Latest on the Lightning and Canadiens – February 8, 2012.

Does a recent call-up of a defenseman mean the Lightning are poised to deal? What’s the latest on Canadiens defenseman Hal Gill and winger Travis Moen? Read on to find out!


Could the Bolts re-sign Moore?

TBO.COM: Erik Erlendsson reports the Lightning’s recent call-up of defenseman Evan Oberg gave rise to speculation they might be about to make a trade, but head coach Guy Boucher and GM Steve Yzerman dismissed this, with Boucher suggesting some of his defensemen may be playing through injuries (“boo-boos”, as he called it) and Oberg’s call-up was merely as insurance. Yzerman, meanwhile, has spoken with Dominic Moore’s camp about a possible contract extension. Moore is eligible for UFA status this summer.

TAMPABAY.COM: Damian Cristodero reports Yzerman isn’t in any rush to make trades, pointing out the team has been on a roll of late.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yzerman will likely wait until deadline day before deciding if he should sell or stand pat. His club has played its way back into view of a playoff berth, and if they should gain significant ground over the next couple of weeks, he could decide not to make moves that could disrupt team chemistry.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Jonathan Bernier reports Canadiens Hal Gill and Travis Moen are aware of the possibility they could be moved by the trade deadline.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: reports the San Jose Sharks are the front-runners to acquire Moen, who played for the Sharks briefly in the 2008-09 season.


  1. I asked about that defensemen thing last night.

  2. I can see 1 of the Leaf goalies parting ways this summer. Both want to be the starter, but only one can have the job. The backup won’t be happy in that spot. Great to have a battle for net, but I think it will be one that bites the Leafs back. My guess, Gus is a UFA, he’ll move on. Too many Reimer lovers in T.O, but Gus IS the better goaltender. JMO.

  3. Gus has not shown he is a better goaltender. He still gives up the bad goal when the game is on the line. Reimer isn’t a HOF goalie, but when he is on, he is the better goalie.

  4. We’ll take him

  5. could the leafs let gus go? he’s a good goalie but he’s unlucky. bad goals and 3 heart operations. i could see them going for schneider and giving up their 1st and 3rd in the summer. if they make the playoffs it’ll be the 30th pick for sure!

  6. With all due respect.. what does this article have to do with Leaf goalies? Or the Leafs at all for that matter.

  7. Can you talk about hockey without saying Leafs? (I prefer Leaves).

    A Sharks Fan

  8. While there is no rumor to this effect – a trade that might make sense for both teams is bugsy Malone to the Canucks for Schneider & some salary back (Malone is about 4mm cap hit/yr). Van could sure use another power forward & Lightning a goaile even if he’s no better than a quality backup (current goaltending is league worst combined). The one position where the bolts look to have a ready replacement is Malones (Carter Ashton). I’d even addi in Garon for a couple of prospects if Van needs a proven backup for LuLu. As noted, no rumors but might make sense for both teams.

  9. Bugsy for Schnieder and Ballard sounds good to me. Carter is good, but Conacher is better and we’ll have him signed at seasons end. We get first crack at him and he is a stud!

  10. Hey Boltsnation – saw Cory in preseason. He impressed, but he’s a smurf – smaller than Marty tho a couple of inches taller. Agree he might have a role – but not replacing Malone. IMHO — I was thinking power forward and protector once in a while.

  11. Richard and Boltsnation, your kidding right?….Ballard AND Schneider for an Injury prone Malone? He may be worth Ballard, but not Schneider, let alone both. You way overvalue Malones worth, and the fact
    that he has never had more than 51 points in a year and only played more than 80 games in 03/04. umm, yeah….maybe schneider and Ballard for Hedman or Connoly. You have to give to get, and Schneider is going to be a Great goaltender in this league for years to come. Oh, and the canucks take back 4 mil in salary compared to schneiders 900 thousand a year. whatever, stop huffing paint…..its bad

  12. Connolly — OK. But its a trade deadline deal & Van needs a power fwd with some scoring touch based on last yr….Connolly, who played in this yrs’ JR worlds isn’t that guy. Malone & his Olympic silver from the Vancouver games may be.And Ballard isn’t about Ballard, it’s about Van’s cap issues. Schneider is still a maybe as well. The sample size doesn’t rank him as “Great” quite yet. I think there is a Win-Win in there somewhere.

  13. To Shawn & Habs_FTW. Don’t be so childish boys. It’s all about hockey no matter what the topic is.Even Lyle Richardson got blasted by guys like you yesterday and he’s the guy we come her e to read about.
    It’s his site and he’s not talking about subject changes,he knows his hockey and I enjoy his site,whatever the topic,so grow up and let anyone who wants to talk hockey,talk about any team they want.If you don’t like it , here is something for you. Leafs, Montreal, Sharks, all teams are in trade mode right now,so that’s why we discuss all teams.

  14. As far as Oberg goes, he’s an RFA who’s earned $2m in bonuses over the last 2 years while moving from Van. (4 gms in 2 yrs.) to Fla to TB. Clearly he’s getting a call to experience the NHL, maybe get a little playing time towards the end of the season. I think it’s part of his evaluation towards his next contract. Tampa only has 4 D-men signed for next year, with Kubina the most prominent UFA. As already said, they’re D has been a problem. I really don’t see Malone moving, his value doesn’t always show on the stat sheet.

  15. @ Dan Konieczny  nice going on starting the leaf talk with an page that doesn’t mention them once.

  16. @ RIchard Ilfeld – how many back up goalies have beaten Boston this year and sport a career 2.43 GAA and .922 SV% (in 55 games for 29 wins)? The only thing stopping Schneider from being a starter in the NHL is Roberto Luongo.

  17. @CrazyCanuck Yeah, I wouldn’t want him if I didn’t think he was gonna be good — but Patrick LaLime won his first 16 NHL starts. I’m just sayin’…..goalies are kin to left handed relief pitchers.

  18. Yes, Vancouver is going to jump all over trading their young, up and coming goaltender and another player for an old, overpaid bruiser. Right.

  19. @NikK
    Sure – it’s a Milbury trade (sarc)

  20. I like how the articles had nothing to do with Toronto, and yet the first half of the comments talk about the TO franchise.

    We will find out what direction Tampa goes within the next couple weeks. Right now they seem out, but they are 10 points back with 4 in hand; which means you win a few games and you’ll be right there… you drop them, and they become sellers come deadline. These weeks before the trade deadline are very exciting for hockey fans, lets you find out what your team will be doing, and what direction they’re going into the offseason.

  21. where the hell is the page getting the system time from? I’m posting at 1030 hrs pacific…

  22. That would put the server i England???? and the transfer window is closed and we don’t need Messi anyhow.

  23. Malone for Schneider??

    Having trouble formulating response you’d not find demeaning.

    Maybe stay out of the Sun and see if that helps

  24. @Quis Spector lives in Newfoundland if my memory does not fail me. Which is 4 hours later the West Coast time.

  25. HA! As a leafs fan every article and all rumours are always about the leafs didn’t you guys know? LOL

    Lets get real, Malone for Schneider is not happening, I know we can all quote Lalime but why not quote guys who became amazing after not even getting drafted (Thomas) or simply not even knowing if they will be playing in the NHL (Elliot) so ya. I think if a goalie shows promise then chances are you either value him high or keep him until he’s no good.

    An Alexandre Daigle comes along once in a while but top tier players and goalies are very good NHL players the majority of the time….

  26. Not one mention of Toronto in any of those articles and yet the topic of discussion is Toronto. Wonder how so many trade rumors are started about the????

  27. Tim Thomas was caught in the Vermont reality distortion zone – Marty St Louis was on the same team and undrafted….as was Eric Perrin who had a couple of decent NHL years. — I’m not in the sun, and don’t really expect to see Malone for Schneider — Who would trade a promising goalie for a bruiser??? oh, wait, Vancouver essentially got Luongo for Bertuzzi.

  28. @Richard Ilfeld Luongo for Bert was a pretty bad trade for FLA.

    I can’t see that Malone deal happening. Nick Kypreos got it going a couple of days ago on Sportsnet and he was bashing his own suggestion last night. No way does Gillis give up his prime trade chip for an aging, overpaid, underperforming winger with a year left on a bad contract. Schneids won’t be traded until the draft, unless he’s part of a bigger deal.

    I’d much prefer to get Hedman back somehow anyway.

  29. I think it’s because the leafs are the centre of the hockey universe

  30. I can’t believe what some are saying on here.

    Schneider is the better goalie in Vancouver. The only thing stopping Schneider from being the starter isn’t Luongo, but Luongo’s contract. Vancouver would be a better team with Schneider being their number1.

    I am a Flyers fan, not a Vancouver fan, so don’t think I am biased.

    Schneider is one of the top three 1b goalies in the league. I would not call him a backup, more of a 1b, with Luongo being 1a.

    The Canucks have been letting him mature properly, and he is ready for the starters role. That is why Vancouver has to decide who they keep. Unfortunately, that is probably Luongo, and only because of his contract.

    If Schneider is traded it will be for either
    a) a stud dman like a Suter…or
    b) part of a bigger package that would net them something like Getslaf or Perry
    c) a good prospect plus a pick.

    Vancouver media was discussing this on the team 1040 today, like everyday, To give you some perspective, they are batting around names like Connelly from Tampa.

    Oh, and Toronto is not the center of the universe, more like the backside.

  31. This comment section is starting to look like article comments.. sigh.

  32. Love how all the Leafs haters are even talking about the Leafs.
    “I like how the articles had nothing to do with Toronto, and yet the first half of the comments talk about the TO franchise.”
    “nice going on starting the leaf talk with an page that doesn’t mention them once.”
    “Not one mention of Toronto in any of those articles and yet the topic of discussion is Toronto. Wonder how so many trade rumors are started about the????”

  33. I only put in Ballard to ease cap issues. Personally I would keep Bugsy. He brings allot more then just points.

  34. At this time of year, there are usually 2 teams in the East that scare the crap out of me, for their ability to come from behind : Carolina and Tampa. Well, I think Carolina is definitely done.They are a stronger team at home, but the balance of their schedule is a wash and will not make a difference.Put a fork in them.

    Tampa on the other hand, is ranked 7th in goals for, in the Eastern Conference. They are also the worst team for goals against. They have won twice as many games at home as they have away, and in the last 33 games of the season, 19 will be home games. If Roloson miraculously comes back to last years form, or if Stevie Y grabs a decent goalie before the trade deadline, (maybe Bernier from LA for what I do not know) they could be the spoiler for the 8th spot.

  35. Travis Moen as a Duck would be so awesome! We do need a gritty, scoring veteran for our 4th line.