Latest on the Flyers, Red Wings, Panthers, Penguins, Blues and Lightning – July 5, 2013.

Find out what moves the Flyers, Red Wings, Panthers, Penguins, Blues and Lightning have in store as the NHL UFA market opens today.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports the Flyers made a pitch to former Flyer Ray Emery yesterday to lure him from Chicago, and continues to speculate the Flyers could move a defenseman, likely Braydon Coburn, via trade. He also wonders if the Flyers might try to bring back Jaromir Jagr, and suggested St. Louis’ Alex Pietrangelo, the Islander Travis Hamonic and the Leafs Jonathan Bernier as offer sheet targets.

Sam Carchidi believes the Flyers should target winger Viktor Stalberg, citing his youth, speed and size. He calls upon the Flyers not to move Coburn, and suggests more affordable goalie targets like Jose Theodore, Evgeni Nabokov, Johan Hedberg, or Dan Ellis.

CSNPHILLY.COM‘S Tim Panaccio claims the Flyers remain in the mix for the Blues’ Jaroslav Halak via the trade market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can’t see the Flyers going the offer sheet route this summer, simply because of their lack of cap space. I like Carchidi’s suggestion of adding Stalberg, as he could be a good fit with the Flyers. ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun last night reported Emery was likely leaving Chicago, so the Flyers could have a good shot at signing him.

Could the Red Wings target Mikhail Grabovski?

Could the Red Wings target Mikhail Grabovski?

MLIVE.COM/DETROIT FREE PRESS/DETROIT NEWS: The Red Wings have interest in Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson, plus Mikhail Grabovski (a friend of Red Wings superstar Pavel Datsyuk) could become a target as the Wings seek a second-line center if, as expected, Valtteri Filppula departs via free agency. The Wings also reportedly had talks with Stephen Weiss, Mike Ribeiro, Tyler Bozak and Matt Cullen, as well as Jarome Iginla and Brenden Morrow.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t blame the Wings for targeting Alfredsson. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Grabovski, who was Datsyuk’s linemate in the KHL during the lockout, could be an intriguing possibility for the Wings, as could Weiss, whom they’ve been linked to in rumors for a month now.

MIAMI HERALD/SUNSENTINEL.COM: The Florida Panthers have tried to re-sign center Stephen Weiss but he could be headed to free agency, as he’s been courted by the Detroit Red Wings. As for the Panthers free agent targets, they could include Mikhail Grabovski, Valtteri Filppula and Andrew Ference.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’d find it amusing if Weiss signed with the Red Wings and Filppula with the Panthers.

TAMPA BAY TIMES/TAMPA TRIBUNE: Having bought out Vincent Lecavalier, the Lightning will be shopping for a second-line center. Options include Valtteri Filppula, Tyler Bozak, Mike Ribeiro and Mikhail Grabovski.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It doesn’t sound as though GM Steve Yzerman is willing to overpay for any of these guys, suggesting he could look to within to fill that gap on the second line.

BND.COM/STLTODAY.COM: The St. Louis Blues hope to add a center via free agency this summer. Possibilities could include Mikhail Grabovski, Stephen Weiss or Mike Ribeiro. Other affordable options could include Matt Cullen or Boyd Gordon.

TRIBLIVE.COM/POST-GAZETTE: Penguins role-players Matt Cooke and Craig Adams could test the UFA market, while the Penguins are expected to take a conservative approach to free agency this summer.


  1. The best 2 forwards the Penguins could sign this summer are… Cooke and Adams. Probably won’t be able to afford both.

    • let em both walk … is Shero’s strategy to bring everybody back that got smashed by the Bruins and pay them more? Pens need some roster turnover …

  2. Doesn’t just about everybody in league except Boston and Pittsburgh need a #1 and / or #2 center, meaning whoever gets one today will really overpay ?

    • You can add Philly to that list… Giroux, Vinny, Couts..

      • Add Couturier and Laughton

    • Add the Kings as well, with Kopitar, Richards, Stoll and Carter who all play center LA might be the deepest in the league.

  3. Man what a massive let down for Leaf fans if the big news of the day is the re-signing of Bozak for another five years. Here is hoping it doesn’t happen. LOL

    I realize it would leave the Leafs thin but I’d rather give Kadri, Bolland and McClement a shot at 1, 2 and 3 if nothing good comes available rather then sign Boz or Weiss for five more years at $4.5M++

    • As u said in another post beergoogles, leafs sign scuderi they move gunner and or phaneuf.i think for a center. They know they will over pay for a 2nd line center in ufa market.

      • Nope, Scuderi not going to the Leafs this time around. :)

    • A friggin men! I trust Nonis is smarter than that… but you never know! The Leafs afterall drafted Luke Richardson over Joe Sakic.

    • I don’t know about other Leafs fans but I’d sure like to see the Leafs win an occasional face off….

  4. I’m a little annoyed at the Grabovski buy out, because he was misused all year by Carlyle, he will blossom in Det, TB, or St Louis and prove Carlyle wrong. My only hope in Nonis is that he has something brewing for a trade, and only PRAY he didn’t buy out Grabovski to turn around and give Bozak $5 Mill because Kessel has a bromance going with him.

    Ok, so potential trade partners for the Leafs may not be as few as people thought.

    Edm – Gagner (yes I know I’ve been saying that for months, and will continue to do so because he’s young and very talented)
    Wpg – Burmistrov (not happy there, young talent, could blossom in change of scenery)
    Buf – Hodgson/Stafford (Buffalo could be looking at blowing everything up and starting from scratch)
    Col – Stastny (the most obvious possibility, doubtful they let Duchene go)
    Min – Setoguchi (Min needs to bring the cap down)

    as far as UFA’s I’d only target REASONABLE contracts to Clarkson, Clowe, Cullen, Ference, Morrow, Horton, Scuderi, Murray, Raymond, and B. Kessel (I like whoever said to bring him in to keep Phil!)
    NYR – Richards (if he waived his NTC) Hagelin, Bressard (The Rangers have a ton of RFA to sign and not a lot of $, they might have to relieve some pressure via trade
    Phi – Coburn, Meszaros (heavy on D and may want some cap space wiggle room to land a goalie)
    SJ – Thornton or Marleau (I may get flamed for this, but I think SJ would be willing to move either one.)

    • Obviously I don’t see deals for all of them, 1 or 2 at most, this includes my little fragmented bit about the UFAs

    • B. Kessel on the Leafs could be stronger then the Boz bromance. LOL I like it.

    • I doubt Gagner is going anywhere.

      Burmistrov is a Dudley pick, therefore a bust.

      Hodgson is Sabres key center right now. Not going anywhere. Stafford most likely a trade deadline day acquisition.

      Stastny is possible.

      Setoguchi is a good scoring winger and affordable for the Wild. Not going anywhere.
      Heatley on the other hand….

      Rangers not trading their top six.

      Coburn or Mezsaros is definitely out.

      SJ is moving neither.

      • Nobody’s going to touch Heatley with a 10-foot pole. The only reason he’s still in Min is because they’re not allowed to buy out injured players, otherwise he’d be a UFA right now.
        If Rangers don’t trade their top 6, they won’t be able to sign their RFAs who then can become trade targets (Zuccarello, McDonagh)

    • I can see some unexpected trades today. San Jose does need to make a splash. I was surprised they didn’t buyout Havlet, but I think he is still injured. Marleau and Thornton had good years, but did nothing in the playoffs – something about Joe that he just can’t get the Sharks to the final. He’s not a goal scorer, but he is a setup guy and right now the Sharks would get good value in return. Marleau is a consistent goal scorer, but some critics say he disappears in the playoffs. Either Joe or Patrick should be traded now so that San Jose can add a younger piece – the team is Couture’s now and I would think there might be a changing of the guard by moving one of those pieces. I don’t see Buffalo making a big signing today, but I think a good move would be trading Vanek for Pavelski and Stafford for Setaguchi.

    • Phi heavy on D?? Where are you getting your info from – they are as thin as a 75yr old man’s hairline on D.

    • hodgson isn’t going anywhere.

  5. It would be quite funny if Philly tried to sign Bernier to a massive offer sheet, you’d think Toronto would be inclined to match it and then have a lovely goalie mess.

    • If it was massive offer sheet, I’d let them take him in return for their picks and then sign a vet behind Reimer (Nabokov, Thomas, Brysgalov or Khabibulin).

      • I agree, worst case scenario though. Toronto matches and then are paying nearly 8 mil for two somewhat unproven tenders. Highly unlikely either occur but just a random thought.

        • Let’s hope Nonis has better common sense than that!

    • First off with what money. Philly could afford an offer sheet on Colborne let alone Bernier

  6. Panthers GM Tallon said that he won’t be busy in the UFA market. He is still trying to sign Mueller to a more reasonable contract rather than sign him as a RFA with arbitration rights.

    Panthers desperately need an offensive center. They are deep at center, but not one to rely on for consistent offense.

  7. Alfie going to Detroit

    • This is surprising! Guess he’s trying to win a cup, although I would’ve gone to Boston if I were him…

  8. FLA signs Shawn Matthias. Two years. $1.75 AAV.

  9. I am curious to see what Nonis is going to do.. Weiss? Horton? Clakson? Maybe Iginla? Clowe?

    Wonder if he will target any of those players and how much money will he pay..

    • None of them are really stars (a slight argument can be made for Iginla, but his best days are behind him)
      Horton wants too much and he has a troublesome injury history in my books.
      Clarkson would be a good addition, but again, he may want too much. Wouldn’t give him more than $5M per season.
      Clowe is a similar player to Clarkson, and may be more affordable so I would look at that being a backup option
      I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to land a “jewel in the rough” (I’m pretty sure that was the thinking behind the Bolland move).
      Maybe Cullen, Morrow, or Stalberg.

      • Honestly, I do not see anything speciall in Balland.. He played behind very strong players on that Hawks team. I am not saying he is a crappy player but I do not think I would go “Ooo, my god we’ve got Bollard” if you know what I mean.

        Depth player.. We’ll see how he will play out.

        • Oh I agree, he’s just hoping that Bolland was just in the shadow of better players and might be able to shine in T.O. with more minutes, kind of like Lupul

        • He was crucial in their 2010 win, and this year’s win. Being a Hawk fan, I watch all games. They LEAN on this guy for PK and in the most important times during any game.

          You are super lucky to have him.

  10. What has been the big stumbling block between Bernier and the leafs. Normally its a few days after the trade of a RFA that there is a contract signed.

  11. I know Iggy is old but if leafs can get him for $3m maybe its a better option then clarkson for $6m?

    • lol at 3M for Iginla idea.. Clueless.

    • I think Iginla can fetch as much as Vinny and Briere, around $4-5M per season. Question is, do you pay the extra $1M per season for someone like Clarkson who’s much younger?

    • LEAFS spending wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ….to much time on Bozaks extension which should have been done prior to this if they wanted hi so they can concentrate on the TRUE UFAs at hand ….NONIS WTF ????

      Ferrence to Oilers …I cant believe this CRAP

      Leafs should be all over this guy !!

      • Why do Leafs brass always sleep on Free Agency Draft day and Trade Deadline ….its no wander we are where we are ….Nonis get your act together for once !!

        Why dont you waite until every one else is signed and then pick up the trash at $6 milliopn per player and over pay again to fill roster spots …I mean grow some balls for petes sake and sign the guys you need and pay them …why buy out players if your not going to spend especially guys that are decent at the positions you NEED!!

    • OMG.. I hope for Leafs fans’ sake that Nonis does not pay $6M a year for sandpaper.

  12. Flyers got Emery. Mason and Emery. Yikes. Can’t say I am happy about that.

    • Wow, Emery over Nabakov? Hmmmm….

      • Nabakov returns to the Isles, nevermind

  13. still makes no sense the Rangers did not buy out Richards with Stepan+Brassard @ center 1-2 spots now.
    Marc Staal could be traded as he only has one year left on his contract and the entire world knows he wants to play with his brothers. MCD will be resigned before RFA status

  14. Emery on a one year 1.75M contract, hopefully that hop holds up. Take Emerys numbers from last year with a grain of salt.. He was playing behind a complete team, that at one point, had 20 plus wins was it?

  15. How in the hell can the Pen’s pay another player $3M+ (Scuderi). Are they going to ice a team that consists of 8 players instead of 23?

    • They havent used any buy outs ….and if they get in trouble they will trade Fleury or Malkin at some point …there will be buyers!

  16. Wow Nonis getting shut out in all directions. Ference, Scuderi, Seguin, Ribero, Lecavilier. Sounds like Clarkson, Horton and Weiss are also looking else where.

    Bozak for another 5 years on the top line is looking like a very real possibility. LOL

    • As I stated Grabo to the Caps was my guess looking pretty good right now !!!

      • what about bozak/kessel/Phanono to COL for Duchene?

    • LOL

  17. What a huge mistake to buy out Grabo. It’s not like he was gratly overpaid (maybe about 1-1.5M). Now the Leafs, who were desperate for Centres got rid of one of their best players. Man- what a stupidity. I’d much rather overpay Grabo than sign Bozak at all. What is Nonis’ great game plan here? Buy out Grabo and overpay for crappier free agents like Weiss and Clarkson? Or Matt Cooke? Seriously? Nobody is saying Grabo is a Great centre, but better than these other guys… You’re telling me he couldnt have found a team for a trade and get some value out of him?

    Was the contract that bad? I thought the Leafs had Claude Loiselle to a) negotiate contracts, and b) manage the cap. At $5.5M for Grabo, what exactly were they negotiating?

    It’s a ridiculous move, and one the Leafs will regret when Grabo signs somewhere and puts up 60pts, is a plus player, and a key cog.

    If i was a Leafs fan I’d be pretty pissed off. There better be some massive improvement via trade, becasue none of the Free Agent centres are a major improvement over Grabo.

    • I am …………did you not see my post up top WTF are the Leafs doing

    • Depends on what Nonis does with the money. We have to wait and see. We can’t judge yet. If he re-signs Bozo then you can go nuts and bash away. Not yet though.

      • Unless he makes a blockbuster deal for Joe Thronton, I don’t see how they are going to come out of this a winner at all.

    • “What a huge mistake to buy out Grabo. It’s not like he was gratly overpaid (maybe about 1-1.5M). Now the Leafs, who were desperate for Centres got rid of one of their best players. Man- what a stupidity.”

      You might want to re-think whose the stupid here. :)

  18. Oooo Horton needs shoulder surgery out until Dec. Nonis should throw him (as the brokers in the stock market call it) a stink bid. 3 years @ $3M. LOL

  19. MacArthur to the Sen’s… No loss there…

  20. Penguins being conservative must have come from Rob Rossi. Worst reporter ever. They just signed Scuderi. So much for being quiet.

  21. My god Clowe will be making more then LeCavalier.. Clowe scored 3 goals. WOW!!

    • Clowe replaces Clarkson at $2.5 million less per year and three to four years les on contract …..same type player

      • I won’t argue that Clowe healthy is a better player.. but he is not healthy.. He is not playing the same physical style and when he does he get’s injured. See what happened in NY?

    • That has to be the worse signing of the day (maybe years). That is just stupid. Lou (GM) after the Schneider deal I thought you still had a little magic left but I guess that was all of it. You should be fired and retired from hockey for good.


    NONIS makes signings

    Leafs sign Colborne to max deal $4 million for 8 years and
    Bozak $6 million for 8 years and
    Extends Kessel for $7.5 for 8 years
    Extends Phaneuf for $6million for 8 years
    Bernier $4.5 for 8 years

    Trades Kadri for …….Matt Stajan and Lee Stempniak and futuire considerations…. LMAO yeah like they got any !

    Trades JVR for Chris Versteeg and Jovanoski !

    Just joking but this looks to be what the MAJOR plan is right now !!

    Give me a fricken break NONIS

    • Patience grass hopper. You’re stressing me out. LOL

      • LOL Iam stressed right now !!

        • It’s just a sport guy!!…

    • Here’s how to save the day:

      Phaneuf in some kind of deal to Colorado for Duchene or O’reilly.
      Reimer to Calgary for Cammalleri+ package.
      Picks and prospects/ roster players to San Jose for Thornton.
      JVR and something else to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan.
      Don’t sign Clarkson to a $6M contract (if Clowe got $4M+??)
      Don’t sign Bozak… yikes
      Don’t go after Matt Cooke… ever
      Don’t go after Weiss and overpay- should have just kept Grabo in that case.

      Liklihood of this happening: 1%

      • And you can bring in Iggy if you can get him cheap.

      • Cant trade for Orielly until after Feburary !

  23. I think Leafs are going hard after Weiss and Clarkson.. I have a feeling that they will overpayd big time.

    • yes, they probably will.

  24. The Leafs were the team with tons of cap space, tons of roster spots to fill out, tons of middle-range assets to trade, bigtime need to improve and continue to march forward.

    This is why having a conservative GM sicks.

    Paul Holmgren is the man… why? Becasue he isn’t scared to take a risk and own up to it.

    • To be honest Holmgren made one bad UFA signing. Bryzgalov. He fixed it and I am not saying that Flyers goaltending issues are solved but… Bryzgalov was crap.

      Briere worked out excellent but was replaced by LeCavalier. Danny will miss Philly and FLyers fans will miss Danny. ZTHis contract worked out fine for both Danny and Philadelphia.

      • Are you kidding? Holmgren is the laughing stock of the league! Every year he’s looking for a new goaltender, overpays him and gets rid of him. In the process they let a future Vezina winner, Bobrovsky, slip through their fingers.

        Holmgren is bold…but much too impulsive and impatient. Glad Philly has him.

        • Are you kidding? Holmgren is the laughing stock of the league! Every year he’s looking for a new goaltender, overpays him and gets rid of him.

          Yes, I believe he has moved ahead of Garth Snow in that category. 😉

          • You talk just to hear your own voice? Garth has built a pretty decent team there and done it for pennies on the dollar. Made some mistakes early on sure but the Islanders are not far off being one of the better teams in the east.

  25. I still can’t get passed the money being paid to some of these players. What the hell was the lock out for. GMs are the problem with the game. Clowe!!! I thought Horton was a bit high, definitely long but Clowe.

    • I am with you.. At least Horton is SC champion and 28 years old, had great playoff run. Wtf did Clowe do, scored 3 goals?

      • And a head shot away from retirement….dont forget that part

  26. So now 2nd line wingers are worth as much or more than starting goalies. Holy Crap.

  27. Looks like Clarkson on a 7 year deal with Leafs and Bozak under 5$ million

    • Wandering if Nonis signs Bozak and trades him and Kessel in a PKG deal !

      • Nope. Bozack close to signing five year deal for under 4.5 a season

    • Both these guys will be buyouts in 4 years time. 😉

      • How you figure? Bozak would get the same contract any where he went think about it Weiss Ribero get 5 mill deals Weiss will be playing on the second line at 4.9 look around the league at what top 2 centers make from team to team and just over 4 is about right for Bozak, Clarkson took less then Horton who wont play for 6 montbs and is probably riding off in to the sunset in Columbus but a bit more then Clowe and his 3 goals use your head. Your attempt at humor thru Leaf bashing makes you look dumb sometimes. Ya the term on Clarkson is steep but it would have been the same anywhere he went and guaranteed he got some offers elsewhere.

  28. Does Gillis know its UFA day starts a noon on the east coast not the west coast. Someone might want to wake his ass up.

    • Lol

  29. Looks like Iginla to Blues.

  30. Clarkson to Toronto. No idea about $.
    I bet over 5.

    • $5.25M per

      • wow!!!

        • If the guy has a couple decent years 5.25 wont be a bad hit down the road

  31. Hmm seem to remember someone saying Bozak for 5 years 22max and Clarkson with a stuipid max term deal for just under 6…hmmm who could have that been…oh ya it was me lol

    • Lmao at Leafs fans/management..56 million invested in Bozak Clarkson duo

    • I hear it’s 7 year deal but it has to be over 5M because Clowe makes 4.75.

    • Still haven`t addressed the needs of the team ….No / 1 Center no size on wings , no upgrade on defense size and skill

      but to get these guys in at those prices is better than what was being asked for!

      • No size on wing? Clarkson is a big winger that will bang and go to the net.
        The term is a couple years too long but 5.25 mil is pretty good,lower than Grabo was and that is great.

        the way I see it the leafs traded grabo/Macarthur/Komisarek for Clarkson/Bolland and Bozak.
        grabo was a little better than Bozak but not 1.5 mil better and now kessel is happy and should be signing to stay.

        Clarkson is a big step up from Macarthur and now the leafs have 2 very solid top lines even with no real Number 1 centre.
        Bolland makes it a true shut down centre and the PK got even better.

        Toss in 2 real goaltenders and I say kudos to Nonis and who knows,maybe more to come down the road.

        • Clarkson is NOT THAT big. He is 6’1 200lbs and he is average at fighting.
          He does drive the net and he is a pain in the ass but let’s not go crazy about sories how big he is.

        • Finally some sense!

          • @toprightcorner the finally some sense thing…lol

      • No size on wings? JVR 6’3, Clarkson is 6 ‘ 215 and plays much bigger then that, Kuli is 6’1 225 Lupul is over 6′ 200lbs Orr, McLaren ….are you on glue? They have lots of size on the wing maybe not compared to a basketball team but

        • SORRY……….. Let me rephrase that !!!!!

          Still did not address a player who uses his size in on the wings and forecheck and grinds it out in the corners or on the wing !

          however Clarkson does do that ! but he can not play all game !

          • Ohh well Pitt hasn’t addressed their need for skilled centers, yes they do have Crosby and Malkin but they can’t play the whole game.

        • LOL
          .. i feel like being on glue today

        • But?…. you were saying….

    • 7 year deal 5.25 oer year for Clarkson. For that type of money Nonis could of sign Horton.

      • Horton is walking wounded most of the year no thank you

        • Clarkson did not even score 50pts once in his career. Clarkson should be writing thank you letters to Elias…

          No question Horton is a better player. Not a single question.

          • Im sure he will be writing them to Kadri

          • Horton was a bust until he went to Boston and the team made him better.

            he is injured a lot and is going for shoulder surgery that will keep him out until December.

            I predict Horton becomes the biggest bust out of this free agent market and another guy Columbus will be trying to trade away in about 3 years.

        • Well Clarkson did not score 50 with Elias, Kovalchuk or Parise around him… So seriously.. I know Kadri is like another Gretzky in Toronto but like I said.. let’s not go crazy here.

          • Not saying Kadri is anywhere close or even should dream of being Gretzky but Clarkson playing with Kadri could be a pretty nice combo, the kid is a very good set up guy.

          • I think you already have with that comparison nitro… 😉

      • Horton scored 20 goals 5 times in 6 seasons with Florida.. Bust my *ss.

    • Not saying either is a great deal but didnt need to be a detective to see where this was going…. too long a term for a guy who plays like Clarkson, and Bozak under 4.5 is better then Weiss Roy or Ribero at over 5. All and all not too bad, not great but serviceable for now. They should be pretty fun to watch anyway…

      • Totally agree !
        Leaves room to expand and sign some other such as Franson Fraser Bernier and Kadri……hence the Grabo buy out !
        Really need to move the Phaneuf contract to open up for a first line center if they can bring one in VIA trade !

  32. Per Eklund.. Weiss could be going to Detroit.

  33. Blah this stinks. Let see how much is left to sign our RFA’s now without moving Liles, Gunnar or Phaneuf.

    • about 16 mil left for our rfa’s.

      should be just fine there even without making any deals.

      • I would be VERY interested in IGGY on the Leafs at this point !! for $3miilion for 3 years

        • JVR-Kessel

          Iggy on the 3rd line for 3 mil?
          no chance he accepts that role or that the Leafs bother with it.

          I hope he signs a friendly deal to go back home to Calgary and play his last couple of years in front of fans that love him.

          • Thats what hes going to get anywhere and what he had in PITT …just might be for more money !

        • Clowe 4.75, Briere 4, Clarkson 5.25, LeCavalier 4.5 but Iginla will sign for 3. 😉

          • Yeah, and Toronto probably had to over pay for Clarkson, because of buying out Grabovski and going through that whole Y&R episode. Wouldn’t look very good by MLSE if they didn’t get any of the saught-after UFA’s.

  34. With what Clowe got, Toronto fans should be jumping with joy for the Clarkson deal. Personal I think Clarkson got a little bit to much but with the market today I think they might have got a deal. But it will be interesting to see what he does without a true number 1 center.

  35. Weiss to Detroit, 5 years. Done deal.

  36. Toronto’s forward lines thus far:


    • McClaren will be on the 4th line, and if they don’t get anyone else, perhaps Hamilton will re-sign for the 3rd line

      • Scratch Hamilton, will most likely be Komarov, he’s not a UFA but an RFA

        • Komarov will be playing in the KHL this year.

      • McLaren will likely be the 13th forward (sub)

    • Toronto should now look at a 3rd liner RW (gritty scoring) and a 4th line LW (Goon-like):

      RW – Brunner
      LW – Morrow

    • Blah… Stop reminding me about Bozak on the top line. I want to puke right now.

      • There will be a trade at some point as well to address other needs….

        As a side NOTE : Iam in the belief that Leafs are VERY KEEN on Leivo and may look at seeing him in a limited role if he can make the jump …….

        NOW don`t ROAST me here …I am just offering a suspicious look into that ! `

        Iam a big fan of Ryan Hamilton and would love to see him on the roster for a full year as I think there could be a very good player there to fit the need and cap !

        • I would also look at Ryder for a 3 year deal he is a sniper and always scores goals everywhere he goes ! I would also like to see a deal to the Jets perhaps with a defender and pick going the other way for Blake Wheeler , he would add tremendous speed and great hands to the Leafs !
          He would be my first choice !

          • With what money?

    • It follows Nonis’s mo. to leave some spots available for some Marlies to play their way on to the team in training camp and preseason look for a guy like Carter Ashton to fill that spot on the 3rd line he is big plays a very good 200 foot game hits and is a pain in the ass to play against, him and Biggs will challange for that spot he could also be used on the 4th line and would work there, with Brenan there is at least 1bottom pairing D and a crop of very good Marlie defence almost ready to make the jump in Blacker, Percy,Riley and Granberg. Also there are still good assets that could be used in a deal for a shut down type D, McKegg Levio,Colborne all our picks for the next couple years. Its looking pretty decent even with the holes in the roster spots right now.

  37. Anyone know if Bozak got a NTC or NMC cause that would be the icing on the cake…

  38. Imagine if Toronto signed Cooke ? lol Ottawa !

    • I’m for that

  39. Ok so on Cap geek the Leafs remaining cap is $14.3M, assuming they need at least $1.3M breathing room for injuries (probably need more) that leaves $13M max remaining to sign 8 players (currently 15 under contract.

    RFA’s minimum salary signings
    Kadri $4M
    Franson $3.2M
    Bernier $3M
    Gunnar $2.5M
    Fraser $1.8M
    Total $14.5M
    and still need to sign 3 more guys

    How much did I say the Leafs had left to sign these 8 players?

    • It’s pretty obvious Phaneuf has to go asap

      • Phaneuf has to go or they cant even look at another 1 Center or even sign the rest of those guys !

    • I like fraser too but Im not paying a bottom pairing D anymore then a mill, Gunnar gets 2 or there is a Marlie with his spot Franson between 2.75-3, Kadri 3.5-3.75 if they dont let some of these guys walk is almost another 2 mill, Liles will be moved or put on waivers and picked up another 3.75 there is close to 5 mill more…

  40. I was looking forward to this off season for the Bruins but not now. They trade away a franchise player let a lot of free agents walk an all Chia can talk about is maybe resign Jagr an his walker an knowing him he will give him a 4 year deal. I haven’t heard if they lost there backup goalie yet ? This really stinks

  41. Ryan traded to Ottawa and Flyers agreed with Gagne on the deal.

  42. Again Nonis couldn’t have bettered Ottawas offer for Ryan?
    Basically a second rounder Silferberg, a late first rounder Noesen and this years late first rounder. Hmmm This day just got worse.

    • As you just said some teams have to make the money fit!

      Thats limited !

    • PLUS Murray connection …Murray just lost Afredson …throw him a bone !!

      • Ryan deal was in the works long before Murray lost Alfie

    • Silferberg and noeson are going to be good players.
      I though Silf looked really good last year and will be a top 6 for sure.
      the 1st rd pick I don’t see as a late pick but in the 8-18 range.

      Any deal for him by the Leafs would have been Gardiner/1st Rd plus a top prospect.
      Glad they passed on that.

      Ryan is a good player but I think a little overated and will head home to the USA and probably Philly as soon as his contract ends if not sooner by a trade demand.

      Short term gain for Ottawa that will prove costly in 3 or 4 years.

      Phaneuf is not going anywhere as there is no replacement.

      I think you have way overpriced the RFA’s and need to shave off about 3-3.5 mil.

      • Wander if Murray flips Bobby Ryan and a piece to Philly …Murray has been in trade Talks with Philly on his own about a number of players even outside this deal !!

        • that be interesting but Ottawa has been after Ryan for a while now. Can’t see him being flipped.

      • Shave off on who? You think Kadri will take less then $4? Min $3.5M. Look at what Winnipeg paid Kane $5.25M as an example 17g, 16a, -3+/-. Kadri blew him away this year 18g, 26a, +15+/- good luck stats don’t lie… Fraser had the most block shots in the league and the teams best plus minus he’s worth less then $1.8M? Franson made huge strides and could be a top pairing this year don’t you want to lock him up? He will want bare minimum of $3M on a long term deal probably more. Bernier will command $3M (min $2.5M) no way Nonis can let him sit to start the year due to contract stalemate. Dude no where to shave.

        • You are right !! Have to be a trade coming …I still see Bozak the od man out due to the centers we have in play right now unles MClement or Kadri get the boot and I dont see that !

          So go figure !!

        • OILERS
          sign Ryan Hamilton to 2 years ..character guy good signing and Eakins loves this kid like a son !

          • Leafs are not going to sign Bozak and flip him,no chance.

            Hamilton was a good foot soldier but not NHL material.

        • Kadri and Franson have had 1 good year and it was a short season.
          kane has been around and proven himself.
          if we are going to compare young RFA then lets use Subban and what he got under the same status.
          kadri gets maybe 3 unless they decide to lock him up long term which I doubt.
          Let him prove himself and then pay him the bucks when his rfa status is over.

          Franson was good but lets not go overboard on his raise and again being rfa there is no need to overpay.

          leafs just signed TJ Brennan so he may be taking the 6th dman spot at 600K.

          I even have doubts that Bernier gets 3 until he also proves himself.

          • Shitiky will disagree with you on Bernier. He thinks $3.5M.

            Still does add up buddy. Not saying Nonis will sign these guys anywhere near your figures but lets play the game.
            Kadri $3M
            Franson $2.5M
            Bernier $2.5M
            Gunnar $2M
            Fraser $1.5M
            Total $11.5M
            Total cap room $13M leaving $1.5M to sign three more players. Impossible
            No way no how.
            Something has to give and it looks like Phaneuf is the odd man out with his $6.5M salary taking up the same as 4 other Dmen (Franson 2.5M, Fraser 1.5M, Gunnar 2M and Brennan’s 600k total salary $6.6M).

            Anyways no way these guys are all going to sign for these low numbers after all of them having a banner year (Gunnar excluded)

          • Bernier will get 3-3.5 easy

        • 1 partial season of stats does not mean Kadri=Kane Fraser is a bottom pair D I really like him but worth no more then a mill, Franson will get somewhere around 3 but is no Subban so 3 tops and not long term and Im not even sure all these guys come back there sre 3 main RFAs Kadri Bernier Franson, with the pick up of Brenan gives them another bottom pairing d so good bye Fraser Blacker is pretty much ready for the NHL so there is another under a mill bye Gunnar, Liles will get picked up or dealt there is plenty of room….

          • By your calculations that’s $9M for Kadri, Franson and Bernier bring the Leafs to $59.8M for 19 players leaving $3M to sign Ohhh just 4 more players at $800k each. Plenty of room. LOL

            My point to this entire post was the Leafs need to move someone. My thought was Phaneuf due to his salary but yes Liles could help somewhat. Moving Liles would bring the Leafs to roughly $6.5M to sign 5 players. Still tight. Phaneuf would give them way more breathing room.

          • For sure if you moved Dion there would be some more room but Im not just moving the captain of the team and a pretty good d man (our best anyway) for cap room, there is enough to sign the rfas we have to worry about, If Dion goes there would have to be something good coming back. If we are just worried about breathing room there are other ways of doing it, move Kuli for example. My point being we have signed 3 guys that would be considered upgrades lost 2 horrible contracts in Komi and Grabo, retained all our prospects and still have room for the RFAs, all in all pretty good offseason so far. If we took on 1 of those other pieces you mentioned we would need to shed salary a whole lot worse. As much as I like Scuderri or Ferrence Im not so sure I trade Dion away to get one of them, or for that mater sign Scuderri or Ferrence and not Clarkson.

          • There are Marlies that are pretty much ready to make the jump aswell Biggs Ashton could play third line roles Levio is almost ready same could be said Percy these guys are all affordable and are part of the Leafs kinda new outlook of competition for playing time…lots of room.

          • Better hope none of these FRA’s go to arbitration or we will have to let them walk. These arbitrators usually side with the player and give them way more then the team wants to pay. They all had good seasons all be it one off seasons at this point. Don’t think an arbitrator cares it was only one good year.

          • Only ones I care about now are Franson and Kadri, Gunnar and fraser are bottom 3 d types they are a dime a dozen plus as I said I beilieve there are more moves coming for the D


    My dark horse as you all now if you read my posts 3 days ago in this UFA season was Anton Kubobin , this is a steal for the Hurricanes at $800,000 and can potentially be the succsesor to ward in a very short time !

    Good job Rutherford

  44. Did the Bruins really loose Anton kubobin now? What are they doing in Boston sleeping? Fire sale? Seems all they wanna do is go after washed up vets maybe they can lure Gerry cheevers out of retirement an back up Rask. Who knows they probably will trade his rights away

    • BRUINS 62

      I gotta be honest with I think Chiareli did a good deal in Erikson and Riely Smith is going to be a star ….I think you will be fine !!

      Kudobin is a loss hes going to be good !


      Leafs dont qualify Kostka ….but sign TJ Brennan ….who the hell is he and why we have so many young defenders that need to get in there and one that neds to get his ass kicked out of town !

      • Buddy
        We needed a top line center. Seguin comes available. We don’t get him.

        We needed a another high scoring power winger to complete our top four. Ryan comes available. We don’t get him.

        We need a couple stay at home defenders. Ference and Scuderi come available. We don’t get them.

        What do we get? Bozak for another five years scheduled for the number one center position and Clarkson for 7 years (keep in mind Burke and Nonis wouldn’t sign these long term deals before, now that the compliance provision is used up they turn around and sign a 7 year deal). WTF

        We got squat.

        Enough said.

        • Youre such a cap wizzard do the math on adding Ryan, Seguin Scuderri or Ferrence all these guys are worth more then what we picked up…so far this year we improved 3rd line center form Colborne/Grabovski to Bolland and yes Bolland is an upgrade of Grabo at 2 miilion less, Clarkson is a huge upgrade of CMac, Bernier is much better then Scrivens, Bozaks deal is pretty decent if you look what Ribero and Weiss got and zId rather have Bozak then either of those 2, we could still use a D but still could be some moves made and really Dave did ok with keeping in a budget we will have a lots of room next year aswell for another upgrade, plus still have some decent prospects coming all in all the team is in very good shape.

          • Where did I say we should or could have added all these guys. 2 out of the four would have even been nice. My point was there were at least four holes to fill and we did not get top quality to fill them.

            Mediocre at best. I’d say the Leafs have improved by 5% to 10% over last years roster by adding Bolland and Clarkson.
            Bernier is a nice pick up but I’m still worried what it does to either Reimer or Bernier. Anyways that ship has sailed so who cares.

            I think Nonis had no chance with Seguin or Ryan. B’s said no way Seguin is coming back to bite us and Burkie (with the Ducks front office) said a big FU to the Leafs on the Ryan front. Just a hunch

        • If Dallas traded for Horcoff and that anchor of a contract someone will take Liles off our hands….lots of room

        • I don’t think Boston would’ve traded Seguin to Toronto for anything. The fans would kill him.

      • Kostka your right he will not be back at this time. Brennan has all sorts of upside, people were surprised Buffalo let him go to Nashville. If Spott can do for him what Eakins did for his D then Brennan is a keeper. A good risk to take.

  45. Smart Trade For Both Teams:
    Ducks knew that they would have a real hard time signing Ryan in two years as the asking price would be 7-8 million for 6-8 years, impossible with Perry & Getzlaf recent signing. Silfverberg is going to be a good hockey players for years to come and if you look at the Hockey News September 2012 Future Watch edition you will see that Noesen was rated #67 in their top 100 of NHL prospects, so 2-3 years up the road he could be knocking on NHL door. Also don’t forget the #2014 #1 Ottawa pick, those always come in handy. One other point is that with Etem, Palmieri, Rakell, Holland, Karlsson, Roy ( Northeastern University), Kerdilies, whitney, Smith-Pelly, Sarault the Ducks have lots of young forwards to choose from in the next 1-3 years. Ducks also have $ 5 million in play money to spend on current needs. Lastly, I really feel that this will be a great thing for Bobby Ryan, Ryan always had to play second fiddle to Perry and Getzlaf, constantly switched from first to second line then back again, always seemed to be rumored to be traded, hope he has found a home and is appreciated and does real well. and Bob Murray, great job, you did what needed to be done and made a good deal for the future. Next up Jonas Hiller.

    • I really this deal for the Ducks, Silfverberg is going to be a good one1st round pick and Noesen for a guy they were going to lose in a couple years anyway…great deal good for Ottawa to until Ryan is ufa

  46. Wow, what a day so far.

    As far as the leafs go, I hope they can tie up Bernier, Kadri, Franson and Fraser soon I am getting a bit nervous with them needing to sign 7 roster players and only having 13 or so million. I suspect that the leafs may do with Liles what they did with Komisarek. put him on waivers, and if he clears, let him play for the Marlies. I am sure they exhausted all options with Trades, and his 3.8 million added to the 13 allows some decent resignings. Leafs bought out the biggest contracts, allowing maximum cap space so far.

    I cannot figure out Philly and Pittsburgh. If Prongers cap does not count while he is on LTIR I suppose they are okay, and at roster maximum. The Pens have about 737,000 to spend on 3 players. Unless I am missing something they need to shed some salary, more specifically on Defense. I am sure they would love to shed Eatons 5 million if anyone was willing. But if they cannot, does anyone think Orpik is a tradeable asset right now as Pens will have 16 million ( if cap goes to 70 mill next year) to sign 12 players including Orpik, Engelland, Niskanen Sutter, Jokinen, Glass,Vitale and Vokoun next year?

  47. “Shitiky will disagree with you on Bernier. He thinks $3.5M.”

    Only because it will be the Leafs signing him… I agree with Shitcky on the amount. Time will tell…

    • ? Only cause its the leafs really? Fasth Dubnyk Rask Schneider,Anderson all these guys are in that ballpark and all got their deal with in a year or so of becoming starters its called compareables.
      Bernier was just traded for you think Nonis is going to low ball him and say we arent sure if you really fit in to our plans???…Bernier will be close to 3, 3.5 at most.

      • $2.9M for Bernier

        • Now who’s considered the big dog in the crease, $2.9M awarded to new arrival Bernier or the $1.8M homegrown Remier makes.

          And there it starts. The ground work has been laid for the future number one before any game has been played.

  48. Hey TopRight

    One signing down 4 more to go:
    RFA’s salary signings
    Kadri $4M
    Franson $3.2M
    Bernier $3M (Actual $2.9M)
    Gunnar $2.5M
    Fraser $1.8M
    Total $14.5M

    TopRightCorner says:
    July 5, 2013 at 9:08 pm
    I think you have way overpriced the RFA’s and need to shave off about 3-3.5 mil
    I even have doubts that Bernier gets 3 until he also proves himself

    • Im betting Fraser is gone Gunnar could be If he thinks he is getting 2.5 Kadri wont make 4 Franson may make 3 but I cant see him getting too much more then that and Liles or Kuli (hopefully liles) will be gone soon…lots of room why give Fraser and Gunnarson 4mill. Between them when you could use 2 marlies for 2 mill Gunnarson is not that good replace him with Blacker and ease Percy in on the bottom pair or make a deal for another bottom pairing type D They have lots of depth on the blueline and guys that will make the jump in the next year or so, dont need to overpay guys like Gunnarson and Fraser

      • I agree on the Gunnar thing but not on Fraser. Anywhere between $1.5M and $1.8M would be a steal for this guy. We paid Komi $4.5M to play the way Fraser plays and he couldn’t do it. Guys like Fraser are tough to find, he can log 18min per game without mistakes, fights, blocks shots, clears the net. Most D men now won’t or can’t do most of these things. We need one guy like him around otherwise whos going to do this dirty work? Nobody in the Leaf organization.