Latest on the Flyers and Bruins – July 15, 2013.

Could the Flyers shop Andrej Meszaros? Will Jaromir Jagr return with the Bruins? Read on for the latest.

Could the Flyers shop Andrej Meszaros?

Could the Flyers shop Andrej Meszaros?

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi suggests if the Flyers dealt defenseman Andrej Meszaros, “it would solve their cap woes and loosen their crowded blue line.” Meszaros was sidelined by injuries last season but is expected to be medically cleared in a couple of weeks. Carchidi noted eight teams have more than $10 million cap space, with the Islanders having $20.2 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Given the choice, the Flyers probably prefer to move Meszaros and retain Braydon Coburn, but will there be a market for Meszaros? Apart from the recent injury history, there’s also his contract, in which he’s getting $5.5 million in real salary this season but at a cap hit of $4 million. While eight teams have more than $10 million in cap space, most (if not all) probably won’t spend it, as they’re under self-imposed cap ceilings.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports Bruins GM Joe Haggerty ruled out a return of Jaromir Jagr. Haggerty suggests that likely happened when the Bruins signed Jarome Iginla.


  1. Meszaros? Well I’d say it’d never happen, but somehow the Oiler’s dealt Horcoff, so pigs are flying right now.

    • In this business everyone should know by now to never talk in absolutes …..a player is a number and a pawn and the means to the end game of the ownership and always expandable no matter who they are!
      If you go down the list of Roster players on Cap Geek the only players that would seem moveable for that issue is Mezaros and possibly Voracek ….Voracek has great point production and was a steal for Carter….. he is GOOD.and improving so Id say no to the later ! Id say moving Mezaros and his $ 4 million may be Holmgrens best option to help relieve cap space also taking into consideration is a UFA next year and would most likely not be resigned! He would need to maintain his scorers unless he trades for younger players coming back some how with a low cap hit !

  2. MJR i:

    Horcoff has a cap hit of $5.5M, but a real-dollar salary of $4M and 3M in the next two years. Looks like Meszaros has the opposite scenario, so I see that being a lot more difficult to move than Horcoff.

    • Agreed. Though cap space is incredibly valuable, too. I wonder if it’s possible and, if so, if the Flyers would cover the difference between the cap and the salary as part of the deal?

      i.e. trade Mezaros + $1.5M. That would effectively make both his salary & his cap hit = $4M, which would be at least a little more palatable.

  3. The flyers have 25 players signed right now, 10 of whom are defensemen. I am sure moving Mezaros or Cobourn by trade would help reduce the number of bodies, but they still need to sign another forward.

    Correct me if I am wrong but if they place Pronger on LTIR, that puts them under the cap by about 2.1 million. If so they could send a couple of their lower priced D down to the Phantoms, and probably could still resign Gagne (or another UFA) for about 3 million, without having to trade anyone.

    • I think your right Murph. I can’t see them in a panic to move anyone.

  4. Sorry,Spector..I don’t wanna be “that guy”….The Bruins GM isnt Joe Haggerty,as I’m sure you’re aware.

    • On another note about Mezzaros …it is being said that NHL clubs and GMs are really not trying to trade for potential UFAs ….so Holmgren might not find it hard to move him…however his $4 million is a very reasonable salary for his type of services I would take him instead of Dion Phaneuf for the extra almost $ 3 million and possibly get a better D man out of the deal for one year and also look to extend for the same money as opposed to more with Dion!

  5. If Meszaros is healthy I would not shop him. Why shop him if he is 100%? Meszaros can play on high level, Meszaros was playing on high level and Meszaros will play on high level if healthy. He is also only 27-28 years old.. He was Flyers top d-men 2 years ago and he was 100%.

    Flyers should go into season with 7 capable d-men. Streit, Timonen, Grossmann, Coburn, Meszaros and Gus.

    • As far as Ive heard is that the Flyers have been searching for this elusive 1-2 defenseman well as that they are shopping D men so in doing so you would figure from a business and money standpoint Mezzaros would be the one to be on the block as they can move his very friendly cap hit and give them a buffer if they need to add down the line …he is a UFA so if they don’t plan on resigning it would make the most sense regardless of his quality of play in Philly …he would be coveted by another team, and would be an easier transaction than someone else at a $2 – $4 million cap hit that they probably would not want to move !

    • Meszaros + High Level =/=

      You really need to go to get your head checked. The only “High Level” that Meszaros can be tied with, is a high pillow in the hospital. Last year he missed 37 games from shoulder injury, then the year before that he missed 20 games from back surgery. Philly should place him on LTIR, just because.

      • Meszaros won best d-men on the team award in 2011.. He is capable playing on high level. Not that you would know.

  6. Im reserving comment until the great and all knowing Shticky comments…

    • Wow would you look at that.. I have a stalker, anyway no need to comment here Nitro and the rest of the Flyer faithful can bicker with a bonehead like you, they dont need my help your pretty easy to point out dumb things about….TaTa for now chump!

      • This is the truth cause Shticky said so.

        • Haha

    • You guys having too much fun. :)

  7. Please no more Jagr I don’t think I could take a full season of watching him stick handle than fall down one old guy in Iggy is enough

  8. Mez has to go. The injuries have ruined him. Trading him for a 6th rounder works. Moving Coburn doesn’t. Despite a poor year, I see him being much better in ’13 – ’14.

  9. I don’t think Meszaros can be moved without retaining salary. Too many question marks for a guy making that much money. Coburn has value, but his name has been hanging out there for long enough that you have to think the asking price is too much for most teams.

    There may be 10 teams with cap space, but as Spec says most of those teams are probably already pushing against their internal spending limit.

  10. seriously, at this point, i’d trade meszaros + 2014 6th rd for a 2014 7th rd. i’m serious. we need cap space. i like meszaros, but i’d rather keep everyone else on the roster. odd man out.