Latest on the Islanders, Capitals, Red Wings and Panthers – June 5, 2013.

Mark Streit will hit this summer’s free agent market, the Capitals currently cannot afford Mike Ribeiro, Valtteri Filppula taking a “wait-and-see” approach to his future, and a rumor of the Panthers dealing Erik Gudbranson to the Avalanche for the first overall pick. Enjoy!

Mark Streit headed to free agency in July.

Mark Streit headed to free agency in July.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reported yesterday afternoon NY Islanders defenseman and captain Mark Streit rejected the Isles latest offer and will test this summer’s UFA market. A source claimed the Isles offered him a three-year deal worth $5 million per season, but Streit is looking for something “north” of $5.5 million per. Given the lack of depth in skilled free agent blueliners this summer, Staple suggests Streit could command a four-year, $6 million per season deal.

Staple also reports UFA winger Brad Boyes is unlikely to return (though talks are ongoing), while pending UFA goalie Evgeni Nabokov could re-sign a one-year deal before July 5.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Losing Streit is a blow to the Islanders in both skilled experience on their blueline and leadership, so it’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, they’ll do to replace him. If they’re close to re-signing Nabokov, we can forget about last week’s rumor suggesting a swap of Roberto Luongo for Rick DiPietro. Streit could be targeted by the Philadelphia Flyers, who are lacking a skilled puck-moving defenseman, though his age (36) could be an issue. 

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley does the math and points out the Capitals, even by trading Jeff Schultz’s $2.75 million cap hit, still cannot afford to re-sign pending UFA center Mike Ribeiro without shedding more salary, like trading or buying out Martin Erat.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Other than moving Erat, I don’t see what else they could do to retain Ribeiro, expect trade or buy out Joel Ward, and I don’t think GM George McPhee would be keen to do that.

MLIVE.COM: Brendan Savage reports Detroit Red Wings pending UFA forward Valtteri Filppula is disappointed contract talks with the Wings fell through, and while acknowledging the possibility he could move on via free agency, is taking a “wait-and-see” approach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Filppula is willing to drop his rumored asking price of $5 million per season, he’s played his final game as a Red Wing.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reported an NHL executive heard “Florida and Tampa Bay were talking about an Erik Gudbranson for third-overall-pick deal”, but another source Friedman spoke with laughingly dismissed the rumor. Friedman also reports the Coyotes will be in the hunt for more scoring, and suggests the Flyers could target restricted free agent defensemen. He also repeated his report from this week regarding the NY Islanders willing to move Rick DiPietro, willing to take a bad contract back in return while adding a draft pick (or picks) or prospects with DiPietro.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t believe Panthers GM Dale Tallon wants to part with Gudbranson. The availability of Mark Streit could shift the Flyers focus. 


  1. Again with outside the box thinking how bout we do RickyD Niederriter and a pick and we send Komi and Liles the otherway. Liles could fill the spot vacated from Streit. Saves us a buy out assuming Liles and Komisarek are both candidates Liles is a more affordable option same kind of player as Streit maybe a little less skill but… Leaves us buying out Grabo and Ricky which saves us bout 13 mill off the cap to play with….

    • this deal is not bad, saves Toronto possibly 2 buyouts, and saves Islanders a huge chunk of change. I still think if the leafs are looking its for Strome plus, and before all the Islanders fan jump down my throat, your owner cares a lot more about money then he does the team, he would sell tavares if someone offered enough cash. i like the komi and and lyles, replaces streit as puck mover and is younger, and komi only has one year left.

      • Really Strome would be nice but at that point the deal is a touch one sided I’d be happy with even a second or third rounder as the pick and Niederriter as he still has potential and is young could possibly be used in another deal, saving one buy out is the key to the deal for me…

        • It leaves Over 30 mill off the cap, lots of room for Extensions, RFAS and a decent chunk of change to pick up salary (and benefits from other teams trying to dump it) or to sign a couple big UFAs, not that there is much out there now but after buyouts may be a whole other story….

          • I wasthinking the same thing. I hated when burke cam in and preachedwe havedep pockets and aren’t afraid to bury guysi the minors thennverdid it. Nonis has shown he’s willing to use the moneya resources hehst make the team better. Good bye lilesand hellostrome.

        • Honestly though I think you can get Strome out of the deal for sure. Yes Toronto has the money to pay off Rick DP contract, but whats the incentive??
          Nino being a good prospect is just that, same with Strome but Personally think he has more of an upside. at this point i think it will cost even more then just Strome ( depending wh is going back the other way) if its both Komi, and liles. then thats fine, but if its just Komi or liles, the leafs and any other team will ask for more. If you are an owner and are willing to take DP”S horrible contract, on the basis that you are buying it out, say 28 mil or so, you would half to ask for strome plus, hes not that good at 20 something million dollars.. JT might be worth that money but nobody else even close on the Islanders.

          • But Garth is no idiot he is going to say ok you’re saving us 20 mill but we are taking almost 9 of it back plus saving you a buy out which is also worth a tonne so can’t see them sending there best propect as well…

          • I say add MacArthur’s rights to the deal, and instead of a draft pick go for Okposo. He’s got a cap friendly contract for a few more years and would be a better addition than Clarkson who’s far older and wants too much money. Landing Strome/Okposo would be huge. But Niederreiter/Okposo has potential, too. Liles is still decent in my opinion, and MacArthur could be a replacement for Boyes if he doesn’t resign (I mean who isn’t going to put up points playing next to Tavares). Who knows, even Komi could add some depth.

          • Take your dreams to another team folks, NYI will not be taking your Leaf garbage. You make me laugh with your NYI/Leafs deals and it shows how piss poor Leaf management and their fans are at assessing talent. **Yawn**

            It’s just funny….

      • Yawn, wake me up when reality hits ok…..

        • This from the guy who would buy out Joe Thornton and trade Price for anything because he is a bust….right your opinion matters lol

          • And again most of us realize its not high profile great players we are trying to give up but if the Isles want to get rid of RDs contract which they do reportedly that’s what the Isles are going to be looking at no mater who they deal with, the main reason you got to listen about “Leaf Garbage” is because there is only a handful of teams that could handle financially and most of them are kind of hand tied with their own cap issues…If the Isles are dealing garbage (possibly the worst contract in progress sports) they are going to have to take garbage…..I know you’re not a great thinker but this ain’t rocket science

    • Let’s not overlook the fact that there’s a new sheriff in town, guys. Haven’t been able to get much of a read on where Tim Leiweke stands in regard to burying bad contracts in the minors or taking on other teams’ onerous contracts, even with the purpose of buying them out. His focus seems to be currently on the basketball operations at MLSE. Haven’t really heard a whole lot from a hockey perspective, but from what I understand, the final say in any kind of major financial transaction belongs to him.

    • Never going to happen pal! Dream on to another team Leaf fan!!

  2. Hey Flyers, the Canucks are calling and have a guy by the name of Edler that may be the defenseman you are looking for, of course Couturier would have to go the other way.

    • Gillis is to proud to trade anyone with a new trade clause. He gives them out like candy. Higgins has one starting next year also. I always thought no trades where for the best on the team. The sedins and luo I get, they were near the top of the league when they signed. Van has 10 players with no trades (5 f, 4 d, 1 g)
      Couturier for Edler would make sense for both teams but I can’t see gillis doing it.
      Plus van needs to get some youth. Tanev, Kassian, Jensen will all be lower tier players. Guance maybe their only hope.

    • Edler won’t help Flyers win championship next year. Flyers should draft best player with our 11th pick and keep developing our young players.

      I hope we do not make any big trades and just draft for few straight years.

      • Just curious, does anyone think Couturier and the 11th pick would give Philly a shot at either the 1st or 2nd overall pick. I can only assume they’d do anything for Jones.

        • After the year Couturier had I would say no definitely not….

      • Phil needs to fill a huge hole in net to have any chance to make the playoffs, never mind make a cup run. Couturier going to waste in Phil. He won’t get the chance to be top 2 with Giroux and Schenn. The need to trade him for a proven goalie or a top 2 deman. The longer he says a third line center the lower his value gets. If you don’t like Edler then go for Bogosian (wpg will wont want to pay him and they need a center), or some other proven 1-2 deman.

  3. I was very surprised when a certain TSN columnist who does the Off Season reviews on the NHL teams also had Erik Gudbranson on his trade material list which begs the question if there is some internal ssue there.
    The fact teams close to the Cap will look for younger guys with set pay scale (as they still haven’t shown the competence or long term upside to warrant huge RFAs the next time around). It is far cheaper and Cap sensible to go after an upside kid than overpaying on the open market for an UFA. The reason for this rumor is based on one thread: A connect a dots that a team might want BOTH McKinnon and Drouin like keeping the Sedins together.

  4. I really hope the Flyers don’t target Streit. I’m pretty sure that they’ve learned their lesson with expensive 35+ contracts. Streit is asking too much for too long. Edler would be nice, but Couturier is too steep of an asking price. I’d much rather take a shot at Gudbranson, but Florida has a lofty asking price if they’re hoping for the 3rd overall in this draft. The flyers might have to stick with what they’ve got and hope that guys like Coburn and Mez can have turn-around seasons and stay healthy. Other than that, see what the draft, or trade options bring

    • Dreaming…
      Van trades Schneider, kesler, edler, Hansen,1st (24th) to Phi for Giroux, Coburn, Talbot and 1st (11th)

  5. I hope Flyers are smart enough not to pay Streit 6M a year. He is good on PP but overall not what we need.

    I hope Homer stays away.

  6. I can’t see the Avs trading 1st overall for Gudbransson , I could understand why Tallon would want the 3rd pick from TBay if he could secure both MacKinnon and Drouin. Those 2 on a line with Huberdeau would be dynamite , as long as one of the pivots could move to play wing.

  7. Can’t see Panthers and Lightning making a trade, especially for Gudbranson. If one of the talented young D does go in a trade it may be Kulikov, who was leftover from the last regime. Tallon won’t trade the players he drafted. Kulikov to Edmonton for their first round pick would make more sense than to a rival in Panthers’ own division.

    • Kind of odd deal there….I Couldn’t see them even contemplating this idea being in the same division and what not, could you imagine teams like the flames and oilers, habs and Leafs or Kings Ducks doing a deal like that???

      • It seems like they are contemplating this so they can get a hold of both the 2nd and 3rd picks. That way they have a shot at both MacKinnon and Drouin. Might be nice, if you could pull it off.

        • LOL Burke’n it…

        • Why not? Florida gets a line of Drouin-MacKinnon-Hubs and Bolts get a defense of Gubs-Hedman to shut them down … ya but honestly I don’t see it happening though I truly would encourage it as it would be truly great for those southern markets. Though I guess in the long run all five of them plus Stamkos will be located there either way.

    • Col will pick Jones (d), Flo wil pick MacKinnon (c), TB will pick Drouin (lw). Everyone gets what they need. Personally I think it will be a boring draft other than who gets picked after 7. There could be a few surprise picks and trades after that.

      • Assuming, as I believe you are, that no other team will move into the top 5.

  8. Matt Donovan will come up from Bridgeport (AHL) to replace Streit, at least to start the season. So to the Toronto fans, Lilies is not an option, nor is Komi. Thanks but no thanks. As for DP, he will probably sit in Bridgeport until he realizes he has to retire if he wants a chance at the NHL again. Then again, injuries could arise and he gets another shot. Too many years to pay off contract, even in buyout.

    • So instead of a cheap but out you would rather pay the whole shot plus take the recapture penalty? Okay then…

      • Not sure if they know that you can no longer bury contracts in the minors. They installed and anti-Toronto & New York rule 😉

        • Good point. I wonder if a team’s reputation or ability to bury guys in the minors would have had an impact on where some free agents chose to sign?

    • The isles have a good young team and will be tossed apart because of a cheap owner. Just buy him out and keep the pick and prospect. It must be a hard job for snow when your owner won’t spend money. Last year they picked up tim thomas (on paper) to reach the cap floor.
      I wouldn’t pay Streit $5 for 3 years. He might be important on that weak de team but is 3-4 de on a good team. And he’s getting slower and older.

      • Totally agree!

    • DP and a good player for Luongo… if not, amnesty buyout DP and move on. Enough said.

      • Gillis might do it just to save face on the luo issue, it would have to be a top six winger (okposo). His salary is higher than his cap hit which helps van with cap issues and nyi owner hates spending money. ($3 this year, then 3.5, and finally 4.5 – cap hit is 2.8 over 5 year deal).
        DP, Hamonic, 1st (15th) for Luongo, Kassian, 1st(24th). But with losing Streit nyi need Hamonic.
        But I don’t think it will happen. If NYI can trade DP it will take a lot.

      • Good news for Ricky D in a just a couple weeks he can join his teamate Alexi Yashin and the Islanders can say since they are paying the whole coaching staff of the Russian woman’s hockey team (about 4 million a year) it probably means that the Isles get dibs on drafting them….

  9. How about Nino plus a prospect d-man for Edler. Then trade Poulin and our #1 for Bernier!

    • Lol!!!!

  10. Donovan will replace Streit as a 5/6 d-man. 6′-1″ and 205lbs plays with an edge. Shoots it 100mph and lead all defensman in the ahl in scoring. Bye -bye Streit, make sure you leave the “C” at Johnnys locker before you leave!

    • Nice call.

  11. If Gudbranson is on the trade block… would be nice to see him play in his ‘hometown’.. But the cost would be high..

  12. I love how Leaf fans are always throwing out ridiculous deals that no team in their right mind would ever do.
    The only team that does bad deals like those are the leafs themselves. Too bad toronto can’t trade with themselves then they could have two bad teams.

    • Enjoy paying Rick his 24 mill then lol what kind of sweet deal do you think you are getting for that contract? If Charlie Wang wants to save him self 20 million dollars or so (and financial it makes sence for an owner who is not exactly raking in the cash) he is going to have to give something up, dosent mater who he is dealing with, Leafs or not that is going to be a bad deal there are only so many teams with the financial ability to do it and I doubt the Rangers or Flyers will be interested with their own cap issues…maybe the Cyotees will offer more I hear they got loads of cash laying around….

    • Why do you think luongo hasn’t been moved.. His contract. Teams don’t want to give up propects and picks for contracts like that so why would they do wang any favours for just writing dp a cheque? Islanders would have to give up something or take something awful back. If only there was another AWFUL contract like dp’s then in would be like trading with yourself.

    • Lol!! That’s classic…. I know what you mean about Leaf fans, they are an amusing bunch I must say…..Actually I think that is all that is on this site.

      • The Islanders have made some of the worst siginings/trades in NHL history!!! You talk like Wang wants to pay 20 million out to dipietro…..thats never going to happen….isnt this the same franchise who traded Luongo, McCabe, Bertuzzi all before their 21st birthday’s??? Not to mention made one of the worst trades in NHL history when tey aquired Alexei Yashin???

        • I don’t think these deals are that far fetched, especially if the islanders could pick up the rights of some of the leafs players that may (I stress the word MAY) not be around next year in any potential trade (MacArthur, Bozak, Gunnarsson for example). In reality there’s more risk involved for the leafs in any potential deal. Essentially paying 20+ million for a prospect. I don’t know of any prospects in pro-sports history who’ve been acquired for that much. Besides, you might loose a good prospect or two, but the cap space the islanders acquire could allow them to go out and sign a free agent like Bryan Bickell. (A bruin’s fan).

  13. ok 1st is up for grabs Nashim Kadri for the 1st over all

    • I think that the pick is worth more than Kadri.

  14. the flyers and kings have a trade-history, i could see the LA sending the rights to RFAs martinez and ellerby to the flyers. both are young and mobile and won’t cost philly schenn or couturier to pick-up, or big bucks to resign. with his cap problems next summer i’m sure lombardi would be happy to move both for picks and/or prospects.

    • Kings don’t have cap problems, their going to be just fine. I do agree however that one could be available for Philly to snatch up. Personally I don’t think Ellerby will be available with Mitchell’s injury being serious they will need another stay-at-home dman. Martinez could be had for a decent price, but keep in mind Kings aren’t going to give him away either. Personally I would rather see LA package up Bernier and Martinez for something good that they can actually use.

    • Why the hell would Flyers want Ellerby or Martinez? lol Hysterical.
      Flyers have Ellerby Martinez like d-men in AHL.

      • Then why does the Flyers D suck so bad?…lol