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Jarome Iginla addresses trade rumors, Ryan Miller responds to claim he wants out of Buffalo, and the Flyers look toward addressing potential blueline problems.

CALGARY SUN/CALGARY HERALD: report Flames captain Jarome Iginla patiently addressed the latest spate of trade speculation swirling about him, denying as usual the claims he’s mulling a departure from Calgary to play for a Cup contender, insisting he wants to stay and help the Flames rebuild into a winner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Give it up to Iginla, he’s handled these same old questions in recent years with class and good humor. I realize those who generate the Iginla rumors will claim he’ll never publicly admit he’s considering the possibility of moving on, and perhaps it has passed through his mind, but I believe “Iggy” is being honest with his responses. I may be naive, but I believe he wants to stay with the Flames; at the very least, to the end of his current contract. After that, the Flames might decide to walk away from him, or allow him to test the market, but of course, we’ll just have to wait and see on that. 

Miller denies he wants out of Buffalo.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun contacted Sabres goalie Ryan Miller regarding a recent Edmonton Journal report claiming he wouldn’t object to being dealt. Miller denied the report, calling it “untrue”,  claiming he’s never made any comment about his status with the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll have more on this later today on my Hockey News column. I didn’t put any stock into that Journal report in the first place.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports a source claims Flyers GM Paul Holmgren intends to give rookie call-ups Marc-Andre Bourdon and Kevin Marshall a look before considering a trade.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Jay Greenberg reports Holmgren said “everybody is looking for a defenseman now”, not looking to trade one.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No, he won’t take Tomas Kaberle off the Carolina Hurricanes hands. I doubt anyone will. The Flyers are pressed for cap space and cannot afford to take on much salary if they look for a blueliner.


  1. Why would Calgary just walk away from Iginla? Does Calgary want to be like Dallas and Brad Richards or want to go through what Toronto did with Sundin? As a Leaf fan I still hate how that whole thing went down.

    I’m just baffled as to why the Flames would just let him walk away for nothing like you just mentioned. I know he’s aging and talents are on the downside but I can’t imagine for one second they would want to let him just walk away. If you meant trade his rights away at the end of his contract then maybe I understand.

  2. Ya I don’t see Iginla walking away. Seems like too classy a guy to leave Calgary with nothing. I say he retires a Flame or accepts a trade if the organization approaches him.

  3. Parker, there’s nothing to be “baffled” about. Iginla has a full “no-movement” clause, and in the past stated he wouldn’t waive it unless management approached him to do so, and then only if the deal would help the Flames. Ultimately, if he wants to stay, there’s nothing the Flames can do. Just like the Maple Leafs with Sundin.

  4. Kaberle is not a bad player, the problem is that since he was traded from Toronto, his talent and smooth skating style, was not a fit in Boston or Carolina. I think he would fit better in Montreal’s way of playing.He would have the same freedom to move the puck as Markov had and Subban has.He had that type of freedom in Toronto, and that’s why he had good success there in my opinion. With a Kaberle on the Canadiens blueline, I doubt the powerplay would be as bad as it is. Just my opinion.

  5. Why don’t the media and bloggers back off Iginla. He said he wants to stay in Calgary… so leave it at that… and leave him alone.

  6. I’m with you sandy. Iginla is an incredibly nice guy (I’ve met him on more than one occasion) and I’d take his word that he wants to stay a flame for life, and likely will. Leave him be.

  7. With so many teams looking for help on D right now, the Leafs should seriously consider moving Franson. According to Darren Dreger they were offered a 2nd and a player for Franson at the start of the season despite the fact that Franson was struggling and was a healthy scratch. If that was the price for him then, imagine what they could get for him now that there are a lot more teams in the market for defensemen and now that Franson’s play has really improved over the past couple of weeks.

    I know the Leafs are hesitant to trade him right now because of the injuries to Komisarek and Gunnarsson but they have more than enough capable dmen in the AHL to be able to afford to lose Franson.

  8. If Iginla would accept a trade to another team. Calgary would get prospects and or picks, even players. Then he could resign with them in the spring and play year to year like Lidstrom.

    And as far as his “talents being on the downswing” He had 43 goals last year. That’s his highest total in 5 years and he had a slow start. I hate the Flames with a passion but i have to say that Iginla is a BEAST. The PERFECT power foreward. Great leader, great goal scorer and he can intimidate anyone in the league.

  9. @CoachBowman With Markov coming back in the nexts couple of games, Kaberle is no even a glimmer of a thought for the Habs. Furthermore, if we get Campoli back soonish, Montreal will have some extra D-men. I would not be surprised if Weber is dealt at some point in the early new year.

  10. I heard Calgary was mad at carolina for trying to out do them on ex leaf players so they were going to call Jonas hoglund and aki berg to come out of retirement