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Are the Leafs shopping Mikhail Grabovski? Are the Canadiens really shopping P.K. Subban? What moves could the Jets make?

TORONTO STAR: Mark Zwolinski reports Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke claimed his club isn’t close to trading pending UFA center Mikhail Grabovski.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports of speculation Luke Schenn could be a trade candidate now that John-Michael Liles has been re-signed to a new contract. Burke, meanwhile, said he likes his current group of players, but said if another team stepped up with the right deal, he would do it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anticipation remains Burke will make a big move, likely soon after the All-Star break. If he does make one, I suspect he’ll move one of his current blueliners to bring in a scoring forward, and Luke Schenn certainly fits the bill as enticing trade bait. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough what Burke has in mind.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Mike Boone believes the Canadiens would be crazy to trade defenseman P.K. Subban.

ESPN.COM’s Pierre LeBrun reports via Twitter he’s spoken with several teams and none of them heard Subban’s name as being available.

SPORTSNET’s Louis Jean took to Twitter to call the Subban trade rumors “ludicrous”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Jean’s comment nicely sums up the Subban trade rumor nonsense. The Habs aren’t shopping him. Moving on…

WINNIPEG SUN/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Both report Jets GM Kevin Chelveldayoff could make a move or two near the trade deadline, but don’t expect him to swing any blockbuster deals.


  1. I happen to agree that Montreal would be nuts to trade Subban. Unless they are getting a top 6 center with size. I think he is going to be an elite top 2 pairing puck moving D man. (not that he isnt now or anything) I would love to have him in a Ducks Uniform!!! Just not at the cost of Getzlaf.

  2. The Canadiens will not move Subban. Montreal fans had better get used to his mistakes though. He will be a good offensive d-man but his defensive abilities will always leave you wanting more. Reminds me of Kaberle although Kabs didn’t have as rough a start.
    Toronto has several centres but unfortunately they are all 2nd or 3rd line guys. In my opinion Grabovski is a 2nd line centre although I’m surprized Wilson hasn’t experimented more with him on the first line. This guy has speed, can handle the puck, passes well, isn’t afraid to go to the dirty areas, gets smoked gets up and keeps on ticking. Guys like this don’t come along every day. Sure he has his off days but what player doesn’t.. Its been said they couldn’t get more than a 2nd for him. WHAT, are you guys cracked, thats what the leafs gave up for him when he was just an immature punk causing chaos in Montreal.
    Rumour has it that Burke is about to make a big deal. I’ll believe it when I see it happen. If it does I believe it will be for Getzlaf, not because everyone else is on this bandwagon but because he is the only guy that makes sense. His contract statis is optimal, Anaheim is one of Burkes favorite trading partners, and the ducks look to be wanting to shake things up somewhat. Toronto will send them MacArthur, Gunnarsson, Kadri, Holzer, and a 1st.

  3. I’m starting to doubt that Burke will pull of a deal of the blockbuster variety. I agree with Lyle on a plan B, moving out one defenceman for a forward. Not Schenn but maybe Franson, Gunner or (hopefully) Komi.
    I don’t think the forward coming back will be elite, but probably pretty good.
    I rolled my eyes when I first heard Subban’s name come up in the rumour mill. I still am. He won’t be moved. He’s a keeper.

  4. I still think the Jets should move Evander Kane, with so many teams looking for a top six scoring forward, and because of his age his value would be quite high. Also he doen’st really fit in with the blue collar mentality of this team, he is more of a flashy, cocky “I’m the Star” type of a guy.

  5. Unless the Ducks have a total collapse right after the all star break, not a chance Murray will trade Getzlaf, Perry or Ryan. He will be focused on either signing or trading the 7 or 8 RFA’s he has. Now that’s not saying he won’t trade one of the 3 but it would be at the June draft and someone will have to OVERPAY to get one of the three. The three are young, very talented, reasonable salaries so don’t see it.
    I am guessing that if a veteran goes it will be someone like Toni Lydman or Visnovskiy who goes.

  6. Schenn and kulemin to chicago for kane, and prospects, gunnarson and picks for getzlaf

  7. Burke will make a move and agreed I do not think it will be a blockbuster for sure. I do however think Franson stays, he is a top 2 pairing guy with a great shot that actually gets through. He is playing lots and playing well, so it won’t be him. Schenn like it or not is in play as party of a package for the right player.

  8. Has anyone noticed has a feature about trade rumors now too? Today’s post on tsn is VERY similar to Spectors (Spectors was first). Spector, are you working for TSN now too? Here’s their post for the day:

  9. If Burke were to move a defenseman, it will be someone on right D. That means one of Schenn, Komi, or Franson… out of those three the only one I cant see Burke moving is Franson unless he gets a really good deal for him. Burke’s trade history is players he either did not get himself or players he signed as UFA. He hasn’t traded a player he has gone after in a trade nor do I think he has traded a player he drafted, especially when said player has yet to prove his value.

    Komi is an interesting player… much better since his return and gets paid only around the $3.5M mark but what makes him interesting is the following years, his cap hit is $4.5M so if you’re a budget team that needs help to get to the floor…

    Schenn case is interesting. He is still too young to give up on, like Subban in Montreal, you just don’t get rid of young players because they aren’t performing as well as you like at this stage in their careers especially given the case that defense is the hardest position to play and usually players figure it all out by the time they are 26-27 yrs old. So do you trade a guy like that? Well if you have about 3 more guys that can do what he does and maybe better, it kinda makes him expendable.

    Grabo is interesting case too. In my mind he is a typical Burke player, minus the size. I see other and better options to trade up front just simply because he is slated to be UFA at season’s end. Personally, I would love it if we kept him but as always, everyone is available if the end result is a better team.

    Andrei Kostitsyn
    P.K. Subban
    Jarret Stoll
    Slava Voynov
    what do you guys think ?

  11. move evander kane at what reason? why move a guy thats been in the league 3years, and a potential 30 goal scorer… 4th overall player. Keep dreaming.

    The jets should move players like Antropov, Hainsey, Oduya… vets for the playoff push if they come them, which would be tough

    lets be real here, if the jets make the playoffs they arent going far, i dont think they make the kane trade after the awful move of coburn/zhitnik still hurts

  12. Montreal media and so called fans are crazy to even suggest trading PK Subban. Let this kid mature on and off the ice. Sick and tired of arm chair coaches and knee jerk reactions. Stop the insanity, please!

  13. Interesting stat: Anaheim Ducks now need to go 22-7-5 to have a better than 50 percent chance of making post-season.

    With the modern point system it seems nearly impossible to claw your way up the table once you’ve fallen to double digits out of a playoff spot. And that’s with roughly a full half season still to play.

  14. @ jro27

    hahaha keep dreaming

  15. Even though Gunnarsson plays the left side he will move him if he gets the right offer because he was never drafted by Burke. So It breaks down to Gunnarsson or Scheen being moved simply because Burke didn’t draft these guys. Komi could also go as we have said all year but I doubt there will be any takers unless he is a throw in to a team with lots of cap space.

    Losing Grabo in a trade or to UFA would be a sad day for the Leaf’s. Burke is in tough right now with the salary cap for next year. He either moves out some salary or he has no money to trade for a top center or to re-sign Grabo.

    Kulemin was never a Burke draft so he could be being shopped too.

  16. @Donnybrook
    You forgot about Versteeg and Burke.

  17. there is no way brian burke trades luke schenn. just signed 5 year deal. luke schenn is exactly what brian burke wants in a shut down big body contact making defenceman. also hes super young. he may have a few years under his belt. but his been an nhler since he was 18. there is also no way pk subban gets traded. hes too good and too young with too much potential to be moved. it would be a job ending move for pierre gauthier. pk takes everything in stride has a great attitude and will be great.

  18. @James the difference is that Grabovski is set to be a UFA right? If that’s the case he’s not gonna fetch a huge return, but I agree more than a 2nd rounder. Maybe a mid to late 1st. Or a 2nd and an B level prospect.

  19. Alex

    It’s worse then that. Most likely it will take 96 points to get into playoffs in west, meaning Ducks need
    53 points not 50. Toast

  20. @JimHow, Because he is a pending RFA who will not re-sign in Winnipeg, which will leave Winnipeg with the option of taking a bunch of draft picks from whoever does sign Kane to an offer sheet or matching it and paying a guy big dollars to stay somewhere he doesn’t want to be or trade Kane prior to the start of next season.

    Point is it is very obvious to anyone who watches Kane play ( I have season tickets and have seen every home game ) that he is not a team guy and would much rather be somewhere else, very differmt from the rest of the team. I never said once that he doesn’t have insane potential, but if he doesn’t want to be here the team must get value back for him.

    I agree with moving the guys that you mentioned also except Oduya. Oduya had a rough start but has really settled in and is a great skater that moves the puck well, he is a guy that fits is well with the team.

    Also for the record the Jets didn’t make the Coburn/Zhitnik trade that deal is on the Thrashers and their management.

  21. JoeBoo: I wish I was working for TSN! They would probably pay more! Seriously, though, that’s not me doing that work. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…;)

  22. Can someone explain to me why the Habs can’t dress 12 forwards? Even with 7 d-men PK ends up playing 24 or so minutes, with Diaz (congrats on the ASG pick) and Gorges also at 20 mins. Is Weber really the best option as 12th forward?
    I can’t believe I chose to suffer thru Saturday’s game against the Leafs and thought the best option was not to watch the game vs. Detroit. Nice win, great hustle, crashing the net. Yet PK is still a bone head, last 3 games, 2 forearm shivers for roughing penalties, a slewfoot fine (or as the NHL called it- dangerous tripping, I guess the fine indicates it was his 1st slewfoot ever) and the asinine elbow last night. After all the flack this past week, you’d think something would start to sink in.
    @James I disagree with the Kabs comparison, PK has a great shot. At best he could be a Brett Burns, maybe Mike Green, at worst a Wideman, none of whom are shut down D. Truthfully, if he doesn’t stop arguing with coaches, and drop the “it’s all about me” and undisciplined bs, I really can’t see him staying in Montreal long-term.

  23. @ FireWilson and Donnybrook

    “You forgot about Versteeg and Burke.”


  24. I’m surprised Shane Doan and Ray Whitney’s names are not coming up more. Both are UFA’s after the season , Phoenix ownership and location is kinda undecided for next year. The likelyhood they would re-sign with the org is slim, especially if the team relocates. They are not getting any younger but could be solid contributers to a cup contender. Phoenix could use some prospects / picks.

  25. If there’s a GM in the league that needs to make some moves, its Cheveldayoff. Keep the young forwards and trade Byfuglien for a very good young forward and prospect/1st rounder. The Jets seem to play better with Buffy out of the line-up. He basically operates as a 4th forward out there and is a liability to a team like the Jets and could be of greater value to another team. Byfuglien for Brayden Schenn and a 1st/Gustavsson perhaps? Or Buff for JVR straight up. Seems like a very good fit for both teams. Byfuglien plays playoff hockey and Philly will be a playoff team without a doubt. He’d be paired with Coburn or another D-man that can cover his rushes. And we all know what Philly would do with Buff on the PP; right in front of the opposing net. Thoughts?

  26. I just don’t see the Jets trading Buff. I think they’re invested in him. I also wouldn’t say they seem to play better without him, it’s a small sample size and it’s not like they’re likely to make playoffs without him there. Also you know Brayden Schenn and Gustavsson are on different teams right? Think you meant Luke Schenn?

  27. I can see Toronto sending a d-man to Phily for a forward.
    Maybe to get the Schenn’s together.

  28. No Gustafsson the defenceman that Philly signed in 2010….not the “Monster”…Erik Gustafsson. He led Adirondack in d-man scoring last year. No NOT Luke…..Brayden Schenn….I know what and who I’m talking about buddy. Open up a hockey mag and check your stuff before correcting me. Thanks.

  29. Hillarious stuff farleybear. I like the idea of trading big buff to philly for Brayden Schenn and Gustafsson, although I would rather have Coburn than Gustafsson but I don’t see Philly dooing that. Maybe Buff, and someone else like Miettinen to Philly for Brayden Schenn, Gustafsson and Eric Wellwood. So we’d be bringing Schenn back closer to home and closer to Brandon where he tore it up, plus we would get Kyle Wellwood’s younger brother.

  30. burke’s best move would be no move at all. or just a little tweaking, giving up current players for current players. the leafs are close to making the playoffs now and a little vote of confidence might be all they need to get in. they’re young and time is on their side, if they don’t make it this year they will make it next year and continue to improve for years to come -as long as management doesn’t scrap the rebuild plan to try and force something now.

  31. Farleybear…After saying what a defensive liability buff is; why in hell would the flyers trade away young promising players with some of the most upside of any young core in the entire league. Stick to playing NHL 2011 and fantasy hockey and let the adults talk. Schenn is going no where! In fact he was been seeing more ice time with all the mounting injuries on philly’s front 6, and has filled in extremely well. As for JVR, though he has struggled a bit this season, mostly due to injuries, he is still considered part of the young core on the flyers that will be charged to lead this team for years to come.

    There are better more affordable options for defensive depth that flyers could pursue at the deadline. Tim Gleason remains the best and most likely option due to experience, affordability, skill set. They would not have to give up much for Gleason…2nd at most. As much as I would like to see Luke Schenn patrol the flyers blueline for the better part of the next decade, I don’t really see it happening. However, I think Franson would be a good fit (big, able bodied d-man with good skating) that could be had for a cheaper ransom. And if either Weber or Suter are not signed by this years draft, expect the flyers to attempt to swing a deal for primary negotiating rights before either becomes available for free agency.

    The flyers are playing well with the young contingent stepping in for injured vets. don’t expect a major deal, but rather tweaking the roster for a long playoff push. As for the Jets, don’t over react and sell the farm because there struggling in a new city. This is a team that is still adjusting to there new surrounding and still finding its identity. Very good young and talents core that i think can be a powerhouse with the right coaching staff and development. All these Kane rumors are nuts. I would love to have Kane on my team any day. Also, the jets have committed to Buff for the long term and I don’t see him being moved.

  32. Just heard Bob McKenzie on radio a while ago.He was suggesting the Leafs go after Brendan Morrow in Dallas. They appear to be out of the running, and while he is 34 years, and this has not been his best season, he potted 33 goals last year, likes to hit and can take one too. Deep playoff experience and a cup to boot if that’s the kind of top 6 player Burke is looking for until he can get his ideal player. All the big predictable names are either unavailable or out of reach in terms or money.

    I was surprised at this one as it came out of left field. What do you guys think?

  33. Just heard Bob McKenzie on radio a while ago.He was suggesting the Leafs go after Brendan Morrow in Dallas. They appear to be out of the running, and while he is 34 years, and this has not been his best season, he potted 33 goals last year, likes to hit and can take one too. Deep playoff experience and a cup to boot if that’s the kind of top 6 player Burke is looking for until he can get his ideal player. All the big predictable names are either unavailable or out of reach in terms or money.

    I was surprised as this one as it came out of left field. Thoughts?

  34. Sorry guys about the duplicate comment. operator issues.

  35. haha Farley….alright it’s my mistake that you’re talking about the other Gustafson, honest mistake. But telling me to open up a hockey magazine after the ridiculous post about trading Buff? Keep making up your own rumors, very amusing. Since you’re the expert on Cheveldeyoff you should know how much he likes Buff especially considering the deal he gave him. Also, if Buff is such a great asset for any playoff team, why would the Jets be in a rush to trade him?? Think about you’re arguments before you post.

  36. @Murph

    I don’t like that Morrow deal for the Leafs at all. We need to look into the future 3 years when a lot of our defencemen and prospects are playing their best hockey and Morrow will be 37yrs old washed up from injury and age. He is hurt almost regularly now and we already have a rough and tumble guy that is never in the line up ie Armstrong, we don’t need two. We need a guy like that but younger, say 27 max. Defencemen and Goalies take the longest to mature which puts us at least 3 years out from contending. We need a guy that will be at the peak of his carear not a guy ready for retirement.

  37. Diceman take your own advice buddy, Cheveldayoff didn’t give Buff his deal, that was Dudley when they were the Thrashers. You did know that the Jets used to be the Thrashers right?

  38. Yes KC. I know Dudley brought Buff over from chicago, I was thinking Cheveldayoff resigned him though, but I looked it up and you are correct. Obviously I know the Jets were the Thrashers. It doesn’t change my point about the holes in Farley’s argument after he came after me. But if you wanna be condescending about it, my response to you would be, do you think Thomas will be traded to Tampa for Connolly because Seguin and Connolly would be a great pair for years to come? I look forward to you repeating this question tomorrow. Thanks.

  39. @FireWilson ,

    I believe Morrow only has one more year left on his contract (UFA next summer) so I don’t think that if they did do that trade that they would be looking at an extension. I think McKenzie’s rationale is that it is a short term solution hoping that someone they really want is available by Draft / or UFA in summer, but if they make the playoffs this year he could be really helpful.

    I do not follow Dallas very closely so I guess what I am wondering overall is, is he a better fit for first line centre in Toronto than anyone they are using now ( ie Connolly)?

  40. Morrow would be a great pickup for any playoff team. Nor sure if he’s a good fit in Toronto or not, but I personally think he’s the type of player who plays the right way and could be a good fit on any team. I would be surprised if Dallas traded him though unless they really fell out of the playoff race. It’s too early now though.

  41. Does it really matter what the leafs do year in year out they perinial bottom dwellers, and as for PK Slu FOOT suban who cares about him either he’s an Long term suspension waiting to happen with his one slue foot per game style

  42. Sure he’d look good on the top line but the cost to aquire him would be large and not worth it. As you put it he either walks as a UFA at the end of next year, his numbers could decline significantly or he could be injury prone… not a good senerio either way and definitely not worth giving up good young talent for short term gain.