Latest on the Jets, Maple Leafs and Stars – April 11, 2012.

Are the Jets planning any significant off-season moves? Can Leafs GM Brian Burke pull off the trades needed to improve his team? Is Brenden Morrow’s future with the Stars in doubt?

WINNIPEG SUN/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS:  Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is both optimistic and realistic over his team’s future, acknowledging there is room for improvement in many areas, including more size to the roster. Cheveldayoff said he’s spoken with the agents for several of his free agents but there’s been no exchange of proposals or numbers yet. He maintains the club will stick to their goal of long-term development, but wouldn’t rule out moves which could improve his team for next season.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Tim Campbell recently reported Cheveldayoff is open to trading his first round pick (ninth overall) for the right price, but won’t just give it away or make a deal for the sake of doing so, nor will he sacrifice the club’s future.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen believes Cheveldayoff will face his first real test as general manager this summer, as he’ll be expected to do more than just make minor moves as he did last summer and this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The only way I see the Jets trading their first round pick is if they get a young, top-six forward in return. Otherwise, they’ll retain it. I do expect Cheveldayoff will look at adding a top-six forward this summer, but otherwise won’t make any huge signings or trades. I could see him pursuing P.A Parenteau,  Jiri Hudler, Andrei Kostitsyn or David Jones if they hit the open market.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger wonders how Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke will land a legitimate NHL starting goalie, especially if he’s unwilling to trade his first round pick (fifth overall) as part of a deal. Zeisberger noted Jonathan Bernier of the Kings and Anders Lindback of the Predators keep being mentioned, but pointed out they lack starter experience at the NHL level. He wondered if the St. Louis Blues could be convinced to part with Jaroslav Halak or Brian Elliott, and doubted the Vancouver Canucks would deal with the Leafs because of the current testy relationship between the management of both teams.

Steve Buffery believes Burke has little to use as trade bait to address his team’s needs. If Burke keeps Phil Kessel, he won’t trade linemate Joffrey Lupul. Defenseman Jake Gardiner is the club’s best commodity going forward,  Burke still highly values Dion Phaneuf, and won’t trade his first round pick. Buffery finds rumors of Burke pursuing Columbus winger Rick Nash laughable, as the asking price would involve at least two of their best players, a first round pick, and a prized prospect to get him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In my opinion, the best trade chip Burke has is defenseman Luke Schenn, and on his own, he won’t land Nash, or a first line center, or a top starting goaltender. Burke is up against it this summer, and it will be the biggest test of his management skills to address the Leafs needs without gutting depth elsewhere.

Morrow entering summer of uncertainty.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports the Stars are at a crossroads with team captain Brenden Morrow, who was the subject of trade rumors this season while struggling through an injury-hampered season. Kevin Sherrington meanwhile believes the Stars run the risk of Morrow’s trade value declining if they retain him, but also suggested if they do trade him, they’ll need to make a big splash via free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Morrow is now 33, and was hampered by neck and back injuries this season, which could adversely affect his trade value this summer. He also has one year remaining on his current contract at $4.1 million, and holds a “no-trade” clause. Still, Morrow remains well-respected around the league, and if the Stars asking price wasn’t expensive, it’s possible there could be interest in him from teams seeking leadership and depth at forward, provided he’s willing to accept a trade.






    They should be looking for some more depth scoring and depth role players. Players who are willing to mix it up and dig out puck sfrom the corners and dictate a style of play….they should look for an Arron Asham Eric Nytsrom or Matt Cooke type players.
    They also need to address some stability on the back end as to many times this year they got into a run and gun style game and had more than 6 or 7 goals in the back of the net ….can not do this again and compete!
    I feel Josh Harding would be great as a back up here and secure some net presence as I do not see harding being a #1 starting goalie unless he goes to the NY Islanders.

    Winnipeg has to start to fit some rookies and propects into the line up next year as well and IMO shopuld look to trade Byflugen or Bogosian to improve with depth …Winnipeg will use the waiver wire in November and a free agent signing as well as not to give up true core assets long term !

    If the Leafs were smart they would trade the First rounder and a piece ( player) to Nashville for Colin Wilson and Lindback or LA Kings for Bernier and Brown.
    This way they can keep core assets and improve where they desperately need to in one move .

    If they can make this move FIRST and complete a deal like this then I would 100% as of today looking where the Leafs need to be next year I would do almost anything to pry Rick Nash out of Columbus and if that means trading Jake Gardner you have to do it ……AND THIS IS WHY !
    Jake Gardner is going to be a very good Hockey player GREAT is still up for debate and a long shot ….here comes the WHY…the Leafs need toughness and smart defensive zone coverage on the back end because they are terrible ..Jake Gardner is actaully a winger by nature and only played Dfense since mid junior and College …he has the mentality of a forward not a defenseman so I M O he is expandable and if he is the make or break for Nash you have to do it …Burke has no choice he neds a legit Star starting in October to be a true leader up front or we are right back where we started at thsi time again next year !!!!!

  2. I don’t know what all the criticism of the Leafs is for. Kessel put up more points this season than Rick Nash has at any point in his career. Also, Kessel is entering his prime, while Nash is entering his 30s–if Nash really costs 2 top players, a top-5 pick and a notable prospect, then excuse my french, but f*** that.

    If you believing that Phaneuf is not a good leader for the Leafs (finished ranked 5th in scoring among all NHL defensemen), then where do you get off believing that the team should sell the farm for Nash? This guy has been unable to win a single playoff series as their club’s franchise captain year after year, so how about directing the criticism to where its deserved.

    Plus, I would say that having one of the AHL’s top farm teams led by a core of prospects gives Burke a breadth of trade chips, especially if the Marlies make it to the Calder Cup championship. Second, they have notable young roster players with high upsides in Bozak, Schenn, Holzer, Franson, and the list goes on. They have salary dump contracts with the potential to be contributors in Connolly, Lombardi and Komisarek and they retain their 1st round pick for 2013. Given their great junior prospects making their way to the Marlies next season, itll be easy for them to move youngsters and not give up too much depth. If Burke can’t work with that, nobody can. I remember before Burke got here, Leafs fans were creaming themselves over Justin Pogge and Jiri Tlustly and expecting Burke to work his magic then.

  3. Slap & Shot, if the Leafs have any hope in hell of landing Nash, they would need the 5th pick to dangle. If they trade it to LA, we have no chance. Plus we would be adding too much salary. No way both those deals happen.

    If I where Burke I would only give up that first for Schneider or a package deal for Nash. If neither transpire, then draft Galchenyuk and call it a day. If you can swing a deal for Schenn/JVR I’d do it (even though I really like Schenn) that way you’ve adressed size going forward, and a long term plan at center with Galchenyuk, Kadri and Colborne in the system. Burke is a patient man and I doubt he’ll give up the farm for a player he believes he can develope over time. As for a goalie, he believes Reimer is still the answer long term. Debate it or not, Burke believes in him and will address the goaltending issue with a veteran backup or a 1b kind of guy. Maybe throw a 3rd rounder for Khabibulin, or sign a guy like Vokoun. Either way, whoever he aquires will probably be a stop gap solution.

  4. @ Durt

    Hey Durt like Ive said before I dont want to get into whos right or wrong so I will just and all that stuff ……

    But Howson loosing the #1 pick is in a very serious position …the reason he didnt trade Nash for what he was offered was because he thgought he was going to get the #1 pick and now he doesnt have one …incorporate that with how many BIG names are going to be on the market such as Kipper …Iginla …Morrow ..Brown …Luongo ..Schnieder and so forth the market spotlight is now is turned to MANY players NOT just Nash as it was at trade deadline ..the serious players that were in on Nash are pissed off and will now look elsewhere at other options as well …this is not a good postion for Howson on Nash …I feel you can now get Nash at a lower cost because the partnership is astranged as per the press confrence post deadline he now HAS TO GO and everyone knows it. If the Leafs can trade there 1st ronder and Quality player i.e. Kulimen first in a deal for a TOP Goalie and Center prospect
    ( one deal fills 2 important holes)….
    this still leaves them assets & pieces to make a serious charge for a high quality player such as Nash that they desperately need…they now can trade Jake Gardner Colborne or Bozak , Rynass second rounder for Nash.
    Leafs will need to move out Lombardi and Connolly and Komisarek contracts some how for Gods sake as they CAN NOT be on the team next year ..tjsi will give Burke money to go out and sign Shultz from Anahiem and another top d man via trade …….BUt the first round pick has to be dangled for a legit # 1 goalie first and the only goalies are goping to be Halak Lindback or Kipper …once again Schnieder is not going to be traded !!!

  5. @ Sean

    Have you taken a look at who Nash has had to play with in Columbus? Huselius tops that list, which is just gross. I would take Nash over Kessel 11 times out of 10. And when you say ‘This guy has been unable to win a single playoff series as their club’s franchise captain year after year, so how about directing the criticism to where its deserved.’ The guy has made it to the playoffs one season, so get your facts straight.

    side note, I was looking up Phil Kessel’s states. In 2001-2002 he played for the Madison Capitols Bantam AAA team. In 86 games his states were 176 G, 110 A, 286 total points. That is hilarious.

    • @ RK

      You never proved me wrong anywhere with that response. Kessel’s had worse linemates in Bozak, Stajan and Kulemin, and hes still be able to put up 30-goals consistently. I’d take Carter and Huselius over Bozak and Stajan anyday. And, making the playoffs and winning a series are two completely different things–and I said, he’s never captained the team to win a playoff series. Maybe making the playoffs is a shining success if you’re a Sens fan, but I actually want to win a cup.

      I’m not knocking at Nash, I’m just saying that nobody in the league would pay the equivalent of two top roster players, a top-5 draft pick and a good prospect for a solid power forward who’s aging out of his prime. Rick Nash is world class, obviously… and I’m not so sure I would take Nash over Kessel. If you want a power forward and leader, take Nash, if you want skill and a one-stop sniper, take Kessel. If I’m the St. Louis Blues or Dallas Stars–I’d opt to add Kessel, not another power forward. Just because he’s in the middle of the hockey universe and subject to an array of sports writers who try and turn heads by writing bullshit doesnt mean his skills should go unnoticed–the guy is 24 years old and scored at a point per game pace, and has scored 30-goals perennially since he was 21 years old.

  6. Slap & Shot, I agree that Howson losing the first overall was a huge blow. But I can honestly see them trading up one spot to get him. How about Toronto’s 1st, Gardiner, Kulemin and Connolly (have to give salary back) and a 2nd rounder this year. Then Columbus trades their second pick plus a second rounder (maybe both) for the first pick. That way Howson can draft both Yakupov and Galchenyuk (both play for Sarnia and have pre-existing chemistry.) he also gets a top defensive prospect, a stop gap 1st/2nd line center and a young winger who plays very well defensively and still has 20-30 goal potential. I say it’s a win for Howson, but mostly because he can draft the Sarnia team mates and get a very good future defenceman.

  7. @ Durt

    God thinking pretty intense….I dont think Edmonton will give up Yakupov for anything as he may be the best player out of all edmontons first rounders.

  8. RK, who has Kessel played with in Toronto? Bozak tops that list…followed by Stajan lol! Ok, ya he played with Savard in Boston when he was still on his ELC but can we count that considering he was jus entering the league? Don’t get me wrong, given the choice I would pick Nash 7/10 times, but to compare who’s centered them is futile.
    Slap & Shot, just to elaborate, I’m not knocking your proposed Nash-Toronto deal. I was just trying to explain that this years 1st will be way more appealing then next. Drafting the Sarnia forwards is a sexy proposition, and remember, Nash gave a list of five teams, if we’re on it we still have to outbid 4 other teams. Cheers!

  9. Slap & Shot, If anyone would trade down from number 1 it would only be Edmonton. They already have an embarrasement of riches at forward, and they can still draft Murray at number 2, plus they could potentially pick up a 31st and 35th pick. Win-win IMO. That’s what makes sense to me though….just sayin.

  10. Durt, Very true. I was just raising the point hating on Nash isn’t very justifiable. He is a dangerous scorer on the worst team in hockey. There are 29 other teams in out there who would want him and rightfully so.

    In regards to the Oiler’s draft position I haven’t heard to many people suggest keeping Yakupov. Ya sure everyone wants to move up to get him. I think he is going to be a stud, so why not keep him? I would personally trade away Hall for a young D man with a high ceiling. They have Dub who had a pretty solid season and Bunz in their system.

  11. @Slap & shot, you might be able to get Lindback or Bernier for a first rounder but no way do you get Wilson or Brown thrown in for some unnamed player. Especially since the Leafs most tradeble assets are defenseman a position both the Kings and Preds are deep at.

    And your way off with Brown being on the market, but if the Kings were to trade him it will be as part of a package for an elite goalscoring winger.

  12. I totaly agree with what your saying …But you cant trade the best draft pick out of the top 3 number ones you earned……Iam thinking that they will be trading some future assets instead ..i.e Omark, Pajaarvi,Teemu Hartikainen,Anton Lander….so this could be options to trade for the defense they need instead of having to trade any of the top 3 picks …also have Khabibulin and Horcaoff for trade bait as well !

  13. @ RK
    I respectfully disagree ….Lindback sits on the bench for 70 plus games and Wilson is not part of alot of Icetime …Nashville traded this years first rounder to Ottawa for Mike Fisher so they dont have one in a deep draft of Defensman that they may be parting ways with so it would make perfect sense to practicly give up nothing that plays on a night in or night out basis for a first rounder and highly touted Nhl player or propect …Nashville will be to the cap very soon if they sign even one of the defenseman so they may have to part with some tope end talent as they will command a significant pay raise soon where as the propect and first rounder have entry level deals and can help with that for up to 3 years !So its a possibility to help each other out to offset needs and wants !

  14. Unless the Oilers were to receieve Cory Schneider and more, or Anders Linback and much more, there is no way the jump out of that spot.
    There is a second tier of 15 prospects, but Yakupov can play on the wing and make a top two line more potent soon. After coming back from the knee injury, Yakupov was a step less quick in his lateral motion and let’s see if he can re-acquire that deceptive agility. Whomever was going first overallwas NEVER going to trade out unless the payout is far more than band-aids, hopeful closer guys, and vets…too much of a chance Nail hits it on the head.

  15. IMHO: If I were the Brian Burke, I’d trade Jake G. or Luke S. (maybe even a 1st rounder) for Rick Nash or an established goalie and then try and sign Olli Jokinen. Olli is a big dude and can skate with the young guys. That would give the leafs a center with size and some veteran depth (which they need badly IMO). But in reality, the leafs need to stop pucks from going into their net, not score more goals. Their focus should be to get a goalie and a veteran shut down D-man.Another guy I’d sign in a hearbeat would be Shane Doan, but I can’t seem him wanting to come to Toronto.Burke can only stock pile young guys for so long, he needs to add some veterans to help mentor these guys.

  16. slap &shot…wow are you ever a typical delusional leafs fan or what? Brown and Bernier for the 5th overall pick and a player. How the hell does that help LA win now? How is the 5th overall pick this year worth two former 1st rounders that have turned into a legit young goalie who is about to be a starter and a guy who gets 30+ goals and is top 5 annually in hits and both only cost a combined 4.35 mill a year? The only way that remotely makes sense is if the “other player” was Kessel.

    PLEASE STOP OEVRVALUEING YOUR CRAP! the fifth overall pick isn’t worth Bernier let alone Brown too.

  17. I don’t know what half of you guys are smoking, or how those rose-coloured glasses are fitting.

    Although I’m certain CBJ’s would have loved Nail, having the second overall pick, and being able to pick up a defensive stud in Murray or a big center in Grigorenko isn’t the worst case scenario.

    In addition, they also have the Nash chip. Whoever picks him up, is going to be paying out the arse. Don’t think that a GM will able to swindle him out of CBJ w/o paying a kings ransom. I can honestly see Toronto giving up a lot for him. Hell, they gave up Seguin (Ooops, here’s your top line, large sized #1 center), Knight (Wooops, here’s your future on-ice leader) & Hamilton (Ooops, here’s a D-stud) for Kessel.

    If Toronto wants anyone, it’s going to cost them. I think some of you people give BB wayyyy too much credit (well more than he deserves for being one of the most overrated/padded resumes in all of the NHL).

    Jet’s are in good condition.

    This is a long term rebuild and they finished relatively high. Kane’s getting better, Wheeler was a great pick up… They have a ton of talent in development. They should be looking to pick up another top 6 forward, and just draft smart, I think they should be in the ball-park for Reinhart or Dumba. That’s your defensive future right there.

    Anyways, please think trades through.
    Like Durt, I normally like your trades, but there is way too much movement going on there. When’s the last time you’ve seen draft picks swung for a large amounts of players, just to have it swung right back to move up one spot.

    I could maybe see EDM maybe even drafting Murray or grabbing Nail and turning him for a BIG time defensemen. IF they take Nail Yakupov. In 4 years, they’ll be in the same position.
    Eberle, Hall, RNH & Yakupov being paid top 6 dollars, no defense and no goaltending = finishing bottom 5; year and year again.

  18. The Leafs should just draft and that’s that.
    A top-5 pick is a good addition to your team- I wouldnt trade it unless I was getting back Eric Staal or Getzlaf. That’s it…. My list is 2 players long. Otherwise, I draft whomever my scouts are high on and put another kid in the AHL next season.

    **Yes, I said AHL! Whomever they draft is not going to come in the NHL and make an impact on the top-2 lines… so why saddle him with expectations that have already burned Nazim Kadri? Sure, put him in the NHL if your plan is to finish bottom 5 again***

    Unless Nash learns how to play centre, I gracefully pass.

    To address goaltending, they need to bring in a veteran who can show Reimer the ropes. Bernier and Lindback are not that guy, and have LESS experience than Reimer. Schneider would be an upgrade over Reimer, but you don’t need both, so likely Reimer would go back to Vancouver in that deal. I am still in the camp that beleives Vancouver isnt stupid and isnt going to trade Schneider.

    If I were the Leafs, I would go hard after Kippur and see if Calgary would bite. After that, see what the price is to get Luongo. Third option would be Vokoun, but that’s risky as he was injured and did not have a very good season. You definatley do not need another young goalie.

  19. Canadian King, how can you accuse people of overvaluing their teams players, only to turn around and say Bernier is worth more then a 5th overall pick?! Seems hypocritical. Bernier is good, but not that good.

  20. Top 5 picks are all held this draft. I think NASH will be dangled, but nobody in the Top 5 ends up with him.

    Edmonton – Yakupov
    Columbus – Forsberg (may not be related, but big and still has name power)
    Montreal – Galchenyuk (most believe he is better then Grigs)
    Islanders – Murray
    Leafs – Grigorenko

  21. @ Durt …..well said the draft pick is not a 5th rounder its a First rounder top five pick in a very deep draft …Canadian King I respect what your saying and your love for your team ..but the word on the street and from the scouts is taht Bernier may not be a number one Goalie and there is alot of NHL scouts who are saying this …so If you were lucky to get a Top 5 first rounder for Bernier and turned it down …YOU SHOULD BE FIRED …sorry !

  22. my 2cents

    Tor need a shot blocker guy like a Greg Zanon to help solidify the back end .not the answer to all there problems but its a step in the right direction

  23. @Slap & shot

    Your messages never get old! I have stopped coming to this site because you post so many.

    • He’s contributing-your just reading. Plus your not going anywhere.

  24. I think the only three options Burke will entertain is to
    1. trade up for the number one over all pick, if the Oilers are game (doubt it) by trading his number 5 pick along with a guy like Franson to the Oil.
    2. dangle his 5th over all pick for Getlaf or Kipursoff along with other major assets, if either of these two players come available (unlikely).
    3. failing those two senerios he will be forced to keep his pick and try to stop gap the goalie issue with a crappy UFA vet and stick with Bozak, Grabo and possibly Colborne 1,2,3 down the middle and the Leaf’s will be on the golf links again next year at this time but we will keep hearing how well our prospect’s are coming along.

  25. If Burke wants to get a top line center, then you have to believe that the 5th overall pick is gone. I would take a shot at Stastny in Colorado or ribeiro in Dallas. Both guys are making high dollars and if the leafs could somehow include komisarek Connolly or Armstrong in the deal, it could work. I like Colby, but we have too many guys who can fill his spot, and he always gets hurt!! If we can get value for him, then ship him out

  26. @ eddie is the greatest ….

    its about conversation durt is here
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    We are all here every day whats the big deal !!!
    we apparently all love hockey and wish to talk about it ….if this was a site say on Gardening or trimming a Bonzi bush …I wouldnt be here ….sorry just like to talk to other folks who love Hockey …nice to see you once a month ……Dive in buddy…. love to hear what you got to say Iam not here to put you down ..just talk about the game ……..Thank You come again !

  27. Don’t understand why people are after Burke to get a top-line center- he’s already got $10 million per tied up in Connolly and Grabovski, so the Leafs should be all set, right?

    Burke is in a bad, bad spot. If he was making questionable moves when he didn’t have public opinion so heavily against him, can you imagine what sort of desperation move he’ll make this summer? Most of the guys he’s brought in as UFA’s are untradeable except as salary dumps…if he goes for Nash, it’s going to cost the #5, either Schenn or Gardiner, and at least one forward Columbus might actually want.

  28. Re: Brian Burke

    Another team owner commented that if his General Manager couldn’t deal with 10 other teams (a third of the league) because of personality issues, he would get a new GM. (Black, Sabres, 2012)

  29. @ all the Bernier lovers…sorry, do not see it. Watched he and Reimer play in the World Cup or whatever the heck its called last year. I would give the edge to Reimer.No upgrade having him unless you think its awesome to have 2 Reimers.

    Whoever said Howson blew it by not trading Nash at the deadline, I agree. Too many teams had horrible years and their GM’s will be trading their asses off, and more assets being dangled takes more teams out of the running for Nash, though he will still fetch a pretty penny.That said if the price was right would love to see him in a Leafs uniform. If it cost the Leafs their first rounder I would do it.He would not likely play for 2 years anyway, and Leafs have a solid farm system (finally).

    I do not see many goalies under contract being traded. If the Leafs could grab Halak I think that would be awesome, especially when Leafs play the Habs. But realistically, I think the best bet for the Leafs is Hedberg out of New Jersey. Marty won’t ( and does not need to ) pack it in so if Hedberg ever had a chance to be a starter somewhere, or at last get up to 40 games, he could do it in Toronto.Cannot see Flames moving Kipper until they have someone to take his place. As for Luongo, I think he is off to Tampa for a number of the high picks that Yzerman has been assembling.

  30. I personally also think that Burke gets way to much credit, I haven’t seen any good moves from him yet (with TOR) Nash IMO with the asking price would be a mistake. Trying to do to much too quick is never a good idea.

  31. @Murph

    I agree with most of the post; except the Nash part. I mean, although he had the interest at the deadline, the summer has more teams that have the numbers to make it work for him.

    He’ll get a pretty penny out of the deal.

    If TO wants him, it’ll take that first, maybe another first/second, Schenn and probably one of their top kids in the farm. CBJ’s not just going to give him away alas. I think moving forward Johnson + Schenn in Columbus could solidify a historically miserable back end.

    There are many goalies available in free agency and trade, the only issue will always be the team playing in front of them. There are only maybe 5 goalies currently in the league that give their team a chance to win every time they strap on the pads (the King, Quick, Kipper, Halak are 4 that come to mind, Price last year).

    Watching many TO games this year (I’m a true Hockey guy, I’ll watch FLA vs CBJ if it’s on) it’s pretty easy to see, they don’t have a strong defense, and what’s worse is they have forwards that seem to have little to no idea how to play a two way game. It doesn’t matter at this point of time who you plug into the #1 role in TO right now, they’re still going to have an inflated GAA (the opposite is true for teams like PHO, FLA, StL, who have goalies with really amazing stats, because of the type of game they play).

    I like the idea of bringing in the Moose for Toronto. It would help develop their young goaltenders, and also take 30-45 games off the menu for a kid. I said it earlier this year, once Reimer gets lit up once, there’s going to be a terrible outcome… Once that team started bleeding in net, there was no stopping it.

    About the Flames and Kiprusoff; he’s still one of the top 5 goalies in the league, and probably top 2 in the past decade… They have Irving waiting in the wings, Joni Ortio who is rated as the best Finish goalie draft pick in the past couple years (saying a lot, we know what kind of a goalie machine they have there) and the guy they got in the Cammi deal is a KHL stud.
    They might have their future lined up. However, since Sutter is no longer GM of Calgary, it will take quite a bit to pry him out of Calgary. Most likely the same or more than you were looking at for Nash.

  32. I figure it’s about time I weigh in on a few things here:

    In the last few games of the QMJHL playoffs I’ve been watching 3 players in particular. Grigorenko, Nathan Mackinnon and Zach Fucale. I am confident that Grigorenko will be an NHL flop and be bound for the KHL in next to no time at all. His style of play will not transition well to the NHL game. He already looks nothing more than average on a big stage game. Mackinnon will be the first overall selection in the 2013 entry draft. He has a rare explosive speed on the first two strides which lead him from stop to full speed. his vision of the ice an natural talent is something which the NHL has not seen in a long time draft wise. He will be a francise player. Fucale is a goaltender who will fly completely under the radar. He’s a prospect for the 2013 entry draft and will be a strong NHL starter. I think he’ll fall in the middle of the first round. As a Leafs fan I hope that the Habs go for Grigorenko.

    @ Nash – The asking price that Columbus is asking is absurd. They will not get it. They will end up settling on some good young talent, a salary dump and a pick. No team will pay their price because to do so would put Nash’s new team in a situation which is VERY similar to Columbus.

    @ Slap & Shot – are you Elkund?

    Faska is the hidden gem in this draft.