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Should the Carolina Hurricanes consider trading Jeff Skinner? Will Mike Ribeiro re-sign with the Capitals? Which Devils free agents could return?

Should the Hurricanes shop Jeff Skinner for a skilled defenseman?

Should the Hurricanes shop Jeff Skinner for a skilled defenseman?

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock suggests it might be worth some serious thought for the Carolina Hurricanes to consider shopping forward Jeff Skinner to see what he might fetch in return, especially if it could be an elite defenseman. “With his issues defensively, continuing susceptibility to concussions, a contract that jumps to $5.75 million this season and the Hurricanes’ relative depth at forward – especially if they bring in an immediate-help player with the fifth overall pick in a deep draft – this might not be a bad time to trade the former Calder Trophy winner if, and only if, it means adding a defenseman of comparable quality.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen if the Hurricanes front office consider that option, but Skinner might indeed land a quality defenseman. Still, the very issues DeCock noted about Skinner (defensive shortcomings, concussions, salary) could also work against a trade.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Stephen Whyno recently reported a strong playoff showing could help Capitals center Mike Ribeiro land a lucrative long-term contract. Earlier this season, Ribeiro rejected a three-year, $14 million offer from the Capitals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed Ribeiro prefers a five-year deal. A strong playoff showing could help him get it, either with the Capitals or another club via the UFA market.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere believes UFA Patrik Elias “will likely stay” with the New Jersey Devils, but fellow UFA David Clarkson is “probably leaving, maybe to Toronto”. He believes the Devils need forward Dainius Zubrus but wondered if he’d be too expensive and noted they don’t have a blueliner like Marek Zidlicky, though he’s mistake-prone. It appears other UFAs Alexei Ponikarovsky, Steve Sullivan and Tom Kostopoulos will be back.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Clarkson could depart for Toronto this summer, but that’s not a certainty. Other clubs will certainly be interested in him, and we can’t dismiss the possibility of his re-signing with the Devils.


  1. Could Skinner land defensemen such as Ekman-Larson, Yandle, Bogosian, Hedman, etc?

    • Honestly I do not think so, Maybe Bogosian but no way on the other 3. He has had way to many concussion issues for being so young, and at 5.75 mil and the cap going down I think they would half to look at getting a 3-4 slightly overpaid dman and a decent prospect.

      • I agree that Skinner has had too many concusion issues, especially at his age – I think NC should try to trade him and get someone like Shattenkirk, McDonaugh, Demers, Franson, Begosian or Clitsome.The thing is, his injury problem is going to effect his value and there are a number of LW that will be available via UFA or for trade.

    • Phoenix will not trade Ekman-Larsson but could part with Yandle, however Carolina would have to add a couple more parts. Bogosian could be had but Skinner is definitely worth more than just him. The Bolts are already loaded with offensive talent and would be looking for steady defensemen themselves.

  2. Ribeiro turning down 3 years at 14? I think he might regret that decision this summer. I will also predict that if a team does sign him for 5 years, they will be sorry 2 years in thinking “oh no, not 3 more years!”.

    • Exactly

  3. Clarkson to Toronto is a must for the leafs…. imagine they had him right now hes def a missing piece to the puzzle. you put him on either kessels or lupuls line with kadri and tell me how many goals he gets not to mention if anybody tries to push our boys around he can take care of it. Let bozak walk/ buyout grabo, go after that number 1 center. Still hope the boys can pull off a miracle of the bruins that would be awesome. Go Leafs Go !!!!!!!!

    • Not sure what route you’d expect the Leafs to go down in pursuit of this number 1 center, but there’s precious little available via free agency. Ribeiro is probably at or neat the top of the list for available centers, and if TO were to meet his demands it would be Grabovski all over again. Has the Tim Connolly experience taught us nothing? I think it would be unwise to both. buy out Grabovski, and allow Bozak to walk. Not alot of center depth within the oganization. As for Clarkson, totally agree. Welcome addition but will be much sought after. Entry draft should prove very interesting. I think there will be plenty of action on the trade front with teams looking to lighten their financial load. Could be some names in play, particularly with several teams holding multiple first round picks, and others like Tampa and Edmonton rumoured to be willing to move their high picks for immediate help.

    • I agree Clarkson would be nice to see in Toronto but where did this info come from? Was it just a media guy spouting off or did Clarkson give a hint to someone? He will be persued by several teams. I actually like Bozak and hope they can re-sign him to a reasonable contract. If he gets to greedy then let him go. Seems everybody is trying to ship Grabovski out of town. He had a rough year granted, but I still think he can be a useful player if he can accept his role in Carlyles system. Besides he makes way to much money to move unless he is part of a multiple player deal.

      • Dont get me wrong I think grabo has tones of hart, but its almost a luongo thing happening in Toronto with him. Grabo is a offensive shoot first center, which under carlye he is playing a defensive role, now all the sudden in playoffs he puts him back on second line and drops kadri to third??? What all my blabbering is saying is grabo at 5.5 is handcuffing the leafs. its got to be either him or bozak if you have them both we will fill no void in what we need. ( they are both 2/3 centers) and I think Kadri could be our number 1 ( given a full season playing with kessel and lups/jvr) Clarkson gives us that power forward we so badly need , I am fine going forward with reimer/scrivens. sorry its early again and got no sleep all I know is boys need to take game 2 tonight and GO LEAFS GO !!!!!!!

  4. What about Skinner to the Blues for one of their Dmen? Peitrangelo and Shattenkirk are both due huge raises. Might have to sweeten it with a pick or something but the Blues need some skilled forwards.

    • The blues would be foolish to trade either of those guys even with the amount the blues will have tied up on defense. I suppose it could happen but it would take more than Skinner to do make it work. His salary and medical history are definite negatives.

  5. starting next year skinner will be an over paid player and isnt worth an elite dman .hes only a boy yet and needs to fill out so he can better handle the rigours of the nhl .great pair of hands though
    with colorado most likely picking seth jones at the draft they may be willing to part with erik johnson and a prospect for skinner . they need a winger who can finish.
    however skinner could have better value later on if he can take his game to the next level and stay healthy .
    if carolina are looking to get an elite dman like a bunch of other teams need .it will cost them more than this kid ,their 1st draft pick would need to be in play as well .