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Will the Flyers re-sign Matt Carle? Could Luke Schenn be dealt to the Flyers? What is Mikhail Grabovski worth? What moves could the Islanders make at the trade deadline?

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports it’s unclear if the Flyers have had serious contract negotiations with pending UFA defenseman Matt Carle, who claims his preference is to remain with the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite the uncertainty over his contract status, I don’t believe the Flyers will move Carle at the trade deadline.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports on the lingering speculation Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn might be dealt to the Flyers at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Only if the Flyers are willing to part with a top-six forward. It was rumored last month of a possible ‘Schenn for James van Riemsdyk” swap, but as Hornby noted, the latter remains sidelined by post-concussion symptoms. I doubt Brian Burke would have interest in a player who is questionable to return to action in the near future.

What is Grabovski worth?

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: James Mirtle recently examined the value of Maple Leafs center Mikhail Grabovski, suggesting it could cost between $4.5-$5.5 million for the Leafs to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s led to suggestions Grabovski could be moved at the trade deadline, but I don’t believe that’ll happen. Given how well he’s played, the Leafs need him if they’re to make the playoffs, unless they can somehow parlay him into a move for a superstar center.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Jean-Francois Chaumont reports NY Islanders forward P-A Parenteau hopes to follow in the footsteps of teammates John Tavares, Matt Moulson and Frans Nielsen by re-signing a long-term contract extension. Parenteau is an unrestricted free agent this summer, but would prefer to remain with the Islanders.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports Parenteau’s agent and Isles GM Garth Snow have had some preliminary talks but so far aren’t close to a new deal. Goalie Evgeni Nabokov meanwhile said he’s not predicting the future but said he likes the direction the team is going in, and hasn’t been asked to waive his “no-movement” clause. If the Isles remain in the playoff picture by the trade deadline, Snow might not move either player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen what happens with Nabokov, but I believe Parenteau won’t be moved, and the Isles could get him re-signed. Don’t underestimate their ability to retain their key free agent players.


  1. 4.5-5-mill for Grabovski?! Yeah right. He’ll take a hometown discount to stay in toronto, I say from $3.7-4.2-mill. First of all, he loves living in Toronto, has two kids and met his wife here. Second, hes been given such a huge opportunity by playing as the 1st or 2nd line center with players who have been on pace to score 30-goals in a season. Not to mention, he knows that demanding a high price would limit the Leafs ability to add significant players and how could he possibly try and demand as much as Phil(ly goes Cheese) Kessel

  2. I wouldn’t expect Grabo to take a discount. He has to view Komi, Connolly as examples of what he is worth to the team. I speculate he gets 5 million. From the Leafs or elsewhere.

  3. You can expect a Tomas Plekanec type salary for Grabo.

    He’s an easy 4.5 to 5.5 million with the amount of desperate GMs in the league.

  4. If Grabbo is not going to give a hometown discount then he really does not want to stay like he says he does.
    many players have taken less to stay with the teams they play on because they do not want to move on.

    even Liles took less to stay and this is his first year in leafland.

    grabbo’s agent was in town this week so leafs know what kind of contract he wants.
    if he is being greedy he will be dealt.
    i like grabbo but he has shown a habit of being invisible the first couple of months and then turning it on.
    he is not worth 5 mill.

  5. He might take a modest discount, sorta like Liles took. But let’s be realistic, he’s not leaving a million/year on the table.

  6. That’s naive to think Grabovski will take a hometown discount, moreover, that his agent would even allow the thought of a hometown discount.

  7. If Grabo was willing to take a home town discount the deal would already be done because there would be no reason to wait and use the UFA market to drive up his value to the Leafs. Grabo will get $5.0M whether it’s the Leafs or someone else he has to look after himself and his family for the future. Grabovski will also look at the Connelly contract and say If the Leafs were willing to hand Connelly that kind of money then they should give me $5.0M and it’s still a discount compared to what I’ve done and what he’s done. The more interesting one will be Kulemin since he is barely worth the $2.35M they paid him this year. Is it a bad year or is this the player he is?

  8. Grabovski is in his prime he’s a 55-60 pt player & players usually only get 1 or 2 chances as a UFA in their prime to cash in. Being one of the better centermen in next year’s UFA stock, I’d say Grabo and Ruutu are the top 2 UFA centers , it’s his time to cash in and I am sure his agent reminds him every other day. I’d bet it will take at least 4.5 to keep him in a Leaf’s sweater . They are going to point to Connolly’s 4.75 and say he is worth as much or more. My guess would be a bit less for a longer term contract but the Leafs are going to have to pony up ( and they should ) .

  9. Grabo will get $16M/4 year deal (from the Leafs). That will make everyone happy.

  10. Right on nikK,I agree with you. 16M/4 year deal for Grabo, but I still think Burke will put him in a package for Nash if Nash becomes available and will waive his NTC to play in Toronto. I don’t think Nash wants to play in Toronto. Rumors are Grabo,Schenn Komi, and Kardi for Nash.

  11. No way Grabovski will sign for less than $4.5 mil per year. I’m sure he really does like Toronto and would prefer to stay but at the end of the day hockey is a business and players never just leave millions of dollars per season on the table just because they enjoy living in a particular city. Look at how much Ville Leino, Brooks Laich, Tim Connolly and Tomas Fleischmann got last summer, Grabovski is a better player than any of them. He would be insane to not test the market and demand $5 million per year with so many teams in need of a 2nd line two-way center like him.

  12. I agree that Grabo stays in Toronto, but not at a huge discount like Sean suggests. With the comparables around the league and more importantly, on his own team, a new contract for $22-25M over 5 years would make sense for him. Connolly’s deal is a back-breaker for Burke as he offered up big money for the man made of glass to play 40 games a year (maximum) on the 3rd line. Grabovski is easily head and shoulders better than any of the Leaf forwards not named Kessel or Lupul and should be compensated as such. If Toronto won’t’ do it, there are 29 other GM’s willing to pony up silly money for a top six scoring centre with speed and hands.

  13. Donald59, not to be mean. but why would toronto make that deal? grabo,schenn and kadri for nash? 3 nhl roster players for a guy that has never lived up to his name. they said he always needed a top line center to play with in columbus….tell me why toronto…a team with no top line centers would trade away that much potential to bring in a player that needs what we dont have to produce at his top potential. Nash is good, but hes only 1-70 point guy without a center. Grabbo is a 60 point guy as a center Kadri…meh i could care less..and schenn has potential to be a future captain. this deal is dumb.

    also from Columbus, your team needs to rebuild…but build around Nash, the guy is their franchise player…if they trade him it should be for high picks and prospects. have a chance at getting 2 better players in the draft rather than accepting middle aged guys and a lower end prospect in Kadri. Schenn would be the only thing that makes sense for them as he is young and could be a tool to build around but needs veteran guidance which toronto doesnt have.

    Dream on Toronto Fans…Nash wont be a leaf, Carter is more likely and even then i doubt he gets traded to Toronto due to his contract. Also i’m a leafs has much as id like to see Nash, i just dont think it makes sense or is reasonable.

  14. can someone tell me who the last Russian born player is who agreed to a hometown discount?

    not something I am familar with. I am almost tempted to make some bets off-line.

  15. This is the 1 time in Grabo’s career he is poised to cash in.. he might take a bit less to stay with TO.. but lets be sensible here.

  16. Grabbo is likely to resign in Toronto for anywhere between $4.75 and $5 million for maybe 2 years. Anything less than that and I”m sure he’ll become a UFA and test the market. I doubt he gets dealt at the deadline as Grabbo is one of the players that would help the Leafs reach the playoffs and it would also tell us all whether or not Grabbo is a playoff warrior cause he does a lot of things well

  17. @ fergy22 – Not to nitpick, but Grabbo is Belarussian… Whether that changes anything or not is questionable.
    I still stick to my opinion that he’ll re-sign in Toronto, but not at anything less than an annual cap hit of $4.5M

  18. hey if connolly is worth 5.1 thene grabo is worth 10.2 just saying……..either way leafs need to sign him,hopefully he takes a hometown discount,i dont think he’s a greedy player,plus his family has ties here,the guy is a 1A centre his only knock is his height ,there is no question about his heart,maybe steckel can teach him how to win more face offs

  19. I honestly believe that about a month ago when Burke was on PTS and said that he was in trade talks to bring in a big player he was talking about JVR. Since JVR has been hurt all trade talks around Toronto have seemed to disappear, part due to Toronto actually playing well but also JVR has been out

  20. @Thewes , I am old school they’re all Russian to me, no offence intended ( Russia , Belarus , Kazakhstan , Ukraine , Latvia etc )

    Let’s put it this way , your in the top 25% percentile re: performance where you work , it’s time for a raise and they offer you the same of less money ? but c’mon you like it here and we make lots of money , be a team player
    thanks but no thanks , I’ll look elsewhere

  21. He may want to test the open market to see what he could get.

    If he truly loves playing for Toronto.. then he goes back to them with that figure. Then it’s all up to Toronto to see if they want to pay him that money… or give him extra years with lesser salary.

    This guy is a good, fast hockey player…. a lot of teams will get into a bidding war for him.. should it come to that…

  22. Grabo will test the UFA market and then see if the leafs will match it. IMO a 60 point player is only worth 4 mil. tops. He isnt a game breaker but he is good.

  23. I Think Grabs signs for 4yrs/15-16.5 tops, he loves TO, his wife is from there, his kids were born there. He relishes wearing that letter on his jersey and being thought of as a leader as opposed to a cast off in Mtl. It will all come into play, you watch.

  24. Fergy22 that’s not old school, that’s borderline racist! You won’t find many Ukrainian or belarussian people that want to be called Russian….its like calling a Canadian an American…huge insult! Grabbo can test the market if he really wants too, and if Burke resigns him to a reasonable 4-4.5 mil then good on Grabbo!

  25. Grabo will re-sign with the leafs 4 years 4 – 4.25 M$/year (16-17 M$ total contract)

    book it.

  26. Kessel’s cap hit is only $5.4M so there’s no way Grabovski gets even $5M in my opinion. I think a 4 year deal in the $16-$18M range gets it done and is a good deal for all concerned.

    Also for the comment about Connolly playing 40 games maximum, he’ll suit up for his 43rd tonight so that’s kind of of a silly statement to make.

  27. Grabo loves it here, and the Leafs took a chance on him, picking him up from Montreal where he no doubt would have toiled in infamy, unable to displace the highly paid, low producing centre Scott Gomez.

    More importantly, the leafs have made signings to complement his skill in Kulemin and McArthur. In fact it would not surprise me if they try to sign Grabo before the deadline, and then trade McArthur. To do otherwies might have him consider leaving more strongly.

    I believe he would be willing to do 4 years at 4.25 million, or perhaps five years at 4 million. That would bring him to age 33. If he still has his stuff, he can go for another 2 or 3 year deal with the Leafs or someone else.

    Earning 30 million dollars over a career should be enough for a comfortable living, even with 2 kids.

    Connolly was overpaid, because the Leafs were desperate, and there was no one else out there. Bozak simply clicks with Kessel and Lupul,which is why Connolly is a spare part. Contracts like Connollys are not true comparatives. Does a player with the same kind of season Scott Gomez is having demand Scott Gomez money? Not even a much better player than Gomez demands that kind of money. Bad contracts are signed, it does not make them relevant comparables.

  28. Agree with Jeb. Canadians do not like to be called American any more than Eastern Europeans like to be called Russian. But it’s also a bit racist to state all Russians are in it for the money. If I recall correctly, Larionov took a hometown discount to stay with the Red Wings at the end of his career. Grabovski’s nationality has nothing to do with what deal he will sign. Look at the Canucks players that have taken hometown discounts: Sedins, Hamhuis, Kesler, Salo, Burrows… Swedes, Canadians, an American and a Finn. As for what Grabs will get, that’s between him, his agent and a GM – most TO fans hope it’s Brian Burke. Trying to predict is pure guesswork.

  29. Yeah Fergy22 i would punch someone in the face if they called me American 😉

  30. yes the leafs were desperate when they signed connolly,and why were they desperate…he was the only one available,not the best,but second best,grabo will be the best free agent center available,and how many teams need centers,grabo is quality,6-8 teams could bid for his services and someone will over pay,burke should get it done sooner that later before someone knocks grabos socks off with a stupid number ala gomez

  31. one year deal at 5mil ala semin if it comes down to the wire

  32. so I will retract my statement , I am not a racist , like I said no offence intended

    let’s wait and see what happens and if he signs for less than what he is worth ( or what we think he is worth ) I’ll admit I was wrong

    Spector if you want to wipe my original comment feel free to do so , not trying to start a donnybrook here
    sorry if I offended any Eastern Euopean’s on the forum

  33. @Leavoy – I will agree that Nash won’t be moved, but never lived up to his name? He’s a power forward that scores goals. In eight full seasons, Nash has scored 30-39 goals four times, and 40+ goals twice. I’d say he’s lived up to his 1st overall draft position well given the circumstances (and show me a pick from the 2002 draft with more goals). With a proper playmaking center he would challenge for the Richard Trophy every year. He’s elite and I would love him on the Leafs (except for that contract).

  34. How about Khabby and Sutton for JVR. The Oilers would be patient enough to accept the injury, and it gives them a young power winger for the kids. The Flyers get a playoff proven goalie, allowing them to send Bobrovsky down and develop a bit more, and hopefully push Brys. Sutton would give the Flyers a big mean d-man who is a UFA and frees up some cap space in the summer.

  35. Couldn’t be happier to have got rid of this player out of Montreal when we did. 5 M/ year lol…I wouldn’t take him for 3 M. This kid is way overrated.

  36. If the CBJ’s move Nash, it will be for a lot of picks and prospects, not someone the same age as him in the package deal.
    Kadri/Colborne + Schenn/Franson + 1st Rounder (might be a couple of them, or a 1 + 2).
    You’re not getting him for garbage, and don’t overvalue your players.

    As for Grabovski, ~60-65 point player; will not be taking discount to play in Toronto.
    As for “Russian” players taking deals, see Pavel Datsyu0k (6.7 cap hit)… and Grabo is no Datsyuk… instead look at the two highest payed players in the NHL and see what Nationality they are.

    See 2 yrs/ 9.6-10.2 million, or 3 years/14.6-15.4.
    Why give up 1-2 million dollars to play on a team that’s no where near cup contention?

  37. @ Old Soldier – Clearly an Oilers fan? The Flyers would never deal away the 2nd overall pick in 2007 for a defenseman and goalie who are both rentals. Bobrovsky can not be sent down as he is waiver eligible. The Flyers tried a playoff run with 3 goalies before and it didn’t work out so well, no need to beat that dead horse anymore. They’ve committed to Bryzgalov for better or for worse, they have Bobrovsky as insurance so I believe they could have Sutton for a half-decent pick or a D prospect. Khabibulin and the Oilers have cooled significantly since their hot start, so I wouldn’t imagine a team will sell the farm to bring him in for a post-season run.

  38. Grabovski worth $5 million? GM’s would be crazy to give him that much…

    here’s an interesting comparison…

    Mikhail Grabovski TOR C 48 18 21 39 +8

    David Desharnais MTL C 54 10 26 36 +8

  39. Who in there right mind would prefer to stay with the Islanders when teams like PIT or CHI may have interest in you? I guess it shows who’s playing for the money and who’s playing for a cup.

  40. The Winnipeg Jets shoudl go after Wojtek Wolski, he’s big, young and can score, just needs a change of scenery, and the Jets need scoring. Plus Wolski has pretty much fallen out of favour with the Rangers. Keep hearing Rangers are looking for a veteran D-man maybe Hainsey ( a Conneticut native ), or Oduya?

  41. supply and demand have a huge role in dictating contract amounts for UFA’s , not many 50+ point , solid offensive centermen available next year.

  42. Toine:

    Tim Connolly.

    Points: 40, 47, 65 & 42
    Cap Hit: $4,750,000

    Which GM indeed?

  43. @Toine , Desharnais’ salary is a real plus for the Habs. If he continues to put up the same pt.p.g avg he’ll be due for a nice raise in a couple of years. He has put up pretty big numbers at every level, his size was the question mark, but he has proved he is NHL calibre. Good for him , I like him with Cole and Pacioretty, they compliment each others style of play.

  44. Leavoy, it would take the players I mentioned to get a deal done because of Nash’s cap hit. And your right Nash is a Franchise player for Columbus. Who wouldn’t want a young Franchise player if they could get him?

  45. Hey how about this I could see Luke being moved in tje off-season as well as a couple salary dumps at the deadline I bet if suter goes to free agency I wouldn’t be surprised if burke took a run at him he likes having that 1_2 punch on d like in anahiem with pronger and neidermyer it wouldn’t shock me

  46. I knew someone would link grabo with the idea of russians being greedy and fergy stepped up to the plate with grade 2 geography skills.

    While on the subject, remind me, how many players in their mid 20ies took a hometown discount?zero? Really? Why not make this idiot statement/idea more interesting; how many players has sat out/demanded a trade? I am surfing on the phone so its a birch listing but i can name 20+ canadians starting with lindros so put a fucking sock in it with nationality bullshit.

  47. @ miokid,

    Agreed, Grabo is no Datsyuk.

    And while yes Ovechkin and Kovalchuk are the highest paid Russians in the league, realistically are they going to the finals this year? I do not believe so. One of the reasons could be that when one player out of the whole 22 man roster (Kovalchuk) sucks up more than 10 percent of the entire payroll of a team that is possibly headed towards bankruptcy, its hard to add quality players for him to play with, or convince the ones that are to stay. there are only so many of those spots available on a team.

    The smartest players in the league understand that, and if they really want to win, are willing to do whatever it takes on the ice, and financially, to make it work.

    I am a Leafs fan but have tremendous respect for Detroit. Many of their players could play for more elsewhere, but they would rather go for the cup. That’s the mark of a real hockey team to me, and what seems to be starting to happen ( I hope) in Toronto, the most recent example being John Michael Liles. I hope Grabo is next.

  48. People have to realize that Burke is not prone to over-paying, he over-payed Komi (who’s price was inflated by a couple good years in MTL) and he over-payed for Connolly (but that’s only a 2 year contract and was meant as nothing but a stop gate, unfortunately for connolly, bozak has out played him by a mile and a half). He will not sign Grabo to a long term deal so Grabo can forget that, and if he wants to stay here (where his family, with 2 young kids, lives comfortably, where his best friend (kulemin) is not likely to leave, and on a team that gives him every opportunity to play lots of minutes with solid linemates, a team that is young and will only get better) he is going to have to stay on Burke’s terms, which will not be pricey. Remember, Burke has Kadri and Colbourne waiting in the winds, ready to make the jump, Colbourne could jump into the 2C role next year without Grabo in his way. Players really need to understand that if they really want to give the team they play for a chance to win they have to be willing to sacrifice some dollars (it’s not like they can’t live off 3million a year instead of 5million – hell why can’t they live off 500,000 .. the most I’ll ever make will be like 80,000). And besides, winter classic next year Grabo, do you really want to leave???

  49. just to note… I am not saying Grabo should sign for 3 million, that was an example. I know he won’t sign for that, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume he signs for 4 million-ish

  50. “Grabo will test the UFA market and then see if the leafs will match it. IMO a 60 point player is only worth 4 mil. tops. He isnt a game breaker but he is good.”

    Which is exactly what I think. If he wants 5 million, I hope it’s from someone else, because as good as Grabo is, he’s not a 5 million player. And don’t point at Connolly; if he could get back to his production of a few years ago, he’d be worth the money (though I don’t think it’s going to happen).

  51. @Murph.

    I know this is old news. But Kovy’s not the second highest cap hit. You might want to check again. I’ll give you a hint… He’s playing in Pitts.