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Could the Flames move Miikka Kiprusoff today? Will the Maple Leafs land him? Should they? Will the Oilers make a move? Are the Canucks still shopping? What about the Red Wings? Read on for the latest!

Could Miikka Kiprusoff be dealt today?

Could Miikka Kiprusoff be dealt today?

ESPN.COM/CALGARY HERALD: Trade rumors continue to swirl around Calgary Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff, who refuses to address the rampant speculation. The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to be mentioned as a possible destination, though ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reports the Leafs also touched base again with the Canucks  regarding Roberto Luongo. With the Canucks landing Derek Roy, their needs shift to a scoring winger.

TORONTO STAR: If the Leafs are to pursue a goalie upgrade,  Damien Cox believes Kiprusoff would be the only sensible choice over Roberto Luongo. Bob Mitchell, however, warns of the dangers of messing around with team chemistry as the deadline nears.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby doesn’t believe the Leafs will make any dumb moves today.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll know by 3 PM ET today what the Leafs plans are. They can afford to pass on Kiprusoff and Luongo because their current tandem of James Reimer and Ben Scrivens have played well enough to put the club into playoff contention. GM Dave Nonis could be seriously pursuing Kiprusoff, who would be a more logical choice than Luongo, but it’s also possible he’s talking to Kiprusoff to put pressure on Canucks management to drop their asking price for Luongo. I don’t expect that’ll happen.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: John McKinnon believes it’ll be a big surprise if the Oilers trade away someone like Ryan Whitney as it could be potentially damaging to team chemistry at a time when the Oilers are surging into playoff contention. Jim Matheson, however, suggests there could still be interest in Whitney, especially from the Carolina Hurricanes, who just lost blueliner Joni Pitkanen for the rest of the season to a leg injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A week ago, I would’ve expected the Oilers to be sellers. Now that they’re a point out of playoff contention, I don’t see it happening. Indeed, they could be buyers now. The Hurricanes could certainly have interest in Whitney now, but the Oilers could decide to keep him, even though they could lose him to free agency, if they feel he’ll help them clinch a post-season spot. Speaking of the Hurricanes, they put Jamie McBain on the trade block this week, but with Pitkanen’s injury, McBain might not be available now.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Having acquired Derek Roy, the Canucks aren’t done dealing, as they’re now seeking a winger to play on Ryan Kesler’s line. Kesler is expected to return from injury within the next ten days.

MLIVE.COM/DETROIT NEWS: Ansar Khan reports the trade options for Red Wings GM Ken Holland are dwindling but he continues to shop around. Ted Kulfan reports Holland says Red Wings fans shouldn’t get their hopes up over a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Khan and Kulfan listed several options (Derek Morris, Jason Pominville, Mark Streit, Drew Stafford, Tomas Fleischmann), but Holland isn’t willing to part with roster players or top prospects. 


  1. Am I the only one that finds it interesting that the avs picked up yet another center yesterday….hmm? Something has to give there there is only 4 lines What you need all those centers for? Lol

  2. You forgot Feschuk’s article in the Toronto Star that says the Leafs should stick with the status quo and not trade for Kiprusoff because basically he’s washed up hasn’t been in the playoffs for four years among other things.

    I think if I went back in the Toronto Star articles I could find the same article when the Leafs were after Eddie Belfour. I’m sure it said he’s washed up, past his prime, an alcoholic ect. Well we know how that signing worked out in the end.

    No one knows for certain how Kipr would do here especially with his prepature baby issues. As any father knows something like a sick baby can take your mind else where for days, weeks, months and sometimes years. We don’t know how serious the situation is, how his wife is handling it and how much support he gets from family so all these things can and will play into how successful he would be for the Leafs should he be traded here before 3pm today. Only Nonis can find out through talking to him and I’m sure he will weigh out the situation before making any rash decisions.

    Personally I think it is a win win for the Leafs if they could do a Scrivens and Kuli for Kipr with the Flames holding some cap on their books so Kipr doesn’t cost anything extra from what the Leafs are currently paying cap wise for Kuli and Scrivens. I think Reimer will do great for years to come and should get to carry the torch for now but should he come up short Kipr would be there to jump in.

    Staying with Reimer and Scrivens for the playoff run and having James go down once again to injury leaving the Leafs with Scrivens is playing with fire. Ben will have his usual rebound control issues and the Leafs will get bounced in 4 straight and every fan who is now saying stick with the status quo will be yelling for Nonis’s head because he didn’t get Kipr of Lu. Hind sight is a wonderful friend when looking to cast blame.

    • Sorry menat to say the Leafs could get bounced in 4 straight (not will get bounced in 4 straight). lol

    • Kipper has announced he’s retiring end of season and has no intention of reporting if he gets traded.
      Leafs have no choice but to stand pat on starting goalie as I’m sure Luongo’s value just doubled based on Kipper’s announcement.

    • Not this cat…I applaud him for having the rocks to not to overspend and not letting the success of this year get the best of him.. Reimer and Scrivens might not be the answer but really they deserve the chance to show what that got come crunch time..

  3. Use Firefox.

  4. Iam very confused on a couple of things today that Ive been reading and hearing ???

    It has been reported by Pierre Le Brun that Mark Striet and Garth Snow are $500,000 apart for each year of 3 a 3 year deal …..are you kidding me ! Garth snow picks up Tim Thomas s contract to hit the cap floor and cant sign his Captain to a contract for an extra $500,000 …..this has to be the craziest thing Ive heard in a long time are kidding me ….then he says hes not going to trade him either ….they are now in 8th place in the standings in a playoff spot and then this controversy…..either crap or get off the pot and get a deal done and make a serious push for the playoffs which you havent been in for years !!! WIERD !!!!!

    Luongo to Philly …….Clowe to Philly and so on ….is Holmgren that desperate at this point that he is going to add more money to his cap strapped club …..must be nice to know that you are going to buyout a $50 million dollar goalie at the end of the year and your mistake gets washed away becuase you cant moe Bryzgalov ……WOW!!!

    Clowe was not the right player for Philly and Luongo is not either …they have much more pressing needs on the back end and need a playmaker with Giroux ….NOT another multi million dollar Goalie ??

    Is there a three way deal in the works for Luongo …I think so ….If I had to say Id say that the teams most likely to land Luongo IN ORDER of importance and desperation right now are :

    Tampa Bay

    Edmonton !
    This is a team that really needs to use an asset or two right now to make a serious bold move …..all we are hearing is that teams done want to upset chemistry …..welll Edmonton needs some significant pieces to surround youth ….and before they get this chemistry thing going they will need to make a few trades that will bring in legitimate and serious quality NHL ready players right now ..they have 2 pieces that they can move that can really swing a deal that can put them in a position to be cup contenders the next 3- 4 years every year …..there are some great players that are heading into there prime right now that are available that can be traded for a real good hockey trade by Edmonton …as of today they sit in 8th place and really need to get there kids in a playoff series …….if its going to be any year to pull off a real honest to goodness player for player……… asset for asset type of deal its right now…… TODAY!!!

    Same goes for Columbus ….they have 3 first rounders but they need to sweeten the pot with a quality player to get a good return Stlouis would be a great trading partner for them !!!

    • After thinking a few minutes on this …..I was thinking that Edmonton and also Buffalo would be spectacular trade partners for this year !!
      Buffalo has some great pieces that are still top players in the league that can fit really well into the Oilers plans PERFECTLY right now and vice versa …..I M O this is a mtrade match made in heaven ……..If the Oilers were to pick ups a couple of players such as Miller or Pominville and part ways with Yakupov, Paajarrvi and or Dubnyk and Hemsky and Petrell

      I feel that his would set the table for Edmonton to be a legit force for the next 5 years without question !!!

      • and the best part is Miller will think even Edmonton’s brutal winters are an upgrade over living in Buffalo year round. lol

  5. This may be a stretch, but… ya suppose anyone would be desperate enuff to be kickin th tires on Komisarek or Connolly? Sure would be nice to get those salaries off the books.

    • Komi would be nice but highly unlikely. Connoly makes no difference since he’s done in a Leaf uniform for good in a month anyways.

  6. Sounding like Philly Canucks and Leafs in on a 3 way with Roberto and others in a major deal !!

    Just saying!!
    Not confirming !

  7. Snow is not paying Thomas but gets the benefits of his salary cap hit. Plus if they want they can toll his contract over to next season so they get a stellar goalie for nothing if Thomas decides to play. Clowe is not philly bound as he has already been traded. No one is thinking Luongo is going to go to Philly.

    • I know Clowe is a Ranger ….I follow minute by minute Hockey !!

      It was just really odd that Philly is in on a lot of players that come with a TON of baggage and contract issues that they can not afford at this point and that they are willing to do investigate moving out players when they are cap strapped !!
      They need defenseman not more grit …..and more money on teh cap …and yes Philly is tied to Luongo right now as well …..not sure of the logistics on this but they have been in on him since day 1

      As for the cap hit and Thomas my poiint was that the Islanders have taken that cap hit of $5 mill on the team where they could have actuially broght in players to really help ….Thomas wil get them nothing in the end …..this organization ahs wasted more money than the US congress at a brothel yet they are only $500,000 apart on the Captain and coveted piec to there overall success

      Thats what I was saying !

  8. panthers have no interest in luongo. Markstrom is doing just fine

  9. Kipper out on Leafs ….hes looking to retire next year ….

    Nonis may now have to pay more to get Luongo as Gillis is now aware !!

  10. Really hearing a lot about a three way deal with Philly Leafs Canucks on Luongo !~

    • I’m betting Leafs do nothing especially on the Lu front. Kipr was the only one that made sense to them due to a low cap next year. I can’t see the Nucks eating a bunch of Lu’s salary.

    • What’s your source? I’ve heard nothing of the sort…

      • No source just a gut feeling bro.

        With the cap going down and the Leafs with quite a few RFA’s to sign all of which have had banner years and are getting raises I don’t see the Leafs picking up Lu’s contract UNLESS the Nucks eat some cap hit which I can’t see them doing since they have to operate in the same tight cap next year too. Someone will pick up Lu in the summer for next to nothing and Van will be rid of his salary without retaining cap on him.
        Leafs have other holes to fill in the summer which will cost them so depending on how Reimer does we will see if the Leafs are one of the teams bidding for Lu this summer.

        I could be wrong about all this but with 25min to go and Nonis coming out and saying he has nothing looks like that’s the way it’s going to be.

        • sorry the reply was meant for backchecking, damn website doesn’t make it easy to tell who’s replying to who

  11. Dying is easy – trade deadline day is hard. Watching paint dry here – need to get a life.

    • Thank god for the Pen’s or would have nothing to watch on TSN for the last week.

    • I did watch paint dry today and it had to have been better then trade Center and all those deals…lol on the bright side I have 1 more sick day to use in the summer time :-)

  12. Bishop to Tampa Bay, sorry Lou, looks like you’re not headed back to Florida just yet LOL

  13. @Backchecking

    You must be going nuts right now buddy. Nonis has done nothing and has come out and said he doesn’t expect anything to happen by 3pm. lol

    Looks like we will have to sit and hope the summer brings fresh changes to the roster. The Leafs are heading down another Grabovski road with Bozak. You would think Nonis would have learned from last year. lol

    • THIS SUCKS!!!

      Can’t believe the leafs DID NOTHING !!!

      Big mistake …..last deadline they did nothing and went on that terrible slide becuase they ddint bring in depth and veteran leadership and didnt address the slack issues in play which I see creeping in again …..I did hear Edmonton gad considerable interest in Kessel but Nonis sat on his hands …… will see thgis will be a big mistake that they didnt get up to speed with other confrence teams and surround the team better !!

      If Pitt can get Morrow Ginila and JOkinen and give away NOTHING the LEAFS COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING …….Even if it was Gaborik for Grabavksi and 2 nd rounder and Blacker and Hamilton ….I mean really !!

      • 2 words Oh Byrne…

        • I suppose O’Byrne replaces Kostka since him and Lyles played together with the Av’s…

      • Agreed any move would have been fun to imagine the possibilities but Gaborik is considered to be another fringe sniper. One Kessel is enough for me.

        • Amen

  14. Really glad I went to work today…lol what a dud

  15. Congrats to all Leafs fans- No Lou, but you did get a purse snatching defender

    “MONTREAL – Charges levied against a Montreal Canadiens defenceman following an incident at a Tampa Bay nightclub last February have been dropped.

    Ryan O’Byrne, 24, had been charged with grand theft”

    Now I know this is a few years old, but look at the bright side- he’ll add Flair to your Parade.

  16. MacArthur will walk for nothing but it’s not a huge loss if he contributes in the playoffs this year.

    Nonis will spend way to much on Bozak and we will probably have $10M to $11M spent on two 2nd line centers if you consider Bozak a 2nd liner.

    All the RFA’s will be after a big raise and considering Nonis’s knack for unloading contracts he will probably have to oblige the agents of Franson, Fraser, Kadri and Gunnar which will put a huge damper on the buds trying to get a stud on D.

    I think the biggest issue right now is getting those RFA’s signed before the playoffs start. If those 4 RFA’s have a big playoff it will only increase their payday.

    • No way Bozak is a Leaf next year…someone will give him a 4 or 5 year deal for 18 – 20 mill I don’t think the Leafs will go that long maybe 3 years (if that) around 14- 15 they won’t want him signed much longer than that knowing Kessel might walk at the end of next year or might not be there anyway… Bozak will take the money and run..Also I believe there will be a couple significant upgrades available after the season when teams start trying lower their payroll this isn’t Nonis’s first rodeo

      • Gunnarson will be unloaded replaced by his clone Holzer (exact same player) just cheaper Franson I am unsure of, either signed for around 3 mill for 2 or 3 years or out the door he will go too. Fraser will get a well deserved raise and hopefully by increasing the term will keep him affordable and around for awhile, maybe 2 (in the neighborhood) mill a year for 5 years kind of thing. Kadri I can see going to around 4 mill right around Evander Kane type deal I think if they are smart they do a 3 or 4 year deal to delay the UFA status a little longer then Oriley to get a real good look at what you got before the big contract talk….

        • So all in all with the rfas get about 9 mill with Gunnarson leaving..there will be lots of guys looking for jobs next year, advantage management when it comes to RFAs….

      • I would love if they let him walk.

        I hope Nonis doesn’t sign him to a stupid contract just because he didn’t move him today and wants to save face. If Nonis can pull off a trade for a number one center then he will let Boz walk because he can point to his new aquisition but if he doesn’t then I see him signing him and making a big mistake. Hard to say if Kadri will be ready for that number one slot he could be in for a soffmore jinx. lol Guess we will see…

        • Let Bozak walk that is.

          • I think they will have no chice but to move Gunnar, He will be asking over $3M since he’s slotted as a number two behind Phaneuf.

            I’m fine with Franson $3 and Fraser $2 at a combined $5M I just hope Nonis can pull it off. He is in the drivers seat since these two are RFA’s and not UFA’s. Nonis might have to go to $5.5M for the both of them combined because Fraser’s agent will be pointing to his plus minus and shot blocking totals. It’s weird to say by Carlyle needs to start showing their flaws by playing them against the other teams top lines and stop padding their totals for contract negociations.

            Kadri is a tough one. Kane got $5.25M contract off a 30 goal 57 point season. Kadri already has 17 goals and 39 points after only 36 games so he could argue he has had a better season and is a high commodity center that the Leafs and the rest of the league need badly. If he does get the same at $5.25M and Fraser and Franson do get their combined $5.5M we are at $10.75M for three players. I’d like to see them re-sign McLaren for say somewhere between $750k to $1M which gets us near the $12M mark for these four guys.

          • Bozak even at $5M for 3 years makes me sick to my stomach.

          • That’s why I think they make the deal a little longer with Kadri (thinking more on it ya its probably 5ish mill) if you only sign him for 2 and he does have a jinx of a season and 1 ok season you don’t really know what your getting when he goes UFA that’s when you get into Grabovski type deals paying for one good year and hoping the so so years were just blips on the radar…say 5.5 followed by 3 years at 4.5 so a hit of about 4.75 not going to go higher than that based on a 45 game season even tho its a good one…

          • plus Kane had three years under his belt with improvement each year. Kadri doesn’t. I would also throw the Subban deal at his agent just to get him thinking. Kadri won’t want to sit out like Subban did. Nonis should be in the drivers seat with Kadri although Cherry didn’t help the situation sitting him on hockey night in Canada with McLean the other night. lol

            Time will tell.

  17. Well it was a non eventful day in Leafland. We got a bruiser who played alongside Liles in Colorado for a 4th round pick next year. Not sure if it will help or not but don’t think it will hurt. Kipper wouldn’t show up if traded for and Bobby Lu and his ugly contract was a non starter and would send entirely the wrong message to the team had we traded for him so kudos to Nonis for leaving that mess just where it is.

    So on a positive note: Lets hope and pray that this “team chemistry” Nonis keeps believing in does indeed make the playoff and maybe wins a round or two. Nobody on this site knows just whether or not anybody on this Maple Leaf team will elevate their game and emerge as a playoff performer and until these guys are put to the test, who can say for sure.

    Many of us, myself included, believe Bozak and Kessel and lately JVR are reluctant to do what it takes to win and maybe we are all right in that assumption. Nonis doesn’t know either and I believe the # 1 reason he has stuck with this bunch is because if he has to consider resigning any of his UFA’s, this is their best chance to show all of the NHL just what they are made of. In short, for Nonis, its a short term win win.