Latest on the Flyers, Red Wings and Maple Leafs – November 22, 2013.

Should the Flyers make a major move soon? Will the Wings make room for Gustav Nyquist on their roster? Could the Maple Leafs move James Reimer this season? 

Will Flyers GM Paul Holmgren make a move soon?

Will Flyers GM Paul Holmgren make a move soon?

PHILLY.COM: Mike Sielski noted the Flyers recent improvement under first-year coach Craig Berube, calling upon management to resist the temptation to make a major roster move.

TSN RADIO: Bob McKenzie believes the Flyers want a “really good” defenseman if the move Brayden Schenn or Sean Couturier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Sielski. Indeed, I think one reason for the Flyers recent struggles is they’ve made too many moves involving notable talent, such as trading away Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, signing Ilya Bryzgalov, trading away Sergei Bobrovskiy, swapping James van Riemsdyk for Luke Schenn.  The worst thing that could’ve happened to the Flyers was their surprising march to the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, as it made ownership and the front office believe the roster was just a couple of pieces away from a championship. What this team needs now is time to develop and gel.

If, however, they do decide to make another major move, it’ll likely be one of their promising young forwards for a good young defenseman with upside.   Can they curb their impatience? Or will they make another blockbuster which could do more harm than good? Ultimately, it’s up to owner Ed Snider and GM Paul Holmgren.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports Gustav Nyquist scored twice lifting the Red Wings to a 4-3 win over the Carolina Hurricanes, snapping a seven-game winless skid.  She notes if Nyquist plays one more NHL game he cannot be demoted without first going on waivers, and the Wings don’t want to risk that. GM Ken Holland is reportedly considering his options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Among those options is probably a trade. The Wings preferred to have Nyquist in the lineup full time but salary and roster issues prevented them from doing so. They were able to recall him because Danny DeKeyser is on LTIR, plus Stephen Weiss and Daniel Alfredsson were sidelined. The Wings tried shopping Jordin Tootoo but couldn’t find any takers and were forced to demote him. Same with Patrick Eaves. The Wings lack secondary scoring this season and keeping Nyquist could help address that problem.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun examined the strong performance of Toronto Maple Leafs goalie tandem of Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer. With Reimer a restricted free agent next summer, Leafs GM Dave Nonis will likely make a decision in the off-season depending on his salary demands. There were calls earlier this season to ship Reimer to the Edmonton Oilers but Nonis considered the option of moving him “unlikely”, sounding as though he’d prefer to keep the tandem intact.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the Leafs remain in playoff contention this season Nonis has no reason to shop Reimer. Unless a rival club pitches a skilled scoring center, the Leafs will hang onto Reimer and look toward the off-season to address his future.


  1. I do not understand why Flyers need to make a major move “now”. and why we have to trade with he Leafs… How is moving B.Schenn for someone like Gardiner going to help us going deep in playoffs?

    We already made our move and it is working out fine for us. Downie is scoring.. but as a result our PK is sliding so we need to use Raffl instead of Rosehill.

    • They dont….but I hope they do, I love that about the Flyers never know what to expect adds to the entertainment value.

      • Shticky: You and I, we going to have our dance again about Holmgrens Mason and Bobrovsky moves. Probably in the end of the year. You know where I am going with that.

        Going back to your post: You are right about “never know” part.

      • Im not even thinking bout the Gardiner thing cant really see it for Schenn, again I hope so but realistically Homer should be fired if he makes that move I cant see it.

    • I’d move Gardiner for schenn but I doubt they will do it. They’d push cutourier before schenn I bet. If I were philo I’d build around giroux and one of cutourier or sxhenn. I’d move everyone else for dmen and golaie prospects. They will be better for it in the long run.

  2. Dont worry ….Nitro …it isnt happening …HAWGWASH!!

    Flyerrs have a great team on paper …they just need to score more goals through the top 2 lines everything else is just fine !! Time will tell ….lots of time left !! Character in that room will get the job done !!

    Nonis should get GM of the year for his remarkable stead fast results with his nose to the cap he has done an unreal job giving up NOTHING and replacing 3 Centers !! for 2 months time with quality role players …and this is why ….JAMES REIMER IS GOING NO WHERE…!!!!!!!!!

    The Leafs can have this tandem for the price of 1 legit #1 Goalie for at least 3 more years !!
    Its a must !!

    My suggestion to Ken Holland to make room for Nyquist is to trade Jonas Gustavson and move is $1.5 mill out of town and bring up Peter Mrazek $ 500,000 and that will save him $1million and enough room !
    Mrazek is a capable back up and Gustavson is a waste of $1.5 on the bench every game or hurt !!

  3. Shake up coming in Leafland I think. Im not sure who but after last nights beat down to the Preds, Nonis on the phone all week at practice big issues with effort over the past month (if not longer) changes will be coming shortly. Cant see Dave or Randy liking these trends much. 1/4 way thru the season and they arent disappearing yet. Liles or kuli not enough to make a difference in any kind of trade it might be time to look at moving some other pieces (a goalie, Gardiner or Franson possibly a pick. Not all of them but..) in a package to shore up the D.

    • @ Shticky …I agree 100%

      I think Kadri – Gardiner is the duo on the outs right now !!
      Best value in return!

      You are right something is coming any day now ..saw it on Carlyles face in post game yesterday !!

      • I have to agree with the Kadri assesment.
        Leafs could have acquired a player like Fiddler if they were desperate for immediate center help. What they acquired was a 22 year old center (15th overall pick in 2009), several months younger than Kadri. That screams long term.
        With Bolland,Bozak and McClement, that really leaves 1 spot open.
        I don’t think the Leafs are sold long term on Kadri. I like Kadri don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion he is a 1st line center on a non playoff team, 2nd line center on any other. If he can be packaged for a big upgrade on D, he will be moved.

    • Agree with you there.

      I think the Ranger experiment is over, once Fraser returns, we should let him go (could also easily be replaced by Stuart, Granberg, MacWillams type). Gardiner is also too soft, and despite his skillset, shouldn’t be in a top 4/20 mins a game role while he’s still developing his game. I’ve always been a fan of Gunnar, but, he’s more of a 3-4, and should be playing with Franson on the second pairing. The Leafs need a top pairing, right handed Dman to play with Dion ( even Lefthanded as Phaneuf doesn’t mind playing his off wing), someone big who can clear the front of the net.

      Also; Kadri should be shopped; not because he lacks skill or grit, but rather; I believe the Leafs will re-up with Bolland and have him as their 2nd Center once he’s back and for the future, relegating Kadri to a bottom six role, which is not his strong suit.

      • AGREE 100% …

        could not have said it any better myself on all topics !!!
        Id like to move out Ranger (100%) and bring in a Mc Williams DE Vane and Leivo …they all played well and the Leafs won with those guys in the line up….re up with Bolland for sure ! Kadri Gardiner will be traded ..IMO for what is another ???

        • Kadri will be moved to the wing, he can play with a little less responsibility, can still slide into a C position if injuries or circumstances require. He’s a physical playmaker capable of 60pts a season on a regular basis. Is he a 1st line C, no, is he a quality NHL player under 23 years of age with loads of room for growth and improvement? Absolutely…Is he going to land a top pairing D or 1st C, nope…do the Leafs currently have any assets to land either of those? Nope…even if the combined quality of players is there, no one is going to give up the leadership and scoring that these types of players bring.

          • Kadri has perhaps the best pure talent on the team. There are 20 other guys I would trade first. He’s 23 years old and has 78 points in 118 games. It’s not hard to imagine him being a top 10 scorer in the league in a couple years. You have to keep players like that around.

            Yes the Leafs need a reliable stay at home defenseman. Unfortunately, so does just about every other team. And there’s not much available now or in the summer’s UFA market.

            I would agree with moving Gardiner. He’s been outplayed by Reilly and it’s hard to imagine both getting decent minutes on the same team. But it doesn’t make sense to move him unless we get a significant return. Otherwise just keep him and let him develop and compete for minutes with Reilly. Having both those guys is not a bad problem to have.

            In a fantasy world we could package Gardiner and Gunnarsson for someone who can play alongside Phaneuf, maybe Tyler Myers. But I can’t see Buffalo wanting to deal with the Leafs.

            In the meantime, they need to get Franson and Fraser re-signed.

            I think Ranger ought to be given the rest of the season and if he continues to fail we have Granberg or MacWilliam to compete for his spot next season.

          • I’m not sure Kadri is an upgrade on any of our top 6 wingers (be tough to push Clarkson or Lupul off the second line).

            This is not a trade rumour or even something I believe will happen, but, these are the type of players I would look for in a deal if I were the Leafs; Kevin Klein and Colin Wilson for……(insert players here, Kadri +). Klein is a right handed top 4 shutdown Dman (would push Gardiner out of the top 4 and free up a tradeable asset) and Wilson, a former 1st Rounder, who can play both C and LW and is a talented two way forward who could fill in for Bolland at C, and slide into LW to replace Kulemin, who could be traded or let go at the end of the year if he is too expensive to resign. Holland/Wilson/Leivo would be a nice looking 3rd line next year (I would like to see Kulemin resigned for under 2 mil if possible).

            Nashville would actually be a good trade partner IMO, as they need scoring help (Kadri, Raymond, even Liles with a lg portion of salary retained?) and a Goalie to fill in for Rinne if he’s out long term (Reimer fits perfectly as he is a UFA at seasons end).

            Those are the TYPE of players I think could help the Leafs now, and moving forward, but, who knows what players are available and what they are worth to their respective teams, but, there are definitely ways to improve the team without landing a 1st line Center, or the Shea Webers of the world.

  4. When the Flyers were losing, it was trade everybody. Now that they are winning it’s the opposite. Such is life in pro sports I guess.

    If B. Schenn or Couturier gets moved, it’d better be in a package for Shea Weber. Anything less and we lose this deal.

    I’d still like to nab Kulikov on the cheap, if that’s a possibility.

    • If we could move Streit to NYI. Sucker Snow into making that trade and somehow steal Kulikov or maybe make a move for Campbell (assuming Florida eats 2M of his cap space just like they did with Versteeg).. what do you think of this plan?

      NYI are losing and Streit is a familiar face, he was successful there. NYI offered Streit a contract.

      • Lol for around a mill less and 2 years less term….no cant see it good try tho.

      • @ Nitro …

        I think that type of deal is robbing Peter to pay Paul …its a lateral move and complicated for nothing as both those players are very similar it doesn’t improve anything to say a game changer …Flyers looking better as of late and they have quality players that are hard to replace …I have a feeling they turn it around if they can get a scoring streak out of Giroux …they have had quality goal tending which is a plus …they need more secondary scoring …Iam not sure you give up on a top line player if scoring is what you need right now!!
        If I was Homer I would go after a young big Defenseman that is dying to break into the league with another team and isnt getting the chance …..someone who is HUNGARY and low cost and injects a physical game ….there are a few out there that are knocking on the door ….thats what I would do !!

      • No one is going to help the Flyers with their cap situation by taking a player like Streit. Everyone has seen his play. He was overpaid before even stepping on the ice this year and everyone knows it. Philly just needs to stand pat and do the best they can this year and see what re tooling they can do for next year. Making anymore moves is just going to hurt them more. They never should have wasted that money on Vinny and saved it for a quality D man

        • I think Streit’s play has improved, but he isn’t excelling on the PP like I expected. I believe that will improve. His play at even strength is so-so, but that’s been the case with him for a few years now.

          I like Campbell, but his cap hit at 7.1 is insanely high.

          With Seth Jones in the mix, I feel like the Preds might entertain moving Weber. Not to mention they are anemic on offense. It just seems like feasible, that’s all.

          • Campbell for Meszaros and 3rd.. Florida retains 2M cap room and Cambell is at 5M a year.

          • what’s everyones thought on Streit and B. Schenn to BUF for Moulsen and Myers?

          • Replace Streit with just about anything else and maybe, that cotract is going to hurt worse than Liles too much too long term.

          • This trade looks pretty good to me. Myers has the ability to be a top pairing player and Schenn could be a #1 center in the future.

          • That trade won’t work. On the rebuilding Sabres they are going to want another top draft pick either this year or next, preferably next for Moulson.

            I don’t think Buf will give up on Myer that quickly either. His money is too big.

            BUT, I do think that big changes are coming to Buffalo. It sounds like Nolan has a few vets in his cross hairs (Ville Leino, Drew Stafford and the like). I can see them dumping guys at the deadline and rebuilding with the upcoming crop of UFA’s this summer.

  5. I don’t think obtaining Campbell is the answer and I don’t think trading Streit is the answer either. Granted, Streit probably makes a million too much but with Timonen on his way out, he’ll just replace that hole. The Shea Weber boat sailed llllllong ago. The Schenn for Gardiner rumour is bogus… way that’s a straight up player trade….the Flyers got hosed on the Luke Schenn deal and they aren’t about to make the same mistake twice.
    I’m all for standing pat……play it out… the year goes on the weaknesses will become more prevalent.

    • Would you do Read for Gardiner? I feel like that has some legs.

      • NEVER !

        No need for Read !!

        You have to acquire a bigger body D man for Gardiner in essence you have to trade with a team that is willing to give up defense for offence on the back end and that means a team that has some quality defenders all ready !

        However I would go after a guy like Boyle in New York …IMO along with a peice

        • No room for a 2 way winger with speed and a good shot?

          • @ Scotty

            Always …to be honest Id rather take Blake Wheeler if given the choice

          • No Leafs have lots of wingers (no young ones really which might be a reason to look at Read if there wasnt more pressing needs) top 6 wise the Leafs are pretty set on the wing depending on Bolland top 9 is fairly deep and Read is not a third/fourth line type…should be a top 9 type guy possibly top 6. Why waste an asset like Gardiner or anything else of quality for a piece that is not 100% needed

  6. Leafs should look at trying to Cammelleri out of Calgary. Lots BB type players on the Leafs roster and farm system that could get the deal done. As for cap space, I’m sure they could get creative.

    • Problem being Calgary has a few talented young D very simmilar to the type of player that Toronto would be looking to move in a deal like that. Unless it involved a goalie which is pretty low on the priority list in Calgary. Toronto does not have depth in young prospects on the wing. Biggs or Levio would not be enough and should be hung on to at anyrate imo. To make the cap work it would definitely require Liles to be moved.

      • @ Shticky …& Leafs Medic

        IMO…. Leivo is untouchable ! Unless its just too good ! Which Calgary doesnt have !!

        Can’t take on Cammelleris contract …no way !!

        • Why is Leivo untouchable? Kulemin, Liles and Gardiner to the Flames for Cammelleri wouldn’t be a bad deal for either club if the Flames are trying to move Cammy. T.j Brennen is quietly tearing it up in the AHL, could be ready to step up and replace either Gardiner or Ranger next season. Maybe just a pipe dream, but a first line of JVR/Cammy/Kessel and a second of Lupul/Kadri/Raymond would be a better top 6 than we Leaf fans have seen in years.

  7. Does anyone know if Remier has arbitration rights this summer? This will obviously pay into the thinking of Nonis whether or not the Leafs keep him. With arb rights he could get a huge pay increase this summer especially if he turns out to save the Leafs in the playoffs or something crazy happens.

    • yes he is. this will be his 3rd contract. done are the entry level & the one he signed for 2 yrs @ just under $2 mil /per year

    • the other thing to keep in mind is that after this contract reimer will be ufa eligible. with that being said he may only want a 1 yr deal.

      • I understand everyones argument about keeping bot but I dont see Reimer being a Leaf next year. As Kevin mentioned if he is not going to be a starter there is very little chance he signs anything longer than a year and leaves as a UFA unless the Leafs overpay. This year could and probably would be the best time to move him.

        • 100% agree with Shticky. If Reimer ends up taking the starting job this post season or stays on the path he’s on now GAA .942 and he goes to arbitration he could get some crazy one year award North of $4M and the Leafs will have no choice but to walk away and you can bet he will take it to arb after how many times he’s been told he’s not the number one. Best time to move him is this year. We would need a solid back up in return though.
          Looks like a package deal with Reim’s and Kadri or Gardiner or both for that coveted number one center and a shut down D man?

          • I say Reimer for Enroth and a 2nd round pick or two.

            Any takers? lol

  8. I think the Wings would be nuts to send down Nyquist. To be honest, I think they’re nuts for not fidning a way to have him up earlier. Even shipping Tootoo out for a bag of pucks and keeping Nyquist up would make more sense. (I am imagining teams would take Tootoo off waivers / for a very low pick, just the Wings didn’t want to get so little in return)

    I wonder who else the Wings could trade to make room? Abdelkader, with 2 goals, is a pretty big disappointment, but would likely garner some strong interest from teams.

    • Surprised Tootoo didnt get claimed aswell, the cap getting lowered so much is really killing player movement cant even give guys away.

      • Totally! And I keep thinking the higher cap will improve that. But the truth is, it only will for a year or two: salaries will just raise at the same rate as the cap, and it’ll only be a year or so until all the salaries are bumping the cap again.

        Gotta find a way to increase the player moment so us guys slacking off at work can have a trade to discuss, rather than a(nother) trade scenario to make up! 😉

  9. IF and that’s a big IF Nonis went to the Pred’s with Kadri, Gardiner and Reimer does anyone think they would consider moving Weber? He does have a monster contract. The big issue I could see is that Weber has to be mentoring Jones and they may not want to disrupt that situation for a year or two.

    • It was posted on here a week or two ago that in order for the Oilers to get Webber they would have to offer Hall or Eberle plus Klefbom plus there first round draft pick, and I believe that came from a Leaf fan. So no the Preds would not move Webber for that.

      • Unless there was a pick in there I agree I cant see it. I wouldnt do it if I was the Leafs either. Way too much.

    • I got ripped the other day for even suggesting that idea! Colorado could be looking for an upgrade in Goal as Varlamov may be in jail soon.

  10. The Leafs would be nuts to get rid of Kadri.He’s one of their top O players and he plays with an edge that this team sorely needs.The Leaf roster when healthy is fine.It’s not the talent but effort that kills them most nights.Also Carlyle has to stop shuffling lines.

  11. Kadri is the only leafs player that brings it game in and game out his suspension was because he wants to show the coach he can play physically as well as the sweet hands kid is still young but he has a track record of proving naysayers wrong I wouldn’t give up on the kid just yet

    • Agreed…

  12. Yes! Since Bernier & Reimer are playing well for the Leafs. And it looks as though that team might be Canada’s best chance at the cup this year (never thought I’d have that in mind) I say keep the pairing for this year and in the offseason, decide who is the #1 dude and get some kind of return for the other. If possible. Ya think?