Latest on the Flames, Senators and Jets – June 1, 2012.

The Flames need more than Bob Hartley as head coach to improve next season, calling on Daniel Alfredsson to make a decision on his future soon, and speculation over Tobias Enstrom’s future with the Jets.

CALGARY HERALD/CALGARY SUN: George Johnson and Eric Francis believe the Flames need more than hiring Bob Hartley as head coach to improve, suggesting the club needs a new direction with its roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hiring Hartley is fine if management intends to rebuild its roster around the new bench boss. If no major changes are in order, I agree with Johnson and Francis that we won’t see much improvement from the Flames.  Hartley’s a good coach, but so is Brent Sutter, and he was unable to coach the Flames into the playoffs.  I don’t see how Hartley will have greater success with the current Flames roster than Sutter.

Alfredsson needs to decide his future soon.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch calls upon Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson to follow the lead of former Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom and make a decision on his future soon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed Alfredsson will inform the Senators of his decision in early June, so we should probably hear within the next couple of weeks what his plans are. Bear in mind, because Alfredsson’s contract falls under the rules for those signed by players 35 and older, if he does retire, the final season of his contract (and its cap hit) still counts against the Senators cap.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe wonders if Jets management might listen to offers for blueliner Tobias Enstrom, who has one season (at $3.75 million) left on his contract, and would be due a hefty raise if the Jets hope to keep him off next summer’s UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything’s possible, and if the Jets were to listen to offers for Enstrom, they’ll probably want a scoring forward in return. For now, I’m guessing they’ll retain Enstrom, see how this season pans out, and make their decision on his future with the club based upon that.


  1. I’d love to hear why Hartley chose a dead end roster like Calgary’s over the young, somewhat promising roster of the Habs. Maybe the Leafs-like executive committee Bergevin is putting together is a turn off, too many cooks and all that.

  2. I’m confident that Jay Feaster has a few aces up his sleeve this off-season. I just have no idea what or how, but I think they will do something big at the draft.

  3. The difference between Sutter and what I heard from Hartley is:

    Sutter – here is my system, you all have to fit into it”
    Hartley – I’ll talk to each player, and then we’ll build a system together”.

    I think in today’s NHL, Hartley’s way is what works.

    • Lyle, Since Feaster has taken over he has for the most part overhauled the roster…compared to last years roster of 2010-2011. He seems to get the jump on other GM’s “Cammellari and now Hartley”. We all know Ignila is not going anyware “very slim odds” however that is not to say Kipper wont be moved. Do you think it’s possible that Feaster already has 3-5 trade offers he’s going over for Kipper. Do you think he might be able to swing a deal with Chicago, who definitely needs a goalie, for Patrick Kane straight up. Kipper has 2yrs remaining at 5.8m and Kane is 3 yrs left at 6.3m. Kanes averaging 74pts a season and they have dropped by 22pts in the last two seasons. Besides the decline in points Calgary gets a young centre and adds speed plus it gives them a chance to get their younger goalies into the league. As we’ve seen in the last year Kane has become somewhat of a side show in Chicago and a fresh start/reality check might be good for him. I’ve thrown the idea at some Blackhawk fans and one Alumnist…next to one guy (a fan)..they all said done deal take it in a heart beat.

      Any thoughts?

  4. @gravitymike
    I’m from Montreal and what I can tell you is, from our understanding today, Hartley never got any offer by the habs.

    • Thanks.

  5. Every news report had Hartley on a list of Habs possibles, but at the end of the day he didn’t get a call.

  6. Jsy: Feaster has made some good moves, but the core remains the same, and it needs to be overhauled. I’d be very surprised, however, if Feaster trades Kipper, because he’s got no one in place to adequately replace him in the short term. I don’t believe Kane is available. I’m not ruling out Feaster making any further significant moves, merely pointing out he’s got more work to do.

    • People keep saying the Flames’ core remains the same, but out of the current core, only Iginla, Kiprusoff, and Giordano have been there longer than three years. Giordano clearly isn’t the problem. If, as you say, Kiprusoff isn’t going to be traded, that leaves only Iginla.

      Basically, then, the ‘core’ that ‘remains the same’ comes down to one player out of 23. Isn’t that a bit silly?

      In any case, it isn’t the core that caused the team to miss the playoffs last year. It was the huge revolving cast of roleplayers, most of whom were big disappointments. The Flames finished the season with six forwards on the roster who scored more than 10 goals for them, but no other player scored more than 5. The third and fourth lines just weren’t contributing offensively, and for the most part they weren’t doing a great defensive job either. Also, the defencemen weren’t being much help. No one on the Flames’ blue line got 10 goals or 30 points.

      It seems to me that what the team needs most is quality depth. As soon as they began to suffer injuries, they were putting career AHLers on the second line. I’m amazed they came as close to a playoff spot as they did.