Latest on the Coyotes – August 12, 2013.

Now that their ownership situation is stabilized, will the Phoenix Coyotes get busy in the trade market?

Could Keith Yandle become trade bait this season?

Could Keith Yandle become trade bait this season?

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon reports Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney is still searching for scoring depth. “We still have three forward positions available for either finding someone in a trade, signing a free agent, or somebody like a Max Domi or a Henrik Samuelsson comes to camp and wins a job”, said Maloney. “We have very good flexibility right now, but If we can find another bonafide top two NHL player that’d be our preference.”

Yerdon suggests Maloney could address that by trading a defenseman. He believes Oliver Ekman-Larssen isn’t going anywhere, but noted Keith Yandle and Derek Morris popped up since last season in trade rumors, especially Yandle. The Coyotes won’t add much payroll, however, as their budget will remain in the league’s lower-third.

In another piece, Yerdon again cited the strength of the Coyotes blueline corps, suggesting they could draw upon that at some point to acquire a scoring forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt the Coyotes dive into what’s left in the UFA market, as they still have to re-sign LW Mikkel Boedker. They’ll probably give their prospects a look during training camp, but could be forced into the trade market at some point if their scoring doesn’t improve. Forget about moving Ekman-Larsson. They didnn’t re-signhim last season to a six-year, $33 million deal for a reason, and it wasn’t to improve his trade value.

Yandle,  however,  was constantly mentioned since last June as a trade candidate. If the Coyotes keep struggling offensively, expect Yandle’s name to remain a fixture in the rumor mill this season. It would also be a “dollar-for-dollar” trade, or the Coyotes might ask a trade partner to pick up part of the salary of a scoring forward they’re trying to acquire.


  1. The Coyotes are in no rush to spend money. If the right opportunity presents itself, they won’t hesitate to open the pursestrings just a tincy bit, but nobody’s losing their job over this roster piece this season.

  2. The problem Im seeing here is, the number of teams that could use a top 6 type scoring winger more like a top line type guy. They (top line type wingers) are not easy to come by and when one is available they are not cheap (ask the Sens)
    So unless they try a reclamation project like Hemsky (if the Oilers would be willing to hold salary) I think its a tough sell for Maloney to trade only Yandel for a proven 20-30 goal guy and get the other team to hold salary if its a bigger contract over 5.25 mill. Just kinda seems Maloney wants his cake and to eat it too.

    Teams dont often trade proven offense away, 1 for 1 dollar for dollar for a d man, Schenn for JVR was a bit more of a gamble for both teams neither guy was really proven and both could use a change in scenery. It usually more of a salary shed getting some younger assets kind of idea (again Sens with all they gave up for Bobby Ryan). That being said maybe possibly a guy like Cammaleri would work if Maloney dosent mind if the fact he is UFA at years end, but Yandel (2 years left on his contract) for Cammaleri seems like a steal for the Flames imo.

    • Cammaleri for Yandel? Tell me you are joking. This is an absolute steal for Flames. Maloney is not that stupid not to mention you suggested a within a division trade.

      • long gone are the days where inter-division deals get nixed for that reason only.

        • My point was that even if Maloney decides to move d-men that can score 50pts season on a low scoring Phoenix within division he will make sure that his team gets a valuable player/prospect back.. I do not consider Cammalleri as a center piece for Yandel trade. Not saying Cammalleri is crap.

      • This is what I said its very lopsided thats kind of my point tho, if you are looking for a top 6 type winger that might be available, there are not many around especially 1 for 1 dollar for dollar. Too many teams close to the cap to send away a good young offensive guy and take on Yandles contract, and other guys that might be available that work say Vanek Buffalo is not holding salary and doing a 1 for1 deal for Yandle. To do what Maloney is looking to do will be very difficult to make work for both teams. Top 6 wingers are either A. going to be worth way more then just Yandle or B. Worth way less then Yandle, its tough.

    • Hemsky is an ideal reclamation project and if Phx can snag him for next to nothing I say it is worth the gamble. Tippet is one the best coaches in the league.
      Hemsky could fit in nicely with Ribeiro too. The Oilers need third line wingers. David Moss and a second in 2015 for Hemsky and a 4th in 2015 would do the trick. Oilers are too close to the cap so likely would not retain much, if any salary.

      • i like this a lot.
        i’d still go for Brunner. How is this kid not signed?

        • Brunner with 48 regular season games under his belt is asking for way too much money. Easy to put up points when playing with Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Detroit rarely gives up on talent and other teams know this. Likely adding to the lack of his signing.

          • it’s too bad he’s asking for so much, I heard over $3M. 12 goals in 44 gp isn’t $3M worthy, despite his solid record in Swiss-A.

            let me be specific. I’m surprised that his agent hasn’t slapped him upside his head, reduced his asking price by half, and subsequently hasn’t already been signed.

          • It’s easy to say stuff like this, but I encourage everyone to always go over the individual pts the players score – esp with so many readily available resources. Datsyuk and Zetterberg were not even close to the reason why he did so well.

            the playoffs are where Brunner shined – 9pts in 14pg. Of those 9pts, 4 involved either Zetterberg or Datsyuk. Brunner scored 5 goals, only one involved either of the two, last game against CHI.

            Guys like Ericsson, Nyquist, Kindl, and Quincy were who he paired up with most often. I think most teams have these types of talent.

          • Rob, sure Brunner wasn’t always teamed/paired up with Zetterberg and Datsyuk, but not every team has a nice solid system throughout like the Wings (AHL and NHL). In Detroit, each player know their role and stick to that role.

        • Brunner isn’t signed yet, because he isn’t proven and is demanding more than what teams are willing to spend on a player like him.

        • Because he is somewhat weak perimeter players that asking close to 3.5M a year after single NHL team.

      • Yandle being traded in a deal for Cammaleri or Hemsky should not even be discussed. Not going to happen.

      • You are never going to get Moss and a second for Hemsky. Sorry not happening

        • Hensky will be as or more difficult to move as Liles.

          • I think Hemsky will be a lot easier to move then Liles.
            Just because he is UFA next year and he can still produce if healthy.

          • Not so sure either guy is an easy move. Ya Hemsky is UFA next year but for a guy with injury issues and desire issues his contract sure does suck right now if you were interested it may be worth it to wait it out and sign him. The market for guys like Liles is in general over priced (Philly paid Striet how much? How old is he again?) problem for Liles is injuries as well, if he played decent after his concussion we may not even talking about getting rid of him. When he came back he didnt look very much like him former self and Randy didnt use him much so its tough to say how he will be.

          • Before we get into an arguement all I meant about Liles is every one says horrible contract but 3.85 mill for a d guy who 621 games 313 points, if he played the way be can isnt all that bad considering Striet 491 games, 288 points 3 years older 5.25 mill…I think Liles still could have some value, Nonis may not have bought him out for a reason (or may have not got an offer he considers fair hence no trade) its not like its all that bad of a contract if he puts up 25-35 points like he has shown he is capable thru most his career with the exception of last year.

          • nitroglycerin101,

            Hemsky is harder to move than Liles, because he is a UFA next year. Teams aren’t quick to the pen/phone in trade talks for him, because they know they’ll give up a lot for someone who may or maynot re-sign next season. At least for Liles, a team when/if trading for, know that they’ll have him for the next 3 seasons.

  3. I doubt someone trades top 6 forward for Derek Morris.

    • Very much agreed, laughable really.

    • will not happen

  4. someone should check but this has to be the most boring off season in the history of the NHL. Not sure if NHL is going downhill or not but these new CBA’s are making it WAYYYY less fun for fans.

    • agreed

  5. Maloney had stated in the past that he won’t trade Yandle, unless it is considered an overpayment of sorts. Keith Yandle led the team in points last season, so it doesn’t make sense to trade him to increase scoring. Speculation in AZ has the Coyotes re-signing Derek Morris, so it seems unlikely he will be traded either. A better rumor would be a NHL-ready prospect defensemen for a NHL-ready forward prospect.or a player current on the roster.

  6. I’d think Maloney will wait until the season is imminent and look at the FA left on the table. Brunner, Raymond who ever. He needs to sign players at a bargain basement price

    • If he could convince Grabo to play wing (he has in the past) and sign him up for 3 or less Maloney could look brilliant.

      • that’s not bad

  7. I think the only trading left are the teams who need to fit under the cap with the teams that need to reach the cap floor.

    As far as I know teams needing to get under the cap are currently Pilly and Boston, with Pittsburgh, and San Jose as notable mentions for “maybe” having some minor issues.
    However I’m not aware of any teams in danger of not reaching the floor. NYI is the lowest paying team @ $49 Million (floor is $44 Mill)

    • Pilly = Philly…. freaking Monday…

    • Sharks will be OK cap wise. Havlat will be on LTIR for at least the start of the season, and will undoubtedly end up back there by seasons’ end. He will provide plenty of cap relief for SJ (facepalm)

    • Yup, the following are teams that need to shed cap space to be comfortably under the cap, and under the cap far enough in case of injuries:

      – Philly (-$2,053,522)
      – Boston (-$1,101,310)
      – Pittsburgh (-$1,098,333)
      – San Jose (-$406,667)
      – Los Angeles (-$86,894)
      – Detroit ($312,121)

      The rest are okay, as they have $1.34M+ (Edmonton) in available cap space.

      • Philly has both Pronger and Mezaros who will be on LTIR, no cap issue.
        As was said, San Jose has Havlat on LTIR, no cap issue.
        Boston has Savard on LTIR, no cap issue.
        LA will put Mitchell on LTIR for enough games to get under the cap if needed and have him for the rest of the season if he is ready.
        Detroit has a roster of 24 players, someone gets demoted. There issue is with resignings so they are a maybe.
        Pittsburg is qthe one in a bit (literally a bit, as in not huge) cap issue that will need some decisions made.

        As for this off season being slow, there are two reasons. Short season means none of us got a full hockey fix and two, the cap dropped without a drop in player salaries so too many teams are waiting for next summer when they have have a bigger cap to do more with. Also that ruling by the NHL brass about No buyout resign trades also helped slow things down IMO. Wait till next off season and things will be better.

        • PittsburgH has an H on the end of it, hello, it’s 2013 … go back to school

          • The ‘H’ was hanging out with all those Pens ‘fans’ who were disguised as empty seats when PittsburgH had the worst attendance in the NHL.

          • Hi…thanks for the spelling lesson…now for your grammar lesson, it is lowercase h not a capital H. Thanks anyway Mr. Van Impe

    • I dooubt Flyers have cap issues.

  8. Colorado’s defense is not up to par and they seem to have plenty of forwards in several pay ranges so maybe a good trade partner with the Coyote’s?

  9. 1 of Duchene/O’Reilly/MacKinnon for Yandle could probably help both teams. I feel like Duchene for Yandle would be quite fair but both teams would over value their own players lol.

    • O’Reilly for Yandel? Who knows maybe even straight up? They just signed Rundblad for next 2 years. Kid got his feet wet last season

      I think this type of offer will get Yots attention. A young 2nd line center that plays selke like D and can score 55-65pts is execatly what Tippett likes. Ribeiro, O’Reilly, Hanzal, Vermette at center seems like good idea.

      • O’Reilly cannot be traded just yet, if I remember correctly. Doubt Colorade trades Duchene.

        • Because he signed an offer sheet? Do not get all “technical” with me..

          Duchene, MacKinnon, Stastny and O’Reilly. One of them will be moved.

          • Ya but OReily wont be till after Feb 28 plus the Coyotes would have to pay 6million just for a qualifying offer next year, I cant see that being a workable deal.

          • Sorry, did not mean to offend. Thought you were proposing a trade for yandel for the start of this year. You are right something has to give in Colorado. Sorry.

  10. Hemsky and Cammalleri are not worth Yandle and I don’t think that was the intention of the post. More so that both are reclamation projects that could be had for cheap. Although both are making more salary than their cap hits this season which would make it tough for a team like the PHX to eat.

    • Sure, but/however, both only have 1 year left on their contracts.

      – Hemsky, paid $5.5M ($5M cap hit)
      – Cammalleri, paid $7M ($6m cap hit)

      Sure they are numbers that don’t suit their worth anymore, but again, it is only for one more year (2013/14). With that said, these players would be best suited for a rebuilding team(s), or teams in need to reach the cap floor…or both.

      • I think at the trade deadline both players will be a lot more valuable in terms of getting return

      • See thats exactly what Im getting at dollar for dollar those are the types of guys available in Yandles salary range either way Phx is getting hosed in deals like that, or there is a guy like Vanek at 7mill UFA. Buffalo is not holding 1.5 mill in salary to trade just for Yandle, the Sabers could get a better return somewhere else in terms of picks and prospects. This is a very tough deal to pull off with out picks or prospects being involved. 1 for 1 dollar for dollar hockey deals have gone the way of the doe doe bird.

  11. I am probably the only coyotes fan here and would love yandle to be traded yes he gets alot of points , but he is the king of give aways cost the coyotes alot of goals and games , coyotes are a team that’s ready to make the step to the next level !! Hope something happens soon !

    • sounds like franson

      • No, sounds like Phaneuf

    • That’s what you usually get when you have a offensive dman, which is why they’re paired up with a defensive dman.

  12. The Canes could use a D man but would they give up Skinner to get Yandle? Could be close to a match, other than that The Oilers would probably be looking at Yakupov (cant see that happening) Avs would be looking at 1of their young stars again cant see it, maybe Orielly but again I think Yandle has more value then that.

    • And O’Reilly cannot be had until March 1st, 2014

  13. Trying to link Keith Yandle and Derek Morris in the same sentence as getting a return seems sorta silly.

    One gets you something and the other is basically done.

  14. Derek Morris is a good leader and heart and sole player ! But won’t fetch anything in a trade unless he is a thrown in freeby !! I like him thou , klesla is the dman I would like coyotes to move