Latest on the Maple Leafs and Senators – January 12, 2012.

The Maple Leafs and Senators are ready and willing to deal leading up to the trade deadline. Read on for the latest.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke is interested in adding depth to his team in hopes of not just improving their chances of making the playoffs, but also to avoid getting their butts kicked in the opening round. He hinted at adding a big center or winger with playoff experience, and the move could come soon, as he usually eschews the trade deadline. Burke suggested such a move could cost one or two young assets currently in the system, or even their first or second round pick this year.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports the Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers could be trade partners, as Flyers director of player development Don Luce has been spotted at several recent Leafs games. The Flyers are in need of blueline depth, leading Seravalli to speculate over the availability of  Leafs blueliners Luke Schenn or Cody Franson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Flyers want Schenn or Franson, they’ll have to give up a big forward with playoff experience to land them. Cue the “Scott Hartnell to Toronto” speculation, but I don’t believe the Flyers would part with Hartnell, who’s played very well for them this season.

OTTAWA SUN/ESPN.COM: reports Senators GM Bryan Murray could be a buyer leading up to this year’s trade deadline, perhaps to add more scoring depth, as Murray likes his current blueline. The Sun listed Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky, Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu, Nashville’s Jordin Tootoo, Calgary’s Olli Jokinen and Frans Nielsen of the Islanders as five available forwards who might be of interest to the Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree Hemsky, Ruutu and perhaps Nielsen are available. Forget about Tootoo or Jokinen, for as long as their respective teams are in the playoff hunt, they won’t be moved.


  1. I completely disagree with Hartnell for (schenn or Franson) if Burke is trading Schenn to the Flyers. He’ll try to land JVR. He said on fan590 last night he’ll trade a 22 year old for another 22 year old

  2. As a Leaf fan I would love to see Hartnell in a Leaf uniform…he is awful to play against, but great to have on your team. Dunno if I like the idea of splitting ties with Schenn or Franson though. Schenn may be having an off year, but have proven when on his game he is a valuable asset to the team. I have been quite impressed with Franson.

  3. Not sure why the Flyers would go after a D-man when they have decent guys like Matt Walker still in the minors. Walkers has shown he can play important minutes in the playoffs with the Hawks. The only reason he hasn’t been called up so far is that they don’t want someone to grab him on reentry waivers.

  4. Ya I’m seeing JVR over Hartnel too. It’s rumoured lately hes being shopped by Holmgren. But in no way shape or form should Schenn be traded! From listening to Burke over the years I’m pretty certain he won’t be, but I keep hearing his name dropped by media. He’s got leadership qualities, hits like a beast, and will be half of a shutdown pair for many years to come. Franson, Gunner and even Aulie would hurt a bit to lose, but I believe if one of them (possibly thrown in a package with a mid pick/prospect they might like) might be enough to land that sort of talent. Schenn stays. Partly because he’s awesome, and partly because I have his jersey lol!

  5. I will be accused of smoking the whacky tabacky but IF the Leafs deal with the Flyers (big IF) it won’t involve Schenn or Franson, it will more likely be Komosarek plus either Colbourne and Frattin or a roster player like Kuleimin or Grabo. I just think Komosarek this year has been the physical force that he used be be with Montreal and plays a Flyers style. Franson isn’t physical enough. Also I think other teams look at Schenn and think he’s either having an off year or has plateau’ed in his development, either way they’d be hesitant to take a risk giving up a bona fide young roster player for Schenn. But who really knows what they’re all thinking? This forum is more about what’s going on as fans in our own minds.

  6. Schenn for Van Riemsdyk and a pair of prospects (the young Wellwood) sounds pretty square to me. I’m not too keen on JVR but some people think he could be a pretty big deal. That’s a pretty hefty contract though, and Holmgren may be thinking twice. I think Philly would come out on top with this one, but if Burke sees future greatness in JVR it may be realistic. And Philly could of course sweeten the pot with a depth player…..maybe Leighton could help the Leafs (I’m kidding but I’m not). Anyway, a lot of hockey fans would cheer to see the brothers united.

  7. you guys are killing me here Van Riemskyk is no where near the worth of Schenn think bigger and much better

  8. Agree with most of your points Durt , but JVR? Why would flyers part with such skilI ? Not to mention Burke picking up a player for 7 years? Not his style. I do not think Hartnell is in play simply because he has a NTC and a NMC, so why would he willingly choose to leave the Flyers? If Leafs are looking for a playoff experienced forward, the Flyers might be offering Talbot or Simmonds. In return they would probably want one of Franson, Aulie or Gunnarsson, and my money would be on Aulie as their first choice. If it is Talbot or Simmonds, I am not sure either would be much of an upgrade over any of our top 6 players currently ( Wingers, not Centres), that they would supposedly be replacing.

    Pietro, interesting comments about Komisarek, but I think salary and injury history makes teams leary, even though he is playing better. Besides, Burke has practically adopted him.

  9. For Ottawa fans sake, no silly trade for an old overpaid players. It’s a rebuilding season. If we get to the big spring dance, it’s a bonus.

  10. If the leafs have a chance to land JVR i would take it. Of course it depends on what they give up, but burke is usually good at getting a high price for players and giving a low price on getting players. I said earlier this year i thought that jvr would be avaliable given the amount of top young forwards the flyers have and it seemed jvr was gettting squeezed out.
    @murph i could also see burke being interesed in simmonds, he is the burke type, big physical fowards with skill.
    either way with the way the team is playing the the trade specualtion it makes being a leaf fan exciting again!

  11. Acquiring JVR (or Hartnell) can’t be considered a “depth” signing but is closer to the blockbuster variety. Not sure if that’s where Burke was going with that comment. I agree with Murph, if it really is depth/experience they’re looking for then Talbot would be your guy. Adding JVR (a #3 draft pick) or Hartnell would certainly improve the Leafs but would also cost them an asset they may not be willing to deal away.

  12. I understand the Leafs want top six forwards but I think Burke would be looking more in the way of a Center and not JVR. I know he is hurt right now but maybe Burke should look into Columbus for Jeff Carter. I know the organization and the player both are saying he’s not going anywhere. But I don’t think Carter was ever thrilled about Columbus to begin with. Everyone spun it as he was “blindsided” by the trade and did not want to leave Philly. But really he was probably just as upset that where he was going was Columbus. Definitely a much different hockey environment than what he was used to. Anyway Im sure the length of his injury will be a stumbling block for any Carter deal. But IF the Leafs were to look into this and Burke is willing to trade this years 1st or 2nd I could see something like Franson, Colborne, and a 1st for Carter. Big bodied Center for his first line.

  13. Murph, can’t disagree with anything you said. Good post.

  14. I don’t see the Flyers trading Hartnell or JVR…
    Possibly Simmonds, but he is a valuable piece and would they part with him for Aulie, Gunnarson or Franson…my guess would be no. I find it weird as well that Franson and Schenn are being mentionned in the same convo. Franson is good don’t get me wrong, but he doesn’t hold nearly as much value as Schenn. Can’t see Talbot mocing either, didn’t he sign like a 5 yr contract in the offseason?

    The Leafs should make a push for one of Anaheim’s guys, Hemsky or what about Okposo on the Island? just thoughts…

  15. and i like Chris’ idea for Carter, although I would say Kadri instead of Colborne.

  16. Just to add though, I was saying JVR or Hratnell because that seems to be the rumour de jur today. I would definitely prefer to target the players you mention, but I don’t see Philly letting those players go. Especially because of their contracts. Holmgren would probably be more interested in freeing up cap space, but you never know.

  17. Why would the Sens trade for Hemsky… a player that can’t stay healthy. Or Tootoo a guy that can’t stay out of the penalty box.

    Murray should just stand pat. Remember this is a re-build. Don’t trade your future for a quick fix… Say he moves a good decent prospect then one of Spezza, Karlsson or Anderson suffers an injury that keeps them out of the lineup long term. They would fall through the standings like a stone — and they just traded away a part of their future.

    Think long-term Murray.. not short term. Now, if he was going after a young player that does not have an expiring contract and would be part of this team’s future.. then that is a little different — but a temporary player — no thanks… disrupt the chemistry on the team. Sens already went out and got Turris… so that should be it..

  18. Well I bet Columbus would like Kadri more also. But I don’t think Burke has/should give up on Kadri. If they wanted Kadri change that pick to a 2nd or a player close to that value.

  19. I think Carter to Toronto makes sense for all the reasons listed above. Of all of the top tier centres to trade for in the league, he might be the easiest to pry away. Columbus needs defense the most, and would probably want a centre as well who could step into their lineup, and that would probably mean Grabo or Bozak (Connolly is too much $$), and a prospect ( maybe Gysbers) or pick or both. However, Carter is a lot of money and more importantly, a lot of term, which Burke seems to try to avoid
    ( remember Leafs offer for Brad Richards.)

  20. Doesn’t Carter have five or six years left on his deal. If he signed Kessel to a five year deal he may be willing to roll the dice. Carter is a younger option than Richards maybe by four or five years. Plus he serves another purpose for Burke he’s big and more physical than Richards.

  21. Someone said Talbot and that made a lot of sense to me. It would be a deal like Talbot for one of their abundance of D-men like Aulie or Gunnarsson. Hitting the nail on the head.

  22. I agree with MJR I …its talbot for a surplus d man. Burkes not rading Schenn

  23. I had said Talbot or Simmonds, and after some research..I would want Simmonds. He is younger bigger and more productive, a definite Burke type player, and a local born guy ( Scarborough, suburb of Toronto). We would probably have to give up more than one defensemen (either Aulie, Franson or Gunnarsson), propably a pick or prospect as well.

  24. Simmonds over Talbot for sure…I wouldn’t say Talbot is an upgrade over any of the leafs current third or fourth liners…also, i read earlier someone mentionned trading Frattin, that kid looks really good out there so i would definitely keep him around.

    When I said Kadri instead of Colborne, I was saying it thinking Leaf fans would rather keep Colborne. If I was a leaf fan, I’d prefer to keep Colborne because of his size. Maybe it’s just personal bias because i can’t stand listening to Kadri open his mouth lol

    The only problem with acquiring Carter is they need a left handed shot, all their top guys are righties (Conn, Kess, Lupes) and the fact that Carter is a sniper whereas they could use more of a playmaker. But I still think adding Carter would be great for the Leafs overall.

    To CLB:
    Aulie (Maybe Gunnarson to clear more cap space)
    1st rounder

    To TOR

  25. This might sound crazy to some of you who post on here but believe it or not, as much as Burke would like to cherry pick that Flyer roster, the one player he’s always wanted who is also a centre is Brayden Schenn as he tried to get him out of LA but couldn’t. Now it might be Holmgren wants Luke to unite with Brayden but Burke has the same thought in mind too about bring Brayden to Toronto so that any deal involving moving one of those brothers is going to hinge on a few others guys thrown into the mix so the next 6 weeks or so should prove interesting for the two brothers

  26. To Columbus
    To leafs

    To flyers
    To tor

  27. Really simmonds over talbot? I dunno leaf fans talbot played a huge for the pens game in and out, is a good leader, and seems to really rise to the occasion wen needed. Why do you think Philly signed him to that contract? They played him enough to know he’s worth every penny. While I realize simmonds is younger, Burke wants depth with playoff experience to win = hands down talbot.

  28. Simmonds certainly has a spark in his game, but Talbot’s gone to the finals with the Pens two years straight and knows how to play in the playoffs, given his game 7 heroics. Simmonds hasn’t gone anywhere for LA. I think there’s also a reason they dealt him.

    Simmonds is a chirpy player, so he’s not out of the question either. Not sure Toronto’s power play needs help, though, and that is where Simmonds is best.

    And Komisarek isn’t going anywhere. Schenn also is void of value right now; it would be like giving up a potential stock that’s worth nothing. Philly isn’t going to trade him unless they get like a 1st round pick and a prospect at the risk of the Maple Leafs.

  29. Burke likes brother acts (The Sedins, the Niedermeyers), but I still don’t think he’ll satisfy Philly’s demand for Schenn. He’s also in a hurry to give up his 1st rounder. This year’s class is supposed to be pretty good, I don’t know if he should hurry too much.

  30. Cammeleri And Gill for Boyes and Stafford… done!!

  31. @ MJR glad to see not all other arm chair gms just look at stats for trades but what a player brings to the table in all areas and what a team might actually need to succeed.

  32. Ottawa being a small market team has very different types of pressure on them than Toronto. No the fan expectations aren’t as intense this season however they’ll likely need to make the playoff’s just to break even, that according to senior mngt in the past. Given this parameter they may be more likely to feel the need to make a move or moves to add some needed depth rather than sit on the sidelines. Regardless of this I believe they likely won’t be doing anything major that involves their top young players and/or prospects.

  33. This year for the habs might just be the beggining of hell for them unless they manage to draft yakupov and trade their bad contract players

  34. I quite honestly don’t think Habs should be considering a rebuild. I like their team, but they seem to neglect the need for a minutes defenceman, a true #1, which is something a lot of teams need right now. If they replace Hal Gill, they’d probably start winning again.

  35. Something is seriously awry if D’Amigo is being talked about here guys.

  36. So much leaf talk haha. I would be very unimpressed if Bryan Murray made any trades for overpaid, burnt out players like he tends to do when the playoffs are in reach. I think they could afford to add one small piece without paying a big price, but they already gave our 2nd rounder away. Not a Toronto fan but i like the idea of them getting Carter. He’s the kind of player that GMs and coaches like on their team. Also, Brayden Schenn to Toronto is interesting too because Phili has a fair amount amount of skill up the middle and need some young defensive depth. And with the 7th overall steal of Couturier (Zibanejad looks decent but i really wanted the sens to get Couturier :)), the future looks good for the Flyers so they can afford the trading of Schenn to get some good defensive prospects. Could be a fun trade deadline??

  37. Why would the Leafs want Jeff Carter?? He’s a scorer not a set up man…you all see how he fit with Nash in Columbus, HE DIDNT!!+ he’s injury prone and his foot will cause him trouble the remainder of his careeer. The big center that is coming to Leaf Nation is one of the following; Ryan Getzlaf, Eric Staal or Jason Spezza. Dont forget that we have 3 other players that are out of the line up due to injuries; Tyler Bozak, John-Michael Liles and Colby Armstrong, so we have loads of players to trade when everyone is healthy. Also the fact we have draft picks and an AHL team that is full of talent. Mark it down one of those three will be a Leaf before months end!!

  38. Flyers need a defenceman that can take Prongers place on the blueline as well as a shutdown player to help with the goals against and schenns that guy. Flyers are going to have to give up a big forward, and flyers would never trade Hartnell as they have a chance at the cup, instead they are going to give jvr and a second round draft pick for schenn

  39. The words big and strong do not belong with Carter. Have you seen him play? Soft, soft and not physically big. Exactly the type of player Columbus did not need, so happy if we trade him.

  40. Toronto picking up JVR would be useless. Yes, I saw Insider trading, but JVR? You don’t tinker with a good offense, and if you’re top 5 in the league, you do not touch your first two lines, especially for players who are “not quite there yet” like JVR. Burke better wake up before he sends Schenn to the Flyers, and that’s going to be the price tag.

    Staal is Carolina’s captain… there is no reason for them to trade him, and no reason for Toronto to want him. The deal wouldn’t make a lick of sense. It’s like Ottawa trading Spezza, which they aren’t going to. He’s their offensive leader; a horse wouldn’t trade its head for a fifth leg; that just doesn’t make any sense. So you got Ryan Getzlaf left, and if the Leafs are getting Getzlaf from the Ducks, they’re also probably giving up Luke Schenn. And that deal wouldn’t make a lick of sense either; they’d be diminishing their D corps for a slight upgrade to their first two lines (you don’t greatly improve your offense when you’re top 5 in the league).

    Nothing is adding up for them to pick up a top 6 forward right now; it doesn’t make any sense to me. Forward DEPTH I understand, but you’re just looking at crowding your top six and tinkering with their chemistry.

  41. @ NTG.. ..would love to see it

    @MJR……I think you have nailed it

    To all,

    What a great thread. Lots of thoughtful discussion and points, clearly, strongly and respectfully argued and put forth. Lyle. Thanks for the opportunity Good night everybody!

  42. I agree with not tinkering with a top 5 offense. But burke is looking beyond this yrs playoffs and has said as much. He wants a cup and hes smart enough to know thats not this year. I think he wants bobby ryan and or brayden schenn. This coming trade is not so much about this year as it is coming years.Either way the leafs are going to make the playoffs and hopefully scare someone.

  43. The Leafs are going to fall a few points shy of the playoffs again this year and in the process trade away some draft picks to obtain a top 6 forward that won’t produce. Notice how I didn’t say assets. They have no assets and thus be approaching the 15th failing year in what is usually a 5 year plan when rebuilding. Keep buying jerseys and filling the ACC giving management no reason to care about the product they choose to throw on the ice.

  44. schenn will be the one traded. they have a lot of d in the farm system. jvr 2nd round for schenn and kuleiman?

  45. I don’t see the Leafs and Flyers as trade partners to adress the Flyers need for a d-man. I’m 100% convinced its gonna be Tim Gleason going to Philly. Why would the Flyers want Schenn? He’s not ready for prime-time yet. He’s not a piece that’ll help with a cup right now. Gleason is though, and he plays a “flyers game”. And Franson? Puh-lease….also, why the hell would the Flyers unload JVR or Hartnell?? They’re gonna be playoff bound and they’ll need those players. Expect Philly to unload prospects only.

  46. …NTG. You are on hard-core drugs, if you think Jason Spezza would ever be traded to the Leafs…maybe Matthew Spezza… Sorry, but that’s just one of the dumbest comments I have ever read on here. And there’s been some doozies.

  47. Farleybear…… You obviously don’t know Brian Burke too well. He makes you look left when he is actually going right. Plus spezza’s family has already said that Jason will be a leaf. if anyone can pull of a trade to shock the league it’s Burkie.

  48. Let’s just not entertain the Spezza to Leafs rumours, or we might as well start talking Crosby and Ovechkin to the Leafs.

  49. NTG, I don’t believe they said that exactly. I believe they said was something to the effect that it would be nice to have Jason living in Toronto now that they have a baby. Doesn’t really matter what the family says though as it’s up to him to decide and there’s certainly no guarantee that he would be traded to division rival Toronto anyways. Quite the opposite actually. Bottom line isToronto may need a top line centre but no-ones going to hand one over just to help them out.

  50. Why are all the leafs fans praising Luke Schenn as if he’s the Tim Tebow of leafs hockey. JVR has shown much more upside throughout his early career than schenn has. I would never give up JVR for Schenn straight up…nor do I think Holmgren would. Gleason is a better, more affordable fit for the flyers.

  51. Schenn is a coveted minutes defencemen and he’s not offensively stupid either (even though he doesn’t get on the board often). A lot of teams would love him.

    Montreal, Anaheim, Edmonton to name a few.