Latest on the Flyers – April 20, 2013.

Will Ilya Bryzgalov or Daniel Briere become amnesty buyout candidates. Will the Flyers re-sign Simon Gagne?

Could the Flyer buy out Ilya Bryzgalov & Danny Briere?

Could the Flyer buy out Ilya Bryzgalov & Danny Briere?

PHILLY.COM: Sam Donnellon on the choice the Flyers face regarding possible amnesty buyouts for  Ilya Bryzgalov and Daniel Briere. Bryzgalov has played well given the defense this season while Briere’s stats are down and he suffered another concussion. However, Briere wants to remain a Flyer and is a respected leader, while Bryzgalov doesn’t seem to care.

Frank Seravalli recently reported Simon Gagne, whom the Flyers reacquired earlier this season from the LA Kings, hopes to return next season. Gagne is due to become an unrestricted free agent this summer and is coming off a two-year contract with an average cap hit of $3.5 million, but he’s willing to accept less money to remain a Flyer. Seravalli speculates something between $2-$2.5 million range might work for all.

Sam Carchidi reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren won’t make any decision on Gagne until after this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rumors in recent weeks claimed Briere was a more likely buyout candidate than Bryzgalov, as Flyers executives seem undecided over buying him out. In my opinion, the Flyers should buy out both and use the savings to rebuild with younger, healthier, more affordable talent. That would mean no re-signing Gagne, who is no longer the offensive threat he once was. That’s not to be cruel, it’s merely the reality of the situation. 


  1. I think they should buy out both Briere and Bryz but resign Gagne.

  2. I think they should buy out Briere and Bryzgalov and trade for Luongo.

  3. Why trade for Luongo – Buyout Bryz – they have Mason and they could sign someone like Thomas Griess or Anton Khudobin (who seem to be some pretty good backups) for a reasonable price. To me, Philly needs to invest in their youth, but they also need another strong D-man to take Pronger’s place. I think some that have good potential would be Andrew Ferance or they should do a trade for someone like Demers, McDonagh, Leddy or Franson. Personally, I love the thought of them buying out Briere, but I think it would be kind of foolish because Briere has leadership and I think he just had an off year – he is a killer in the playoffs.

    • Mason wasn’t really a starting goalie in Columbus…what make him one in Philly? What are the flyers going to do with their defense? Hasn’t the real problem been with the D? The UFA market on D looks thin to nil…it sure looks to be an interesting off season in Philly!

  4. I’m expecting the Flyers to buy out Briere this summer and give Bryzgalov 1 more year.

  5. Agree with WHS, I think the Flyers will give the nut bar, why you heff to be mad, bear fearing goalie another year. Holmgren may have to sell the owner on somewhat of a rebuild and buy out Briere, and let the young guys take it to the next level.The new salary cap may force the issue.

  6. I say we keep our 5,6,or 7 overall pick. Draft Ristolainen. Use some combination of Hartnell,Talbot, Coburn, Meszaros, and picks to acquire another Top 12 pick. Trade who’s ever left over for a “decent” D prospect or a solid back-up goalie. Draft Zadorov. Resign Hall and Gagne. Sign Suellentrop and Trevor vanRiemsdyk. Buy out Briere and Bryzgalov. Try to draft Zack Fucale with our 2nd round pick. Convert Coots and Cousins to Wing because we have enough Centers for 3 franchises. And have a training camp where players are actually going to have to skate their asses off to earn jobs. Laughton, Cousins, Straka, Noebels, Wahl, Leier, Flanagan, McGinn, etc., can battle it out to fill the third line. Ristolainen, Zadorov, Gus, Lauridsen, Manning, Bourdon(health?), Alt, Suellentrop, Ghost, and TVR, can battle it out for D pairings. Fucale(or another G prospect), Stolarz, and Heeter can fight for the two open spots in Adirondack. Most people are going to look at this as blowing the team up. But it isn’t. Most of us have conceded that Briere and Bryz are destined to become cap casualties. Meszaros hasn’t played a full season yet. Hartnell still has trade value. Coburn has peeked. He’s not going to get any better. He’s an adequate defender with little to no offensive upside. And Hall can fill Talbot’s slot at about 1/2 the price. You still have agiant nucleus in place and you’d be building off that nucleus with talented youth, instead of aging or injury prone vets. I just like the ideaof how unbelievably passionate and competitive training camp could be.

  7. The flyers don’t need to rebuild. They need to buy out briere and breezy. They need to select either nurse,ristolainen , zadorov and start going younger on the d side. Sign a back up goal tender for mason. Sign gagne back for one year. Lines are gagne,g,voracek…..hartnell,Schenn,simmonds….. Read,coots,Ufa/trade….. Rinaldo,talbot,hall. Defense…. Kimmo,Schenn…. Nurse,cobourn…. Mezzy,lauridson. Trade either grossman /mezzy/cobourn for 3rd line forward along with a few picks back to philly.