Latest on the Flames, Canadiens, Lightning and Sabres – April 10, 2012.

More speculation on Jarome Iginla, Olli Jokinen, Carey Price, Scott Gomez, and Jochen Hecht, the Lightning must address their goaltending this summer, and more.

Have they played their last games with the Flames?

CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson reports the Flames players expect a summer of change. Steve MacFarlane reports team captain Jarome Iginla would prefer to win a Stanley Cup with the Flames, but MacFarlane wonders if the franchise runs the risk of losing Iginla for nothing to free agency next summer if they opt to remain loyal to him. Iginla admitted he’ll be looking at his future this summer more closely than he has in the past.

CALGARY SUN/THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Francis and Allan Maki use door metaphors (“Door opening…”, “edging close to doorway out of Calgary”) to suggest an Iginla trade is perhaps becoming closer to reality than at any time in the recent past.

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnson also reported the Flames and Iginla have some tough choices to make this summer. Johnson believes trading Iginla would be the hardest thing the organization has ever done.

CALGARY SUN/CALGARY HERALD: Pending UFA center Olli Jokinen’s future with the Flames is uncertain, though he hopes to re-sign with the club.

CALGARY SUN: Ian Busby reports pending UFA blueliner Cory Sarich would be open to returning with the Flames, as he now considers Calgary his home.

 CALGARY HERALD: Kristen Odland recently reported injury-plagued Flames forward David Moss hopes Flames GM Jay Feaster is willing to talk contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Get the feeling we haven’t heard the last of the Jarome Iginla trade rumors this summer? For good reason, as he and Flames management truly have to decide if he fits into their future plans, especially if they decide to engage in a much-needed rebuild. It’s possible Iginla could consider signing a short-term (one or two years) deal for less money to allow the Flames more cap flexibility, but he would certainly fetch them a solid return via trade to aid in their rebuilding. So far, all the talk is on whether or not Iginla gets dealt. We’ve yet to hear which teams could be suitors, though I daresay potential destinations will spring to live once the playoffs end. As for Jokinen, his future could be decided by what the Flames do with Iginla, especially if they opt to move their captain before July 1st. Sarich and Moss, on the other hand, have probably played their final games with the Flames.

CANOE.CA: Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price, a restricted free agent this summer, said he wishes to re-sign a long-term deal with the club.

LA PRESSE: Marc Antoine Godin reports Canadiens center Scott Gomez, when asked about the possibility of a trade, contract buyout or demotion, said he will “cross that bridge” when he comes to it.

CANOE.CA: Mathieu Boulay reports Canadiens UFA forward Mathieu Darche hopes he hasn’t played his final game for the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Price’s desire for a long-term deal with the Habs should put to rest any suggestion he’d prefer a shorter deal in order to get out of Montreal when he becomes eligible for UFA status in two years time. If there’s an amnesty buyout in the next CBA, Gomez will be bought out. Otherwise, it’s up to new management to figure out what to do with him and his $7 million-plus per season contract, which has two more years to go. As for Darche, he’d be an affordable re-signing, but of course that’s up to whoever the new GM is to decide if he’s worthwhile retaining.

TBO.COM: Erik Erlendsson listed five key issues facing the Lightning this summer. Among them: a quality starting goalie, shoring up the defense,  and adding a top-six forward.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero believes finding a number one goalie is the top priority for Lightning GM Steve Yzerman, who apparently would love to acquire Vancouver’s Cory Schneider. Plan B would be Jonathan Bernier of the LA Kings and Anders Lindback of the Nashville Predators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Schneider might be a perfect fit for the Bolts, but there will be considerable interest in him from other clubs. 

WGRZ.COM: Ed Kilgore expects changes this summer for the Buffalo Sabres, but doesn’t believe the roster will be “blown up”. Kilgore doesn’t  believe goaltender Ryan Miller will be among the changes, and considers Miller, Tyler Ennis, Marcus Foligno, Jason Pominville, and Tyler Myers as “untouchables”. He also feels forwards Derek Roy and Drew Stafford could become trade bait.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports Sabres pending UFA forward Jochen Hecht, who’s trying to come back from his third concussion in a year, hasn’t given up on his playing career, and would like to return with the Sabres.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Roy and Stafford could be shopped this summer, while Hecht probably won’t be re-signed by the Sabres, and given his injury history, could find it difficult to land with another NHL team.


  1. I like how everyone is breaking the same news about Iggy for the past week. LoL.

    But I mean, I guess if he’s traded, would be the biggest move in a very, very long time.

    As for Sarich and Moss, please no. You fill holes in your organization easily, these two aren’t top tier players, one’s an overpaid, slow moving, mistake ridden Dman, and the other an always injured, dissapearing forward.
    I’d rather see Brian Connelly or Clay Wilson up instead of Sarich… And players like Byron, Horak, Nemisz… up instead of Moss.

  2. Our first, minny’s second, Dustin Tokarski and Brett Connolly for Corey Schnieder and Mason Raymond.

  3. I think Roy would be a good option for Calgary. And who knows, you might not have to give up a first rounder to get him. No question the Flames have to rid themselves of dead weight. And if they decide to go on a full rebuild, I can’t say I blame them. But this organization has proven to me over the last couple of years that they would rather tinker then blow up, so if they can get a decent center, shore up their D and role players maybe they can fare a little better next year. They already have an elite goaltender.

  4. Flames
    Iginla seems open to make a move …VERY SURPRISED !!!
    He has said he will not stand in the way and does not want to go through a complete rebuild ….WOW!
    I still feel he will stay on the West Coast.

    Special Note:
    This is why I said that Howson was better off to take the best offer he had for Nash at the deadline …now hes has more top end competition to compete with in the trade market …he screwed himself and was too greedy …he will not get any more than what he could have got at the deadline if not less now …plus he pissed off the teams that were very serious to begin with !! STUPID!!!

    I will say this until Iam blue in the face ..SCHNIEDER IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!! Sorry Tampa !

    Hecht is done …this team really needs to move forward I have been to a lot of games this season and they need to address some scoring power upfront and a winger to play with Hodgson wh o has struggled …..Foligino is awesome what a great pick up for the Sabres he has it all ..also look to Luke Adam to come back next year and have an impact !!!
    Buffalo should dangle Jonas Enroth for a trade ..good goalie market this summer and he could get you a good return or good NHL forward in return!

    Once again Buffalo scouting staff has proved to be on there game and have very good players coming up the system and within ..which gives them all the power moving forward when looking to fill holes !

    Final Note
    If Calgary is looking to get a BIG return for Kipper and Iggy then the Flames will have to deal with teams that have SOLID youth propects and NHL playing players for the rebuild ….there are only 5 – 8 teams that have serious players that this can be acheived with as a trading partner …I still feel Philly is at the top of that List as is Minnesotta …LA KINGS ….Possibly the JETS ..San Jose, Anahiem and Colorado!
    In the end Iggy still may have his choice but Kipper no trade expires and could be off on his own !

  5. I love how players are asked about their status at the start of the playoffs, if they don’t say they want to stay where they are they get labeled as difficult, and nobody wants them

  6. Slap & Shot. Do you know this for a fact? No, you’re guessing like us all. So unless you work for the Nucks I wouldn’t be so absolute.

  7. @DurtMchurt, yeah i guess if the flames do those things they might fare a little better next year, but what does that mean? sqeaking into the playoffs and getting creamed by a top team? meanwhile iginla and that elite goaltender just keep getting older and less valuable on the ice and on the trade market. the best this team is going to be was when they lost the Cup to tampa. they’ve been going downhill ever since. tinkering will never make this team a contender, and isn’t that what this is all about? putting yourself in a position to win the Stanley Cup? they need to stop kidding themselves and their fans and do a proper rebuild.

  8. Bickleton Wigglesworth, I agree. They should definitely rebuild…I’m not entirely sold they will though. Haven’t we been saying this for two years now? They never seem to commit to blowing up their roster so untill they do you’re absolutely right, they will be a middling team. I just don’t think the fans are ready. If they trade their stars they WILL tank for 4-5 years. Will season ticket holders prop that team up in the meantime?

  9. Personally, I can see the Sabres trying to move Vanek – he’s a premiere goal-scorer that I believe will get you a huge return (even despite his salary), but he didn’t even score 10 goals in the last 45 games of the season. For a team whose lack of character might have been their downfall for missing the playoffs, Vanek’s might be at the forefront.

    That said, he can be an elite scorer and I can see some team(s) being very willing to give up some excellent parts to get him.

  10. @ Bolts Nation
    You must be new casue no one else here talks to me anymore LMAO !

    I think the facts are plain to see for everyone …its pretty simple really !!!
    Canucks have a top end Goalie in Luongo who is on a very long term deal that Vancouver does not want to hold anymore …they have a legit future # 1 goalie that is pushing the star goalie from the crease ….and now only have one more year or less to make a decision …they have ridden Luongo for a number of seasons now and have had success but have to also think about the future …that being said Schnieder is the best Goalie available right now in the league and is a future star in the making this bring them to s avery difficult decision…one that hey have no choice to make and go with the youth movement and try and push Luongo out at seaons end if sucess is not obtained …they have no choice cause if they trade Schnieder away they will end up with a 1B back up on a team that needs a Legit #1 A back up as Luongo will not be there much longer ….Vancouver has to part with Luongo to stay competitive long term and would be crazy to give away Schnieder who can not be replaced with any present goalie in the league at price and quality ! Canucks have to move forward …Luongo would be perfect fit back in Florida or Tampa next year where he can be outside a Canadian market a just really play hockey mixed in with a Florida Team ready to break out ..he fits in perfectly and mores so with Tampa or Florida as Vancouver will not give up on Schnieder!

    • I like your comments, just try to be a little less abrasive.

  11. Kipper will be traded to one of these 4 teams: Tampa / New Jersey / Philadelphia / Toronto. Toronto will be less likely because Burke will never give up another high first round pick like he did for Kessel. I think Iggy will either be playing in Pittsburgh or Boston next year, depends on who looses first in the playoffs, some say Washington for Semin or Backstrom but i think Iggy would nix that trade…better chance at winning the Cup in Calgary than Washington

  12. I definitely would not trade Iginla. I am a big fan of having the veterain leadership of your older captain around, even long after he is not producing like he used to. If Clagary trades Iginla, they lose respectability overnight… who is there on the roster to lead by example? Who is there to be a threat that other teams have to look out for? I felt the same about Mats Sundin, Daniel Alfredsson, Marcus Naslund, Teemu Selanne, Rod Brind’Amour in various degrees of the scale. Even Edmonton brought back Ryan Smyth and kept around Horcoff for that reason alone.

    My opinion, hang on to Iggy.

    I also feel that Kippur has 3-4 years of high end tending infront of him. Sure he is old, but you tell that to Brodeur, Cujo, Belfour, and Hasek- all top-level guys who played at a high level until a very old age. Kippur has been healthy throughout his acareer, never seems to be mentally rattled, appears to be in great shape… the guy can and will continue to stop the puck. Whoever gets him (if he is traded) is going to nab themselves an elite goalie and make themselves a threat overnight.

  13. @ Jay
    Jay good post …to the point and good team selections for Kipper.

    Iggy maybe in Pitsburg as well as Sydney Crosby has asked to play with him and vice versa!
    Pittsburg can easily give a first rounder and player and propect for Iggy and still be a Cup favourite for the next 5 years ! No Reason for Iggy to go to Boston except for Cup contetntion but he would love to finish his Career with Crosby and a Cup , no doubt ,,,Iggy will not go to Washington way if he has a say ..your right my as well stay in Calgary at that point !
    Well done !

  14. @ Nikk

    No way you just said that …it cant be true …I said that last week in two posts …I still feel he is in Calgary next Ovtober but his comments suggest otherwise ..If I was Calgary id trade Kipper and Boumeester first let go of some UFAs and sit down with Iginila at that point and see what you have on paper after those trades to see where the team personel stands…..
    If you can trade Kipper to SAY Philly for say Schenn and a Piece and Bryzgalov ( Salary dump ) then you need Iginla to mentor Schenn as the new Franchise player ..then see what Boumeester brings in for a prospect or two …and where the farm sits and what you can find in the NCAA to round it off Id personally keep Iginla the captain for life in that organization ….but thats just me …he says he wnats to win a cup and doesn t wnat to be a part of a ground up rebuild!

  15. The Sabres have several player issues to resolve this offseason.

    Jochen Hecht:
    Hecht is a great player when healthy. He is versatile at wing and center. His point production has declined, but he can assist in critical plays. I like to see how the offseason progresses for his health and if the Sabres’ plans include him.

    Derek Roy:
    Roy was to be the top center this season. He did not step up in both position and point production. His name remains in trade rumor for those reasons.

    The Flames organization should consider making a move for Roy, who woudl benefit from a change in scenery. Going back to the Sabres should be Iginla, who can change the mindset, work ethic and attitude on the team.

    Drew Stafford:
    Stafford is finding his way gradually. He has been a healthy scratch in past seasons for “not digging in” in terms of goalscoring. If he continues to score, the mroe the Sabres can keep him or use him in a package deal to get someone better.

    The Sabres need to address the top center for good. Acuqiring Cody Hodgson has netted good results. He and Tyler Ennis provide some depth at center. The Sabres should get someone can produce more than Roy with a better work ethic.

  16. @ Slap and Shot,

    Agree 100% with your comments on Luongo. If he wins the cup this year, trade him and move on. If he does not win the cup this year, trade him and move on. I feel that for the Canucks their window was last year, and this year, and maybe one or two after that, then the wheels will start to fall off (players get older). They already traded Hodgson because they could not fit him into the lineup, because its full of decent veterans ( and their salaries). But 3 years from now they will need good young players to come on board with the big club and that’s what they would get (high round picks, impossible otherwise when you finish at the top)in return for Luongo. My bet would be on Tampa, and here are 5 reasons why: 1. Tampa is absolutely loaded with high end picks. 2. Steve Yzerman / Luongo etc. Team Canada connection. 3. Joins fellow Quebecers St. Louis, & Lecavalier 4. He would arguably be their number one goalie until his contract expires 5. He already lives in Florida in the off season. As Larry the Cable Guy says ” Gitter done.”

  17. @Paddy
    I have been saying (complaining)to any of my friends who would listen that Vanek may be a big time scorer but he lacks any heart. He was on the ice when Miller got hit by Lucic and skated away. He was perfectly fine to let someone else step up when the entire line should have been attacking Lucic. He has no heart (IMO) and needs to go along with Roy and Stafford.
    Roy looked like he was having an audition for a new team for next year. Numerous times in the last 5 games he ignored the man in front in order to skate around the net before having it taken from him. Then he speaks out against his coach…..all I can say is bye bye.

    RE: Iggy trades to Pittsburg?
    My question is how does Pitt fit Iggy’s 7 million per into their line up? Who goes?