Latest on the Jets, Oilers and Senators.

Jets goalie Chris Mason’s new goalie mask pays tribute to his favorite heavy metal band,  the “elephant” in the Oilers room, and a look at the big winners and losers in Hockey Night in Canada’s schedule for the upcoming season.


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Ed Tait recently reports Jets goalie Chris Mason new mask will feature a Jets logo and a tribute to heavy metal masters Iron Maiden.

“We went back and forth, lots of phone calls, and I sent Steve some sketches and he did some art and we mulled over a bunch of different ideas,” Mason said in an interview withInGoal. “Then he came up with the Iron Maiden Eddie (the band’s mascot) in the old fighter jet and I thought it was perfect. I loved the image and thought that was really appropriate for the Jets.

“I’m a fan of a few songs. ‘Aces High’ is one song I really like, so it’s kind of perfect.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pretty cool. Gotta love the paint jobs goalies get on their masks nowadays. Considerable amount of artistry going into these efforts.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Bruce McCurdy noted in the “Cult of Hockey” blog the “elephant in the room” for the Oilers since 2005-06 has been they’re getting outshot on a consistent basis, putting considerable pressure upon their defense and goaltending.

“Edmonton has been getting outshot to the tune of 400 shots a season for the past four years in a row, pretty much five shots a game. The Oilers are giving up fully 15% more shots than they take, year after year. That’s too big a disadvantage to be overcome by shooting and save percentages; even a team that executed like the dynasty Oilers would be hard-pressed to atone for such a deficit in flow of play. ”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The stats cited by McCurdy certainly indicate a serious problem for the Oilers defensive play, one which must be addressed, starting this season, if this team is going to make any significant improvement in the standings.


OTTAWA CITIZEN: James Gordon recently posted up Hockey Night in Canada’s schedule for the upcoming season, and of the Eastern-based teams, the Senators are the “least favored, with only 20 games slated to be televised by CBC.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s the unfortunate thing for non-playoff Canadian teams, as they usually end up getting less broadcast time on HNiC…unless they’re the Maple Leafs.


  1. I’ve always been a fan of goaltenders. Since I first started watching hockey I felt the goalie was the most important player and, being a young kid, I loved the different masks they made. I was always a big fan of Ed belfours mask from his time with the blackhawks. Loved the eagle. I liked Patrick roys from the avalanche too. As a die hard habs fan I liked his Canadiens mask too, but it was rather uninspiring lol. Jocelyn Thibaults mask with the Canadiens was pretty cool though. Curtis josephs masks were pretty sharp too after he went to the “cujo” designs. Heck, I used to spends hours and days painting my road hockey goalie mask in the back room of my mothers home lol. Good times.

  2. Not Only is Ottawa a non-playoff team, they have the least amount of history (exclude the Jets for now due to novelty) and are a small market wedged between two huge hockey markets. Lets be honest, they’re lucky to get 20 games televised nationally.

  3. Interesting stat on the Oil being outshot so heavily. I hadn’t looked into that. It is a very ominous sign of things to come given that they have not added any veterain players to their roster that can play a better game defensively.

  4. Its been a rebuild, we traded away everything, we have added this offseason a few pieces to that defensive puzzle in sutton and barker. Barker I think is going to have a rebound this year, a healthy Ryan Whitney for the whole season is the biggest key. Hell a healthy roster this season is the big key, these young bucks that are up front in the system now won’t be having to many problems getting the puck at the net.

  5. That mask is SICK!!!!