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Is it time to blow up the Calgary Flames, and should they acquire Kyle Turris? Are the Rangers close to signing Anton Stralman? Are the Flyers closing in on a trade? 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau believes it’s time for Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster to stop trying to rebuild the Flames on the fly, and commence the rebuild in earnest by shopping ageing stars Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff for promising youth and draft picks.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark Spector also suggested that possibility if the Flames early season performance should carry over throughout this season.

CALGARY SUN: Steve MacFarlane speculates on what it might take for the Flames to pry Kyle Turris out of Phoenix, if the Coyotes should change their “no-trade” position prior to the December 1st deadline to re-sign Turris. Possible trade scenarios envisioned by MacFarlane include packaging winger Rene Bourque and a draft pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Feaster isn’t going to “blow up the team”, at least not at this point in the season. If the Flames haven’t made any significant improvement by mid-season, he could change his mind, but not now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Feaster keeps pushing hard for Turris, but he could end up in a bidding war with several clubs if the Coyotes do decide to move him before December 1st.

Stralman soon to join the Rangers?

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the NY Rangers intend to place defenseman Marc Staal on LTIR in conjunction with other personnel moves, which will lead to their officially signing free agent defenseman Anton Stralman to a one-year, $900K contract.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: cited a tweet from TSN’s Bob McKenzie claiming the Rangers had signed Stralman, but the Rangers have not confirmed this.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears this could come as soon as today.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli yesterday reported a league source “familiar with the Flyers thinking said the team isn’t planning on making any trades to bolster their currently injury-ravaged lineup.


  1. I agree with Lyle. Who would be stupid enough to blow up their team after only 10 games. The notion coming from the hockey news is badly misguided. Are you sure this wasn’t an Ekland rumour instead of hockey news?

  2. Its not just because of the lsat ten games… your last couple seasons are looking like the leafs in the JFJ years… a bunch of shot in the dark short term attempts to patch holes… trust me… its better to blow it up a little early than a little late…. iggy and kipper are still worth a lot right now where as we lost sundin etc for pretty much nothing

  3. In response to THN, I don’t think the Flames have to move Iginla in order to rebuild. He’s a great captain, and would help mentor the youth. Kipper on the other hand….
    Just throwing it out there cause I’m bored.
    To Columbus: Kipper
    to Calgary: Brassard, Mason
    Brassard is a bit of a reclamation project (wierd to say cause he’s so young, but he’s never really lived up to billing in Columbus, maybe a change will jump start his offence) Mason provides young goaltending, he’s had his bumps in the road, but might be a good tandom with Irving down the line.
    Columbus gets an upgrade in goaltending, which they’ve never really had, easy to see why they haven’t had a tradition of winning.
    Maybe something gets added, but there’s my trade proposal. Strictly fantasy, because I’m not sure if Kipper has a NTC.

  4. Kipper does have value but over the last 2 seasons there has been a real lack of market for goalies. look at Volkun in the off season.

  5. Kipper

    Wait and hope one the big teams gets a Major Goalie Season Ending Injury, then maybe…….

  6. Man if the Flames are moving Kipper then the Leafs should take a stab as long as there is no bad blood between him and Dion. Let’s face it Gustasson probably shouldn’t be in the NHL, Scrivens played great the other night but lets not plan a parade around him just yet, and with more potential injuries to Reimer the Leafs won’t go any where in the playoffs. Cox from the star said it best, the Leafs goaltending is a crap shoot right now. It could go either way so I’d rather take a sure thing and upgrade if Kipper is available. Kipper has so much experience and those type of goalies are tough to find and only come available every few years. I’d definitely take a stab at him if the Leafs feel they are close to making the playoffs. As we all know you can ride a hot goalie all the way to the cup.

  7. “The Flyers aren’t planning on making a trade.” Great story. How about announcing all the other teams that aren’t planning on making a trade?

  8. I think the problem with the Flames is that while they might get hot and become a bubble team for the playoffs, then what? You can’t look at this roster and honest consider them contenders. And they’re not going to get better. With much of their core only getting older it’s harder to imagine them being any more of a contender next year than they are now. Are Flames fans really content to hope to be first-round fodder?

    That being said, it would seem foolish and unlikely for Feaster to blow up the team this early in the season. Better to wait; sell some tickets, sell the idea of hope, and wait for prices for his players to go up as the trade-deadline gets closer and closer.

  9. @Durt, LOL that you called Brassard the reclamation project… Did you see Steve Mason in net last night against Toronto? I know Kipper is getting up there in years but he’s still worth more than that. Try sending him to Tampa in exchange for some of their considerable depth.

  10. The Flames have been a below average to above average team. They have the one close call in the SCFs, which they easily could have won. They remind me of Boston for many years in that they haven’t had any really early draft picks in a long time. If they haven’t improved near to the trade deadline, it may be time to acquire some high draft picks.

  11. Definition of “Enigma”
    A Central Alberta Hockey Club.

    This hockey team is bewildering at best, get blown out by Vancouver one night then 2 nights later go into the Joe and beat the Wings 4-1…..THIS my friends is Calgary’s problem they hang on wins like this and forget the blow outs and loses to weaker teams I think it can aptly be called the “Central Alberta Denial Syndrome”.

    A Close second definition of “Enigma”
    The Captain of above mentioned Central Alberta Hockey Club…..

  12. I see Tampa’s major weakness as not having a strong goalie. I like Rollison, but I think he is on the down side – if the Flames want to make a trade, Tampa has talent and their lack of a strong goalie would make them a great trading partner.

  13. You could look at a Calgary rebuild in two ways.

    If by December, Calgary is in the bottom half of the league:

    You start moving assets and get prepared for a very deep draft (That’s right, throw the year). Now, it’s hard to figure out how much Jerome can get / will get you in the league, but I think there are some teams that would kill to have him… and should take full advantage of them for doing so. The NYI come into my mind. Definitely a team with some young stars…. but as we saw this past summer, an unsupported team. You get a face of hockey there, all of a sudden you might get city approval and fan support. However, you make them really pay for it, in the shape of someone like Nino Niederreiter and a first rounder in this deep draft.

    What you could get for Miikka… is probably pretty low right now. Teams that had big goalie issues tried to deal with it this summer, and did for the most part. Another trading partner though, at this point of time could be NJ… who most likely will resign Marty… but only a short contract not worth a ton. For Kipper you might be able to get a lot… and in addition J-Bo has been rumoured to be in the mix with NJ for a while (Various blogosphere sites).

    If they do decently by mid-season:
    Flames have 20 million in cap space at the end of the season.

    Let’s say the resign a few of the players coming into UFA,
    Olli Jokinen ~3 million, David Moss ~2.5 million, Lee Stempniak ~2.0 million, Scott Hannan ~2.0 million, Backlund (money will depend on him when he comes back).
    You let the other big tags walk (Cory Sarich, Nik Hagman & BMo = 8 million)

    Now you’re looking at about 10 million or so to play with in the off-season; you have a good captain and overall great player hitting the markets in the summer of ’12… all at the current age of 27. If you can’t guess it, that’s Zach Parise.; NJ doesn’t have the means to resign him currently and we know he wasn’t happy with them losing Langenbrunner last year; and they haven’t shown him any reason to stay.
    Flames could throw something like 7 years at him, at with the high –> low lasting contract, with an average hit of 6.5-7.5 million a season.

    This is me just shooting some ideas around.

  14. funny how many pundits (Eklund and others) say trade Kipper / Iginla. But none of them or for that matter all the armchair coaches out there has not proposed one solid trade option. Mason Brassard for Kipper is a joke. Whether or not a NMC / NTC is on the table, all players can be moved. As for Iggy being moved, doubt it, reason every team out there that is strong in talent or young are all crying for vetern leadership. Pittsburgh felt it, Boston is feeling it, Detroit, Edmonton reconized it and brought back Smyth, Flyers felt it.

  15. Quicksilver, Mason played a bad game yes. But the last couple of years he’s had a respectable .901 save percentage, he’s only 23 and plays on a defensively weak team. So why is my trade proposal so funny? It’s a weak goalie market, and a team will only give so much for an aging goaltender. What do you think Tampa will give?

  16. Miokid, well thought out and logical post. But take it from a Leaf fan who went through a few years of similar circumstances, Dont count on free agents. I thought for sure we would get Camalleri, then when that didn’t hapen it was Nash, then when neither happened it was Savard…you see what I’m getting at.

  17. Feaster needs to take the same approach Burke has in the last 18 months and realize you can add a few free agents but cant totally rely on that avenue. You must gather picks and prospects to move forward. @Miokid, actually this coming draft has some top talent in the first 10 picks but as of now is being considered a mediocre draft at best. However, the flames need to fill the cupboard so any first round picks would be nice to get, but the best way to immediately upgrade is to get other teams top prospects that are very close to making the big club. AS for Mason, he cant be blamed for the terrible start of the blue jackets. Last time I looked hockey was and is a team game. Injuries and suspensions have taken there toll as well as poor play. Columbus is one team that has drafted and developed picks as poorly as the flames, probably even worse. That can be attributed to a particular guy who does commentating now who was almost as bad as a former GM named Mike. I guess if you cant be a good GM, be a colour commentator.

  18. @Durt

    Yeah, Free Agency is a cruel mistress. People love figuring what player would look good in their uniform… but it rarely ever pans out to either come true, or if it does, rarely do you get what you were aiming for. I definitely believe you have to develop from a draft level; but for most teams it’s easier said than done. IMO why Calgary’s best move is to move these guys that other teams find desirable for young talent that already has that foot in the door (El Nino example).

    I think now-a-days you just never know. Look at Boston, the big boys on their team aren’t home-grown and they still snagged the mug last year.

    One way or another, I think it’s time to start moving forward in Flames world, no point spinning wheels for a few more seasons waiting for Jerome to be worthless. If by mid season you’re in the bottom half, unload, rebuild…
    They’re not as far off as many people think they are, I can think of five names currently in the system that are pretty decent’ and with the addition of a younger and faster group could signal a changing of the guard. I mean, Max Reinhart and Sven Bärtschi are dominating in the Dub this year, although that means little in regards to NHL level scoring, it’s a good indication these guys SHOULD be playing with the big boys next year. Mikael Backlund is still very young… and never got a real chance to play any decent hockey (watching a kid with the skill-set of Backs play with the likes of Tim Jackman and Tom Kostopoulos is painful. Roman Horak is showing this amazing two way ability for a twenty year old… and of course in the back end you have an up-and-coming Stud in Mark Giordano.
    I wouldn’t mind a build around those five guys; of course no one on that list currently is eye popping as a true 90 point NHL player, and that’s where you either flop to get a top 5 or hope that you can offer the best deal if someone like Parise hits the markets.

  19. Well played MioKid- but let’s not assume that those guys you listed WILL be re-signed (ollie, moss, etc) – Feaster and the team could go in another direction and sign younger talent. 20 mill is alot of money to play with and I hope they use it wisely. As for Iggy- he needs to stay and I believe he wants to stay as he is a fixure here in Calgary and is great in the community- like Stevie Y was to Detroit and IMO deserves the right to finish his career here in the same jersey he started in- which is an odd occurance these days. However, if he ASKS for a trade, we owe that too him too- I think it comes down to Iggy”s decision in the end.

    As for Kipper, as much as I love him and still believe he is still one of the top elite in the game, it’s not a position you can really ride out till you are 40 or anything- so if we are not doing great come Jan.1st, I think we may want to field options by the trade deadline. I really like Karlsson and believe this guy has the attitude to be successful and a fan favorite here. And our AHL starter Irving seems to finally be coming into his own.

    If the Flames can swing a deal for the first overall involving Kipper and perhaps a with him- I think we should go after that young russian who’s first name is Nail. The Flames could definately go a few ways here depending on the season- but in the end, the focus still has to go foward with stockpiling with some young talent for sure. I like your suggestion for Nino- I just don’t like his injury history so far and would much rather an Evander Kane.

    It’s no secret that championship teams have been built with not only young great talent, but good character players and veteran leadership. Thats why I think eventually, Edm and Ottawa will slide back down- too much on the young side. That comment is not directed at you persay, just all the people who want to blow it up and ice a barely legal hockey team. Even the Oilers of the eighties had a few character and veteran guys on it.

    Which ever way this goes, I hope Iggy will be our next Lanny and will hold that cup up high yet.

  20. What happened to Nemsz? (sp?) I thought he was a decent prospect. What’s the word on him?

  21. @Durt, there has been no improvement since he finished his rookie campaign, it has been all downhill from there. People in the know have been worried about Mason long before his start in Toronto, and it’s because he is fundamentally unsound as a goalie. Most people would have given him some leeway if they saw 2 post-Conn Smythe Cam Ward-esque years from him, where he wasn’t the best but he improved each year and is now a solid goaltender. Looking at this year (though it is still early) he’s regressing. I just don’t see why the Flames would go for him and Brassard in a package. I know the Flames would look for a Markstrom/Schneider/Reimer type goalie prospect, someone who is young but has success in the NHL and could become a franchise goalie. Nothing about Steve Mason (even his rookie campaign) screams Franchise goalie.

  22. Quicksilver, problem is you’re not getting any of those goalies. Especially Riemer and Scneider. I admitt Mason isn’t the sexiest goalie in the league, but the point was to get younger and to pare down payroll. Don’t forget, Mason is only 23 and plays infront of a weak defense. He still has a good 15 years infront of him unless he totally flops. Brassard was a point machine in the Q. He has the offence, but for some reason it’s not being used properly in Columbus. If you want a franchise goalie then keep Kipper. My suggestion was to move forward and start a partial rebuild like Ottawa.

  23. @ Durt- Greg Nemisz is currently the leading point getter to the Abbotsford Heat with 5 goals, 6 assts in 12 games. He is still a good top prospect for the Flames and don’t be surprised to see him re-called this year as Feaster recently said that he was going to bring up some young talent.

    Interesting development also in Abbotsford : Krys Kolanos has made a recent comback after a year and a half off due to hip surgery. In the 5 games back so far, he has 5 goals and 5 assts for 10 points. After the Heat brought him in on a try out bassis.