Latest on the Coyotes and Sharks – July 31, 2012.

The Shane Doan watch drags on, plus a look at the Sharks potential needs.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Shane Doan’s agent, Terry Bross, confirms his client spoke with prospective Phoenix Coyotes owner Greg Jamison on Saturday regarding an update on Jamison’s attempt to purchase the club.

TVA SPORTS: Louis-Andre Lariviere reports Jamison’s attempt to persuade Doan to remain patient may have been in vain, as a source claims Doan and his agent informed Jamison they’ll continue weighing offers and visiting other teams. It’s believed Doan has at least five formal contract offers from other clubs.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports the Red Wings continue to wait on Doan. GM Ken Holland has reportedly spoken to Doan and his agent “numerous times throughout July”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: St. James’ report counters recent speculation the Wings had dropped out of the bidding for Doan. Otherwise, it seems to be status quo. Doan will continue to field offers, but I also suspect he’ll keep an eye on the Coyotes situation for any sign the sale to Jamison is close to going through.

Don’t count on seeing Thornton trade to the Rangers.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak addressed a rumor suggestion the NY Rangers might make a pitch for San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton, pointing out nothing suggests the Sharks might be receptive to an offer for Thornton. Pollak also noted Thornton has a “no-trade” clause, as well as the center’s off-hand comment last fall about the Rangers as a “soft team”. Pollak also touched base on the Shane Doan situation, pointing out his agent didn’t respond to e-mails on Monday, suggesting either the Sharks are out of the bidding, or GM Doug Wilson may have asked Bross to “keep things more in the shadows”.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz wonders if the Sharks could use another depth defenseman, suggesting possible free agent options like Michal Rozsival, Carlo Colaiacovo and Jim Vandermeer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Remains to be seen if the Sharks ink any of those defensemen suggested by Kurz, but that’s more likely to happen than their trading Thornton to the NY Rangers.


  1. Slow news the last few days, eh Lyle?

    • It’s to be expected at this time of year.

      • Lyle

        Speaking of slow in the hockey news this time of year, I’ve often wondered what the NHL would look like ( player wise) if it still was 6 teams. I go back to watching hockey since 1962 so I do remember those days. Since it has been 45 years since expansion started, any chance next summer you can find six guys to do a mock draft for New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal using all current NHL players in the pool and each team drafting 2 goalies, 6 d-men, 12 forwarders just to get a peek as to what NHL would look like if there was no expansion. Think of all the fights you would start.

  2. The Rangers are not likely going to land a Thornton, but I can see them submitting an Offer Sheet for Jamie Benn. Something like a $100M, 10 year contract with a $6.25M cap hit and $37.5M in signing bonuses. Just imagine what their top 2 lines would be like:


    Sure both Callahan and Gaborik are RWer’s but Callahan can also play Center. Should be interesting though, as they have $11M in available cap space.

    • A $100M, 10 year contract has a $10M cap hit. The bonuses are included. The Rangers can’t afford that hit and still resign Michael Del Zotto. And that means giving up 4 first round picks.

      • Yeah okay, what I was trying to say, was really a 10 year, $62.5M contract that see him get $37.5M in signing bonuses which would equate to a total of Benn receiving $100M.

        • 10 years at $62.5 million in salary PLUS $37.5 million in signing bonuses = $100 million total divided by 10 years = $10 million per year cap hit, dude. The bonuses count against the cap. The math to figure out the cap hit is SIMPLE. You take the total worth of the deal, including bonuses, and divide it by the term. Benn isn’t a bad player but there’s no way he’s worth that kind of coin.

    • of course Benn would be a good fit with the Rangers (wink wink)

    • Yeah, that’s kind of silly. Let’s set aside the fact that Dallas would more than likely match the contract.

      Callahan doesn’t slide down the depth chart. He had great chemistry with Richards last season, and a top-end scorer was the missing link. Gaborik didn’t work with Richards, he had better success with Stepan and Hagelin on the second line.

      The addition of Nash on that top line completes it, assuming he has chemistry with what has eluded him his entire career: a number one center.

      The depth lines are the spots I’m worried about. I mean the fourth line’s going to feature Halpern with some combination of Rupp, Asham and Pyatt.

      Boyle’s obviously earned his keep as third line center, and Kreider will have a chance to develop on his wing. The third line right wing seems to be the biggest question mark, and I think it’s safe to say that won’t be resolved until Doan makes a decision.

      Aside from that, the Rangers still have to re-sign Del Zotto, who would be a tempting offer sheet target if the Rangers handicap themselves with an expensive contract like the one you propose.

      Adding Benn to the mix wouldn’t be a horrible idea, but I don’t see it working with Doan still in the picture. Besides which, this is all hypothetical. Dallas’ ownership seems pretty content to spend money. One has to believe they’d match the offer.

      • So you think Doan would sign a multi year contract to play 3rd line right wing for the Rangers and next to Boyle?

        Don’t see that happening. I think he will have better options out there.

    • Ya right Rangers land Thorton who hates the coachs butt. Is it me or do the Rangers break cap every year. They cant sign all these big names and not go over the cap. Wont happen

  3. Offer sheets will ruin the game.

    • Not it won’t, because it gives other teams to try to upgrade their roster. Whether it is RFA, UFA or straight up trades, teams will bolster their line-ups. Offer sheets via RFA players, is just doing business, and isn’t hurting the League. If anything, provides an overall profit gain. Because it will result in high sales in tickets, merchandise and advertising.

  4. Although I don’t mind offer sheets, I do think they should tweak them in some way. They really aren’t used much, and to me if they were it would be more fun for the fans.

    • Only for fans of the teams that could afford to make them.

      • Teams all have the same cap space. I agree that the structuring of them should be different though. You shouldn’t be able to front load one with bonuses like Philly did with Weber.

        Maybe make it so the dollars paid is equal throughout the contract or something.

        That being said.. gives us forum junkies something to talk about when they go down.

  5. I don’t understand where the Thornton to Rangers idea came up. Or how it even came up.

    If anything, the Rangers may pursue him in 2014 when both he and Gaborik are upcoming UFA players.

    If the Rangers were not willing to part with key young players for Nash then i doubt they would do the same with the Sharks.

  6. The Sharks are committed to Thornton – the Rangers could probably swing something for Marleau, Pavelski or Clowe as I think the Sharks need another RW and Dman.

    • Boyle, Burns, Vlasic, Stuart, Demers, Murray, and Braun, the last thing the Sharks need is defense we need depth scoring.

      • Nate – Murray is slower than a turtle and he was lugging in the first round. The Sharks do need another D-Man, while I like Stuart, they really need someone who is more offensive minded – someone like a Sekera. They also need another RW – how about Stafford. I wouldn’t mind trading Stafford/Sekera for Pavelski.

      • What is the thing that many of those players have in common? over the age of 32 and slowing down!

        Sharks need to get younger and quicker on the back end because their window is closing fast!

        • Thank you

  7. To think that Joe Pavelski could be traded before Joe Thorthon is showing me that you don’t follow hockey to much. The Sharks front office as been saying for years that little Joe is probably the only player that is UNTOUCHTABLE…. It doen’t mean that Joe T. as a No trade clause that he can’t be traded. And everybody known that every elite players would like to play for the Rangers. Finally it would cost less for the rangers in a trade For Big Joe than for Little Joe. I also think Marleau would be cheaper and still a good fit for the rangers.

    • Habs,the Sharks front office is committed to Joe Thornton and Little Joe has become expendable with the addition of Couture and Burish. Remember that Little Joe was offered up for Nash – it is Couture who is untouchable and based on living in the area and reading the local papers, I believe Thornton is also untouchable. The Sharks need a RW and I think a more mobile, offensive minded D-man (replacing Murray).

      One thing I do think you are correct on is the possibility of Marleau being moved. Patrck has been under harsh criticism for his lack of production in the playoffs, especially this past year. Thing is, Marleau has a $6.9M salary, he is 32/33 year old and he has a NMC. Hey…..maybe your team can trade PK for him.

      Pavelski on the other hand has a $4MM salary and no NMC – so seems to me he would be easier to move.

  8. Im really kind of getting tired of the Doan talk. It almost seems as though we know he wont be resigning with Phoenox but is almost holding on to the maybe’s?

    • You know your in the dog days of hockey summer when jayz. Nothing else to really talk about.

  9. LeafsAdvocate…’s clear that you don’t know how the cap system and bonus structure works. CC has it bang on. In addition, you say that the Offer Sheet system won’t ruin the game? While I maybe agree that it won’t ruin the game, I don’t like it from a business perspective. While they don’t happen very often, teams risk losing their high prospects / young stars after developing them. Even though they have the option to match, the offer sheet values are often so overinflated as to hope the offer is
    high enough that the current team won’t match….generally higher than market value (ie. see Dustin Penner).

  10. I just wanted to say thank you Spector, because even though there is almost nothing new on a daily basis in the NHL rumours, you still provide me with something to read every morning, good job sir!

    • My pleasure, Landon, and thanks for the support!

    • Agreed, I’m living in Sweden so every morning (now) I read the threads on this site on my way too work. It’s awesome, thanks.

  11. Sharks if they need d should trade Thorton to TO. Toronto is loaded with d. Franson being the center peice of the deal.

    • Yeah, I’m sure Fransen will land you Thornton. *wink wink*

    • that’s hilarious! Joes going no where this year! maybe next but who knows. I could see marleau, and perhaps clowe on the blocks but i don’t think the sharks are doing any negotiations with the rangers!

  12. Benn is staying in big D …Rangers over pay for everthing ,Leafs will do the same.

  13. If the Rangers wouldn’t blow-up their core (Kreider, McDonagh, Haglund, Stepan, Callahan, Girardi, et al) for Rick Nash, they ain’t going to do it for Joe Thornton or anyone else for that matter. And really, do you really think Thornton is a John Tortorella-type player?


    Just wanted to comment on the Joe Thornton idea to the Rangers …if you really break it down and look at the players that are available to make this type of trade …it really doesnt make any sense…. AT ALL!

    Any player that would come back to San Jose would have had to all ready been discussed in the Nash deal …and we all ready know what the NON STARTERS were coming back from the Rangers so Iam not sure what they would do for Thornton as Nash would be worth more ….If San Jose is trading Joe and leaving that HUGE hole …to fill….. your not going to just get back 1 B propspects here so what can the Rangers actually give up in this deal…..Del Zotto and another piece …OR…stright up for Stall or Gaborik & a piece …this has to be the players involved here or it just doesnt nake sense for San Jose at all!!!

    and we all ready know that the Rangers werent giving up those players for Nash …so I really cant see how this plays out…San Jose has more to loose in this deal and if the Nash Thorton combo was soooo impressive then Doug Wilson would have pulled the trigger for Nash a long time ago and Logan Couture would have been sent the other way as that would have been a better deal for Columbus !

    Just dont see how it can work with the players left from the Nash deal that were non starters..they arent going to move those guys for Thorton and Wilson is not giving him away thats for sure!!!!

  15. Just my opinion SLAP & SHOT but if you thing that Nash is a better player then Thornton your blind. Yes, Joe is aging but I do believe if he were a UFA on the market this season he would have been the biggest UFA of the off season by far I would think. This guy is one of the best set up men ever to play the game.And he still finishes close to the top of the assist stats category every season. He certainly wouldn’t get a 10 year deal because of his age but still would be a player every team in the NHL would be trying to get.just for the plan fact that he can make everyone better he skates with. You must be looking at Nash as being better from a goal scoring prospective because say that Nash is better to me is a joke. West coast player get no love because more the half the fans in the league don’t see them play enough to now how good these guys really are. For example Nabokov being over look for the Vezina and Brodeur getting it. When Nabokov had better number then Brodeur did this is just an example of how west coast player get over looked. Reader please respond. Would like to hear what you have to say maybe I’m wrong. Lyle please chime in would like to hear your response.

  16. P.K Subban + t.pleckanec for b.ryan + 1st round pick or L. Sabisa …. Won’t need plecky anymore with alex galcyenuk coming plus Eller plus another year for Gomez and the emergence of desharnais saves Montreal a couple of million since they don’t sign subban and if Mtl wants to be a dick they make a offer sheet to subban right after for 6.3 mill so they give up 1st 2nd 3rd and they still have anaheims first

    • a slew foot and a 3rd line centre for Ryan and another asset??? go back to bed …

  17. He is a 2nd line center on any team easily plus Pk Subban is known as a top 2 defenseman a young talent with more upside if you don’t know what is real value then join the leafs fans with thinking lombardi and conartistlly has value … Anaheim wants a 2nd line center and a defenceman if u offer up a top 2 defenseman plus a 2nd line center I don’t think many teams can match that bc they wouldnt want to ….hell I think if Mtl was on Nashs list they’d get him just for those two its alot more then what they got for him now lol …you have to give talent to recieve talent and if you deny Subban is a legit top pairing dman and pleck a 2nd line center then you don’t know hockey and you should go back to bed

    • lol I wouldn’t say on any team. You must only be following one team. I could name 4 off the top of my head.

    • Maybe you could also throw in Gomez to sweeten the deal.