Latest on the Flames – December 3, 2011.

Flames GM Jay Feaster met yesterday with the media regarding the status of Jarome Iginla and Cory Sarich. Read on for the details.


Feaster addresses Iginla trade rumors...again.

CALGARY SUN/CALGARY HERALD/SPORTSNET: Calgary Flames general manager Jay Feaster met with the local media yesterday, where he vigorously denied rumors that had him asking team captain Jarome Iginla to waive his movement clause to facilitate a trade. “It is not true” said Feaster. “Jarome Iginla has not been asked to waive his no-trade, and Jarome Iginla has not demanded a trade or asked for a trade. There is no list (of teams he’d go to). There is no smoking gun. There is nobody on the grassy knoll. What else do you need?” The reports also noted Iginla’s agent, Don Meehan, also said his client never asked to be dealt, nor has he been approached a trade.

Feaster also said, ““When it’s a non-story and we have to stand here and rebut it, the rebuttal becomes the story. I don’t know that it’s fair to the organization — and I know that it’s not fair to Jarome. But it’s troubling. I guess one of the questions I have — where do these things start? Legitimate sources? Or is it a blogger in the basement in his underwear that says, ‘This is the rumour du jour’? Then you guys feel the need to come and track it down.”

SPORTNET: Rhett Warrener reported Flames defenseman Cory Sarich had demanded a trade.

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reported Feaster wouldn’t confirm or deny the report. “Those conversations are not something I’m comfortable sharing with the media” said Feaster. “Cory is an important part of the group here, an important part of the mix right now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for the rumor of the Flames having a “framework” of a deal with the Montreal Canadiens, which needed Iginla waiving his movement clause to fall into place. The rumor’s originator will probably claim the deal fell through because Iginla refused to waive his clause, or Feaster won’t publicly admit he’s shopping Iginla.

Feaster, Iginla and his agent can’t win. Refusing to address the rumors only gives them more life, and denying them never brings them to an end, because the originators cover their butts when the rumors fall through by claiming Iginla refused to waive his clause. Color me naive, but I’ll take Iginla and Feaster at their word.

The Sarich story, on the other hand, is a different matter. Feaster’s evasiveness on the subject suggests Sarich has asked to be dealt, but it could prove difficult finding a trade partner for Sarich’s $3.6 million cap hit this season.


  1. I loved Feaster’s scrum. “what camera do you want me to look into? That one? Ok.” hilarious!
    I take him at his word in regards to Iginla. Sarich is definitely on his way out if Feaster can find a dance partner…good luck with that.

  2. Here that media….. Iglina is going NOWHERE. Now lay off the garbage.

  3. Ohlund for Sarich straight up?

  4. I dont think Feaster will try and trade Sarich for another defense partner like Ohlund straight up, I think he may try and get a mid draft pick for him, or perhaps a young defenseman. Iginla on the other hand is not getting dealt this year. Maybe in the offseason, but it wont be this year

  5. Gonna microwave up some bacon flavored popcorn and watch Jay Feaster vs. The Media: Superfight II.

  6. I have been a huge Iginla fan since he came to the Flames organization from the Stars years ago. Having said that i have watched for years as the organization has labeled him the leader and placed a lot of pressure on him as a result.

    IMO PART of the problem the Flames organization has had is that the flames players look to Jerome as their leader and inspiration, trouble is Jerome is a streaky type player and has been his entire career.

    If you use the saying lead by example as is the case with Jerome it demonstrates my point. The point i am making is if you step back and look at the flames team year in and year out they MIRROR their leader/captain, inconsistent! some days great others not so……

    The Flames need someone to come in step up and lead this team every night consistently and not take nights off. Look at the successful teams today they all have a motivated leader or too every-night……just my opinion.

  7. Didn’t feaster say the same about Dan Boyle?

  8. Feaster is an idiot… How ’bout the Oilers now??? Must really be nice to be looking up at them in the standings… The Flames are old, terrible and have some impossible to move players.. Good luck with the rebuild

  9. So Sarich sits for 9 straight games….plays one, than requests a trade. Goes to show how good the Flamers are!

  10. Lyle, your disdain for rumour people is weird and hypocritical, as your site’s existence relied wholy on rumours…

  11. Sarich isn’t worth all that much. Maybe Ohlund and Richard Panik (AHL), I wouldn’t give up a draft pick for him.

  12. I believe that Sarich wants out and is probably one of several with that on their minds. Calgary is going nowhere and will be the exact same team with the exact same results year after year until the GM has the balls to make drastic changes. The only problem for Calgary though is whether or not Feaster is the guy who can pull these changes off. I have my doubts. Maybe he can call Burke and get some lessons.

  13. Sarich is garbage at half the price.

  14. Who in their right mind would actually take Sarich’s contract?
    If he doesn’t want to play for the Flames, bury his contract and wait for it to come up at the end of the season.

    Additionally, I like people like theoil99… money comes off the books this summer and only Stajan & Bouwmeester have at this point, hard to move contracts…
    It took 2 rebuilds in Edmonton to get it right, 2 last overalls for 2 1st overall picks and a decade of being awful… Just because you have a good start to your season… doesn’t give any kind of ability to throw stones. =o) Just sayin’

  15. Feaster is likely looking to find a way to unload Sarich and/or Stajan but will have a tough time unloading them unless he is willing to either take on a bad contract himself or is willing to include somebody in the trade he doesn’t really want to part with in order to make the trade happen.

    As for Iginla, if he is going to be traded, it would likely be in the off season unless of course somebody makes both Calgary and Iginla an offer neither can refuse.

  16. Hold the phone… Did somebody say BACON flavored popcorn? Please don’t let the existence of that be a rumour….

  17. Mmmmmmmmmmm……bacon……..

  18. Bacon flavour popcorn is easy,been doing it for years.
    save the bacon grease from breakfasts,stick in fridge,and when needed after microing the popcorn a quick 45 seconds for the grease,pour over and voila,bacon flavoured popcorn.

    great reimer is back but i am not sure i like throwing him to the wolves first game back.
    lord help us if a bruin ‘does not see him’ and plows him over.

  19. TopRight, your a good dude, one of the best here for sure. But with all do respect, that is one of the most disgusting recipes I have ever heard of lol! I mean why not just take the bacon grease, put it into a needle, and inject it straight into ones heart? lol! Good times…

  20. The chest plate makes hard to hit the heart with needle( pulp fiction) what about using the bacon grease instead of the oil for making the pocorn stovetop syle. Luongo for Nash sources say.

  21. Sarich for Brassard. Underachieving center with potential that Columbus wants rid of. Maybe all he needs is a change of scenery.

  22. The last thing I thought I would encounter on this site was recipes. But I gotta tell ya, I already save my bacon grease for cooking, that and garlic oil. This stove top popcorn idea just could work.

    @Kevin True that this site deals in rumours, although now with much more diverse content than in the past. However I don’t come here for the rumours as much as what I think is a fair evalution of said rumours. And as the Feaster story shows — know your sources. Know their track record– thus the disdain for Eck and his kind. I consider this site as a source on rumours, not for rumours.

  23. c’mon guys,we all know the really good tasting stuff is bad for you and all the stuff that tastes like dirt is good for you.
    eat tasty and die young sounds better than eat dirt and live miserable.
    grrrrr tigers eat red meat and greasy stuff,bunnies eat green stuff.

    as for the guys like eklund,it is a must to have them.
    i always read the comics during breakfast.

  24. From the Calgary Sun, Jay Feaster will not confirm or deny that he adds bacon grease to his cheerios…or that he will or will not trade Cory Sarich for a cupful of bacon grease.Film at 11.

    You guys are a fun bunch, keep it up!

    @ motocitysmitty – Luongo for Nash – I saw you sneak that in -are you kidding me? About as likely as Montoya for Hall……..

  25. Could the Flames have interest in trading Sarich to Nashville? The Predators need a solid minute eating defenseman without any further commitment past this season. We have picks and prospects to spare, but would that be enticing enough for the Flames/worth the cost for the Predators?

  26. Forgot I mentioned bacon popcorn. Prior to coffee in the morning, I’m a little bit of not okay… but since it was asked, bacon popcorn does indeed exist and can be purchased from think geek. They have some pretty amazing bacon products, among other things.

    Here’s hoping Iginla stays put. It would be really weird to see him in any other jersey.

  27. @theoil99- your comment on jay feaster being an idiot is laughable. Feaster is probably the most articulate gm in the leauge, he is a harvard graduate and has already turned the Flames around from an organizational hypocracy to a well orchestrated and fluid group that feeds off each other and works well to attain a common goal. Hockey aside if your looking to insult the guy becuase youve got some hate for your provincial rivals, at least be smart and do it for something i can rebute, such as his weight.

  28. can’t*

  29. Sarich: “I want out”.
    Feaster: “You think you’d be here if anyone wanted you?”

  30. Luongo for Nash sources say. that must be from the basement blogger in his underwear like Feaster said.

    Iggy isnt going anywhere everyone already knew that (Maybe Just Maybe there might be some thought put into it at next years trade deadline when he is about to become UFA and if it doesnt look like he is going to resign) But I could see a Matt Sundin scenario where he wont waive , I would be shocked if Luongo was ever dealt.

  31. At some point the Flames management has to make some decisions and decide if they’re going to rebuild or try to make this team work. Their prospective pool is shallow and Iginla or Kipper could get land some decent prospecrts. The Oiler’s got a 1st rounder for Penner, imagine what they could get.