Latest on the Ducks, Senators and Sabres.

Are the Ducks close to shaking things up with a major trade? Are the Senators eyeing Blue Jackets forward Derick Brassard? Does Ryan Miller want out of Buffalo? Read on to find out!

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Helene Elliott reports Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray has said he won’t fire Randy Carlyle as head coach or trade any of his big three forwards (Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan), though he’s had offers.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Mark Whicker doubts any quick fixes are in store for the floundering Ducks, suggesting perhaps the answer rests with promising youngsters in their system, goalie Jonas Hiller and his defense trusting each other again, or the team simply working harder.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whatever the solution is, the Ducks better find it soon, because if they sink much further, they won’t be able to play their way out of their early season hole as they’ve done in previous season.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators are among four teams with interest in Columbus Blue Jackets center Derick Brassard, though his salary ($3.2 million per season for two more years) is a major stumbling block. Garrioch claims the Senators, and everyone else in the league, have closed the book on Phoenix’s Kyle Turris, who ended his contract holdout with the Coyotes last week.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Wayne Scanlan reports only Nikita Filatov can put an end to the speculation he could be loaned back to the KHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Brassard were earning half his current salary, I could see the Senators taking a chance on him. The problem is Brassard has not played up to his salary, and having an expensive bust on their payroll is something the Senators are trying to avoid. As for Filatov, it’s time to put up or shut up.

Does Miller want out of Buffalo?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson yesterday claimed he keeps hearing sidelined Sabres goalie Ryan Miller wouldn’t mind a trade. Miller’s wife is an actress based in California, but Matheson doesn’t see a market for Miller with any of the California-based teams.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to the blog “3rd Man In”, as I overlooked this little nugget in yesterday’s rumor update. If Miller does indeed wish to be dealt, the Sabres wouldn’t have too much difficulty finding a market for him, but there’s been no indication he wants out, or at least that hasn’t been coming from the Buffalo media. Besides, the Sabres would want to ensure backup Jhonas Enroth is the real deal before seriously giving any consideration to trading Miller, who has a limited NTC where he can list eight teams he won’t accept a trade to. For now, this is little more than musing from a hockey reporter based in Edmonton, and until we hear something more notable from sources or media closer to the Sabres, we shouldn’t read too much into this.


  1. The ducks need a save to start with……

  2. If Murray says his top three aren’t going any where then there is no point to posting trade rumours involving his top three Getzlaf, Perry, or Ryan because it won’t happen. Look down the Ducks list for other possible trades.

  3. Miller in a Lightning Jersey works for me!!!!!

  4. Guess what Ducks, your season is over, too many really good teams in the west they would have to climb over. If Murray doesn’t have the guts to trade one of the big three forwards then how the hell they going to rebuild, trade a 7th round draft pick for the next Wayne Gretzsky ? Sit back and relax, let the lazy Ducks lie in their mess for the next 2 months and in February move Lydman, Visnovsky, Koivu and yes even Selanne if he wants one last shot at a cup. They can get good value in prospects and picks for these guys and teams over pay in February trying to get ready for cup push. Let Hiller play his way back to form and if one of the big teams gets a major goalie injury, trade him to. In February bring up Holland, Palmieri etc and lets see what they can do. What Murray should not do is trade the future for some wash up has been hoping that he sneaks into the playoffs and oh yes, if someone wants to way over pay for Bobby Ryan or Ryan Getzlaf – TAKE IT

  5. Miller wanting out sounds kinda…made up. I’m not puting any stock in that rumor.
    In other news, Boudreau got fired this morning. Hunter is in.

  6. Wow! Now Maurice is out, Muller in…bad day for coaches.

  7. Hey Spector, in the Ducks article the author says that Murry “hasn’t panicked” and uses the fact that he has not traded one of the “big three” as evidence. No where does it say that he WILL NOT trade them in the future….only that it has not happened YET. Still hope for us Leaf fans to bamboozel Murry on another trade 😉

    (quote) “General Manager Bob Murray hasn’t panicked. He has said he won’t dismiss Carlyle and he hasn’t traded any of his big three forwards — Getzlaf, Perry or Bobby Ryan — though he has had offers.”

  8. DurtMCHurt….And hopefully my Kings fire Murray, but unfortunately I wanted Muller to replace him. Not no more, goodwork sitting back and letting 2 good coaches slip through your fingers Lombardi. Please hurry up and grow a pair.

  9. Canadian King, you have to make it three coaches. Can’t leave out Hitchcock.

  10. I am not surprised Boudreau got the Axe and Maurice too, but I believe they will resurface, as neither are the worst coaches out there, in fact I think both are quite good. In both cases their teams let them down, and while you can argue its the coaches job to get the best out of the team, lets look at the facts. Hockey is a team game, so where are the rest of the guys when Ovechkin and Semin in Washington are crapping out , and Staal and the entire Hurricane roster are not showing up for games?

    What surprises me more is that Capuano of the Islanders and whats his name in Columbus have not been fired. All the teams doing well are playing a team concept game. Being able to rely on one or two guys to carry the team is not the case anymore. Superstars need not apply.

    I could see Maurice in Columbus, and Gabby with the Ducks, Flames or Islanders. He already knows how to put up with a nutbar owner, so maybe he is the best qualified coach to work at the Charlie and Garth Circus in Long Island.

  11. If the Ducks flail and fall they will be fine. They have a lot of promising youth, the draft is deep, and it has Yakupov. There is light at the end of both tunnels for the Ducks … if I were them I think I might prefer a free fall to the 1st overall. Simply because they would not win in the playoffs. Then again, do you possibly trade Perry or Ryan who can play the right wing and hope to find Yakupov in the draft? Not likely.

  12. If Murray isnt going to trade his top 4, number four being Hiller then he may as well just ride out the storm because he wont get much for anyone else. Does Blake mean this much to the ducks? Seems funny that their woes increased when he went down. I believe Murray is right, trading those guys would be a mistake. Falling to the bottom does not guarantee you get Yakupov, and as far as Ive heard so far the next draft outside the top 5 or 6 is mediocre at best. As far as coaches go Carolina and especially Washington have a chance of making the playoffs so making a change now makes sense. The NYI and Columbus are already toast unless a miracle happens so they are in no rush to make a change. The Kings are a good team but are playing similar to Washington, maybe the players want the coach gone. Perhaps another big trade would shake the kings up, Brown appears ready to move on.

  13. @ Murph

    Maurice is not a good coach as his record shows. All I keep remembering is him coaching the Leafs and having zero control on the team as evidence when watching the 2nd year rookie Ian White run all over the ice doing what ever he felt like which wasn’t the case when Quinn had the controls.

  14. Expect Selanne to be moved to a contender of his choice at the trade deadline but only if Selanne wants to have one more shot at a cup before he retires.

  15. Spec, one of your Duck-fan readers in the off-season posted a trade option for the Ducks – Perry going to Vancouver for Hodgson, Schneider, a 1st this year, a 2nd the year after. The dollars don’t quite work on that for now, but with some tweaking, doesn’t that kind of trade work for both sides? I’m sure Vancouver’s not the only team out there to have the assets to land Perry. I’m sure LA could provide an even sweeter deal than that, and there are probably other teams I’m not thinking of. Point being, why not make a trade to make Anaheim better right now AND in the future?

  16. ever wonder how many top 5 draft picks it takes for the islanders to be a contender?

  17. Arniel is a good coach, the problem with the Blue Jackets has been injuries, the suspension of Wisnewski for the first 8 games and suspect goaltending. With the return of Carter and Wisnewski, and Sanford in the net – since mid November Columbus has either won or garnered a point in 5 of their last 7 games. Not too bad for a team that everyone was writing off. So, that is why Arniel is still coaching. I can see why Maurice and Boudreau were let go, they don’t have goaltending issues or injuries – but I think they have motivational problems. I forget who used to preach the five year rule for coaches, but I tend to agree with it. In the case of Washington and Carolina – you can’t fire or trade the whole team and the GM isn’t going to fire himself for poor signings or lack of chemistry on a team – so getting rid of the coach sends a message.

  18. @ Canadian King,
    I’d take Boudreau over Muller. He has more experience, a history within the Kings organization, and I think his coaching style would do wonders for the young Kings and their scoring.

    The Caps couldn’t win the Cup because they didn’t have enough of a defensive presence. The Kings won’t win one without more 5-on-5 scoring. If Lombardi would fire Murray (who I think the players are beginning to tune-out) and bring in a player’s-coach who will loosen the reins while maintaining a healthy defensive awareness the Kings would finally be the contenders they’re supposed to be.

  19. Why should the Ducks trade Perry, the reigning league MVP as well as last year’s winner of the Richard trophy? That simply doesn’t make sense.

  20. When the ducks powreplay gets out of their slump look for them to string some wins together.

  21. I could actually see the Ducks moving someone fairly significant. The biggest problem with them for the last few years has been the lack of an elite defenseman who can help steady everyone else and the goaltending. If the Ducks offered up Getzlaf or Ryan to the Preds for Suter would they do it considering the Anaheim players are under contract for several more years and Suter is a free agent? Not saying this is what they will do but it is what Anaheim needs. It would almost be better for them to get Suter, move Getxlaf, tank and draft Yakupov or whomever and then add some more depth players.

    Good luck to Ottawa if they make that deal. Because the last Sens-Blue Jackets deal worked out so well for them.

  22. In part because the Ducks seriously lack depth and need to get some if they want a playoff spot, and in part because last season was a career year for Perry – no way is he ever going to score 50 goals in a season again (note – if he does, I’ll eat my hat – maybe even post a video of doing so to YouTube). His value is currently at the highest it’ll ever be (well, maybe last summer would’ve been better, but still…). I’m not saying the deal with Vancouver is the best one out there – I’m saying there’s bound to be something thrown their way that works out for two clubs.

  23. VanCanFan gets it. Once you get past the big line & Selanne, the Ducks have Zip. You shut down the big line and they are Dead Ducks. Perry’s value will never be higher because of last year. He’s a 35-40 goal per year over achiever, not a year after year 50 guy. I started watching the Kings in 1967 their first year
    and went to most of their games in the late 60’s and 70’s and some 80’s GOT TOTALLY TURNED OFF BY THEIR WHO CARES IF WE WIN AS LONG AS WE HAVE A SUPERSTAR ATTITUDE ( think Dionne / Gretzky etc). Would rather have a bunch of HARDWORKING overachievers like the team that went to the 2003 finals then watch a bunch of underacheivers who are over paid. That being said I’d trade Getz & Ryan first, tired of watching them going thru the motions. Is it too match to ask them to give 100% for 20 minutes every other night ?

  24. If they Ducks trade Getz how long is it going to take them to find a first line center to play with Ryan and Perry?

  25. Dino you can just sign one out of college hockey like the Leafs did. Bozak is not what I pictured as a top line centre but give him a year to season…

  26. I think more than offensive depth the Ducks lack solid defense. Fowler is a great young start but they need someone significant to shore up the backend, eat up solid minutes, dish out some hits, and above all take the pressure off Hiller from having to make 40 saves a night. Of the RPG line I get the feeling only Ryan would be considered for a trade and given the innumerable guesses/rumours/rumblings of the Nashville situation, perhaps a Webber or Suter for Ryan trade might suit both parties. Note this is note an e anything, just a bored casual pundit’s fantasy hockey for the day.

  27. @motocitysmitty

    Seems like gamble if it was that easy i am sure the Flames would have done it years ago, I would say outta the 3 of them the Ryan gets dealt I would put his trade value on par with Perry.

  28. I could see Brassard landing in Ottawa if Columbus were to take an unwanted Senators contract in return (Kuba). Brassards last season wasn’t half bad and his numbers this year are more of an indication of the teams struggles. There’s no way he’s a buyout candidate either. He needs a scenery change. If you’ve ever watched him play you’d know that he’s much better than his numbers this year suggest.

  29. Miller trade rumors…from Edmonton. Hell, they’re not even trade rumors. Some guy in the middle of the frozen tundra heard it from a moose that Miller wouldn’t mind being shipped out. Good (frank)ing luck with that. Ya know, I also heard Crosby wants out, and that Dwayne Roloson is the next goalie inductee to the HHOF.

  30. @BigBoss – That is not really a fair question because you used “Islanders” and “contender” in the same sentence.

    @ Fire Wilson – The key part of your response about Maurice was, ” when Quinn had the controls” . Until Brian Burke came along, did anyone with Hockey Knowledge have the controls? JFJ, Maurice? No.
    Ian White did not cause the Maple Leafs to fall apart, and he was all over because they needed wingers!!!
    Carolina is a budget team. When you subtract Brindamour (retired), Staal and Ward, that team should never have done so well the last few years. They overachieved, which is in my opinion why being where they are now is so unacceptable. At the end of the day I would ask, did Rutherford and Carolina give Maurice a viable team to coach? I respect your opinion, but my answer would be no.

  31. LOVE to see Selanne come to the Kings near the deadline. Alec Martinez and a pick to rent Selanne for the Cup run

  32. I have to say, the ducks are hurting bad. I would never have thought that Jasson Blake was this years Payton Manning. It is crazy to see the team fall so hard and weeing it in person is even harder.

    I have read the “rumors” and if Miller wants to come to anaheim, why not trade hiller and lets say a propect for Miller….

    I know that the RPG line is untouchable, but if Shea Weber was to be offered for Ryan, I would take that in a heart beat. Give Weber a 7 mil a year contract. He will bang some bodies around and block shots and woudl be great on the PP next to lubo (when he gets back) or Fowler. Hell, I would throw in Foster in that deal to to match the money.

    None of this is going to happen. Murray has no stones to trade big peices. I wouldnt trade any of those guys unless I am getting the return to make my team better now and in the future. But is it really going to take trading a 24 year old in Bobby Ryan, who has the potential to be a 40-50 goal scorer to get what you really need? I dont think that is the answer. Trading away Prospects to get washed up players arent ging to fix anything.

  33. The big 3 in Anaheim — Getzlaf, Perry & Ryan are not old. They are still good hockey players… they did not forget how to play. Why would you trade relatively young players to re-build… makes no sense.