Latest on the Flames, Canucks and Oilers – March 28, 2013.

Will Miikka Kiprusoff accept a trade? Will the Canucks move Roberto Luongo at the trade deadline? Are the Oilers planning some major moves? Read on to find out!

Kiprusoff refuses to address trade rumors.

Kiprusoff refuses to address trade rumors.

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnson reports Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff refuses to discuss his trade status with reporters.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark (no relation) Spector believes Kiprusoff must address the trade talk, especially rumors he would refuse to report to a new team if traded.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kiprusoff doesn’t have to address anything. Iginla got a free pass from the media when he refused to discuss his trade status. They should afford the intensely private “Kipper” the same courtesy.

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre believes Roberto Luongo is the only card Canucks GM Mike Gillis has to play to bring in the second line center his club desperately needs. Canucks assistant GM Laurence Gilman, however, insists the club isn’t reducing its asking price. MacIntyre noted Maple Leafs center Tyler Bozak was once considered a trade targetfor the Canucks last summer, and Bozak is now believed a prime rental player. Elliott Pap reports Luongo remains prepared for any scenario and continues to support Cory Schneider.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bozak won’t be dealt. Leafs GM Dave Nonis recently shot down that notion. I get the sense Canucks management aren’t going to pressured into making a panic move with Luongo. Quite frankly, I don’t see a market for Luongo right now. That could change, of course, but the off-season could be a better time to try to move him than the trade deadline.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples yesterday cited tweets from Boston reporters Kevin Paul Dupont and Joe Haggarty claiming the Boston Bruins were in talks with the Edmonton Oilers, and could have interest in defenseman Ryan Whitney. There’s also “whispers” Ales Hemsky could be the Bruins backup plan if they lost out in the Iginla sweepstakes. Staples also noted a rumor from Haggarty suggesting winger Magnus Paajarvi could be packaged with Whitney.  TSN’s Darren Dreger shot down the rumors.  Jim Matheson also noted the rumors of the Bruins interest in Whitney, believing they would be a perfect fit for the blueliner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wouldn’t surprise me if the  Bruins are “kicking the tires” on Whitney, but I don’t think Hemsky is a suitable “Plan B”, as he lacks the physical edge they hopes they would get with Iginla, and explains why they were pursuing Brenden Morrow before the Penguins got him, and why they’re still believed to have interest in San Jose’s Ryane Clowe.


  1. Ray Shero has put a lot of preasure on Chiarelli now!
    The team dynamic and Bruins needs have changed in what they need to acquire to put them over the top!
    Penguines have gotten much more agressive, stronger especially on the wings three lines deep and will puish teams in the corners and wear them down in brutal fashion …there will be a l;ot of coughed up pucks that will make there way into the slot where Craosby and malkin will finsh .

    Boston will now need to make an adjustment to the plan they will need a smarter more agile D man that has some veteran knowledge of the league i.e Dan Boyle or Brian Campbell or even Robyn Reghier would be a great pick up …….on the front lines they will need an expereinced checker and size not goal scoring at this point ….any deal involving the rumours of Lucic are now not event a thought as they need his aggressivenss and size! Bruins should look at possibly Kassian in Vancouver …Steve Ott in Buffalo Cal Clutterbuck or even Raffi Torres all of which would need a minimal central dynamic trade piece but can improve the Bruins significantly ……I don’t think the Penguines will be able to resign Iggy or Morrow as they still have to sign Letang and Malkin and with the cap going down its more likely they are the rental players they will be but Iggy will be back in Calgary at $5 mill per for 2 years if he chooses to go back or does he choose to play in Vancouver ??????? its close to home and still competitive for a cup and will pay him more than Calgary if they can move the Luongo contract !!!
    I think this is a HUGE possibilty !!!!!

    Can’t waite to see Crosby play with Iggy again even though his line is on fire!!!

    Kipper will not not be moved at this point its to difficult as per his not reporting situation Feaster has to spend his time on other players!!!

    What is the likely hood of Iggy signing with the Canucks next year …I think it might be pretty good!!!!

    • Depending on if (seems like they can’t lose now!) te Pens win the cup or not I could see iginla resigning a cheap 1-2 year deal If the don’t.

      If they do I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigned in Calgary. I’d probably applaud him actually.

      Super stoked with all of Sheros move, we are gonna be super hard to beat!

      • i agree he can/will be resigned. they will move martin’s 5 mil contract in the offseason i think to pick up that second round pick they had lost. they have enough Dmen comming they can move him and save the money

    • The Bruins should seriously target Clowe who would be a perfect fit on that 3rd line left wing, which they have yet to be able to solve all year. What they need is a tough physical player who can put the puck in the net. When Kelly comes back, he resumes the center role; Peverley goes back to the right wing, Clowe on the left and Jordan Caron can drive the duck boat for the parade.

      Even though Kassian is young, 22 I believe, they would be much better served with Clowe who brings way more to the table than Kassian who is a one dimensional player at this point in his career, a 4th line fighter who would just be redundant to Thornton. Clowe can still provide that fighting skill at pretty much the same level of both Thornton and Kassian but bring so much more as well. Clutterbuck, Ott and Torres are gritty players but Clowe would be a better fit from that intimidation standpoint that the Bruins had during the cup run, while still giving you more offensive production than any of those you mentioned, judging from all of their past stats. Plus they are all about the same age (30ish), other than Kassian, (22) and Clutterbuck who is like 25ish. Clowe would cost you more in the way of prospects but it’s pretty clear the Bruins have some decent prospect depth. Also, Clowe is a natural left winger and left handed.

      A deal Bringing Clowe and Boyle from San Jose to Boston would be ideal but unfortunately you will probably see Whitney and someone like Brad Boyes from the Islanders coming to Boston, you know how the Bruins just love to acquire their “locals”, and remember Boyes was in the Bruins system for several years and Whitney is from Scituate and played at Boston University.

      • My issue with Clowe is that he is really banged up this year and may not make it through a hard nosd playoff run or even get there at this point …all the other players I mentioned are playing decent and healthy with Kassian coming back soon!

        Clowe may be to injured and may not waive his N T C so its tough to say !!
        he would be a decent pick up if healthy!

      • What Kassian are you talking about?

        Zach is 22 and a Vancouver Canuck with a tonne of upside.

        Matt Kassian ( no relation ) is 26 and is your one domensional scrapper

        Pretty sure your not getting Zach – That would take some significant assests.

        • spot on TJ

        • I’ve seen Zach’s upside – what you get with Zach is a glimpse and then complacency sets in. For playing on the 1st line in Vancouver – Zach hasn’t put up the numbers expected and he is a -7 And then he is injured on March 19th – wha happened? The Canucks gave up Cody Hodgeson for Zach and Cody has 28 points so far and has shown himself a leader on the Sabres. I think if Boston would do so much better if they went after Stafford.

          • Yeah Steve, Stafford would be ok I suppose as would Pominville even (although he has a modified NTC and is signed through 14-15 at 5.3 cap hit). But if we are talking about forwards from crappy teams that may give up some talent for good prospects I would target Brandon Dubinsky from Columbus, 26, signed through 14-15, 4.2 cap hit. Not saying Columbus would do it but they may for a good prospect or 2. Also Jordan Leopold from Buffalo might be a good fit on the d line, UFA 3.0 hit.

        • I assumed he was talking about Zack because he said Vancouver and Matt Kassian plays in Ottawa. My point was that I feel Clowe is a better fit (despite a possible shoulder injury) because of his experience and track record. Clowe would be a good fit from that intimidation standpoint that was so important during the Bruins the cup run while still giving you offensive production (45 points or more in each of the past 4 seasons, with 22, 19, 24, 17 goals respectively, although his production is down this year). He’s only 30, a natural left winger which the Bruins need (left handed) and provides fighting skill at pretty much the same level as Thornton, which in turn will alleviate some of those responsibilities for guys like Chara, Campbell, Lucic and McQuaid, who are more valuable on the ice given their responsibilities.

          I have nothing against Zack Kassian at all, he is a young power forward with upside who the ability to dominate in the corners. All I meant was the Bruins would be much better served with Clowe who brings more to the table for the (Bruins) needs than Kassian does at this point in their respective careers. The Bruins need to win now; they have a lot of young talent at their core already under contract for many years. What they need is a proven veteran who can put the puck in the net and be physical.

          If the Bruins were in a rebuilding mode I would probably be much more interested in Kassian because of his age and upside but the Bruins can not afford to wait and be patient for guys to mature if they want to win now. If Kassian were on the Bruins he would probably be a 4th line winger with a role similar to Thornton (if they were to acquire him now) and Paille would move up to the 3rd line. I agree the possible injury to Clowe is scary, although I thought Kassian just recently injured is back during a fight (I may be wrong though, I don’t generally follow the Canucks as much).

    • Don’t see bruins going near Ott he’s a pest who runs and hides from a fight.
      Not their style.

      • They already have Marchand, so he’d fit right in.

  2. Penguins snagging Iginla last night, along with Morrow 3 days ago, puts the Pens in great shape for a cup run. Don’t think Bobby Lou is going anywhere as I believe the Canucks need both their goaltenders right now but stranger things have happened.

    Nonis appears content with the lineup he has and I doubt he moves Bozak unless he can upgrade at centre without losing on what he considers key prospects or roster players. I wouldn’t be surprised either if the Leafs stand pat with the roster they have and do little or nothing at the deadline.

    I think with Kipper, he’s just choked at the whole notion of being traded; but he has every right to refuse to discuss his trade status with others. His expired no movement clause is just that so his refusal to report to any new team should prove interesting down the stretch should he be traded.

    • Sounds like kipper is using his won’t report stance as a no trade clause. Smart move on his part but kinda screws calgary and pitt just did that so sucks to be them.
      I to don’t think bozak will be traded. I think macarthur will though. Leafs are deeper on the wing with nhl talent and need to make room. Whether they package him with a dman like liles to maybe even bring in a big third line centre.

    • Nonis won’t do anything.
      1. There is no number one center available
      2. He won’t take on Lu’s contract at this point (unless Grabo goes the other way) because Nonis is going to have to spend about $16MM on 6 RFA’s that need to be re-sign this summer plus Reimer is playing well enough.
      3. He finally has a stock of good young players in his stable that he doesn’t want to move for short term Vet’s when there is a chance the Leafs could get knocked out in 4 straight in the first round (Hopefully not).

      • i love the leafs, but with pitt being so good now, why not get rid of a couple of players for more picks? bozak etc may as well go for propects/picks etc to keep th farm stocked

        • Not saying its the same team but what if Montreal did that a coup,e years ago when they went all the way to the final? Either way no you don’t do that, your in a spot you go for it. No matter how far you think you can go experience is experience and you don’t short your team as the players would be pissed.

      • I don’t think Nonis will do shit either at the deadline because I believe he likes this team and its chemistry and its coach and believes that this group, faults and all, has what it takes to make the playoffs.

        Furthermore, I believe, that Nonis wants to see what this ” bunch of mofos” we all take turns at slagging on here, can really do when playoff hockey is on. In short, none of us know what Reimer, Kessel, Lupul, Dion or Bozak will do to elevate their game to help the team win when all cards are on the table and I believe Nonis will base his UFA/RFA status player signings on what people like Bozak, Mac or any others do. After all, this is a young team on the rise which seems to have potential; although on some nights we, the fans, yell long and hard as to just WTF were they thinking along with the coach as to what the hell are you doing.

        In short, its an adventure isn’t it. Sure hope it plays out ok for all Leaf fans

  3. It gets easier and easier to hate the Pens everyday…lol


    Jealous Leaf Fan

    • Just when i thought everyone in canada was rooting for the pens. To bad, it could be the closest to a Canadian team winning a cup.

      • Its funny Yep I am Canadian but the guy on the Pens I enjoy watching the most is Malkin, other then that its like this team is cotton candy dipped in chocolate sauce with sprinkles on top way to sweet and they make me sick…Nope if the Leafs bow out early it will be a team from the west as always I will be rooting for, I have also always been a Hawks fan, not as much as the Leafs of course but could really relate to some of the hard times that that original 6 franchise went thru pre Kane and Towes… and for the past few years Ive been impressed at how the Ducks were built so really its a toss up

        • The Game is Canadian the best players are Canadian and during the summer months the cup spends most of its time here north of the border it dosent really matter where the team is located there is plenty enough Canadian content for me…

          • Sounds like your just bitter. But that’s ok i’muse to dealing with whining babies.

        • You run a daycare?or the Sydney Crosby fan club?

          • Maybe just watch alot of Syds interviews?…lol

  4. Iginla is a true class act like bourge was and it would be great if he got to hoist the cup.

    Pens have loaded up and should be the team to beat.
    I have seen nothing in the east that should scare them right now.
    If both healthy looks like a Pens/Hawks doozy of a final.

    I think we will be hearing plenty of crickets on trade day and hope tsn/sportsnet can stay awake.
    I can see plenty of us fans nodding off while watching and missing nothing.

    • Sorry Iginla is not a class act anymore he was before he pulled this trade stuff.
      I lost all respect and hope Pittsburgh goes down and Boston wins the cup.
      He gave a list of teams wasted everyone’s time then changed his mind also left Calgary with a crappy return. Bourque went to Colorodo because he was traded there he thought he was going to Phili not because he demanded which team he wanted to go to.

      • Another sore loser

      • get a puppy and change your diaper …

  5. Lyle, can you please block this guy from posting. I know my post may not be the best or smartest but he post the SAME messages all the time and they are rediculous.

    • Thank you lol

  6. Dude, not one mention of the Leafs in this article. 2 quick points – A) you cant even spell the players names. B) you are an idiot if you think the Pens just give up Malkin. I am a Leaf fan and we haven’t been the envy of the NHL in over 40 years

  7. Pen’s look unstoppable now. No one can keep up with this line up provided Crosby stays healthy. Maybe they should consider sitting Crosby for the rest of the season as a precaution. lol

  8. I’m not a fan of the “load up” for the playoffs. Chemistry is huge. Can’t just throw a bunch of players to gether and hope for the best.

    • agreed, but when those players are morrow and iggy,. you can and not lose any sleep. these guys were captians on their team, they will only be a positive in pitt. if they can pick up a Dman, they will be almost unstopable

      • Ehh maybe in the east I agree but Chicago has a pretty good team too and the Ducks don’t look to bad either…

        • Regarding chemistry, do not forget that Iginla and Crosby played on the same line for Team Canada for some of the Olympics and were together on the powerplay for all of it.

          Iginla was 1st in goals and 6th in points for the Vancouver olympics because of playing with Crosby. I think that speaks volumes and would not be too worried about chemistry.

          Malkins line did need a new winger to compliment him and Neal, and Morrow is a perfect fit. Even if morrow doesnt work out, they have pascal dupuis who can play there and is having the best season of his career.

      • Might end up with a “too many generals, not enough soldiers” scenario.

  9. Somebody has been sipping the Buds cool aid for way to long…. The only thing the Leafs are a model for is “mismanagement”. Hopefully current management and coaching staff realize they have the best team and market only because they will be supported no matter what happens, and will completely ignore the rants of dillusional fans to make a bone head move.

    First thing to deal with is your goalie. They are backups and farm team support at best. Defense is something that is going in the right direction with some great young guys. Offense needs more grit with some finish rather than the grit you have with hands of stone to play along Kessel, Grabovski, Kadri et el.

    • Have you watched a Leaf game? …or are you just reading other posts and making your “observations” from them? Our back up farm team goal tending hasn’t been bad actually pretty good most nights our young Defence going in the right direction is shaky still at the best of times hence the need for another D to take some minutes from Dion Our guys with hands of stone grit (I assume you mean Orr and McClaren) aren’t there to score and are doing a pretty nice job in there role and McClement is providing big minutes much improved PK. Do they need work yep definitely but if you have no idea what your talking about just keep your trap closed instead of looking like a douche…

  10. The penguins have become very scary indeed, but for people to be handing them the cup is ridiculous. They were very good last year and were soundly beaten by the flyers in the first round. Adding what they have is definitely favourable but in the playoffs anything can happen and usually does. I like the penguins but I personally don’t like teams playing all year with the same line-up and then beefing up for the playoffs, it just seems wrong somehow, and that goes for every team. Its like saying to your guys that hey I know you are good but we really don’t have much confidence in your abilities to carry it into the playoffs so we are going to add a few guys.

    • And look why the Flyers beat them. Goaltending. They didn’t address that.

      • The penguins did somewhat address the goalie situation by bringing in Thomas Voukon, a solid backup that will relieve pressure on Fleury and if needed can play solid in the pipes…

        • Backups aren’t much use in the playoffs unless you have an injury.

      • Yes they did address goaltending.

    • Agree I still think Chicago may be a better all around team. Anything can happen in playoffs. How many times does the top team go down early.
      Boston won as the third seed and I’m pretty sure La was low like 4-5. Sorry didn’t look it up.

      • Just looked wow forgot they were the 8 seed.
        NJ 6 Th. seed in final.

  11. Doug MacLean suggested it on HockeyCentral last week — want to get people’s thoughts…

    To VAN: Grabovski
    To TOR: Luongo

    A straight one-for-one, similar cap hit, filling the immediate needs of both respective clubs.

    I love Grabo and I love Reimer, but Luongo could really launch the Leafs to the next level (while helping Reimer to grow and develop over the next 4 – 5 years) and it would open a spot for EITHER a (dream) trade for a #1 center OR calling up Joe Colborne to try him out in the big leagues playing third line center behind Bozak & Kadri…

    • Grabovski’s stats have to improve before this ever happens.

      • Agreed, I don’t see Vancouver accepting this.

        • Yeah, no thanks, Grabo is way overpaid and undersized for what the Canucks need, and he’s not producing. Plus he’s barely breaking even on faceoffs this season.

    • If, Lou’s contract wasn’t forever maybe but I don’t know if another 4 or 5 years is needed for Riemer he is 25 years old if in the next year or so he is not the guy then Goal tending needs to be addressed not let’s wait and see what he is like when he is 30…Grabo might be an idea for Van but if they are trying to get rid of a proven big contract I doubt they want to take on Grabo’s maybe this will work out big contract….If they bring Colborne up I doubt they put him on the third line which means either Bozak goes 3 or they get rid of him too Colborne is not really a defensive shut down type they will want to play him with guys with a skill set that may provide him with some success not leaving him out to take draws in his own end ect. Similar to what Grabo does now (he is a good faceoff guy)…

    • Not gonna happen- Vancouver would accept picks before this. There’s plenty on over payed underperforming forwards out there, This trade will need to make sense for the Canucks moving forward.

  12. The glory from the 40s and 60s that most people weren’t alive for? Those cups aren’t as impressive when you have a 1 in 6 chance of winning.

    Probably why the kid in the cartoon was upset when Monsieur Eaton sent him the sweater of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    • now my comment makes less sense, but thanks for deleting the ALL CAPS guy’s comments Lyle.

  13. Its a sad day in Calgary now that Iggy has finally been traded … Kipper not reporting to a team he is traded to is crap IMO, trade him or sit him at this point .. He has been good but didnt bring a cup here. Hopefully the fire sale starts now and the Flames end up with 3-4 first rounders and maybe some mid level prospects.

    This is the Pens year now, the cup is theirs to lose and i think thats what will make this a quite deadline. Teams arent gonna sell off the future only to have to face a stacked Pens team at some point. With Getz and Perry signed there isnt a whole lot out there at this point that is going to make teams compete with them.

    The Leafs should just be happy if they get into the dance this year no point in trying to stack up or taking Lou’s contract on.

    The Bruins missed the boat big time this week and should either stand pat or take a run at Hemsky and Whitney and hope for the best.

    Good luck beating the Pens now ….

    • Iggy didn’t help Calgary either. Boston’s offer would’ve been much better for Calgary

  14. Paajarvi was bad development by the Oilers. A team picking him up could save his career. Whitney isn’t going to Boston. Whitney isn’t going anywhere :P.

    Maybe Tambellini will finally get rid of Hemsky for the 2nd rounder he’s worth like I’ve been saying for the last TWO years.

  15. Clowe is not the Bruins savior,he might be physical but he does not score.The Bruins need some left wing scoring help and Hemsky would fit the bill,he would probably play bigger with the Bruins since they got your back in Btown .Anyone would play bigger here.They also need some D help with McQuaid and Boychuck out of the lineup .Regehr would be nice but would Buffalo deal him this way? Cammaleri or Glencross would also fit here but I don’t know if Chiarelli wants to deal with Feaster now.

    • I think for Boston a good pickup would be Ribero, or Cammarelli – both can score goals and Cammarelli will go to the dirty places.

  16. I have been listening to the experts on tv and they are giving credit to Shero….WHAT? How good of GM do you have to be when Feaster calls you and tells you Iggy wants to play with the Penguins make me the best offer. Shero thinks and offers two NCAA players …sorry two players with endless potential ……who may or may not even be NHL calibre talent. The Bruins can thank Iggy for snubbing them to go to Pittsburgh but who would blame a player who doesn’t want to play with Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Neal, etc………..signed Stay in 6th Leafs and play the winner of the weakest divison in the NHL in first round.

    • Shero gets credit for the morrow and Murray trades that opened the door for iggy’s decision.
      Without those trades or morrow to Boston could have changed this outcome.

  17. Don’t hand the Pens the cup yet people. Yes, they are a good team, and the additional of Iginla adds to their stacked offense. But they did nothing to address their D or suspect goaltending. Letang just went on the IR. Mark my words, they will get taken advantage of in the playoffs on the defensive side of the puck. But that’s what great about this game, having superstars loaded up front isnt always a recipe for a Cup. Look at the Sharks for cryin out load. How many years did they win the Presidents trophy and have a bunch of big point getters? No cups…

    • Goodwood, I agree – the Pens trading for Murray really isn’t an improvement on D. Doug is slow and while he is physical – catch me if you can. I agree that the Pens have not really addressed their D weakness – I’m getting the impression that Letang is done for the year and I think they need to get someone who is more mobile than Murray.

      • I didn’t know a broken toe is a season ending injury. Holy crap, I should have only played three games a year in football then. After all i and half the team broke one every year at the beginning of the season. Good thing you weren’t my doctor, hu?

      • Not sure if you noticed but..Pen’s had BACK TO BACK shutouts this week!!!

    • No not at all. The additions of vokoun, Murray, and eaton over the season plus the history of Pittsburgh playing defense by staying in the offensive zone and adding iggy and morrow to support that.

      The heck with it. I can’t be anymore sarcastic. Anyone that can’t see the pens are a solid deep team now are walking threw life blind are delusion to a whole new level.

      No that doesn’t mean hand the cup to the pens right now, but it does make them a top contender and bearing a serious injury or two to take these penguins lightly is to dance with playoff death.

  18. Question for Calgary fans and people who watch the west more then me. What has Giordano been like? I know a few years ago he was an up and coming d man who had potential to be a for sure top 4. Is he still considered that or has he fallen? Wondering if Calgary is indeed “rebuilding” if he’d be in play …

    • Gio has indeed become a top 4 dman. He is good on the pk and pp . In my opinion he should not be dealt as he is going to be Iggy’s successor for the C. JBo on the other could be had, we need to get rid of the playoff curse that he has brought with him to the Flames.

  19. Just heard on Boston radio that there’s a conversation with the Canucks to bring Krejci for a first and second round pick in 2014.

    • Why would they move Krejci for picks makes zero sense. Unless Their giving up the season. Maybe for a defenseman.

  20. Sorry, I meant 2013.

  21. I think, with the way things have gone in the part year for Roberto Luongo and the Canucks, that there’s some kind of karma here and it would not surprise me at all if, somehow, some way, Luongo stays and does something memorable in the playoffs. Canucks management should thank its lucky stars that Roberto Luongo is a team guy – I hope good things happen for him.

  22. The pens look pretty solid but I am not convinced that they are invincible. Their defence is still kinda shaky, think they might have issues if they run into the Rangers and Lundqvist gets hot. That might even be a first round match up – which would be awesome.

    As for the Luongo – Grabovski trade, i can’t imagine this happening, it does address a need for vancouver but grabo’s contract is just too rich

  23. @jrd18. Gio has had a rough year. I’m not sure what’s going on if there is an undisclosed injury. Hartley has been a good coach even though the team stats aren’t showing it. The D has been brutal. I hope Gio picks it up because he has the potential to be a leader. Boumeester has done a lot better! A lot of it has to do with Hartley’s style and letting the D jump in the play. With Bou he is such a great skater that even if he pinches and a forward forgets to cover him, he seems to get back.

  24. Why does everyone keep saying that we haven’t fixed the d, are you kidding me? Doug Murray added for nothing, Simon Despres is 6’4 230 lbs and skates like the wind, Paul Martin is playing amazing ask his 25 minutes a game. Not to mention Letang, Orpik, Niskanen, and an extra like Mark Eaton that blocks anything that comes near him. Fleury and Vokoun have really been amazing with an improved d, ask the winning streak we are on and haven’t let anyone put points up look at the scores.

  25. I am not a Senators fan, but does anyone think they will try to package Bishop for someone like Camilleri to try to go deep in the playoffs? What they are achieving should not be happening given the players that they are missing, but lets face it they are not trying to tank. Cammilleri would give them some real depth on left wing, and Latendresse is a UFA at the end of this year. Not to mention it sounds like Kipper is heading nowhere and planning on winding his career down in calgary.Thoughts Senators / Flames fans?

  26. Not sure why Boston needed a physical edge from Morrow and Iginla, they are pretty tough. A touch of skill from a guy like Hemsky might not be a bad thing.

  27. Hemsky is not nearly as physical as Iginla. I will give you that. He has incredible skill, amazing vision, and is a sublime passer. He scores big goals, including his only opportunity in 05-06 when he single-handedly demolished the Red Wings. He takes hits to make plays. If anything, the biggest issue is his inconsistency. By comparison to Clowe and Morrow, especially in that regard, he’s miles ahead. He would do great in Boston, they have enough brutes. But, he’s not North American, so for some reason he gets this label as not being a physical guy. He goes into all of the hard areas to make plays, and unfortunately, without protection from his teammates, he had been more prone to injury. Healthy, better than I have seen him play in last 4 years. He has actually improved this year, and every player you have mentioned (Iggy included) has seen a sizeable decline in output. If the Oilers trade a 28 year old healthy Hemsky for spare parts to Boston without a roster player in return, it will be the worst trade they’ve made… in a year. That is, until next year…

  28. Spector (from this site) and not Spector (Mark) is right about Miika Kiprusoff. He doesn’t owe the media any type of explanation. Just because you want answers doesn’t mean you’re entitled to them.

    Miikka Kiprusoff is a class act all the way with a new born baby at home. Let him do his thing. Information regarding whether or not, and where he will be willing to play is between him and Flames management.