Latest on the Jets, Predators, Red Wings & Devils – July 9, 2014

Are the Jets closer to trading Evander Kane? What are the Predators options to replace sidelined center Mike Fisher? Are the Red Wings hoping to acquire Capitals defenseman Mike Green? Is Devils goalie Cory Schneider close to re-signing a lucrative new deal with the Devils? Read on for the latest. 

Does Evander Kane want out of Winnipeg?

Does Evander Kane want out of Winnipeg?

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Ed Tait reports recent comments in a radio interview by Evander Kane fuels speculation he could be dealt this summer.

Host: Evander do you want to play for the Winnipeg Jets anymore?

Kane: Well, I think I’m a Winnipeg Jet right now, and, you know, there’s been speculation and rumors the three years since I got there. So, you know, we’ll see what happens and we’ll carry on as if I’m a Winnipeg Jet.

Host: There’s not a yes in there, and some Jets fans might say, why doesn’t he want to play for us? Or why isn’t he absolutely fully on board for playing for us?… you’re shaking your finger at me.

Kane: I’m training hard and getting ready for this season, and last summer I didn’t have a full year of training due to some surgery I had, so I found it really important for me to start training early and get myself in the best shape possible for this season. So that’s my focus.”

TSN: That’s Hockey panelists Gino Reda and Jamie McLellan discussed the situation. McLellan notes Kane remains under contract with the Jets and must remain with them until management finds the right deal. He believes GM Kevin Cheveldayoff won’t move the young winger until he gets a fair offer.  They also spoke about James Reimer filing for arbitration, with McLellan doubting the Maple Leafs can find a trade destination for him this summer.

ESPN.COM: Tim Kavanagh puts Kane atop his list of off-season top-six winger trade targets over Chicago’s Patrick Sharp and Buffalo’s Cody Hodgson. Earlier in the week Kavanagh listed Philadelphia’s Vincent Lecavalier, Columbus’ Ryan Johansen and Toronto’s Nazem Kadri among this summer’s top center trade targets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Kane may be hinting at preferring a trade but Cheveldayoff won’t move him without getting a fair deal in return. He won’t want draft picks and prospects, but rather a good player as the centerpiece who can help the Jets reach the playoffs now. There’s talk the Philadelphia Flyers are interested in Kane, but you can bet Cheveldayoff will want someone like Jakub Voracek or Wayne Simmonds as part of the return. Kane may be disgruntled in Winnipeg, but he’s still young and has lots of potential. The Jets don’t want to trade away a budding star without getting a worthwhile return. I think Cheveldayoff could wait and see how next season unfolds with Kane in the roster during a full season under coach Paul Maurice. 

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher is sidelined four-to-six months with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Cooper lists Derek Roy and Vincent Lecavalier as possible trade options, but also suggests promising Colton Sissons as a possible replacement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I would suggest Mike Ribeiro as a good short-term option, provided his “behavioral issues” which led to his buyout by the Coyotes have been suitably addressed. 

FOXSPORTS DETROIT/DETROIT FREE PRESS: Art Regner cites a source claiming the Detroit Red Wings have made Capitals defenseman Mike Green their top trade target, citing the Capitals recent additions of Matt Niskanen and Brooks Orpik and the club’s limited cap space. Helene St. James agrees Green would make a good fit with the Red Wings defense, which lacks a puck-moving blueliner with a right-handed shot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Green carries a $6 million cap hit for next season. Shedding it frees up considerable cap space for other additions, such as a second-line center, provided Green waives his no-movement clause. I expect the Capitals asks for one of the Wings promising young forwards as part of the return. 

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski reports New Jersey Devils goalie Cory Schneider will “break the bank” with his next contract, claiming he’s heard it could be a seven-year deal worth $6 million annually.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can see Schneider getting that deal. It’s expensive but that’s what it’ll take to keep him from testing next summer’s UFA market, where he’s bound to get that much, if not more. 


  1. I will guess this will not end well for the Jets. Will probably go to an american team for a 2nd round pick and player that can’t seem to make the roster on said American team. Sadly, thats life for Canadian franchises.

    • Is that you Don Cherry?

      • Why no it is not, But I am a realist.

        • Get over it DChamp. It’s all in your head. Definitely seems like you’ve been drinking that Cherry Kool-Aid.

  2. I don’t think anyone can blame Kane for wanting out of Winnepeg. I guess everyone would like to know exactly why though, is it the city itself? Or does he have problems with team mates and coaches? It cant be the fans as they seem to be some of the most boisterous in the league. With Noel gone, with whom he apparently didn’t get along you would think if that was the problem he would give Maurice a chance. But since he still wants out of town you can only really surmise that he really hates being in Winnepeg itself. As for trading Kane wouldn’t you as a GM want to get rid of a player who brings discontent to the locker room every day. That kind of distraction would make any team less effective. The problem of course is that Cheveldayoff thinks Kane is worth more than he is and will want the world for him in a trade. And whos to say that the guy isn’t going to be a jerk no matter where he plays.
    Cory Schneider is a decent goaltender, but IMO hasn’t proven he is worth 6 million per.
    Reimer will get traded this summer as some team will decide their tending isn’t up to snuff, but I don’t think he will garner the leafs anymore than a second rounder and perhaps a prospect.
    Why would anyone want Lecavalier? He could be more than useful but what GM would want that contract?
    Since the Red Wings didn’t do a thing during the first few days of free-agency(except Quincey, big woop) you’d think that if someone, anyone who could be had they would jump at the opportunity. Sure they have some up and comers but they are also going to lose some pretty big names in the not so distant future. And if last season wasn’t proof enough that the need some defensive mobility then maybe its time Holland was given his walking papers. If Detroit is such a preferred destination for players why did nobody sign there? I personally think that Holland has slackassed it a bit in the last couple of years leaning on the teams reputation and so things are not as rosy as they seem. Actually I think that the Red Wings tried to low ball players and hoped they would sign given the teams rep, but Holland hasn’t figured out that players are less inclined to do that now, its all “show me the money”. Detroit will miss the playoffs this coming season.

    • Sorry, Winnipeg

    • It may be because of the 3 month stretch where the temperature didn’t get above -400 degrees this winter in Winnipeg.

  3. Ok, Derek Roy is a UFA. So no trade there. And Cody Hodgson is a centre, so not a top 6 winger. I love how these people do their homework, presently company obviously excluded.

    And perhaps E Kane is feeling like P Kessel did in 2009: he was sick of being openly discussed as on the trade block, so he has just moved on in his mind.

    • Hodgson played the last 20 or so games of the season at left wing, and he did pretty well. He also played LW for Canada at the WC, scoring a point a game. The Sabres no longer view him as a center, and neither should anyone else. He cannot play defense…at…all.

    • Cody Hodgson has been converted to wing and was a better fit there then at center.

  4. This sums up the Green rumor, he is going no where, and is an essential part of the caps plan as a great defensive lineup. Detroit would have to offer alot to pull him away from the caps, doubtful he leaves till next summer, if even then.

    • Caps can’t trade Green, they will need him when Orpik breaks down …

      • he’s playing with orpik is the sounds of it

  5. Sooo Kane and Toews 10.5 mill easch

    • 10.5 million for 2 players who do not even average a point per game.

      Somewhere Wayne Gretzky is rolling over on Janet Jones shaking his head.

      • Kane, 25, has 178 goals and 315 assists in 515 career regular-season games,
        Toews, 26, has 195 goals and 245 assists in 484 career regular-season games,

        just saying……..

        • so 1 is .90 ppg probably the best defensive forward in the game and is plus 254 or something ridiculous, the other is .95 ppg both have 3 cups and are 26 years old just entering their prime years…just saying.
          Wayne Gretzky…lol how much was a gallon of gas in 1985? How much revenue do you think the league was making then?

      • Gretzky won 4 cups in his career, Toews and Kane have 3 cups at 26 and 25 years old. While I don’t think 40 point guys should be making 6+ million dollars, I think Toews is worth every penny!!!! Scoring doesn’t always equate to winning, Didn’t we just watch 2 of the low scoring teams in the in the cup finals?

        • **** lower scoring teams in the NHL in the cup finals?****

          • When did Kane and Toews win 3 cups?

        • Toews and Kane have 2 cups…

          • Ooops thats what I get for looking at that drunken NYR4LIFE guys post before posting myself lol

      • Yes, but the Great One is still scoring three times a night….hahahaha!

    • The Hawks have signed 23 players but are $2.1 million over the cap so they have to get rid of someone. Next year the cap may increase $6 million to $75 million but these signings are an increase of $8.4 million meaning they’ll again be over $2 million over the cap before they sign Saad, Leddy etc.

      • Trade Hossa or Sharp

      • It could increase to $75 million but if the Canadian dollar remains weak. Then it could stay around as it is. There’s no gimmee that it will hit $75 million it was suppose to be $71 million this year and it’s only $69 million.

        • Canadian dollar at it’s highest point in months.

          In fact, the Bank of Canada is worried about it screwing up their inflation predictions.

          • I don’t see it getting much above 95 cents if that; low-half of the 90s is a nice compromise between cheaper imports and stronger exports.

  6. Hate to say I told ya so but….nah actually I kinda love it lol

    • And like I said earlier, this is going to significantly hurt their depth. If the cap doesn’t go up they are going to be in trouble. There is no guarantee that it will go up as much as expected.

      • Fair points. Remember though they’ve been through it before (Buff, Ladd, Versteeg, Niemi, etc.) and weathered it well enough. Better odds in drafting, signing or trading for the next wave of depth in comparison to finding the next Toews or Kane.

    • Huh for a mill? Not bad, maybe get 15-20 goals out of him, not much risk there. Better than paying a goalie who has never played 45 games in a season 6 mill for the next 7 years and giving him an ntc…..seriously Lou is losing it.

      • That was a reply for alforducks….again.

  7. When did Kane and Toews win this 3rd cup? Were they playing for the Kings in the last 2 years?

  8. Eat your hearts out guys ducks got Danny Heatley for a buck fifty, I smell a trade for Kane & Toews.

    • AFD’s, you lucky dog! You get the Heater! A turtle with no legs moves faster than he does. Good luck, he’ll be watching alot of games from the press box, but will be a good mentor to the kids.

  9. Crosby 8.7
    Ovechkin 9.5
    Getzalaf 8.2
    Stamkos 7.5
    Tavares 5.5
    Malkin 9.5
    Datsyuk 7.5
    Giroux 8.2
    Chara 6.9
    Keith 5.5
    Weber 7.8
    This is a list of a few players that can MAYBE be better than Kane and Toews and their salary cap
    How on earth are Kane and Toews getting 10.5 a year and some of these guys getting at least 2 million less. I understand for Toews, he’s the complete package but Kane that guy is almost exactly like ovechkin but minus 10-20 goals

    • How many have back diving deals for more thsn 8 years? (Circumventing)
      How many Con Smythe winners?
      How many signed desls when the csp was lower than over 70million dollars?
      How many have 2 cups?
      Thats why they make 10.5 mill.

    • Wait until you see Stamkos new contract. He will be up over 11 I bet and he wont have won anything yet. The Pens got lucky with getting both Malkin and Crosby under 10.

  10. Here is a trade that might work for both clubs. The St Louis Blues trade Alex Steen to the Jets for Kane. Jets have someone to sell the deal to the fans,Steen is a good player but I think he is topped out as far as what is his. The Blues get Kane, a young power forward that we have not had since Keith Tkachuk, salary is about a wash,and Steen just signed long term deal. Steen would be very popular in Winnipeg. Thoughts ??

    • ??? Really, Steen is better than Kane and does’nt have personal issues on or off the ice.