Latest on the Hurricanes, Stars and Maple Leafs – February 10, 2012.

The Hurricanes could re-sign Tuomo Ruutu, a look at the Stars potential trade deadline plans, and an update on the Maple Leafs.


Staying with the Hurricanes?

WRALSPORTS/NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford is working on re-signing pending UFA forward Tuomo Ruutu to a contract extension, and could reach a decision by next week. Ruutu expressed a desire to stay, but the hurdle to retaining him will be length of the contract and the dollars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering over a week ago Ruutu was considered certain to be dealt, it’s quite possible he could now be retained by the Hurricanes.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika, responding to readers’ e-mail questions, suggested NY Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky and Vancouver Canucks winger Mason Raymond as two players Stars management should look into acquiring, but doesn’t expect the Stars to be “buyers” at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will depend on where the Stars are in the standings by the deadline.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan reports Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke said things remain very quiet in the NHL trade market.

TORONTO STAR: Bob Mitchell reports Maple Leafs prospect Korbinian Holzer could be trade bait.


  1. Holzer? Lol really? I’m a big leaf fan but if I were another gm in he league I wouldnt even give Burke a candy bar for that bum. The guy is hardly even a prospect. The leafs need bigger bodies bottom line! All this talk about a center is great but seriously they are what like 5th in the league scoring? Their biggest need is big bodies like a morrow or Rutu. Mind you I wouldn’t sell te farm to get the. Either. The game is all about puck possession just ask Detroit! It’s simple people. If you win the battles and posses the puck then you win games. Makes life eaiser on your net minders and D.

  2. It is about time Terry Koshan and every other hockey beat reporter start to reel in their ridiculous casts of desirable players on other teams.

    Like Dubinsky is available (with players currently on the Stars roster???)

    I am looking forward to the “Islanders are looking to acquire Malkin”, “the Coyotes are looking to acquire Toews”, and” the Lightning looking to acquire both Sedins” in the near future.

  3. Holzer would be an ok 7 or 8 guy for a team looking to bolster their depth at D come playoff aka injury time but I would expect back a low round pick and that’s all we would get.

    I do agree that scoring is not the issue at play for the leafs, we’re going the way of Montreal with all those little bodies, just look at how we get handled by Boston and Philly and it’s pretty clear we need to get bigger, not better.

  4. The leafs don’t have a problem scoring, but their style of play means that they score 5 and give up 4… That doesn’t win playoff games, does it Washington Capitals? Their biggest need is a #1 centre, becasue in a 7 game series, Bozak is going to get chewed up by Bergeron, Malkin, Richards, Giroux, Stamkos, Spezza or whoever else the matchup might be. Size is important, but if that guy can’t score then how is he an upgrade over Connoly/Armstrong etc?

    Holzer is an intriguing prospect, but the return on a guy like that is not much. I dont think anyone is suggesting Holzer for Patrick Kane. they are better off keeping him and seeing what he can turn into with another AHL season. He may be a solid 5/6 man in the future.

  5. Some news, via TSN.

    Apparently Columbus received an offer of Jeff Carter. Low ball offer, they’re not naming who threw it their way. I think he will be moved at deadline, and if not, he’ll be moved during the off-season.

  6. Holzer is a good player.. Seen him play a few times. Very comparable to Luke Schenn but with a bit more puck skills. Not sure if he can hit like Luke can. Id really say he is a stronger Gunnarrson.
    Leaf nation fans have no idea about talent. They think their “stars” are awesome and the guys they dont hear much of stink. Sorry but the Leafs have NO stars at all… Dion is over rated but still a top defenseman. He is overrated simply because he is not much of a leader on the ice. He makes far too many stupid plays compared to the number of times he makes things happen. Too many nights he is not a factor unless its in a bad way. Kessel is weak along the boards and doesnt go into corners. So not much of a winger there… and he cant take a face off… very one dimensional player. Bozak is an excuse me sorry first line centre. Has some skills but is not a top 6 player… a bottom 6 but without size… however he can hit sometimes… very rarely though.

  7. @ Peter T.

    Are you actually saying that Holzer is better than Gunnarson having seen him play “a few times?” Pretty bold statement. Gunnarson is a top 4 guy on the leafs perhaps a top 2 as he’s been used recently. Your comments about Dion are hilarious, are you on the ice to know he’s not much of a leader? He’s overrated because he’s an A$$hole and other players hate playing against him and make it known in stupid NHLPA polls. Kessel isn’t the greatest along the boards and on faceoffs but what he lacks he makes up for in speed, and shooting ability. I don’t need Kessel breaking his ankle in the corner when he can easily strip the guy and break down the ice blowing by everyone….Kessel is a top 3 guy on almost every team in the NHL save for a couple.

  8. Peter T. Your comments are wacked dude. You obviously know nothing about hockey. Unless of course I am wrong and you are in the dressing room and know better. Also holzer is not better then gunner. Whatever glue you huffed I want some! Kessel is a star. How can you over rate at 24 year old who is 4 th in the league in scoring and second in goals playing against every teams top shutdown lines? You must be a hand fan. As I said before… We need size upfront to match up to Phili and Boston’s. Bottom line. Looks like Rutu is re upping so that lears morrow and Malone though I wouldn’t like I said sell the farm.

  9. peter t. leafs have 3 all stars in 2012. the 2 forwards that were in the all star game are in the top 10 in league scoring and the defenceman that was nominated to the all star game currently sits 6th among defencemen in league scoring. thats pretty good. yes i understand that the defenceman is 11th in the nhl for ice time, he isnt as important as erik karlson, who sits 10th and doesnt play on the teams pk but he still is ok important no?

  10. Peter T is just trying to ignite you Leaf fans. He can’t be serious about those comments.. If he is, he should be ignored in the future.

  11. i don’t think Raymond has been pushed aside by Booth as he’s developed chemistry with Hodgson and Hansen giving the Canucks a 3rd line that can contribute offensively. with Higgins out Bitz has been given an opportunity and has made the most of it moving all the way up to the first line and will probably stay with the club after Higgins is back. Vancouver has some depth but could always use a little more, perhaps a little more toughness or depth on defense for another long run in the playoffs.

  12. 3rd or 4th line players are what the leafs are going to trade for. top 6 are not going anywhere. they need checking and healthy D for a playoff run. could burke bring in a top 6 and drop tim or bozak to 3/4 line? maybe.

  13. I think Holzer is being scouted because he is a deal sweetener for something bigger, simply because the Leafs have so much depth at D. Komisarek ( I am not a fan, but he has played better this year) has become a regular in the press box, and Aulie is with the Marlies because they do not have room and his contract allows him to be moved down. In the pipeline they have Mikus, Gysbers, Blacker and Percy, and if they are utterly desperate, Lashoff and Finger as 7th defensemen.

    He could also be being dangled to get Toronto’s third round pick back in the 2012 Draft that now belongs to Nashville from the Lombardi and Franson deal.

  14. I don’t know how Holzer has become even marginally hyped up… I would say he isn’t worth much, but then again, Brett Lebda and Rob Slaney were flipped into Cody Franson and Matt Lombardi this past summer… so stranger things have happened. All I know is I’ll be taking the day off classes at McMaster on Feb. 27th for the trade deadline.

  15. I like how Peter just gives his opinion about the Leafs and like 5 posts after people are still like “HE CALLED THEM WHAT?!?!”.


    But yeah. Dion is very overrated, has been since he entered the league. Kessel’s not a star and Bozak’s not a first liner. What did he say that was so screwed up rofl?

  16. dubinsky is not going anywhere this season unless eric staal or rich nash is part of any trade. he is a core member of the rangers and any hint of breaking the ranger momentum would have to be for something big

  17. I’d be surprised if Dubinsky left NYR as well Jim, he is a Tortorella type of player. He is just the type of player that should excel in the playoffs.