Latest on the Flyers, Senators, Oilers and Capitals – July 4, 2014.

Could the Flyers ship Vincent Lecavalier to the Senators? How will the Oilers address their need for a center? Could the Capitals trade Mike Green?

Could the Senators acquire Vincent Lecavalier?

Could the Senators acquire Vincent Lecavalier?

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports Flyers GM Ron Hextall, unable to interest the Nashville Predators in Vincent Lecavalier, has turned his attention to the Ottawa Senators, who recently traded away center Jason Spezza. Panaccio cites league sources claiming the Senators want the Flyers to pick up a hefty portion of Lecavalier’s salary (Hextall is reportedly willing to pick up $1 million annually) plus include something else (likely a player or draft pick) in the return.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports his sources claim the Senators have inquired about Lecavalier but the chances of a trade aren’t good. The Senators are exploring their options at center and have contacted UFA David Legwand. Garrioch also reports the Senators, with eight defensemen under one-way contracts, could try to move one of them (possibly little-used Patrick Wiercioch) in the coming days. They’re also rumored to have revisited last season’s interest in Buffalo Sabres winger Chris Stewart, while wingers Colin Greening and Erik Condra could be available for a reasonable return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Flyers want to move Lecavalier, who has four years at $4.5 million annually, they’ll have to pick up between $2 – $2.25 million annually. They’re in no position to quibble. Teams know Hextall is trying to move the center and will squeeze him. 

**UPDATE** As one of my readers noted (see below in the comments section), the Flyers cannot pick up $2 million annually of Lecavalier’s contract owing to the bonuses in his contract. They can retain up to 50 percent of actual salary, so by my estimate that would be $1.5 million annually. Stick tap to “Shane”. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis cites a report from TSN’s Ryan Rishaug that a deal between the Oilers and UFA center David Legwand isn’t likely to happen, meaning the Oilers are more likely to turn to the trade market to add a center. It’s possible they could use defenseman Jeff Petry as trade bait. Willis believes such a move could hurt the Oilers blueline without finding a suitable replacement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Petry is a restricted free agent coming off a two-year, $3.5 million contract and has arbitration rights. Perhaps the Oilers anticipate contentious contract talks? It’s been suggested the Oilers could target Blues center Patrik Berglund. 

WASHINGTON POST: Alex Prewitt reports Capitals GM Brian MacLellan continues to back defenseman Mike Green, who’s become the subject of trade rumors following the Capitals’ additions of Matt Niskanen and Brooks Orpik via free agency. Prewitt suggests Green, who will be eligible for UFA status next summer, could become a possible trade-deadline bargaining chip.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals don’t have to move Green now, but you can bet questions about his future will dog him and the Capitals throughout 2014-15. 


  1. Flyers cannot retain 2 million per year of Vinny’s contract per the CBA. He is owed 14.5 million dollars in his contract now with his signing bonus paid this year. He has a 2 million bonus next year and 500K the next. Per the CBA, you cannot trade bonus cash. So 14.5(full salary)-2.5(bonus money)=12 million. They can retain 50% of that money I am fairly sure. So 6 million over the 4 years is the most they can retain. It comes to 41%

    • Buy him out or its a first round pick to get rid of him…just cant see any team being that desperate to pick up Vinny now.

      • Maybe Ottawa? If Legwand is off the market I really see Hextall shipping his first and Lecalvier for one of Ottawa’s mid level prospects. Other then Ottawa I see no one interested in this guy who is basically at the end of his career and he is playing like it to.

        • Hextall has stated before he will not trade his picks, he loves them along with young players. He won’t be adding veteran players at the expense of younger players and their ice time. Getting a first in return to taking Vinny’s contract is just not an option. it will not be done. The Flyers have ways to keep his contract and remain under the cap for the year. Their overage charge next year though would be heavy if we have rookies playing big minutes and Kimmo plays all his games.

          Flyers can just max out up to 4.9 over the cap and we will have that charge over the cap during the season. It’s not ideal but it’s workable.

      • I though Tim Murray might have bit on Vinnie along with Philly’s #17. But, I’m happy with the end result for Bflo and just wonder what’s up with Steve Ott?

        • What’s up with with Steve Ott? All I’m hoping for is that he doesn’t come here. Zero need for him.

          And no thanks to Vinny. We don’t want a dud hanging around with our young players. Gionta and Gorges will bring in better leadership then Ott.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Vinny in NY. They are in desperate need of a 3rd or 4th line center. I think it is a better option than J.T. Miller . I think Miller would be better suited sliding into the spot left by Pouliot on the Brassard / Zucc line. But 2 big problems in the way. NY can’t even afford him if Philly retained the 6 million, and I don’t remember any deal ever between NY and Philly other than the Lindros trade.

      On a side note….Why the hell did NY think they needed another vertically challenged forward? (Bourque)

      • Not a bad point in having Vinny take Pouliot’s spot. does vinny still have ANY speed left?

        • I was meaning Miller take Pouliots spot. Vinny centering line 3, Moore centering 4. Miller has great speed, Just not sure I like Moore full time 3rd and Miller full time 4th line centers.

          • Actually I don’t know how that would work…. or any combination of what they have…..
            Miller-Vinny-St. Louis…. eeeek St. Louis in the 3rd line?
            Glass-Moore-Haggerty / Fast????

            I can’t see Hagelin, Kreider Nash or St. Louis playing 3rd line minutes….Unless AV plans on spreading out line 1 and 2 and a lot of times line 3 minutes pretty equally like last year.

  2. Bozak for Petry! :-)

    • Not sure if your joking or not? You guys are already low on a good center. Giving up your number one center for a 3-4 defenseman is not a good idea.

      Kadri or Holland aren’t number one centers. Bozak is good enough for the center position to be effective.

      • It was a bad attempt at a bit of a joke but now that we have 5 or 6 centers…Kadri is better than Bozak, and I bet Santorelli or the Finn could put up 40-50 points playing on that top line in otherwords same as Bozak. Leafs may not have a top line type center but right now they have a few guys that could be decent 2s. Kadri Holland Bozak Santorelli.

        • I think you’re underrating Bozak. The Leafs 1st line was one of the most effective top units in the NHL last season, it’s the only spot in the line up without question marks

        • Holland and Santorelli aren’t really number 2 centerman. Santorelli is on the cusp while Holland is basically your everyday #3 IMO.

          • A 3 c D man is generally good defensively, for a checking roll. Holland and Santorelli are more offensive guys than checking line centers. Santorelli actually spent time at center on the top line in Van last year and looked pretty good there the few games I seen him, he was also a firstline center in Florida when Weiss had a bit of an injury filled season, he managed to put up 20 goals snd 20 assists playing with no bodies. That being said he is not very good defensively at all. They will have to use someone as a 3 c, but really the leafs have a bunch of 2s. Guys like Bolland Gordon Jordan Stall that are hard to play against, kill penslties but might not put up a tonne of points are guys that come to mind when speaking of 3 rd line centers.

  3. I hate to say this being a big Sens Fan as this opinion is likely to cause a long, trying year for Ottawa, but if I was Ottawa, I would simply pick up wingers and a veteran D, and give Zabinejad a chance at centre and possibly Lazar. There doesn’t see to be a number 1 centre available and bringing in an aging Lacavalier “could” help but I feel his age and speed has got to the point where he will need some good players around him to properly utilize his genius on the ice. Ottawa needs to decide to go with their youth movement or Bring in some top end free agents. This losing a star and bringing in a star is akin to tredding water. Hossa goes out, Heatley comes in. Alfredson goes out Ryan comes in. Spezza goes out…..”place name here”. Next year Ryan goes out and someone else comes in. Just turn the page and start righting the next chapter of the book. This current chapter is too long already. Pick a coherent plan that fans like me can understand. finishing 9th or 10th every year is not a plan.

    • Agree Jeff time for a rebuild. Move older assets for picks.
      Due to the cap floor can’t move everyone.
      But what would they want Vinny for.

    • The name I’ll place there is Voracek. Voracek, Lecavalier, Grossman and Philly’s 2015 first for Ryan, Condra, Wiercioch and Dallas’s 2015 second ( which Ottawa just acquired in the Spezza trade ). This let’s Ottawa avoid a third ugly offseason in row by nipping the coming Ryan fiasco in the bud. It gets Ottawa another first round pick in next year’s draft and a legit first line winger to replace Ryan. Lecavalier and Zibanejad can compete for second line center. This gets Philly under the cap for the start of the season and gives them a year to work with Ryan on an extension. They would just need to convince Vinnie to waive his NMC for a move to Ottawa. As a Pens fan I hope it does not happen.

      • I’d take Voracek for Ryan in a package deal. But if Vinny is part of it, The Sens keep the 2nd pick or Weircoich because the sens are a budget team taking on 7M in extra salary, doing them a large favour. And good luck convincing Melnyk to take on the salary. I like the idea of the deal but I just don’t see the budget Nazi agreeing.

    • Totally agree Jeff. Don’t think a rebuild is necessary though Dave, the Sens have good young players already playing on the team but a plan would be nice lol. Lecavalier does nothing for the team. I think BMGM not trading for another center might put some more confidence in Zibanejad. It would be like saying I think you can get the job done. Plus I don’t think a guy like Lecavalier is right for the locker room after losing another long time player. I’d rather get another winger if they were looking for a top 6 forward. Doesn’t have to be a star lol. But someone to play with Michalek. Every year it seems there’s just too much hope and zero assurance of what the team will be.

    • These are all good thoughts, thanks for the responses guys. I personally don’t think trading Ryan is a good idea. He is still young and can up his production this up coming year if he remains healthy. The injury sustained last year appears to have hampered him quite a bit. If true any player willing to play through it is a player I would not give up. I would package Weircioch (spelling may very lol, its a doozy) in a deal. There are many who think he was under utilize (Their is a blog on raving over this guy.yet). Yet the Sens having Karlsson playing half a game and Ceci showing lots of promise and moving on up the depth charts gives them 3 right handed shot, puck moving defensemen. I’m not sure if it’s possible to spread the ice time out enough to get value for Weircioch. IOttawa obviously still has faith that Cowen will be a solid stay at home Dman. I have no issue with that. Defense is education and offense is intuition. So given more time to season and a full training camp I can see Cowen improving. Until the improvement happens to match his contract no value will come from a trade with him. Yet Ottawa needs some bruising veteran defenders to help these young guys out. They also need some forward depth beyond a roster full of 3rd and 4th liners. Packaging Wiercioch a player with potential that many liek may entice another team to pay up. It makes lots of sense to me. He is an asset I think that has more value to Ottawa in a trade. Move him in a package and bring in some hard nose wingers. Allow Zabinejad and Lazar to Centre and give them their shot.

  4. Is this possible?? Could the oilers trade petry for lecalvier and colburn? Basically d for d and the oil take that bad contract? They then could use their comp buyout if they pick up a center during the summer or keep him as they need a center in case leon drysitle isnt ready. Frees up cash for philly as well. Yes???

    • I’d do that, but I doubt the Oilers would.

      They would be taking on almost $10 million in salary for those 2.

      The Flyers could just let Petry walk if need be, but I can’t see the Oilers doing that at all.

  5. Or we could just sign David Legwand, HAHA just kidding!…. OH COME ON!

    • Lol its a done deal. I don’t mind legwand. He is a two way player. Be nice for a change but does this mean management has decided Zabinejad is not going to cut it at centre?

  6. Lecavalier to Edmonton!! MacT..get er done!!!

  7. Marc Bergevin still looking for a top 6 player. If they really want to move Galchenyuk at center, they have Desharnais, Galchenyuk, Plekanec, Eller and Malhotra.

    Eller or Plekanec are surely available. One of the two to Edmonton for David Perron?

  8. Here is what I wish the flyers would do but the odds are 0.1% that is would happen,
    -trade Lecavalier to a bottom team for a 3rd round pick, retain 2million salary
    -trade L.Schenn for a 3rd round pick
    -sign penner to a 1.5 million 1 year contract
    -sign del Zotto to a 2.5 million 2 year contract
    -put Laughton in roster to reach 13 F 7D and 2G at 0.925 million salary

    Lines will be…..
    Voracek Giroux Akeson
    Umberger Schenn Simmonds
    Penner Couturier Read
    Rinaldo Raffl Rosehill

    Timonen Coburn
    Streit MacDonald
    Del Zotto Grossman

    65.6 million payroll 3.4 million cap space

    • Why in the world would you wish Del Zotto on your team?

      • @NYR4LIFE i would like him on my team because he’s been good so far in his career he’s just had this one bad year, and since he’s come off a bad year I’m guessing he would go for minimal money and we could get rid of Luke schenn who’s we got in a horrible trade and she’d some salary. In all this we’d hope del Zotto could do what he’s able to do. If he doesn’t we have Schultz. I do think 2.5 million a year is wayyyyyy to much but the flyers have been stupid in the past so who knows.

        • As a guy that has seen a lot of MDZ, I gotta say he has had a lot of ups and downs….not just one bad year. When his offensive game is good, you can tolerate his brutal defensive brain farts…. But right now MDZ is an offensive defense-men….without the offense. Which makes him just a defensive liability. I used to love the guy, but he seems lost. And you can blame the Rangers org. for that. TORTS!!!!. But right now I wouldn’t want him for anything less than 1 million per and hope he can find his game. I would love to see him come back in any uniform and prove me wrong. I’m cheering for him. But I think he will end up signing for NYI’s , Buffalo, etc on a tryout level. He has a TON to prove. I think MDZ would need a strong partner to even consider him at this point in the NHL.

  9. Honestly the Sens need a new owner and then they’ll be good. Someone differnt then the penny pinching Melnyk.

    • Agreed I actually feel bad for Murray he has made some good moves and built a decent amount of young players up … Melnyk comes in and screws it all up

  10. When all of the dust from free agency settles, Lecavalier will end up on the East coast. Teams like Florida, Carolina, the Islanders or possibly Montreal or Toronto will all take a closer look at a potential deal for Vinny in the coming weeks. He’s not going to waive his NTC to go out West when his family is deeply rooted in Florida all year.

    • Habs or Leafs?? Umm no, the only teams that may take on Vinny would be a team thats close to the floor and is getting another asset in the deal, like a pick or Laughton,or maybe a d man…just something else. No one in their right mind is doing a deal for a bad contract where they cant send money back the other way,

      • Toronto is 13 million under the cap and Montreal is 15 million under. With the Flyers willing to eat some of Vinny’s salary, that makes it more attractive to a either team since both need to fill a hole at the center position. Lecavalier scored 20 goals last season playing mostly on the wing and as a 3rd and 4th line center. Twenty goals would tie him for the most goals by a center in both Montreal and Toronto. It’s safe to say that Lecavalier could very well be a #1 center on either of those teams! At the very least, he would be a solid #2. Finally, let’s not forget where Vinny is from, Ile Bizard is very close to Montteal. … If I were a Habs fan I would want Vinny as my 2nd line center.

  11. I like how Vinny Lecavalier is a horrible hockey player. I get that his contract is a touch on the “he DOES have a Stanley Cup on his resume so we’ll give him more than we should” side, but it’s awesome how nobody seems to really want him. The Flyers let his agent try and find him a deal and nobody wants him without trying to shaft the Flyers; teams have Hextall over a barrel, yet he refuses to be screwed. Nobody likes the situation, but if Vinny wants out, he’s gotta play his way out. Giving teams draft picks or kids ready to make the jump in order to take Lecavalier makes no sense. They’ll eat some cash, sure, but it seems like Hextall won’t get taken advantage of~”Vinny’s a pro” means “if we have him on our roster at the start of the season, he’ll have to play his way onto another team’s roster and show they he can earn [most of] his contract”
    It’s refreshing to see Dave Bolland sign for his time & term, likewise with Brooks Orpik. It’s fairly obvious that nobody should take on Vinny’s bad contract because he had a bad 2013 season in which he injured his back, bounced to wing and center and wing and center, got relegated to the 4th line, and somehow fooled goalies into allowing him to put the puck past them 20 times. Teams were LINING up to sign Vinny last offseason, and now he is terrible because of his contract. Maybe he should just quit.

  12. that Santorelli became as important as he did to Vancouver last year was an indictment as to how screwed up that Vancouver became under Gillis and Tortorella (but mostly Gillis). originally Santorelli was signed as a depth player and expected to play in Utica but he had a good camp and stayed with the big club. while Santorelli has skill and speed he doesn’t have the size necessary in the West (although he should do ok in the East, you only have to look at Raymond’s bounce back with the Leafs after being ineffective with the Canucks to see that). Santorelli’s season ended when Hanzal wrenched his arm during a faceoff (Hanzal also injured Henrik Sedin’s ribs with a vicious crosscheck and crosschecked Booth in the head the same game… for those 3 dirty plays that ended Santorelli’s season and caused Sedin to miss 6 games Hanzal received 4 minutes and a $5000 fine). Gillis’s idea of depth at center was to have Hurricanes reject Zac Dalpe $550,000 (the highlight of his NHL career so far was a duet he sang with Sarah McLachlan at a Canuck fundraiser … enough said) replace injured Jordan Schroeder $600,000 (again another too small player who Gillis took over Ryan O’Reilly), that both of these players were released outright from Vancouver and have yet to be picked up by anyone says volumes. the reason the Canucks had to pinch pennies was because Gillis signed ineffective Jason Garrison to a $4.6 million contract (traded by Benning to Tampa Bay for a 2nd round pick which was traded to LA for Linden Vey) and traded for David Booth $4.25 million (bought out by Benning), for those of you keeping score that’s over $10 million on 4 players that were so ineffective they were basically told to go away with the sole asset coming back to the Canucks being a 2nd round pick. in addition Gillis gave away no trade clauses like they were party favours and mismanaged the goaltending situation to the point that both of the 2011 Jennings winning duo of Schneider and Luongo were basically given away (Schneider for a 9th overall pick and Luongo for Matthias who’s a UFA at the end of the season and Markstrom who Florida gave up on and it looks like Vancouver will as well, while retaining $800,000 of Luongo’s salary) and replaced with a rookie. no one expects Vancouver to contend for the Cup this year but under Jim Benning it looks like the Canucks are headed in the right direction