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What does the acquisition of Mike Cammalleri mean for Flames captain Jarome Iginla and goalie Miikka Kiprusoff? Are the Flyers about to ship James van Riemsdyk to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Luke Schenn? Read on to find out!


What does the Cammalleri trade mean for Iginla and Kiprusoff?

TSN.CA: Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster said his acquisition of Mike Cammalleri means the team is serious about making a run for this year’s playoffs and have no intention of blowing up or rebuilding the roster. Feaster eliminated any thought he would shop team captain Jarome Iginla, saying his goal is to have Iginla finishing his career with the Flames.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis speculates the addition of KHL goalie Karri Ramo, considered the best goaltender in Europe this season, in the Cammalleri trade could eventually spell the end of Miikka Kiprusoff’s reign as the Flames starting goalie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The acquisition of Cammalleri effectively snuffed out those stupid, wild trade rumors about Iginla. Nice of Feaster, though, to verbalize it for those who may have missed the message the Cammalleri trade spelled out so well. As for Ramo potentially supplanting Kiprusoff, I doubt Ramo will be much of a threat to Kiprusoff in the near future. Still, if he were to out-perform “Kipper” next season, it’s certainly possible that would make the long-time Flames starter a potential trade chip.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi and Frank Seravalli report Flyers sources are denying speculation the club may be about to ship winger James van Riemsdyk to the Toronto Maple Leafs for defenseman Luke Schenn. It’s believed the Flyers, thought to be in the market for defensive depth, would make their move for a blueliner closer to the NHL trade deadline on February 27th, as they wish to evaluate young blueliner Erik Gustafsson, who’s returning to action after missing the past two months to a wrist injury. The Flyers are also rumored to have interest in Nashville’s Ryan Suter and Carolina’s Tim Gleason.

SOUTH JERSEY COURIER-POST: Randy Miller reports via Twitter Leafs GM Brian Burke spoke with Schenn yesterday and told him “we are not in trade discussions”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flyers GM Paul Holmgren has the luxury of taking his time to evaluate his blueline before making any move between now and the deadline. That the Flyers were scouting the Leafs suggests they have interest in one of their blueliners, though I would guess it might be Cody Franson, rather than Schenn. As for Suter, at the risk of repeating myself, as long as the Predators remain in the playoff chase, they won’t trade him, regardless of the status of his contract talks. Gleason might be a better option as he’d be more affordable, both in salary and return.


  1. Why does everyone assume that if The Leafs and Flyers are talking about a Schenn that it’s Luke on the move and not Braydon the other way? We are the ones in need of a top 2 line center – not a winger like Hartnell or JVR. All I know any time Burke has made a move (I guess except for the Kessel mess that I think we over paid for but certainly don’t regret after this year) it has come out of left field and been nothing that i’ve read as speculation. Braydon hasn’t exactly grasped his opportunity and run with is so far this year – sure he’s had injury problems but he by far is not the brightest rookie on The Flyers (see Coultier or Read – War Ilderton!)

    Anyways – we would have to offer alot to pry Schenn away but we know Burke likes having Brothers play together…lol. I don’t think our prospects are as bad as all the Leaf Haters accuse them of being – the good think about Burke is that we should see something soon as noted…

  2. I don’t think the Flyers are going to trade JVR for schenn in the first place. If it were to happen toronto would have to send more. The value isn’t as high on a D man who isn’t a great puck mover. I like schenn but its not really what the Flyers need. @swiss Brayden has had some struggles but has been good of late. To be honest not sure if the Flyers move him. Flyers seem to value him pretty high he has already taken reads spot on the third line the past few games. Now of course the Flyers would move schenn in a deal for a guy like suter. I just don’t see that happening.

  3. Fran – I think JVR seems to be as over valued as Schenn is this year. Not saying it will happen but it may be a much more even trade then many people think.

  4. There are quite a few players I would like from Philly, they have a great team with good prospects. My concern is who we send the other way. I think it would be a big mistake sending Luke. Franson or Gunner are good defensemen, but I would rather see them go because we have similar players to replace their minutes. I agree we should try for a center, but if it’s a winger we’re after, I like Simmonds. Who knows what Burke has cooking though.

  5. How about jvr to the sharks for justin bran 1st rounder and some other prospects

  6. It’s more likely that Franson is the target for the Flyers, not L.Schenn. Who would Burke want in return? Who knows? But there’s no doubt guys like; Simmons, B.Schenn, JVR, Read and Couturier would all be on his wish list. Not saying these are straight up trades as I don’t think Franson alone would be able to fetch one, but they are definitely players of interest for Burke.

  7. Matt read, couturier and simmonds aren’t going nowhere! 2 of those are diamonds in the rough and simmonds is typical orange and black…as gritty as they come. Not to mention he was apart of the mike Richards trade….the flyers aren’t going to swallow their pride on that one and neither should they. I think it’s too early to trade schenn as they never really got a solid take on him…he’s been in and out of the lineup all year…hasn’t really strung many games together. This JVR for schenn ‘rumour’ is exactly what it’s called…a rumour. The flyers don’t need schenn by any means…and I don’t think he’ll be the upgrade on the blueline the flyers need…it’s simple really, flyers need a defenseman that can quarterback a PP while chewing some big minutes and Luke schenn isn’t that guy. It’s a nice thought but that’s all it will amount to. If Nashville falls I think you might see JVR’s name associated to suter or like Spector suggests, keeping JVR (even though he’s not living up to contract…he currently earns more than Giroux….yeah, figure that one out) and talking with Carolina.

  8. James van Riemsdyk has a concussion and will be out indefinitely, Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren announced hours before Saturday’s game in Nashville.

    “James was hit in the head in each of our last two games. He reported yesterday, not feeling like himself,” Holmgren said.

  9. the leafs need help on D. they dont really need a left winger.

  10. Well JVR has just been diagnosed with a concussion, so I think we can put that rumor to bed. There’s no way I’d take a chance on a concussed player. He’d have to be cleared and resumed playing without difficulty for some time before I’d put up any kind of value on him.

  11. Damn Slimdan, you just beat me to it.

  12. I don’t see Toronto trading a young d-man maybe more like a overpaid veteran.
    Phily wont move Couturier either no way see that happening.
    Most of Toronto’s d-men have no trade clauses except phaneuf.
    Looking at the rosters I can’t really see much working between these teams.
    Maybe Gunnarsson and Kadri for B.Schenn and maybe a pick 2nd rounder.

  13. @Puckhead
    “Matt read, couturier and simmonds aren’t going nowhere!” Double negative… means they’re going somewhere :)

  14. @ Puckhead – I completely agree with you. I just made up a wish list dude, and I’m sure those names are on every GM’s wishlist when they’re speaking with Homer. I also said it would take more than Franson to get any of them.

    @ dave – Why do all of the Leaf fans out there think that everyone else wants Kadri, especially when he has difficulty making a roster on a team in need of centers? Even the Leaf fans can’t wait to trade him away .. and when you do come up with fantasy trade scenarios that include him .. you think he’ll get you the moon and the stars. The only player the Flyers should be interested in on the Leaf’s roster, that is realistically available, is Franson.

  15. LOL @ HabsPEI31 .. saw that too .. just didn’t bother mentioning it.

  16. The Flyers have 2 pieces of the brother acts that Burke would enjoy getting his hands on: Brayden Schenn and D’man Blake Kessel….yep..Phil’s brother..: now whether or not Burke can, or will pony up for either of those two, and wildly speculating that they might be available, is indeed another discussion

  17. if belief was all that was needed then the Flames would be in the playoffs now. Calgary is a hair over .500 with 37 games remaining and their GM has just gone all in on their aging veterans. there are 17 games remaining before the trade deadline for the Flames and they’re amongst a group of 7 teams battling for 3 spots. of those teams Nashville is the only one they don’t play again this year so they’ll need help to get past them.. a win against LA tonight would be huge as the Kings are 3 points up on them with a game in hand, they play LA 4 times the rest of the season so Calgary’s fate is in their own hands as far as the Kings go. Dallas is only 2 points up on Calgary but they have 3 games in hand and play the Flames just 3 more times this season so Calgary will need some help. Minnesota has just 1 game in hand as well but they’re 3 points up on Calgary and play them just twice more the rest of the season so the Flames will likely need a little help with them as well. Colorado has one more point than Calgary but no games in hand and they play them twice more so the Flames control their destiny with respect to the Av’s. Phoenix has played the same amount of games as Calgary with the same amount of points and the Flames play them 4 more times so they also control their fate against the Coyotes.
    all of this means Calgary is in tough to make the playoffs. they have 37 games left and 47 points, last year it took 97 points to make the playoffs in the West so they’ll probably have to scratch out at least 50 points out of a possible 74, it’s not impossible but a pretty big challenge. there is some good news for the Flames amongst all of the bad, they only have 4 non- conference games (all at home), and only 16 road games so the travel schedule is not too bad. about half of the games left are against current playoff teams but i wouldn’t say there are a lot of easy games left for the Flames.

  18. Poultsy – Kadri would be on most nhl team rosters. He should have already had a full season with the Leafs. in comparision to other on the Leafs the last few years he isnt bad. IMO of course.

  19. @ CoolB – I also thought Kadri should have a full year under his belt by now. It’s just hard to dangle Kadri as a strong bargaining chip when his own team, that’s clearly in the market for centers, can’t find full time work for him.

  20. Ok so we can put a pin in the JVR ramblings for now. Please?

    Feaster is a genious! He completely fleeced (Fleece-ster?) Gauthier. Someone needs to take the keys away from that dolt running the Habs. To basically give away Ramo? I hadn’t heard much about Ramo until this trade, but 33-6-4 and 1.97gaa, and widely considered the best goalie not in the NHL (Ya, I know, so was Monster) and he’s basically a throw-in. Mark, my words, on this trade, Calgary will be in the playoffs. Not just that, Fleece-ster has given his goal-tending corps a major boost for when Kipper retires or gets traded. Karlsson, Irving and Ramo. Like I said, genious.

  21. Poultsy – I agree with you but I get the feeling that’s all Wilson. Personally I would like too keep him but if he does get traded I hope other teams see that he could have been a full time nhl’r so far.

  22. @gameon63,
    Great analysis and run down on the numbers but lack’s in the big picture which is that even if Calgary somehow makes the playoffs are they anything more than first round fodder to the west’s elite teams? And are they a better team next year than they are this season? Realistically they been going downhill since losing the Cup to Tampa. Bringing Cammalleri back could be a horrible move for the Flames as it will only delay even further the rebuild they should have started several years ago. At least that’s my opinion.

  23. I always thought Braden Schenn and John Tavaris where on Burkes A list of top centres to build his team around. I don’t know why people complain about Kadri. Open your eyes he makes people better because they get the puck and they don’t even no how they got it. They need to find someone young who wants to score and play him with Kadri. Other players don’t like Kadri. However you want him on your team. Don’t trade him because there are not many like him. Always exciting, and always trying new things. Even now on the second power play unit other teams give him respect because he can beat you one on one or make you take another penalty. He also helps draw penaltys when you need them or throw a big hit too. Schenn they won’t trade him they put too much time to develop him at this point that would be a waste. I like his game the lack of minutes are a blanket cause they need to show case other defence like Gunnarson, Franson and Komi. Could they trade Dion for Mr. Weber too. Just a thought.

  24. people dream to much. NO big moves this year but one hell of a team next year toronto. we have the prospects now

  25. Poultsy
    I’m a Bruins fan so obviously not a fan of Toronto
    I was just looking at the rosters and was trying to figure out what Toronto would have to give up to get Braydon Schenn.I don’t think Kadri is a great player but in 5 years could be.

  26. @ dave .. my appologies .. sorry to mistake you for a Leaf fan.
    Agreed, Kadri could be great in 5 years .. and I really like his attitude, he seems like a level headed kid. However, B.Schenn really fits the Flyers style of play, so why move him for Kadri? How does that make any sense? Even if it were both Franson and Kadri for B.Schenn .. I still don’t think I’d do that deal. Let’s not forget that it took M.Richards to pry B.Schenn from LA. I was surprised as hell to find out they threw in Simmons to sweeten the pot.

  27. Did I not read this morning that JVR has a concussion? That should put an end to trade speculation involving him for the time being.

  28. Poultsy have you noticed that Kadri has had more time and effect at the NHL level than B.Schenn? He of course has more value but he really hasn’t done anything yet

  29. Although a lot media sources seem to claim it’s Schenn in the play but I really have some doubt about this because Burke is a big fan of Schenn and has numerous times claim it will take a lot to pry Schenn out of him. There are few things in play right now. The cap, Flyers have some money tied up in the Pronger deal, Carle due for UFA (which they’d hope to resign him) , Voracek due for RFA plus JVR due for a pay hike (with a cap hit of 4.25 a year) next season. So, although Schen’s cap hit is around 3.5 (and he’s a young defenceman who is still learning / maturing), I don’t see Burke simply just give up on him (because he struggles a bit this season) and Flyers won’t really save up much to resign players beyond this season if Schenn is in play. However, I’d agree with Spec on this one where Cody Franson (RFA after this season and shouldn’t cost more than 3 with some offensive potential) and probably plus Kadri or/and mid round picks / prospects in the deal. This way, Flyers can save up some money to resign other players and probably opening up a spot for Schenn’s brother in the line up (on top of getting some good value in return). Also, if they don’t resign Carle, they’ll have Franson to replace him to contribute on powerplay where Schenn is more of a stay at home / shutdown D.

  30. Burke has had an ironclad stance on Schenn in the past, but if you read the latest articles about Schenn, he’s not so ironclad anymore. In fact, he does very specific word dancing; you can see that he wants to avoid dogging Schenn’s quality of play by saying he wants to deal him (no GM wants to openly admit any of their players are on the market except in the offseason), but he’s also avoided admitting that Schenn is off the table completely.

    Essentially translated: Schenn is very much in play.

    He has been since Phaneuf has stepped up and performed like the Phaneuf they expected and got for a year or two in Calgary. Schenn was essentially the d-man Burke wanted to mold into an impact Phaneuf type player.

    I wouldn’t be at all shocked if Schenn was dealt before the end of this month. A depth vet and a first rounder may be the price; I doubt he’ll get his #1 Center.

  31. A D’man will take 3-5 years to fit in to the NHL game Schenn was in at 18 (mistake). In the next 2 year we will know if he is a top D’man. Right now I’m not sure he should on be in the AHL if nothing else but for his puck watching habit. That said you have to decide wait now or pay later. A top D’man will cost a player and a 1st or 2nd rounder plus 5-7 million a year? What’s one more year with him as number 6 D’man

  32. I don’t buy philly caring for luke Schenn…
    if there’s a leaf who might end up wearing orange before the deadline…it’s Dion Phaneuf…!
    ( possibly with Aulie or Franson…!)
    captain, or not…it won’t want any press until it happens..that’s why Burke is throwing up smoke in the name of Luke and JVR…
    in return…?
    B. Schenn, and eiher Couturier…or Hartnell
    burke will have to throw in a high pick to make this fly…
    Holmgren won’t commit to this, his second choice, until he knows he can’t get Suter…his first choice..!

  33. @spirit That would be among the dumbest trades ever. I doubt even Philly fans would claim B. Schenn is enough to get Phaneuf, and the two additions you list are even dumber (why would they trade Schenn AND Couturier? Why would the Leafs be interested in Hartnell at all?).

    @dave “Most of Toronto’s d-men have no trade clauses except phaneuf.”

    What? No they don’t. The only guy who has a no-trade on the Leafs blueline is Komisarek, and his is a limited no-trade; he can be traded to specific teams on his wish list. JFJ isn’t firing out no-trades in every direction anymore.