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More speculation over Jarome Iginla’s future, the Jets need to address their weaknesses, Tomas Vokoun’s season may be over and the Flyers could pursue Ryan Suter this summer.


Iginla facing uncertain future in Calgary.

CALGARY SUN/CALGARY HERALD: Flames captain Jarome Iginla faced the inevitable questions over his future with the club yesterday, but couldn’t offer up sufficient answers. Iginla has a full “no-movement” clause and could quash any attempt to move him, but it’s believed if the management wanted to move him, Iginla wouldn’t stand in the way. He has one year, at $7 million, remaining on his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames need to rebuild, and Iginla is one of their best trade chips they can use to bring back a return which could help that process. They risk losing him to free agency next summer for nothing if they decide not to re-sign him. If there’s a good deal to be had, and if Iginla is willing to accept it, they must seriously consider this option.

WINNIPEG SUN: Kirk Penton recently reported what caused the Jets downfall this season was there “wasn’t enough talent up front, the defensive corps could have used a little more size, and the goaltending, while probably the best of the three primary areas of the squad, still could have been a little better.”  Among the questions posed is how to increase their scoring, as well as determining which of their UFAs (Jim Slater, Tanner Glass, Tim Stapleton, Kyle Wellwood, Randy Jones, Mark Flood and Chris Mason) will be back. Wellwood, out for the rest of the season with a broken foot, hopes to return with the Jets next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While the Jets scoring could improve next season as Blake Wheeler and Evander Kane improve, they could use another experienced, consistent scorer. Management appears unwilling to go shopping for a big name sniper in the off-season, but that doesn’t mean they won’t consider options for an affordable one. As for Wellwood, I believe he’s the most likely of the Jets UFAs to be re-signed.

CSNWASHINGTON: Chuck Gormley recently reported a recent groin injury suffered by Capitals goalie Tomas Vokoun could spell the end of his season, as well as of his short tenure with the Capitals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Vokoun experiment was a failure for the Capitals, and I expect they’ll turn full time to Michal Neuvirth and Braden Holtby next season.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently reported the Philadelphia Flyers could pursue Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter if he tests this summer’s UFA market.


  1. What does Vokun get on the FA market? Does he try and play for a winner or go after a home run contract? Seems like there are a lot of goalies in play this off season.

  2. I don’t think Vokoun will garner alot of money this summer. He hasn’t played all that well in Washington to warrant too much of a raise. I can see a team giving him a 2-3 million dollar contract for one or two years, but he has to re-establish himself as a top end goaltender again.
    If (big if) iginla is shopped, I think whatever teams who lost out on the Nash sweepstakes will make a pitch. Iggy will easily cost a 1st rounder, top prospect, and a decent roster player. His leadership and veteran presence are invaluable, but his age makes it hard for me to see anybody choosing him over Nash.
    Wellwood worries me. His entire career he’s battled weight issues, with the exception of this year. In 2011 he came into camp looking pretty trim and raring to go. My concern is the foot injury, anyone who has had one knows that it’s next to impossible to get any cardio done while you’re immobile. I like the resurgance in his career and hope the injury doesn’t set him back, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Ps Lyle, low blow on your hinterland tweet…funny as hell but low lol!

  3. Oh the fate of Jarome Iginla …..
    I still feel that Cagary should keep him for next year and trade Kipper and Boumeester along with not resigning any players on the roster and field some younger players and see how that works out by trade deadline next year…If they see some improvement like the Ottawa Senators with Alfredson I would keep Iginla to mentor younger players in the rebuild if they are way out of it by then it was a great attempt and trade Iginla at the trade deadline next season !

    He wasnt the answer this year but he did not have a lot of support form the players infornt of him either as they showed up when they wanted to ….he would be a good back up option next year at a minimal contract just hope its not for the lEAFS . I had stated here in the past that Varlamov should have been kept in the fold as he was ripe to breakout with a good season he p[layed exceptional in the playoffs the year he was sent packing …..The Capitals need to stop blaming fringe players for failure and more on the core players who dont get the job done !

    I expect the Jets to sign a big name next season moving forward …all the players that are UFAs did a good job for them this season they could use a veteran presence and a complimentary scorer such as a Brad Marchand type guy …Matt cooke.. Adam Burish or Wayne Simmonds role player !

    The Flyesr will be in on many players in the off season as I think Schenn will be an odd man as he has the most return value right now in a trade that Philly can let go witout destroying the core !
    Philly will be in on a Goalie a ( KIPPER )
    Defenseman ( WEBER , SUTER ) and a forward ( PARISE ) just like everyone else ..however Philly has more assets to make the moves than 90% of the other teams !

  4. Vokoun was done in more by the Capitals selfish, individualistic style of play rather than his own shortcomings. I, for one, believe Vokoun can still be a quality netminder in the NHL. The only problem is the lack of demand for veteran goalies around the League. I think he signs another short term (1 or 2 year) contract for around the same money, or goes back to Europe to play.

    If Suter hits the UFA market, I could see the Flyers making a big play for him and letting Carle walk. Then again, I could easily envision 29 other NHL teams making a serious pitch for him too. If Nashville’s new ownership is honestly committed to competing every year and spending to the cap, then I don’t see Suter leaving.

  5. I still see Vokoun as one of the elite goalies in the world and will probably ink a deal with a team like Tampa, New Jersey, or maybe even Chicago, somewhere between 1-3 years. The Flyers are no doubt on Suter’s “short list”, but the only way he fits under their cap is if they either let Carle walk, or if Pronger is going to remain in LTIR for the remainder of his career. Hell, they might even just trade Carle’s rights for Suter’s before they become UFA’s. The Flyers will still have to determine if they want Jagr back and they’ll have Voracek (RFA) to resign, as well as Grossman (UFA), but I think Kubina is as good as gone.

  6. @ Chris – New name, same old trains of thought. Again, Philly will not be in on Kipper (get over it already) and I don’t see them moving Schenn. They moved their captain and arguably cornerstone player at the time in Mike Richards to get him, and to me, that says the Flyers organization values Schenn more as a player (and potential future captain) than as a trading chip. If you’re going to start commentary on the Flyers organization, at least do some research first. Holmgren is building a young core that can move forward and develop together, while sprinkling in some veterans like Briere, Jagr and Timonen for guidance. He will continue this model for long-term success rather than trading “tomorrow” players for “today” players.

    @ RealPoultsy – The Flyers want Jagr back. According to guys like Briere & Giroux, he’s been “the difference” in the locker room this year. I don’t see them letting Voracek go unless he prices himself out of reasonable range, same for Grossmann. I agree that Kubina’s a goner in the summer. Carle is only on the outs if they can replace him with an upgrade. He’s not exactly a liability for them, but if they’re able to land a UFA like Suter then he’s definitely expendable. Bourdon and Gustafsson have both shown that they’re pretty much ready for a full-time NHL gig though, so having that kind of depth to replace those parts at better value definitely has to enter into Holmgren’s mind moving forward.

  7. The Flyers are not in the market for Mikka Kiprusoff, they have Bryzgalov who’s been playing great lately (where does this Kiprusoff fantasy come from???). It’s likely the Flyers will pursue a big name FA defenseman as Pronger is likely done for good.

  8. How is a 25-17-2 record, a 2.51 gaa and a .917% a failure? Damn dude we’ll take him.

  9. The Caps are another team without a goalie philosophy. They traded Varly and went with a mentoring veteran back-up. Now it seems they’ll let Vokoun walk and go with two unproven kids again. While their major concern should be their lack of defensive ability. With Dmen like Green and Wideman, they’ll continue to have defensive liabilities.
    Certainly the Jets don’t need Glass and Jones, Wellwood seems to be a lock to stay. Stapleton and Slater are character guys every team needs and they’re cheap. Flood may be ready to be a full-time NHLer.

  10. @THewes

    I like you, we think alike (rationally).

  11. @ Icebear

    If only the rest of the world could follow in our footsteps, eh?

  12. All hale ….Thewes and Icebear ..
    who needs Lyle Richardson or any other comentary on hockey in the world when you have these two guys …..nothing like the quashing of freedom of speech and expression of thoughts when these guys are around …..dont dare say anything they dont like to hear, maybe Lyle can make a new posting corner for these two guys to talk just amongst themsleves so they can boost each others egos and make each other feel good about themselves by telling each other they are the greatest things in each othersd life ….NOT ……….That would be irrational!

    Keep stating the obviuos guys …its a great read ???

    I can almost say with certainty that Philly does not want Bryz for the length of his term or even another year regardless of how well he has played and if there is a taker he is a goner ….and any team looking to deal with Philly for a top player in return the starting player in conversation is Schenn so that brings to just a matter of time IMO copy and paste THEWES you small footed munchkin !

  13. instead of ‘Slap & Shot’, it should be ‘Slapped & then Shot’.

    just kidding:)

  14. Hey chris I’m not saying I dont like good proposals. Even far fetched ones BUT bryz isn’t going anywhere. I don’t see a big goalie market, and with what’s potentially available (maybe kipper) why trade for bryz and that forever contract.

    Goalies are a funny breed. Look at Elliot this year and last? Hello anti nemmi, Corey Crawford, whatever where ever they come and go. Hell after masons stellar rookie year and what he’s doing these days.

    Plus there is the whole CBA and all. So why (unless you’re Brian Burke) would you trade for bryz?

  15. Lets take a quick look at the goaltending situation across the league. I view this as 3 categories; buyers, sellers and non-factors. Here goes:
    Columbus, New Jersey, Tampa, Edmonton and Toronto, Chicago (possibly if Crawford lays an egg in the playoffs)
    Philly (Bobrovsky is NHL capable as a starter), Vancouver, Nashville, LA, Calgary and Boston (if the price is right for Thomas).

    You have to also look at the fact that there are many decent free agents on the market this year (none top end, but some pretty decent ones). Volkun, Harting, Monster and a few others kicking around. I believe that Florida will retain Theodore on a 2 year contract and have Markstrom for next year. You do have to believe that next year Bernier, Lindback and Schnider will all be playing for different teams.

  16. So…Philadelphia is interested in Suter? The Hawks broadcast team said the Blackhawks are interested too.
    But every team feels there is an prevailing wind that Detroit is the front-runner, that Suter has made his mind up that he is NOT staying in Nashville, and he craves playing for a big market Hockey crazed team, where he will be brought in and featured with the fans, the city and the telecasts.
    Unwritten, unfounded but coming from various sources…

  17. The usual penetrating insight from Garrioch; the Flyers are interested in an all-star UFA defenceman. Wow. Without his insider contacts who would have guessed.

  18. While I agree that the Flyers won’t trade Bryzgalov, I also wouldn’t be surprised if they did. The Richards and Carter trades came from left field, but given the contract and volatility of the player, I doubt there is a market. A lot will be determined during the playoffs – the Flyers need Bryzgalov to show his mettle.

    Carle is probably Plan C for the Flyers – I think Pronger is done, but Bourdon has earned a spot, and they do want Grossmann back.

  19. @ Gus

    Just a quick note that I post scenarios and suggesstions that are what a team may be looking to do for certain reasons and IMO all scenarios (rational ones) can happen I always make every attempt to be curtious to others when having a discussionm and talking about thoughts and possibilities if you guys want to be beat your chests thats fine….. I see some things different for some teams and I see possible changes for some teams as the dynamics of the league change over trhe course of a year and some transctions and players were not available at onbe time are now at another and in saying that all teams are looking to improve so I see where some teams may have made a mistake and where they can correct themsleves and where thay may take a chance …to you guys its sounds stupid becuase you are stuck in your box but belive me Managers are looking to corect the wrongs they made and also look to make bolder moves for Tomorow and today !!

    It is my thought that Philly is noyt happy with the long term contract theat they have with Bryzgalaf and if a player like Kipper becomes available which he will they would try and aqcuire him to win for today as he is the better option for today and 2 years from now not Bryzgalaf, Holmgren has made these moves before so I was simply stating that he may do it again both to get out of that horrendous contract and to get a better goalie to win the cup ….THATS ALL!

  20. There’s no doubt Grossman has been a very solid acquisition, and worth every penny paid. I’ll be shocked if they don’t resign him. I’m extremely hopeful that Jagr will stay, it’s been really fun watching him play again. Also, when you look at the Flyers roster, they’re completely stacked with very capable forwards .. if they lose out on the big ticket UFA dmen, they may just move a forward for one. But not Schenn, this kid is just scratching the surface, I can’t wait to see his progress in 2-3 years. Reminds me of of Richie, but with a little bit more of everything mixed in. I think he’s got better hands, more grit and he’s a better skater than Richie was.

    Oh and Bryz is staying put, besides, he’s got a NMC. All the Flyers need to do is plug some holes on D, the future of the team with the forwards they have is scary to think of, I think Voracek will have a breakout year next season too. His potential is through the roof .. big, fast, great hands and is hard to knock off the puck.

    I’m excited! :)