Latest on the Dallas Stars – April 14, 2012.

Another look at possible off-season moves by the Stars, as well as why the club should retain Steve Ott and captain Brenden Morrow.

Have Morrow & Ott played their last games with the Stars?

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika believes if the Dallas Stars can obtain a star player like Zach Parise this summer, it could force them to shed some salary, which could mean dealing away forwards Steve Ott and team captain Brenden Morrow, whom Heika believes would attract interest in this summer’s trade market. Heika thinks the Stars could get Parise via free agency, and believes they should also make a trade for a defenseman.  Kevin Sherrington, meanwhile, recently responding to live chat questions, believes it would alienate fans by trading away Ott and Morrow.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If, however, the Stars were to land a big fish like Parise, and had to move Ott and/or Morrow to make room for him, Stars fans would understand. It remains to be seen, however, if GM Joe Nieuwendyk can successfully sell Parise on the Stars, as the left winger has indicated how important it is for him to play for a Cup contender, leading  to speculation Parise could sign with the Detroit Red Wings or NY Rangers if he doesn’t re-sign with the Devils.


  1. Ive always maintained that Parise is going to stick with the Devils …but if he does gos Ive posted many of times that Detroit seems to be a good landing place IMO its the best organization in Pro Sports so why the heck not, the only thing is that Detroit will not give out the monster contract as they like to pay across the board to maintain competitiveness, so Parise cant look to get a big payout like the $8 or $9 million in Detroit, so if detroit doesnt anti up Sather likes to dish out cash and would give equal money to Richards in NY but he would have to look at making room !

    One thing to note is that Parise and Ryan Suter are
    very very good friends and they are looking to try and play together somehow !!
    I hear Detroit might be looking for a defensman too!!!! mmmmmmm…..

    My pick for the Cup is the New Jersey Devils this Year as it is so reminiscent of years past when they won …Kovolchuk has to produce …Marty wants to win again befire he retires and Parise is looking for big bucks ..they slide in under the radar and I have a good feeling on them this year !That too will determine where Parise goes in the end!

  2. Red wings will not sign both. If they want to play together, Minnesota or Dallas are their best bets. Dallas won’t need to shed salary to get one but if they want to obtain both, than they will be looking to move veterans. Ott would bring in the best return, and he would have too because Dallas values him greatly. Morrow could move but Dallas should not expect much in return due to his recent health struggles and his 4 million dollar contract.

  3. @slap & shot,
    None of what you said is right.
    Parise will sign with the rangers.
    Parise and suter will not end up signing together.
    Devils might get through the first round but will get pummeled in the second.
    And that’s my .02*.

  4. Bickle
    – NYR -> 16 million in Salary left, with 14 players. They don’t have the means to sign Parise.

    – Parise -> NJD (If they find the money of go to the conference finals); Much like BR, there will be many teams looking to throw 8-9 million/8-9 seasons at him even if by all means they shouldn’t be able to afford it.

    – No team can sign Parise and Suter together, except maybe Colorado because they have so much room.

    – Don’t look into friendships ever in the NHL. The only time there was a scenario where it was like “I want to play here, just for the reason I want to play with player X” was in Anaheim, and that landed them one of the best defensemen of the past 2 decades.

    – Detroit’s philosophy has always been, get your good players, get them for under market value and develop within. Although he Parise or Suter might end up in Detroit just to be able to have a chance to win, I have a feeling they’d rather take big money on a team that also has a possibility to win.

    As for;
    I would like to see Morrow in Winnipeg. He’s a big time veteran player that could really help that Jet team, also he’d be playing in Canada, as well as being on a team that people care about.
    Key is to not give too much to get him.

  5. if parise doesn’t resign with the devils then i beleive the right fit for him would be with pittsburg they enchance his style of play detroit and new york would smother him with their style of play now thats if pittsburg would have interest in him

  6. @Mio
    “Don’t look into friendships ever in the NHL.” I think this happens more often than we care to admit. LA is taking it to Vancouver with a couple friends from Philly.

    I can see Dallas moving Ott if the right price comes along. I don’t think he is as safe as he hopes. I just get the feeling after the trade deadline hoopla over him.

  7. @The Man,

    Negative my friend. Fans and also local reporters (or lesser reporters) try to string together as many links as they can when it comes to the potential of a player moving.

    99/100 times, the player signs to A) The most money B) A famed franchise/city (I.E BR last summer and NYR).

    If you think Carter coming to LA had tons to do with Mike Richards playing there… I think you should take a closer look at the LA Kings up to the deadline. They needed a scorer, they were rumoured on every single one of the top talents available at the deadline… They needed a top liner, and the only team selling them was CBJ.
    Also that’s a trade… Not a signing.

  8. I think Colorado is a key player for Parise. They may trade Stastny at the draft for some real depth and solid defense. I don’t know if he choses to go there becasue he wants to play for a contender- and you can’t blame him. To me, Detroit is the no brainer and Holland will find a way to make it work. It gives them succession planning to Datsyuk/Zetterberg. Boston is always a player.

    I think a lot of top guys are “on the block”. I don’t think that teams are looking to trade their stars, but varying reasons of economics, contractual obligations, age, draft pick availibility, guys asking to be moved, teams plunging into rebuilds… teams are going to listen.
    My list includes:
    Nash- good as gone
    Getzlaf- declining production
    Kopitar- build around the new crowd
    Iginla- I wouldnt trade him
    Kippur- I wouldnt trade him
    E Staal- apparently they dont want to pay him or the insuarance on his contract
    Ovi- ? who knows
    Kessel- you’ll hve to overpay for Burke to even think about it
    Stastny – $6.7 Big Ones
    Thomas – He’s gone IMO (so they can make room for Parise?)
    Ryan- One of him or Getzlaf is gone, I think
    Lecavalier – TB would love to move his contract but not his leadership… Yzerman could acellerate his rebuild around Stamkos by moving him


  9. @ Nikk,

    Yes Colorado makes sense for Parise except why would he want to go there?

    Here is where I disagree with your list:
    – Getzlaf stays in Anaheim ( hope I am wrong, ie goes to TO)
    – Kopitar stays, but maybe Brown moves
    – Kipper stays, Iginla moves
    – Eric Staal – if they did not move him at deadline, they will not now..
    – Ovi, Kessel, Ryan and Lecavalier stay where they are
    – Agree Stasny could be moved with Duchene, O’Reilly and high draft picks he could be expendable for more picks and depth
    -Tim Thomas could be moved if Bruins do not make it to SC Finals. Same goes for Luongo. Luongo to Tampa, Thomas to the Blackhawks.Write it down, its a good one!

  10. Murph and Nikk…Kopitar and Brown are huge players for LA and are a big reason why the Kings are slaughtering the supposed best team in the NHL. THEY WILL NOT BE TRADED!

    Also don’t count out these Kings to land Suter or Parise. LA has 10 million to spend on whatever they want as they have a full roster already signed up, and are a cup contender to boot. Don’t forget that there are alot of Americans on the Kings roster and some that played with both Suter and Parise in the Olympics (Quick and Brown). The Kings have struck out so far in free agency and I don’t think they will this year.