Latest on the Ducks and Maple Leafs – February 11, 2012.

Ducks winger Teemu Selanne addresses trade rumor…Can the Leafs afford to re-sign Mikhail Grabovski?…Do the Leafs need a goaltending upgrade?

DETROIT FREE PRESS/MLIVE.COM: Detroit reporters asked Anaheim Ducks winger Teemu Selanne if he’d consider waiving his trade clause at the trade deadline, but he said he liked the chemistry he has with the Ducks and preferred to avoid the question. Both papers noted the Wings would be very interested in Selanne were he to become available.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens also reported Selanne was currently focused on helping the Ducks gain ground in the playoff race. Other teams which could have interest in him include the Kings, Sharks, Blackhawks, Penguins and Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ducks management maintained they won’t trade Selanne, but it’s believed if he were to request one, they would honor it. If the Ducks can gain ground in the standings over the next couple of weeks, that could go a long way toward keeping him in Anaheim. They gained a point in last night’s shootout loss to the Red Wings.

SPORTSNET: Mike Brophy believes it’s might be better for the Leafs to pursue a goaltender rather than a center at the trade deadline.

NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos believes it could be a very expensive proposition for the Leafs to re-sign center Mikhail Grabovski.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: GM Brian Burke has made it clear he’s not seeking a goalie at the deadline. Besides, there’s not really much available for goaltending upgrades. The Canucks aren’t moving Cory Schneider, the Kings won’t trade Jonathan Bernier, nor are the Isles moving Evgeni Nabokov. Josh Harding of the Wild could be available but they want a top six forward in return. As for Grabovski, the Leafs will obviously cross that bridge when they come to it after the playoffs.


  1. I think resigning Grabovski will be tough. I remember three years ago Burke made a couple of comments saying how hard it was to negotiate with his agent, but he was happy he kept him. At that point, signing for 2.9 per was a little much (but looking like a steel now). I’m thinking it’ll take 5-5.25 this time around, which I think is fine, but we would need to get rid of Komi or Lombardi. If Burke could deal either, we will be fine.

  2. I agree Durt – at the time I understood what seemed like (and in reality was/is) overpaying Connelly. I didn’t mind throwing that kind of money at him as if he panned out and played well with Lupul and Kessel he would have been worth it. NOW however, seeing as that contract will play into what Grabovski re-signs for, I wish we had just signed Connelly to a one year deal – then the money we have to pay him next year would have basically been Grabovski’s raise. Hind sight is 20 / 20 though right? I think it would be a step back to not sign him though…

    I see Burke doing this year what he did last year – move anyone expensive (as you mentioned, Komi or Lombardi or even Connelly if he can dupe someone) for picks and just standing pat. Can we win the cup this year with this roster? Vegas would pay me alot of money if I took that bet and we did win it – but you can’t get blood from a stone – I don’t think any of the names out there on the “available” list will be worth what it will cost to get them (Carter, Nash – not that he’s available) so “tinkering” dealing is all that he has to work with. And I know i’m gonna get thrown under the bus for suggesting that someone would take Connelly and his inflated contract but the past two years I wouldn’t have thought that anyone would have ever touched Kaberle, Versteegh, Blake, Toskala or Beauchimin’s contracts either but he found GM’s that did – so I guess anything could happen…lol

  3. Connolly can be traded in the off season. Burke might have to swallow a lesser bad contract to do it, but it can be done. I really don’t see Burke making any moves this deadline that are major. Maybe just a minor depth trade but even that is not necessary this year as they are not a contender.

  4. Swiss, you have to wonder, would Connolly sign a one year deal? I don’t know the answer, but I know Burke’s back was up against the wall when Richards signed in NY. He needed to pick up a FA center and maybe Connolly would only do a two year deal. Youre right though, hind sight is 20/20. Who knew Bozak would look so good between the two? Connolly is a tad redundant on this team.

  5. Lyle,

    Selanne’s comment on good chemistry was in reference to the potential of him playing on a line with fellow Fin, Valterri Filppula.