Latest on the Hurricanes, Senators, Jets & Devils- December 18, 2013.

The latest on the Hurricanes, Senators, Jets, and Devils.

Hurricanes not shopping Cam Ward.

Hurricanes not shopping Cam Ward.

CBC.CA: Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford denied Cam Ward could be the goaltender he moves. It’s believed Rutheford is trying to move Justin Peters or Anton Khudobin.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock reports Justin Peters’ performance has Hurricanes management facing a difficult choice between moving him or Anton Khudobin. Of the pair, DeCock believes Peters has the most value. Peters was told he won’t be placed on waivers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whoever suggested the Hurricanes would shop Ward was engaging in wishful thinking. The Hurricanes could wait another couple of weeks to make a trade, as there’s a report suggesting they could send Khudobin to the minors on a conditioning stint.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Ottawa Senators may have found the answer to their search for a defenseman in call-up Cody Ceci. Their focus could shift to acquiring a top-six forward though LeBrun claims there’s nothing to report on that front.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ceci would be a nice story for the Senators if he can address their blueline needs.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff understands the frustration felt by local fans and pundits over the club’s inconsistency this season, but says he won’t be pressured into making a trade or firing head coach Claude Noel.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cheveldayoff’s patience is commendable, but if the Jets lose more ground in the standings, he could reach his limit.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Devils players believe a trade isn’t needed to improve the club. Chere noted Stephen Gionta, Bryce Salvador, Ryane Clowe, Ryan Carter and Adam Larsson should all soon return from injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My guess is Lamoriello will wait and see how his club performs once those injured players return to action before making any decisions on a trade.


  1. Yeah, at this point, I think Cody Ceci will have to be played with a veil of protection, because he just doesn’t seem to have a complete instinctive feel for the defensive side and zone. He’s a young guy with time, and clearly had a cannon the other way, but you don’t have to go further than looking at the tape of Nashville’s Seth Jones from last night to see there is a whole lot of defensive positiioning that a player has to have without thinking, or he his out on the periphery and the goals are scored.
    Just saying…is it on the job training time or actually finding a guy that can do that. (Believe me no personal attack on the youngster intended)


      Hey Bill good comments Ceci was never toughted as a superstar in Junior and never thought to be a franchise player …hes breaking in to a mans league and has done well so far …by the Olympics he will most likely have more points than Phaneuf..LOL

      He looks like the real deal …and you should be so lucky to have a decent D core …Karlson , Ceci , Cowen , Methot , Corvo and so forth …they will improve as they move forward as they all bring a differnt dynamic to the game …if anything Karlson needs to be reigned in a bit as his rushes are causing more od man rushes going the other way …hes been figured out and the league has exposed him ….Ottawa needs to change that a bit to be better all around and pick and choose the moments not every time he gets the puck …its putting to much preasure on his pairing to bail him out and less offensive zone time.

      Ceci is solid moving forward

    • Ceci has brought a much needed dimension to the Senator defence in the past three games he’s played since being recalled however lets not lose sight that he’s only turning 20 years of age later this month. It’s unreasonable to place too high of expectations on him at this point of his career however if he’s able to keep playing at the level he’s shown so far he’ll undoubtably continue to dress for the team.

  2. Honestly, who cares about the Hurrincanes or Panthers.

    • Judging by the comments and retweets to this particular post in my Twitter feed,more than you’d think.

    • Not cool Iceman, every team has their followers. Don’t knock them just because they are not a huge number.

    • As an avid hockey fan, I’d read about any NHL team. If you don’t want to, don’t.

    • He’s just a wannabe who follows the wings, pens, or whoever NHL tonite is in love with. What a mark…

  3. What is that GM of the Jets thinking? They have no chance of improvement with that coach. Guy was brought in as an inexperienced guy in NHL and it shows. Jets fans deserve better. Laviolette is sitting there, prime for the picking.

    • JETS

      If the GM is unwilling to make a significant change …ANY CHANGE ….then Management needs to make a change with the GM ……hes done nothing since they have been the Jets …its easy to give money away VIA contract …but there has been no growth in player personal …hes done nothing with players !

      • BC, absolutely man. It is so painfully obvious what the Jets need to do. They are now in the tougher west, team wise and travel wise. They need to build around Scheifflie (sp) and Trouba. Trade Kane, Big buf and who ever else brings back a good return and build through the draft, then in a couple of years throw a max contract at hometown boy Toews.

    • Totally agree! Laviolette could shake the club and provide some accountability. Noel’s player coach / “let’s have fun” ways have fallen on deaf ears in Winnipeg.

      • But how is Laviolette going to coach two teams at once. He’s replacing Carlyle too. LOL

        • LOL I wish! Carlyle unfortunately is not going anywhere any time soon…
          Jets do need a coaching change, but I’m surprised by the GM’s comments.
          What do people expect? “Yeah, we’re going to boot him if things don’t change” that’s bad PR and bad etiquette, and if Winnipeg wants to attract the right players and coaches they have to make it appear that they are supporting their man at the moment.

          • should say “I’m NOT surprised by GM’s comments”

          • When the GM endorses a lame duck in pro sports it’s called the kiss of death in my book.

  4. I am not a Leaf fan, however with respect to the Leaf fans since Lyle did bring the hammer down they have brought all of their conversation over to Canadian corner everyday. Now there is actually conversation and posting on Canadian Corner and the Rumour section.

    • And I appreciate that Leafs fans have done this. They’re now free to talk all things Leafs over at Canadian Corner without the rumor thread going off-topic, which was a real bone of contention for non-Leafs followers who wished to comment on the daily trade rumors. All I ask is folks keep it on topic here.

      • It should actually be called Leaf Corner with all the Leaf chatter over there. LOL

      • Some seriously angry and disillusioned Leaf fan’s over there today! Funny back in early November they even had me half convinced that the team was on its way to a championship. Well that’s hockey for you…

        • They are angry and disillusioned annually because they somehow always believe they are Cup contenders. When the realization hits they aren’t, it’s mayhem… trade everybody… fire everybody.

          • They’re no worse than any other fans. Anyway, let’s not stray off topic, folks.

  5. Seriously dude, stop being an arse before he bans your IP

    • nevermind, convo got deleted

    • what happened? I missed it

      • Nothing worth repeating.

  6. Fire both Cheveldayoff and Noel. Plenty of better GM’s and Coaches out there.

  7. I’ve posted similar comments a few times before, so apologies for seeming like a broken record here. And I do NOT think the Canes will trade Ward. But! (there’s always a “but” :) )

    Ward’s stats, incl. league rank:

    2013-14: GAA (40th), Sv% (37th)
    2012-13: GAA (45th), Sv% (35th)
    2011-12: GAA (37th), Sv% (23rd)
    2010-11: GAA (23rd), Sv% (9th)

    It has been 4 years since Ward has a GAA *or* Save % in the top *half* of goalies in the NHL. He’s usually well behind many other team’s backups. He is below average for both GAA and Save %, consistently. This year and last, his numbers are awful.

    He has also not led his team to the playoffs in any of those years. The Canes aren’t a great team this year, so his numbers might dip, but they haven’t been awful for four years.

    Ward’s numbers indicate he’s not only not elite, he’s not even really that good. One great playoff run eight years ago, does not a great goalie make…

    If they can get great assets for him – and I think they can – I think they should entertain the idea!

    • Good post. I have to agree here.

    • Very good post, I had no idea his numbers were so marginal. Thanks for the insight.
      Who do you think would be keen on picking him up? Edmonton has Bryzgalov, so I doubt they do any more goalie hunting this year. Maybe Nashville?

      • It’s a great question. With Nashville, they more want a rental, I figure – Rinne will be back at some point, and Ward has a $6.3M hit, so they couldn’t carry both guys.

        I’d say the Isles & Oilers are the teams that could use him most: teams with good talent & sub-par goaltending, and could use leadership from that position. Ward’s numbers aren’t great, but I think he has value there. But the Bryz experiment needs to play out more before the Oilers make that decision, and the Isles are sorely lacking in D-men, which is what the Canes need for than anything.

        If the Oilers think they can’t re-sign Bryz for good money, maybe they trade him elsewhere and make a separate trade for Ward? Soft market for goalies makes it tough!

        • *Ward has a $6.3M hit for 2 more years.

        • why would oilers take a goalie not even in the top 30? oh yeah, lowes stupidity

    • A perennially bad team in front of you will make any goalie look bad. Ward’s not a top-10 goalie but he’s definitely a starter that can lead a good team to the playoffs.

      • It’s a chicken & egg: were the Canes not good for years because their goalie was sub-par?

        That said, I agree he can be a starting goalie than can get to the playoffs. However, if another GM still values Ward as a top-10 talent, and I think some might (despite his numbers), I would say the Canes should look into making that move.