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What are the goaltending trade options for the Maple Leafs? Does Evgeni Nabokov want to leave the Islanders? Are the Blue Jackets going to trade Fedor Tyutin? Read on for the latest!


Nabokov wants off the Island.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: James Mirtle recently examined the Toronto Maple Leafs shaky goaltending situation, noting possible “fill-in” solutions aren’t “worldbeaters”, listing Evgeni Nabokov of the NY Islanders, Scott Clemmensen of the Florida Panthers, Michael Leighton of the Philadelphia Flyers, and UFA Marty Turco.

TORONTO SUN’s Mike Zeisberger also recently weighed in, noting Nabokov and Turco as two suggested names for the Leafs making the rounds on Twitter.

NEW YORK TIMES’ Chris Botta claimed Nabokov is “dying to leave” the Islanders, making no secret about it, as his family is still living in California, while the Islanders are “dying” to get down to two goaltenders.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie tweeted there were “no truth” to the erroneous claim of Evgeni Nabokov being dealt to the Columbus Blue Jackets for defenseman Fedor Tyutin, adding he was told Tyutin is not being dealt.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Things got a little wild and woolly last night because of that erroneous “Nabokov for Tyutin” tweet, coming shortly after it was reported the Jackets had shipped defenseman Kris Russell to the St. Louis Blues for Nikita Nikitin. The way things look for now: Nabokov wants off the Island, the Islanders are apparently shopping him, it remains to be seen if the Leafs will be among the takers or if they’ll look elsewhere, and the Blue Jackets continuing struggles between the pipes will keep them among the potential destinations for Nabokov. I get the feeling things might come to a head for Nabokov soon.


  1. Burkey, give the Isles a 3rd rounder or a low depth chart guy for Nabokov and lets see what he has left in the tank.

    Speaking of low depth guys does that include Kadri now, all thanks to Wilson’s coaching.

  2. Wilson hates Nabokov…it will never happen. Kadri for Schneider and lets roll with two starters…go Leafs!!!

  3. Nabokov is average at best and won’t help the Leafs.

  4. Do we really think Nabokov can be had for a low depth guy?

  5. DLS:

    I am not a leaf fan but Kadri’s demise is not due to Wilson’s coaching style. Kadri should have never gone as high as 7th overall. He’s quite small, plays poor defensively and just doesn’t seem to have the heart. The Leafs would have been better drafting someone like Kreider, Kassian or even Ellis. Kadri should have been a later first round pick or early second but certainly not a top 10. IMO

  6. I think Nabo’s value is hard to gauge right now. Ha hasn’t made many starts and is playing on a rebuilding team. I know the rumor of Nabo to the BJ’s has been shot down, but i could see that being a good trade for them although not for Tyutin. I could see Nabokov being acquired for a mid round pick and depth player and/or mid level prospect. He’s 1-3 right now, but with a good save pct and decent GAA. He would at the least solidify the CBJ goaltending situation, and maybe take some pressure off of Mason. Also, he could be a mentor for the young guy.

  7. I’d rather have Turco. Or deal for a young goaltender like Schneider if the opportunity arises. Since Schneider or Bernier aren’t likely available, if it came down to trading for Nabokov or getting Turco for free…I think the choice is odvious.

  8. Scott Clemmensen would be a nice fit for the Leafs. The Leafs DO NOT NEED any over the HILL washed up Goalies. Thank You

  9. DLS, Kadri still remains the Leafs’ best prospect, and one of the best NHL prospects not playing in the NHL right now.

  10. Schneider’s not going anywhere – Canucks fans would lynch the GM. Let’s just say that there’s a fairly low level of trust toward Roberto Luongo out here. Time for Laf fans to hang in there for a while.

  11. Freudian slip – make that “LEAF fans”, not the more popular LAF fans.

  12. No way for Turco or Clemmensen. Turco isn’t in game shape, and Clemmensen is fresh off of surgery. We need somebody who can play NOW. I’d rather go for Michael Leighton who has put up decent numbers in the AHL. He’s in the last year of his contract, so it’s not like it would be a long-term thing.

  13. Picking up Clemmensen would be good just so we don’t have to play him – for some reason (he’s a Toronto boy if I remember correctly) he just kills us everytime we play him…lol

  14. LeafsNationUS, where did you hear Turco was out of shape? I heard he was still working out on and off the ice.

  15. Swiss,
    Scott Clemmensen is American. He’d fit right in.
    If another goalie is brought in, who else goes and where?

  16. Goose should have started againts Boston, but it may not have mattered as the bears were due…
    Let’s let scrivens run with the team for now….
    He’s clearly better than goose right now!!!!
    I agree with a solid vet to back him up…. Like a Nabokov
    Get rid of Jonas

  17. naby needs to be back in the bay his fam already lives in cali he wants back in SJ

  18. @”36CRAZYFISTS” Kadri’s demise? Seriously? The kid is only 21 years old and you are talking about him as if he is a bust or something just because the Leafs are taking it slow with his development? In case you haven’t noticed Kassian, Kreider and most other players drafted in that round haven’t broken into the NHL yet while Kadri has played over 30 NHL games. Get a life.

  19. @ “Mike”
    Kadri is at best a second liner, not the first liner the Leafs envisioned him to be. Someone who gets drafted in the top 10 should be a legit top 3 forward, and Kadri is not. If you happen to read other hockey sites or actually watch him play then you might get the same sentiment. He has looked pretty shaky during his Toronto stints and has showed a true lack of defensive ability and heart. Do you honestly think another GM would make an offer for Kadri based on the fact they envision him as a top 3 player? Probably not. Again, not saying he’s a bust, but he surely isn’t going to be the player the leafs thought they were getting when they drafted him 7th overall…And i realize Kassian and Kreider are not playing in the NHL at the moment, but either would be a much better fit as to what Burke envisions this team to be in the coming years. Plus the fact that he’s 21 does mean somethings if he cant stick with the big club.

    Get a life hahah wow internet tough guy here

  20. btw Mike, shouldn’t you be more excited about Colborne?

  21. Nabokov is a career choker and shouldnt mentor anyone. Who cares if he’s a good regular season goalie because playoffs are what’s important after you get there anyway. Shouldve kept giguere eventhough he was hurt a lot he’s still a winner.

  22. I just don’t understand the comments regarding Kadri. Having had the opportunity to watch him many times in in the OHL he is a smart and sublimly skilled player. How can these pronoucements be made about a player who has not be given a chance to play. In my opinion, he should be on the roster for a whole year to give him the opportunity to play and to grow. the bipolar attitude toward him has not help and is hindering his development. Let him play and we will see what we have in him.

  23. There’s a few players who have had great success in the major juniors but haven’t been able to translate that success to the big stage. In Kadri’s case, he has been given a chance to play and hasn’t responded. Connolly recently went down with another injury and the leafs called up Frattin and not Kadri. I honestly like the way Frattin plays more. Hockeysfuture has Kadri listed as their top prospect, but I would honestly say Colborne should be number one. All that I’m saying is i dont think Kadri is the player the leafs thought when they drafted him. I’m projecting him as second liner.

  24. SQUACAKEIT !!!!!

  25. Kadri will be fine. I agree Colborne is ahead in the prospect pool, but they’re both still young, I’ll pass judgement in the next two years. Besides neither have made the big club as of yet, does that make them both a bust? I think they’ll both be important pieces to the club regardless of they’re draft position.

  26. We need to package a few players such as kadri a pick and another player to replace the ailing connolly who in my opinion was a desperate move to grab a number one centre who is a second liner at best, id rather have colbourne in line up and save some salary.

  27. Agreed durt et all
    Frattin is a better two way player than kadri( although he has had some goofs)
    Nazims time will come
    The biggest knock on kadri is his size, as he’s too small to be an effective two way guy.
    And grabo isn’t neccesarily the biggest guy in the world( although he plays like he’s 8 feet tall and 400 pounds!!)
    Colbourne is the next number 1 guy for the leafs. Its all about brittle Tim now.
    Let’s hope that he can play 50 games this year :s

  28. @ Durt
    I agree with you that Kadri will be fine and in no way do I think he’s a bust, but again, not the top line guy the leafs thought. I think his size has something to do with it, but it’s his inconsistent play that is not keeping up. But, I do think kadri will be a great source of secondary scoring, maybe a 50 point kind of player. To compare Colborne to Kadri isn’t a great comparison. Colborne wasn’t a top 10 pick and didn’t have they hype surrounding him that Kadri had. Colborne is right on schedule in regards to where he was drafted.
    Frattin is for sure the better two way option and has looked great as rookie, minus ofcourse the expected goofs a rookie is bound to make. I see him turning into potentially a Colby Armstrong with a little offensive upside. And great way to decribe Grabo…I’m in no way a leaf (although i live near Toronto) but have loved the way Grabo has turned his game around starting last season and into this one. Great trade for the leafs, especially for a second rounder if i remember correctly. Brittle Tim is right, he’s the forward version of Pascal Leclaire, but 50 games might be a stretch!

    for you baseball fans, Papelbon to the Phils, 4 yr, 50 mill! 5th year vesting option that brings it to 60! unreal!!!!

  29. @Durt – I don’t consider “out of shape” and “game shape” the same thing. He may be working out with some minor league team or whatever but that’s not the same as being in NHL game shape. I’m sure it’s a little different for a goalie versus a skater, but I still think a goalie who is actually playing professional games would be better for the Leafs in the short term.

  30. LeafsNationUS, I agree there’s a difference, but the picture you painted was him sitting on a couch eating chips waiting for the phone to ring. You clarified though. I still think he’s a better option then Nabokov (considering he’ll only cost cap space) and btw only has a few games under his belt. Nabokov isn’t really in mid season form himself either.


    The Leafs never thought Kadri would be a 1st liner this early in his career. Burke even said when he drafted him that he is going to take it slow with Kadri’s development and that he expected Kadri to a few years in the AHL and work his way up the depth chart slowly. Of course like any young prospect he has had his ups and downs but Kadri’s development appears to be right on track.

  32. @DT….Schneider going anywhere is remote let alone to the Maple Leafs. Remember, there’s still that tampering fine levied against the Leafs over that resigning of the twins a few years ago that still likely has Gillis up in arms over so no…he’s not going to Leafs for anybody I doubt Gillis and Burke have spoken much since big mouth Wilson opened his yap about it all during Burke’s trip to bring the Monster over here

  33. Speaking of Schneider
    With the way Florida has been playing to start the season, does dale tallon pull the win-now trigger and offer up a huge return in picks and prospects for the services of Bobby Lou?
    I know this has been covered before, but Florida may actually have a team.
    And if lou gets traded, it’s definately out of conference.
    If I was gillis I would wait until florida hits a tough part of the schedule
    1st +2nd
    Florida gets their top tier goalie and clear a bit of cap space to slot Lou between the pipes for years to come, plus a pick.
    Van gets a great goalie prospect and adds a player with grit and scoring, plus clears cap space and stocks more picks to possibly add another piece to the puzzle.
    Say what you want about gillis, but I think he is the perfect gm for this website, cause his team keeps us talking!!!!!!

  34. If I was the Leafs I would not give up on Kadri yet. The kid is only 21 — and not all young players develop at the same time.

    It’s just with the pressure on Wilson to get the Leafs in the playoffs this year, he appears not to have the time or patience to deal with the growing pains of young players. Kadri has to be at the top of his game in the AHL to get noticed by the NHL club.. and make it hard for them to keep in down in the AHL.

  35. Few things are more annoying than confident pronouncements that a prospect is of isn’t a bust. You don’t know, period. A lot of it depends on what happens with them, not on some dormant talent.

    you know nothing about hockey…Kadri a bust? guys like Logan Couture, Bobby Ryan, Craig Smith ect have spent multiple years in the minors to develope and were all top 10 draft picks…get a life, what are you a Sens fan?