Latest on the Flames & Sharks – Monday, March 25, 2013.

Where, oh where, could Jarome Iginla go? Are the Sharks and Flyers planning a big move? Read on for the latest on the Flames and Sharks.


"Hey, anybody interested in trading for me?"

“Hey, anybody interested in trading for me?”

RDS.CA: Renaud Lavoie yesterday reported Jarome Iginla has given the Calgary Flames a list of four teams he’d accepted as trade destinations. The Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings and Pittsburgh Penguins are supposedly on the list.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports the Flames fan base, for the first time, is onside with the club moving Iginla, not because they don’t like him anymore, but because they feel a trade is what’s best for him and the struggling club. Francis believes a bidding war for Iginla could land the Flames “a late first-rounder, a solid prospect and perhaps a top-nine forward.”

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes the Penguins acquisition yesterday of Brenden Morrow takes them out of the Iginla sweepstakes. He claims the rumoured asking price is “a top-four defence prospect, a roster player and a first-round draft pick from any team.” He also suggests a more likely trade for Calgary could be goalie Miikka Kiprusoff, who has one year left on his contract at an actual salary of $1.5 million.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark (no relation) Spector cites a source claiming the Flames are seeking “TWO prospects and a draft pick” for Iginla. The Flames are also believed shopping defensemen Cory Sarich and Anton Babchuk.

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy believes the Flames might have interest in Bruins prospect goalie Malcolm Subban as part of a return for Iginla.” Other trade bait could include forwards Alexander Khokhlachev and Ryan Spooner, and defensemen Matt Bartkowski, Torey Krug and David Warsofsky.”

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty also speculations Subban could be of interest to the Flames. Other wingers which could interest the Bruins include Iginla’s Flames teammate Curtis Glencross and Colorado’s David Jones. Haggarty writes indications are the Flames won’t be seriously listening to offers until next week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks, Kings and Bruins may be on Iginla’s list, but are they willing to pay the asking price to get him? And are they genuinely interested? The Blackhawks management won’t make any major shakeups now, and if they do make a move, it could be for a center, not a winger. The Bruins need to bolster their checking line depth, while the Kings’ need for an experienced defenseman could be of more importance than landing a high-profile winger. It’s possible none of them could have serious interest in Iginla. We’ll find out soon enough.

As for Kiprusoff, well, that remains to be seen. The fact the Flames lack a suitable replacement for Kipper in their system suggests they could wait until next summer to move him, unless they’re able to land one first in a trade of Iginla. Bouwmeester’s big salary and next season’s declining salary cap will likely keep him in Calgary for another season, but I could see Sarich and/or Babchuk possibly moved by April 3.

CSNBAYAREA.COM/CSNPHILLY.COM: Kevin Kurz and Tim Panaccio report San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson and Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren were spotted having a lengthy chat during Saturday’s Sharks-Wild game in Minnesota. Both report the Flyers are believed to have interest in Sharks veteran defenseman Dan Boyle.

PHILLY.COM’s Sam Carchidi reports via Twitter: “As of now, #Flyers do NOT plan to make a pitch for D-men Jay Bouwmeester or Dan Boyle, I’m told.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the Kurz link. If the Flyers are on Boyle’s list of clubs he’s won’t accept being dealt to, it would be a pointless endeavor by Holmgren.  Undoubtedly Holmgren continues his search for a long-term replacement for the injured Chris Pronger. Given what little is currently available right now, it might be best to wait until the off-season, when the options could be better and there are other ways (hello there, compliance buyouts!) to free up cap space to add a puck-moving defenseman who could have a long-term future with them, rather than an ageing star like Boyle.


  1. I still wonder if the Preds, Weber could become available this summer after signing him to that crazy deal. I can’t see the Pred’s being able to handle that contract for the next 15 years with their limited resources.

    • Most of the money is paid out before he is eligible to be traded. Somethinglike 26 million. So preds are on the hook for that which means I doubt they’d move him.

      • Good point. Unless the same situation comes back with is highly unlikely.

  2. I can see a roster, late first, and a decent prospect. Penguins won’t do that.

    I could see the Hawks doing it. The Bruins did the rentals one year and won the cup, so they’re not out, but I’m guessing they’re going to give a late first round for more of a depth guy rather than giving up prospects for Iggy. It doesn’t make sense for the Kings to go after him…

  3. The last two teams that repeated as Stanley Cup Champions had an external factor as motivation. For the Penguins it was Badger Bob and for the Red Wings it was Konstantinov. This is why I think the Kings could be serious players for Iginla. For those who remember, the Avs run when Bourque won his first cup, the whole team seemed to rally around a single sense of purpose – winning the cup for Bourque.

    This I suspect the Kings are in on Iginla, but they’re not going to pay a huge amount for a playoff rental. The Kings have plenty of prospects that they can move, and they have too many defensemen. The Kings do not have a first round pick this year though.

    So in the end, Iginla gets a chance to win a cup, Calgary gets a nice prospect and an extra pick, and Iginla is free to head back to Calgary in July if he prefers.

    • Iginla has stated he doesn’t want to be a rental, so look for them to negotiate an extension before they finalize the trade.

      • @Canadian King, that’s the problem. The Kings really can’t afford to resign Iginla if they were to acquire him. They have a number of RFAs that will be looking for significant raises (voynov, muzzin, Clifford, Lewis, Nolan, and more) as well as resigning or replacing important UFA Scuderi -who might resign for his current salary but shouldn’t accept a pay cut. Additionally, Bernier will have to be resigned (RFA) or traded and a new back up signed.

        There’s just no room for Iginla who should get at the absolute least $5 million per.

        I could see the Kings chasing Iggy if the Flames’ cost comes down and they can acquire him as a rental but at the current trade-price and Iggy looking for an extension it’s just not going to work.

  4. I like the idea of Iggy coming to CHI. I would not sell the farm to get him. Offer up something (maybe 2 prospects and 2nd) and if CAL wants anything in return they do it. If not we pursue a center which is what we actually need. Maybe Ribeiro would look good. Move him into the number 2 slot and push Bolland to number 3 where he seems to thrive. In a perfect world we land both of these guys!

    • I agree, Hawks seem to be the best fit. I could see Teravainen, McNeil, and a 2nd for Iggy and a 3rd or something..

      • I respectfully disagree …Pitt now with Morrow , Murray and then add Iggy ….Hawks may not be the better choice !!!

      • Teravainen is a deal buster,hawks will keep him and take our chances as is

  5. If those are the only teams that are Iggy will move to then I see it only being Boston or Pitts and I honestly don’t see it very likely in Pitts, unless Iggy expresses to Flames management he is just going to resign with them this summer, in which case the asking price might come down enough to nab him up. LA & Chicago just have more pressing needs and I think if moved Ribero would be the guy for the Hawks and that would be a very scary addition to a team already wrecking the league.

    As for the Sharks, I don’t think anything big is coming here. I just get that sense, they are competing for a playoff spot and are a streaky team. If anything maybe they make a depth move or a move that switches one struggling player for another. Personally I think the Sharks need to miss the playoffs and realize they need to rebuild before they end up going down the route of the Flames in being too late at starting your rebuild. The Sharks have enough value and young talent that if they played it smart they could do a Senators rebuild and be back in it fairly quickly.

  6. Just because Iggy has submitted his list of four teams, I don’t think that means those are the only four teams in the running.

    I could certainly see another team (Vancouver?) calling Feaster and saying, “Here’s what we have to offer; we really want Jarome, plus we’re willing to sign him to an extension.” and Feaster taking that to Iginla to think over.

    Doesn’t mean Iginla will take it, of course. But he might think about it!

    • In fact, I’ll go so far as to predict he’ll end up not on one of those four teams, all of whom could use Iginla – but have more pressing needs / less need to give up the required picks & prospects. (The Morrow trade set the bar too high!)

  7. Bruins:
    M. Suban
    1st rounder

    For Calgary

    • Flames get much more than that if they move Iggy, Kipper, and JBo in separate deals. Also I doubted Bruins have the cap room to get all three without moving out some bigger contracts.

      • Flames probably have to give away a draft pick along with Bouwmeester in any trade.

    • Was thinking close to the same but we don’t need Kipper.
      If Subban is untouchable like I heard than he is a prized goalie.
      Boston needs forward and d-man so
      Iggy and j-Bo for Spooner,Subban,Krug and second rounder,first if we make finals.

    • This is careless GMing…

      You don’t take a team near the top of the standings and add a ton of first liners to your squad, especially if those first liners play for a mediocre team. And Kipper? What about Rask?

      • So, the bruins add almost 20 million to their payroll and don’t send anything back the other way of significant $, yeah that really works. And people say leaf fans are always dreaming.

        • Sounds like a dream in full colour to me.

    • Really? Two guys the B’s have absolutely no use for, one baby-soft and carrying an enormous salary and cap hit? Thank God you’re not a GM.

      I really wanted Morrow, but if Looch is going to be a third liner, There’s room for Iginla. But if he’s a rental, they can’t pay too much for him. I also can’t see the Bs trading Subban until Rask has a contract beyond this year. I would offer Khodobin, Peverly, Cal’s choice of Providence defensemen, and a first for Iginla, Sarich, and a fourth. I would love for Iginla to re-sign and take Horton’s spot next year. Horton is such a bad influence on Looch it’s ridiculous. Such a floater.

  8. Anyone think that maybe the Canucks might be a good fit for Iginla? I think Gillis should at least ask to speak to Iggy and see if be can convince him it would be a good fit. Iginla knows the city , the players and he has had a lot of success in that building. Add to the fact if he goes to Vancouver, be plays with either Henrik or Kesler as his centre, plus it’s not too much of a disruption to his family (it’s about an hour flight time back to Calgary), they could stay in Calgary for the rest of the season Until he decides what he’s doing in the off season, I think it wouldn’t be a bad decision for him. Plus, when we move Lou in the summer, and maybe buy out Booth (I like Booth, but he’s expensive and seemingly injury prone on the coast), we might be able to extend him at a fair price for a few years. I don’t know what Gillis would have to give to get Iginla (Schroeder, Defensive prospect and a draft pick maybe?), but I’m sure he could work out a deal somehow. Thoughts?

    • Sounds reasonable to me! I’d thought the same (see my posts above), that Vancouver may well convince Iggy to go to the Canucks.

      And if I were the Flames? If I’m trading Iginla, I’m blowing the whole team up. So maybe trade Kipper to someone else, and see if the Canucks will work in one of their goalies as part of a larger Iginla deal?

      • Iggy won’t be going to Vancouver, Calgary doens’t want to face Iginla on a regular basis. If Iggy goes, he’ll end up in either an Eastern Conference team, or a South Western team.

        • The Kings will be in the same conference as Calgary next year so that logic effectively takes them out of it too.

          • They are already in the same conference

    • This trade equates to two things, first its a deal to get pieces for the future and secondly its a huge PR battle as fans will be very judgmental of the trade. Iggy has dedicated his career to Calgary so I doubt he would accept a trade to a team whom is not liked by most Calgary fans. The only good thing that could come out of this would be Van winning a cup with Iggy and Calgary fans being able to say they needed a Flame to finally lift the cup. This trade would almost be as bad as Iggy going to Edmonton!

    • mike ,stop posting.awful

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    • Please do not ever post again. Attempting to read your post made me dumber. Lol malkin to the leafs…

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        • The “HOCKEY GOD” – hasn’t loved the Leafs since 67.

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    • GYSR okay buddy? The only player that the Leafs will likely go after and have the best chance at getting (not that they will), is either:

      – Clowe
      – B.Ryan
      – Jagr
      – Statsny (maybe)

    • You wasted your time no one is gonna read all that.

    • I’m a Leafs fan, but please please stop posting! May be Nonis will trade to whole Team to Pittsburgh for their hole team! Is that ok? Crosby, Letang, Neal, Kunitz, Fleury…… for Phaneuf, Kessel, Lupul, Kadri….. May be this works on my old NHL 08 (PS2) lol

    • No big free agent will EVER sign with a CANADIAN team EVER!!! PERIOD!!!!! Geeez, I wonder why? Maybe when they turn 37-38, then they will come to a Canadian team because the American teams are done with them and will have signed 100% of the best young players. Cup will never come back to Canada. NEVER. Get over it.

    • Something something something… feeding trolls.

      • So Mikey….. how does one type while wearing a straight jacket???

    • Little mikey. You are brain dead beyond rational thought.

      If i was Toronto i would find where you live and trade you to a country far away that never heard of hockey. Or maybe Antarctica where you can name actual penguins players names and make all the crazy trades you want.

      • I am a leafs fan, and hey you have passion for your team, I get it. But please use your noggin. Even if the leafs did acquire Malkin and Vanek that does not guarentee a cup. First neither is really captain material, both have become injury prone, both have obsene contracts, and besides that the leafs have tried the signing all the older big name guys before and it does not work.. Patience and good drafting are the way to go and I seriously hope Nonis has the brain matter to have figured this out.

        • I think someone had too much sugar!

    • mike shut up

  10. Pittsburgh have acquired Douglas Murray for two 2nd round draft picks

    • Large price to give up, but a solid player for the Pens. Will be tough to play against in the playoffs!

      • He’s having a pretty rough season and seems to lave lost a step or three… compared to the Morrow deal this looks like overpayment by the Pens.

        • Agree, Murray might be a semi truck, but he moves like one too. Don’t get your hopes up with this move penguin fans.

          • Pittsburgh didn’t pick up Murray for his speed, or there lack of. Rather his checking and shot-blocking. Pretty hard for the opposition to get goals if they’re down on their rumps or that the puck cannot make it through to Fleury/Vokoun.

  11. Good moves by Shero in Pittsburgh. At the beginning of the season, I figured NYR were coming out of the east, but it would be hard to argue against the Pens now. PIT vs Bos in the east, now that would be a fantastic series for hockey :)

  12. If Iginla goes anywhere It’ll be LA or Boston. Chicago and Pittsburgh won’t be willing to pay the price IMO

    To Boston:

    To Calagary
    M Subban, Peverley, 1st Round Pick

    Or to LA for
    Bernier, Scuderi, Stoll, 2nd or 3rd round

    • Then Calgary can look to move Kipper if not this off season then next year….

    • I don’t think Chia wants to move Subban. If he signs an extension looks like a fair trade from a Bruins fan though.

      • Not a BOS fan here, so I don’t follow them as closely. But isn’t Subban expendable with a great young goalie in Rask?

        Nobody wants to give up a great prospect, but it seems they would consider doing it, if it gets them Iginla.

    • LA won’t make that deal. they loose too much defensively to make a run at the cup. greene is out for the year and mitchell might be too. no way they can move scuderi. lombardi loves depth at center and stoll isn’t easily replace in the 3rd slot or in the face-off dot.

    • If Calgary has decided to make moves and re-build what would they want with Peverley, Scuderi, or Stoll. If anything Calgary needs and wants 1st round picks and can’t miss prospects. Subban and Bernier could be involved as they fit the mold but the others, no way.

  13. I’d say Kipr to the Leaf’s if they loose to the B’s due to goaltending tonight. Reimer kept them in last game but if he can’t repeat then I think Nonis is thinking Kipr will be a great mentor provided they can extend him one more year. Scriven will go the other way but I’m not sure who else the Flames want? Maybe they will look at one or some of Gunnar, Frattin, Colborne or this years first rounder?

    • If they do I quit…lol

      • Me too. Both leafs goalies have better GAA’s and save %’s than Kiprusoff this year, plus he makes to much for a guy on his way down. The flames won’t get much more than a prospect and a second for him IMO

        • Last year for Kipper is only $1.5 million. The cap hit is still the 5.8 or whatever it is.

          • Don’t care if cap hit was 0 don’t want to be giving up prospects or picks for
            a 36 year old goalie who’s best years are behind him…not like he is taking us any further in the playoffs or to a cup sending a first round pick away for morale support for Rimer is a bad idea…

        • sorry guys, but I would take Kipper over both of those guys in a heart beat. Kipper hasnt even played half a season. the first two weeks of the season Kipper had pretty much two lines in front of him who were call ups because of injuries to their top players. Since he has been back he has played pretty good but not the Kipper of the old …missing 4 weeks of hockey for a goalie is bad…timing is off and the flames have serious issues with coverage in their own zone which doesnt help him. Either way, he is still better than what the Leafs have now!!!

          • Numbers don’t say so, so far this year and it’s not like the Leafs are awsome defensively in their own end either…Dont get me wrong I’ve always been a fan of Kipper, the cost just kind of out weighs the benifit I think…

          • Now if we could steal him away for something like Gunnarson or Holzer and a second or 3 maybe but the only deals I would consider would be typical homer leaf deals that I know realistically would never happen…

  14. Eeek Semin 5 years 7 mill per????

    • I’m sorry. Overpaid by 2million per season. I know signings like that bite.

  15. Someone must be on the way out of Carolina…

    • Yeah, Rutherford if he keeps giving guys like Semin 5YEARS and 7PER. What the hell was he thinking.

    • Over half the cap spent on like 5 guys…absolutely no depth in the next couple years…