam dealt in return for Kane and Klingberg. But, Maybe we’ll see Bflo get the #3 pick for Meyers.

    • No thanks….

      Ehrhoff sure, but not trading Myers. You don’t seem like a fan of Myers Steve. Everything I hear from you is trade Myers there, trade Myers over there.

      Put Ruhwedel and Ehrhoff in deal together to the Oilers for something. He’s got a good cap hit and would fit great on that Oilers PP and there growing number of stars.

  4. I think the Oilers first round will certainly be in play, but if they move it they will have to do so for immediate help. I also don’t think it is worth giving up an asset to trade up into Ekblad, as good as he will be he won’t make an immediate impact. The Oilers will likely hold onto the pick until Ekblad is off the board, which will likely be 1st overall to the Panthers who are deep enough at young centers they don’t need Reinhart. It also certainly isn’t worth trying to bring in Fleury or Honka with the number 3 either. The issue becomes … what elite defenseman is really out there on the block?

    Personally I only see one good option for a trade and this would be my proposal:

    To Edmonton: D Keith Yandle, 12th Overall Pick
    To Phoenix: F Nail Yakupov, 3rd Overall Pick

    Edmonton gets one of the NHL’s most elite defenseman and still retain a top 15 pick in the draft (which can be used to draft a defenseman like Fleury/Honka or a big forward like Tuch or Scherback), plus the Oilers need to free up a top 6 forward space to focus on bringing a guy with size in. Phoenix gets a scoring forward they desperately need to play with Riberio and have the chance at bringing in one of three great forward prospects: Bennet, DalColle, Draisaitl. Addresses both teams needs with assets that have been rumoured to be on the block.

    • My only pushback on this trade proposal is Yandle is an offensive defenseman. Oilers need a shutdown guy especially with already having Justin Schultz.

    • Oilers don’t need to make an immediate impact when they have the parts for the very near future in Nurse and Ekblad, if they move up to get him. A top two defenceman is always worth an asset!

    • Naw Yandle is nothing but offense IMO. You also want Yakupov included in that deal? So basically a 1st overall (Yakupov) and 3rd overall for an offesnive defenseman (Yandle) and a 12th overall in a fairly weak draft? If Phoenix can get that, it could be one of the biggest steals of the century.

      • lol, you guys just reading stat sheets? I watch around 60 Coyotes games a year (only team I watch more is Ottawa). Yandle is an elite defenseman, he just isn’t physical and the entire team had an awful year. The part that you are missing is that offensive wingers, they are found far more easily then great two way defenseman.

        Also Schultz is not a 1A offensive type D. Plus Musil, Nurse, Klefbom all have size they can bring to the Oilers blueline. Yandle, Musil, Nurse, Klefbom, Schultz, & Ferance … with Belov or Fraser back would make a formidable blueline.

        • Well I’ve seen him play to and he’s no elite defenseman. Elite defensemen are your Weber’s and Suter’s. Yandle is in a group of 2nd tier with defensemen like Ehrhoff and Phaneuf. Not going by stat sheet either I’ve watched a number of Yotes games. It’s not just this year that he’s had a bad year there are others. Elite defensemen show up on a year to year basis not once every other season.

          Again a 1st overall (Yakupov) + a 3rd overall in this years draft for a 2nd tier defenseman (Yandle) + a 12th overall in a weak draft is an absolute joke from the Oilers perspective. 2nd rounder or a late 1st rounder and Yakupov for Yandle is more what you’d be looking at in a trade for Yandle.

          • Wrong. If anything the deal favors edm a little bit. An established top 4 on a deep team, am immediate number 1 on the oilers, yandle is worth far more than you think. problem is yandle for yakupov (trading only on potential, not results) and the 3rd is a rip off for the oil, but adding the 12th makes it a rip off for arizona. oillers would have to add one of their young d-men… klefbom, marinson or something to even it out.

  5. Sorry I have to disagree with yandle being the oilers target on defence, he’s just like j.shultz all offence from the back end and a high risk on the back end. The oilers need a hulking mass that can shut down in their own end.

  6. Lyle, thanks for all the recent Caps coverage (even if its mostly of the trade or fire someone variety). If the Caps can upgrade their defense this offseason (just the bottom two pairings, nothing crazy like the elusive top d-man everybody is looking for), establish some stability in coaching, team identity, and get off the goalie carousel they would win more and at least make the playoffs. After all that would it be too much to ask if the Caps could stop skating into each other? It does happen a lot.

    On the bright side the 3rd line really clicked this year, Ovechkin scored a lot, and Green played 70 games! (never expected that last one).

  7. i see myers, griogrenko, and the pick from the blues either this yr or next to edmonton for the oilers #3 pick and david perron

    • They wont deal Perron…and why would the Sabres give up 3 first round picks 2 that they are developing for another first round pick? Backwards move.

    • What are you smoking?

      Stand back guys Doncos has gone boncos yet again.

  8. Those of you who see my posts on this know I love that oleksiak from Dallas. That’s who the oilers need to try and pry away. It will cost less than their third overall pick. He is huge and can skate. They have been properly careful with his development. That’s who they should try and get. Baring that, they can have phaneuf.