Latest on the Maple Leafs, Flyers, Sharks, Rangers & Capitals – April 2, 2013.

Are the Leafs about to land Miikka Kiprusoff? Are the Flyers close to acquiring Ryane Clowe? Are the Rangers and Capitals to make moves by tomorrow?

TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran yesterday reported Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis still seeks an experienced goalie but is prepared to stand pat by the deadline if he can’t find what he wants.“We’re not trying to sell off players for future assets,” said Nonis. “We’re going to likely add a piece or two or stand pat.” McGran speculated Nonis may have set his sights lower, on Florida’s Scott Clemmensen or Calgary’s Joey MacDonald.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger cited a report yesterday by Sportsnet analyst Doug MacLean claiming Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo nixed a trade to Toronto last summer. Luongo apparently believed he was close to being dealt to the Florida Panthers and was holding out up such a deal would materialize.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ve since learned the Leafs received permission to speak with Miikka Kiprusoff’s agent, but I felt it worthwhile to note these stories. If Nonis can’t land Kipper or Bobby Lu, he might consider lesser options. I still believe he should stick with James Reimer and Ben Scrivens, whose combined stats are quite good. They’ve been among the reasons the Leafs are poised to clinch a playoff spot. I realize Nonis wants a goalie with playoff experience, but why not let Reimer and Scrivens get that chance? As Jesse (no relation) Spector of The Sporting News observed, the Leafs aren’t a Stanley Cup team, they’re a playoff team, so let Reimer gain some experience now. Anyway, the talk of the Leafs acquiring Kiprusoff garnered mixed reaction among Toronto bloggers and fans on Twitter last night, with the majority of those I read leaning against such a move. Won’t affect what Nonis does, but it does suggests many Leafs fans don’t have a warm fuzzy about Kipper joining their team.

Could the Flyers have interest in Jamie McBain?

Could the Flyers have interest in Jamie McBain?

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports the Flyers are among the clubs rumored in the mix for San Jose’s Ryane Clowe. “The Canucks, Rangers, Canadiens, Wild and Bruins” are also believed tracking Clowe. There was talk of the Flyers parting with Sean Couturier for Clowe, but that was swiftly denied.  Sam Carchidi, meanwhile, reports the Flyers have had exploratory talks with the Sharks about Clowe, and the Dallas Stars about former Flyer Jaromir Jagr. They also had interest in Jay Bouwmeester prior to his trade to the Blues. Carolina’s Jamie McBain is a blueliner the Flyers could pursue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Paul Holmgren gives up Couturier for Clowe, he should be fired at once. But of course, he’s not going to do something that dumb. I don’t believe Couturier’s available. I could see the Flyers trying to bring back Jagr, and wouldn’t be surprised if they make a pitch for McBain.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: David Pollak reports Sharks forward Ryane Clowe is at peace regarding the trade speculation swirling about him. Clowe is also open to a “sign-and-trade”, but said he wouldn’t commit to something like that unless he saw potential in his new team. He also said if he’s to be a rental player, he would prefer it be with a top club.

NEW YORK POST/NORTHJERSEY.COM: Larry Brooks and Andrew Gross don’t see any deadline deals which can help the struggling New York Rangers. Brooks reports of no league-wide chatter regarding Marian Gaborik, though there is interest in big center Brian Boyle.  Gross doubts the Rangers take on a big contract and believes they won’t move their key young players. He advocates reevaluation at season’s end.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Gross. Any moves the Rangers make now won’t save their season. Unless they’re trying to dump salary for the off-season, it might be best simply to stand pat, ride out the remainder of the season in hopes of clinching a playoff berth, and reevaluate their needs when the season’s over.

WASHINGTON POST/WASHINGTON TIMES: The Washington Capitals must decide if they’ll retain center Mike Ribeiro in hopes he can help them make the playoffs (even at the risk of losing him to free agency this summer), or trade him at the deadline for picks and/or prospects.


  1. Why would the Flyers have any interest in Ryane Clowe? Sure he’s a good ol’ Newfie boy but as of today the Flyers have 2 players who play the same game as Clowe and do it better – Hartnell/Simmonds. Not to mention, the real need in Philly is a blueline. Maybe the Flyers/Sharks talk isn’t that of Ryane Clowe at all but really Brent Burns?

  2. Kipper does make sense in terms of having a guy who can do the heavy lifting for Reimer, I just hope the price isn’t too high. I would be taking a shot at glencross first, but it’s a logical move for a guy with playoff experience who may need a new place to play
    To leafs
    To flames
    2 3rds(this year and next)
    Matt Finn

    To leafs
    Stephan Robidas
    To stars

    • Can’t touch Matt Finn right now …….Untouchables for Leafs propects are Mckegg ,Ryan Percy, Finn…. Rielly and Leivo

      Can move on Gardiner and Blacker

      • Not really sure why people want the leafs to move a guy like Gardiner. Sure he might help bring back that big d-man or first line centre back but they could be giving up a guy who could be a no.1 d-man in a couple of seasons.

        • @ Drew

          Rielly is the reason and so is Matt Finn /….these two guys are studd D men and play a more over physical game ……they will have to get rid of 1 so gardiner is the most proven to bring back sometrhing of a greater asset that will be able to plug in a depth hole !!!

      • In Leaf land they are all expendable as history has shown.

    • The Leafs should CERTAINLY trade a 2nd and 3rd for Glencross and Kipper, then they should move Bozak for Stamkos and Liles for Malkin…..

      • …and don’t forget a first!

    • A 2nd, two 3rds and Finn. I suppose thats fair but why do the leafs need Glencross.
      I could see the leafs getting Robidas but it is a little expensive to give MacArthur even though UFA and a 5th. Robidas has one more year on his contract but he is 36. I think the stars would be lucky to get a mid prospect and a fifth.

      • I really think Brian Campbell is the better D man available at this point if the Lefas are going to go down that road …..he would really help on the power play and thats good for an extra goal per game and in a tight series thats win or loose ….Robidas is a shut down guy and would most likely take preasure of Dion as Gunnarson is playing hurt.

        Campbell also has a Cup Ring witch is very valuable in leadership in the room in the playoffs for a young team !!
        Lots of upside here longer term than Robidas as well!

    • And it is safe to say with trade offers like these that Toronto will be keeping still at the deadline. Of course if they move a couple of picks they could land someone’s back up goalie. Maybe a third or fourth and any prospect.

  3. Gardiner for couturier

    • honestly right? if Homer is even willing to give up Couturier for a ufa who has not scored in this year, this should be nonis priority. Id be all over Homer trying to get a deal done for this kid, Kadri, Couturier, bozak/grabo, mCClement. ill take those centers all day long and our 1 and 2 centers are under 25. Gardiner is going to be a special dman when he puts it all together so its not like i want to get rid of him i just think it fits both organizations needs right now.

      • Don’t believe gardiner is UFA

    • Coutourier will be traded for Bobby Ryan in the summer !

      • No he won’t…

        • Yes he will !
          He would have done it if they were in the hunt this year and Aanaheim was in a worse spot especially after signing both Perry & Getzlaf….Philly ws the front rummer and still are for over a year now!
          Holmgren is never shy to do a trade like that…. never!

          • No way!!!!

      • And what good does that do philly? They already have a team full of bobby ryans. I’m not saying that trade won’t happen cuz holmgren is an idiot but it just makes no sense from an organizational stand point. Philly has a clear need top puck moving d man. Now as a toronto fan I don’t want to give up on gardiner as he looks like he will be a reall god player. But for a potential # 1 center I’m all over that. Leafs are fairly deep with offensive dmen and this gives you a. Reason to keep liles around past this season. Solves both teams needs

        • IMO he should never had traded Carter & Richards he should have goten a D man back in one of those two trades !!

      • This does make some sence but if I were the Ducks I’d ask for Couterier plus because Ryan is much more proven….at that point the Flyers better start cutting down drastically cause they will be way over the cap….

        • Agree …..I am not even sure why they are buyers rignt now …they are not in it and to make a knee jerk move at this pont or start adding to there insane cap structure they would be stupid……..they need to just sit this one out and preparee for the summer and make moves at the draft table !!

        • Way over the cap? Not even close. With the UFA’s going (most if not all will be gone) puts the Flyers at the cap….lose briere and they’re 6 million under. In October put Pronger on IR and that expands to 11-12 million under the cap. Bobby Ryan will be a Flyer and they do need a goal scorer….just after they get that all elusive top 2 defesemen.

      • I don’t think so either but if he is it won’t be one for one. Philly would have to add something

  4. Lyle can you explain how the CBA works from the stand point of retaining cap hit on Kiprusoffs salary?

    If the Leafs trade for Kipr and he is only owed $1.5M next year in actual salary but the cap hit is $5.8M can the Flames agree to retain a bunch of that cap amount and if so how much? I’m thinking the Leafs pay the entire $1.5M in salary and take $1.5M to count against the cap and Calgary retains the other $4.3M of the cap hit. Is this even possible? It’s confussing.

    I would assume the way Calgary is unloading salary right now they don’t care about retaining cap hit if it helps them get a better return in a trade.

    • Even if that was a possibility which I think it is, it ain’t gonna happen. I’m of the understanding that teams can retain as much of a cap hit as they like but in this scenario there’s no way Calgary retains any cap hit, they never did it with JayBo and they won’t with Kiprusoff. What your suggesting is that the Flames basically give Kiprusoff to the Leafs and have his 4.3 stay on their cap. If that’s the case than there’s gonna be a lot more teams interested in Kiprusoff.

      • They would do it if it means a better return which is my whole point. If the cap hit is only $1.5M then as you say a lot more teams would be interest which would jack up the asking price in a trade and get Calgary a better return.

        • The Flames don’t care about cap next year they will be way under.

          • If they keep sending guys outa town they might need to hold some salary to get to the floor…they are not sending them all out to make room for a big ufa spending spree I doubt…lol

          • Or maybe it Grabovski going the other way…..1 can dream lol

          • Then resign Kipper to a very low extension lowering his hit and voila…saved some money on the cap and you still got 2 buy outs….

    • As per

      Teams can retain a percentage of a contract’s remaining cap hit, salary and bonuses in trades. The following stipulations apply:
      No more than 50 per cent of the salary/cap hit can be retained
      Salary/cap hit cannot be retained on more than three contracts in one season
      The aggregate cap hits retained cannot exceed 15 per cent of the upper limit
      A contract can be traded only twice where salary/cap hit is retained

      • So I think this means Calgary could retain $2.9M of the $5.8M on Kipr and any team trading for him would have a cap hit of $2.9M. It helps but it’s not the $1.5M cap hit I was hoping for.

        • But if something like that did occur how would it work if you extended him for say 2 more years at say at 2mill…it would drop the hit for sure but would the drop be off Calgary’s portion aswell or does it just effect the leaf portion against the cap? This is the interesting part I think…lol how can we circumvent the cap in the new NHL

          • I would assume the extension part would be considered a new contract, no? If it’s a new contract it would definitely only be a cap hit for the $2M for those 2 extended years. So it would be $2.9M for 2013 and $2M for 2014 and 2015. That’s if Calgary agrees to assume part of the cap next season on the last year of the original contract. I don’t see why they wouldn’t considering they aren’t actually paying out any money and they will be way under the cap. By doing this they increase Kipr’s value slightly since he is more cap friendly.

  5. NONIS should have ZERO interest in joey Mac, or Scott Clemmson. Scrivens and Reimz way better then both those guys. What playoff experience would they bring? besides how to show Scrivens how to ride the pine and open the door??? I think Kipper is a good option especially if we get him for just a third, just dont include reims or scrivens in a trade with that 3rd . I think they will be a good 1a 1b. I hope we are talking to Phoenix about Yandle or Hanzal, Dallas Only about Robidas, PLEASE TELL ME NJ for CLARKSON, and PHILLY about couturier before they trade this kid to sj for clowe. Clarkson been on a bad streak past 10-15 games and is ufa, and he might want to come play in his home town get a trade involving an extension. coutrier for garnier maybe a 3rd going to philly and a 5th to toronto???

  6. Leafs

    Ben Scrivens has more pro playoff expereince than James Reimer ……and Scrivens was lights out in last years AHL Calder CUP this is a tough call by Nonis …..I dont think Luongo or Kipper having heard both of there stories have there HEART in the right place to play for the Leafs in what is a very important playoff year !!
    I would actuall rather go back and get Joey McDonald as he has played great and seesm to be more playoff ready than Kipper ……Luongo will be a 2:59 pm deal Nonis will have to pull off if he wants him!

    Clowe is a really togh pick up at his asking price of a 7 year extension ……this really a stonewall by his team to keep him untraded … seriously 7 years ???

    I d say that Sather trades Gaborik for Boyle as the Rangers are deseprate need of defense….. in the end if both teams agree ……then Sather will have to find a depth Center Ribeiro or Roy to fill the shoes !

    @ Canadian King

    Wander if Lombardi will get his Second Rounder back and a back up for Bernier and this is why he added the alternate Second Rounder for Regher

    • Backchecking
      If Bernier is traded this summer then yes I definately see a package like that coming back (2nd rounder, backup, prospect/first rounder). He does still have his 2nd rounder in 2013 though, so it may not be a priority.

      In saying that though I am not 100% convinced it will be Bernier traded this summer, Quick may be the guy going the other way. It will all depend on what happens the rest of this year and playoffs. If Quick continues to struggle it may just be him traded away.

      • @ Canadian King
        Sorry Iam not to sure Bernier is worth a first rounder …….teams are really trying to keep the firsts ….I highly doubt that will happen Id say a 2 nd rounder and mid level prospect!

        Id say that Quick has one more season to show he belongs after the cup win and new contract ….it wont be that quick to send him packing even after this year .

        Wander if a Luongo for for Quick trade might be a good deal for both teams term and money fit ……sounds kinda good to me !!!

        Maybe even Quick for Miller and Pominville Iam hearing Pominville to L A as well

        That would be a shocker !!!

        • If Varlamov got a first and a second than Bernier will get at least that as his numbers and accolades are better than Varlamovs were.

          As for Quick, I am not saying he will be traded forsure but I will not be surprised if he is for a few reasons. 1) Lombardi loves Bernier as he was his first draft pick as Kings GM and he is playing awesome this year for LA, way better than Quick. 2) Quick has a big contract that kicks in this summer, 10 years $58 mill. 3) Quick would bring in more assets in a trade right now as he is still just entering his prime with a conn smythe and stanley cup under his belt, oh and a vezina runner-up. LA will need to bring in a top 4 dman as it sounds like Willie Mitchell may never play again (not confirmed, just speculating).

          As for Miller or Luongo, I don’t see that happening as if they go with Bernier he is ready to be a #1 and is proving it this year. I coukld see them wanting to bring in a veteran back up for him though. Someone like Nabokov would be perfect.

    • I’m not sold on Scrivens not that I need to be since Reimer will carry the load but if he gets injured the Leafs will be in trouble.

      • Not with Drew Mcyntire on the scene! Lol

  7. The only reason they should get kipper is to backup Reimer and send Scrivy down to the AHL to get more minutes and start some games !
    Now i know Kipper will not want to be a backup if you can remember the 06 oly turin , he said he wouldn’t go if he wasn’t assured the starting job , so if the PRICE is right and hes willing to earn his minutes and not have them handed to him , then i say good trade do it !

  8. Another question. What stops the Leafs from going to Grabo and saying ok buddy we are going to buy out your remaining 4 years on the amnesty provision for $22M this summer but we want you to sign a new four year contract for $500k per year (or what ever the minimum nhl salary is) thereby circumventing the cap by saving a ton of room but still retaining the player. The player would do it in a heart beat because they get all their money up front plus a bonus amount for what ever they sign for on the new contract. The Leafs don’t care because they are rich and would have to pay the $22M eventually anyways and the team loves it because they just removed approx $5M ($5.5M current cap hit – $500k new cap hit) off their cap for the next four years.

    • @BeerGoggles: If you buy out a player, I don’t think you can resign him for at least 1 year.

      • Makes sense

    • I enquired about that and was told that if you buy out a player you cannot then go and resign that player for a cheaper salary.

    • Grabo is the least of the Leafs concerns right now …..they just have to make sure they handle Kessel the right way and don’t make a mistake there … the time Burke signed Grabo there was NO and I mean NO centers availabel around the league that was of any quality …..and with the lack of depth at center the Leafs had …….his hands were tied he had to pay ….Grabo is a good team guy hes just not been playing with quality players but in the end he is or was a $4 million dollar player …..thats it !!!

      I have a feeling in th end Grabo is th epiece going the other way for Luongo if it happens and as it should at this point !!!

    • Circumventing the cap much.

  9. Gardiner for Coutourier? Haha, typical leafs fan overvaluing their prospects. None of the leafs prospects are worth Cotourier…not even Kadri.

    • Put down the pipe and look at the stats monkey

    • You are probably right, a couturier for Gardiner trade straight up probably won’t happen. But add a pick or 2 to either side and i think it covers all bases. Phillys needed a good pp puck moving d man since pronger and it shows. Toronto has needed a #1 center since sundin. Both players are young and haven’t come close to reaching their potential. It will probably never happen but I think it makes sense and can dream lol

      • Not all that unrealistic same guy probably said…no way we would ever give you. JVR for Schenn he’s so overated blah blah blah and look at how that worked out lol

  10. I really hope the leafs don’t not land kipper, bobby lou is a much better fit to the team and franchise, if the leafs get kipper he has another 2 years left in him, but bobby lou is good yet for another 5-10 NHL season I hope noris is smart and goes for Vancouver best goalie Roberto loungo.

    • 10 seasons? Geesh can’t really see him being quite as effective in his 40s…. Ya know they say the eyes are the first to go right? well at that point his back and knees will be starting too lol

  11. I am really having second thoughts on this Kipper deal ……Iam not so sure any more ???

    Id rather it be a deal for Luongo his head and play is where it needs to be right now …this is really important !

    Not sure what the asking prices are between the two as Iam sure they are far apart buit the better gaolie right now and in the future is clearly ….Luongo !!

    • I was thinking the same thing on Kipr. If his head is not in the game because of this new baby it could get even worse if he is 4 hours away sitting in a Toronto hotel room. Who knows he might have a wife that can’t handle the situation of having a premature baby and she could be stressing him out beyond belief. I don’t believe Kipr is past his prime I think it all has to do with the new baby plus the fact Calgary has been playing like crap and have no chance of making the playoffs. Either way he could be useless to the Leafs if he comes with this stress and worry. Nonis will find out today when he speaks directly with Kipr.

      • Agree completely !!

        • Both you guys make good points, but I honestly think as a non-leaf fan the best thing for the Leafs right now is to stand pat and wait and see what your current duo can do for the rest of this year (they did get them to the playoffs). Then in the summer there will be alot of good veteran goalies available and you can pick one up if needed. Also they may be even cheaper cause it should be more of a buyers market with guys like Kipper, Luongo, Miller, Nabokov, Thomas (lol).

          Also you have to remember Luongo will most likely be a buyout candidate and all the other GM’s know this. Why trade for him now when you can get him for free in the summer with the contract you want.

          • Nabokov is going nowhere!
            Leafs haven’t secured a playoff spot just yet!!

          • At that point …no one can get Luongo for free becuase Florida and Tampa will be the only 2 teams he will sign with for the league minimum just to play there !!!

            Miller wil not be traded to an eastern confrence team …..Kipper is having big mental issues right now !!!

            Look at the Quick signing …nothing is guarenteed even after winning a cup !!

          • @Canadian King.

            Ya but how are the Leafs supposed to win the cup this year without a top goalie… lol

  12. Yes, Lyle. Thanks for all your timely updates, your efforts are greatly appreciated.
    As BeerGoggles requested, could you please offer your expertise on how teams can “retain cap-hit” when trading? Wondered if Vancouver could keep Luongo’s cap hit (or portion of) for his latter years of contract?
    And if Lou were to retire before completing his contract, does his cap-hit remain (after he reaches 35 yrs old) and can Vancouver arrange any portion of this hit as theirs’?
    Over-explaining would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again, and hope you had a Happy Easter!

    • As per Capgeek website:
      Teams can retain a percentage of a contract’s remaining cap hit, salary and bonuses in trades. The following stipulations apply:
      ◦No more than 50 per cent of the salary/cap hit can be retained
      ◦Salary/cap hit cannot be retained on more than three contracts in one season
      ◦The aggregate cap hits retained cannot exceed 15 per cent of the upper limit
      ◦A contract can be traded only twice where salary/cap hit is retained.

    • Also T-Roc you can go to and under calculators click recapture calculator to see what would happen if a player is traded and what each team would owe depending on the year he was traded and when they retired. It is perfect for the luongo situation you were wondering about.

  13. Kiprusoff…..stubborn, 3.52 GAA, .873 save perc. Like we need another Gustavsson. Let the kids play and show they can do it.

    • In a perfect world, Nonis WILL allow Reimer & Scrivens to continue into the Payoffs and gain some needed experience. Addressing their goalie issue with veteran leadership should be considered ONLY AFTER they’ve been given the opportunity to try. Leafs’ goalie coach, Rick St. Croix, won the Cup with Dallas as their goalie coach back in ’99. Hopefully HE can provide the “playoff tutoring” needed for Reimer (and Scrivens) and we can instead put forth efforts for a d-man (Yandle) or forward (centre Roy, or winger Jagr).
      So PROUD of what these young Leafs have done this year, really hope they have the opportunity to represent themselves (they’ve earned it) in the Playoffs and hopefully surpass their expectations and win a few rounds. Just excited to cheer for my own team during playoffs for the first time in almost a decade!!

      • AAAA alleluia alleluia …..yes it is sir ….yes it is !!

  14. Trade grabbo for lou?
    Leafs are looking for a centre so you want to trade one for a goalie that we really do not need?
    Yeah that helps our centre problem and cap adding a worse contract so that makes no sense to me.
    Kipper cheap if the phone call goes well is not bad depending on the cost and it may be something a bit bigger for all we know.
    An inspired cammalari might look pretty good between kessel/jvr if they can figure out the cap side of things.

    Such a small market out there some team will overpay for something but i doubt it is Nonis.

    You know things will be really dull when Clowe is the biggest name tossed around for deadline day.
    Tomorrow on the sports networks when we see the sports guys banging away on their cell phones they will really just be playing video games to relieve boredom and make it look like things are happening.
    the real entertainment will be Duthie making jokes about how exciting the day is going and trying to stay awake.

    • Cammallerie brings a scoring touch but no size ….unfortunately !

      If Leafs move out a center ( and thats what its going to take as per Gillis to get Luongo )

      They can go after a UFA rental i.e …..Ribiero or Roy are options.

      • Derek Roy to Canucks ????

        Fills that position!!

        • And good news is makes it that much more unlikely we will get Lu and bonus points Roy isint going to be the depth center Nonis is looking for…

  15. Jagr on the move !!

    Boston it seems !
    He would obviously want to go to a contender with a legit shot at the cup or even the playoffs at this point !!

    He may be just as effective as Iginla at a lower asking price especially in goal production!

    Interesting to see him with either Bergreon or Krejci …..if it happens !

    • Jagr a Bruin

      DAL will receive prospects Lane MacDermid and Cody Payne (Plymouth) as part of the Jagr trade with BOS.

      • The 23-year old MacDermid was drafted by the Bruins, 112th overall in the 4th round of the 2009 draft.

        The 19-year old Payne was drafted by the Bruins, 145th overall in the 5th round of the 2012 draft.

        • Pretty good return for jagr no? Boston seems likely to go past 2nd round when the pick turns into a 1st. I think Dallas did pretty good for a guy who played 30+ games for them

  16. I agree with T~Roc, ideally Nonis needs to think beyond this season, that means letting Reimer & Scrivens experience NHL playoff hockey.
    If he goes for anyone, I would focus on a first line C and make Bozak and Liles part of the deal going the other way.
    As for the D, I think they are fine, I know they’re not #1 but they are good enough to not bother giving up anything major for.

  17. @trc. Cammalari would love to be back in the East but he isn’t carlyle material. Too bad though, he would look good in T.O

  18. Lou doesnt want to go to Toronto. It is pointless to scheme scenarios including him going to the Leafs.

    Lou is going to Florida or Tampa. That’s it. Trade won’t happen at deadline, but when the season is over since both teams are out of the playoffs.

    • Anything can happen as we all witnessed with the Iginla trade everyone was fooled even the teams involved!

  19. I’m going to warn everyone once. Nothing wrong with disagreements, but if you stoop to personal insults and profanity, I will ban you. Forewarned is forearmed.

    • Thanks Lyle note taken…..however I will sacrifice my being able to post here for my own ability to defend my self from hackers and bullies who do nothing here but troll and post insignificant mollestations about users and like to insult people for there views… some point enough is enough and if no one else is going to lay the ground work for defendin myslef than yes i will run the risk of getting kicked off the site but I will not let the rats run the ship !!!

      I have OVER & OVER again helped to defend users and explain to people this is a site to talke everything Hockey and its the people who only insult day after day that need a look at as they are the ones who are casuing the conflicts of interest !!

      Thank you and I will not apologize for defedning myself !!!

      On another note looks as if Derek Roy is a Canuck ! as per Kipper sports net

      • You can defend your opinions without antagonizing others, and if others are insulting you, ignore them. As I said, if I see any further comments, from anyone, engaging in personal insults, taunts or threats, those posts will be deleted and those responsible will be banned.

        Everyone here should be able to engage in discussion or spirited debate with it deteriorating to the level of a playground. You’re supposed to be adults. Act like it!!

        • No problem Lyle !

    • And with this statement all true flyers fans have just got ban. Not trying to be smart just know all philly fans cannot go threw a day without doing those things. Those that can aren’t Philly fans as much as hockey fans that have a like for the flyers.

  20. I don’t think Kipper would be a bad move. As pointed out in the past, I think he’d be a great mentor for Reimer. I’m not sure about Scrivens. Sure he’s played well, but, in most games I’ve watched him play, he bats at the puck with the glove and it ends up in the “danger zone” instead of closing it up.
    My thought would be to bring Kipper in, guarantee 25-30 games and have him mentor Reimer. Obviously, if Reimer were to go down for an extended period of time Kipper gets the nod. If needed, offer another year to see if that brings him aboard.

    • I love Kipper and would have given up a first rounder, prospect and player for him last year !!!
      This year not so much ….his head has to be in it especially for a Goalie …a player can get lost in a game no problem not the goalie….

      Kipper is very much a recluse and would not be a good mentor for Reimer he works on his own game there would be no benefit other than his quality of play …I M O

  21. Despite Nonis talking to Kipper I am still skeptical, and I think the Leafs are still after Luongo. Even the prospect of Kipper being available, must be driving Gillis nuts, and might be the push he needs to make a reasonable trade with the Leafs. Bozak is no longer part of the equation since Canucks just signed Derek Roy as their 3rd line centre. And I believe Gillis clearly stated he would not accept a rental for Luongo, so now that only leaves prospects and picks, unless Luongo is part of a deal to San Jose for Clowe, but I am not sure if Luongo would agree to that or not.. The other intriguing thing is the Leafs just signed another goalie, Drew MacIntyre, to an NHL contract, who has already played 16 games for the Marlies. Might it suggest at the very least that perhaps a Leaf goalie is going somewhere?

    • Good call Murph on a Leaf Goalie somehwere …..but if we are getting a Goalie back i.e Kipper or Luongo or another …… it wouldn’t matter to sign Macintyre as they still have Riemer / Scrivens as the back up or starter !!

      But it is intriguing …maybe just postering by Nonis sending a message that they are dealing with there issues internal until someone caves !!

      • After thinking about this goalie signing …….it might make just as much sense for Gillis to trade Luongo staright up for James Riemer at this point just to make a move and clear him from a strapped cap situation and allow him to pick up a rental or another player for a playoff run…….Roy wants $6 mill a year no way for a 3rd liner hes a rental and I hear Gillis is going hard after Clowe for size but he wants a 7 year deal….. NO WAY….so he may be a rental too ….so Gillis needs to move out Robertos Contract ASAP …!!!
        Might be the thing to do !!!

        • IF a trade ever happened between Lu and the Leafs then that’s how I think would go down. No way the Leafs take on Lu and his nine years and still keep Reimer. I doubt anything will happen anyways but just sayin…

          You said previously you are self employeed. I see you on here a ton so I’m guessing it’s a season business? Landscaping company maybe? Just curious. lol

  22. Man is the average Leafs fan out to lunch. Once again they “over rate” the players they have in their line up and in the farm system. Kippersoff would be a better goalie for them if they have any thoughts on a CUP run. Reimer and Scrivens both are average goalies. Right now Kipper and Lou have no clue where they stand…especially Lou. Goalies are fickle/crazy/set in their ways more than any other player on their teams and with all this talk of being traded / given permission to be spoken to or seeing a longtime team mate being trading…their minds are fried along with really any desire to go to the rink right now. Give them a HOME where they feel welcome and wanted…both even “Lou” will help them go far into the playoffs.

    • I don’t think anyone disagrees that Lu and Kipr could possibly take the Leafs far into the playoffs IF their heads are into it and IF they stand on their head this spring. I think a few Leaf fans would disagree Reimer is just average, not saying he is top notch yet but he’s definitely proving he could be one day. I think everyone just wants to give him a shot at it then decide in the summer how he did and whether to get a Lu or Kipr at that point.

      It’s a crap shoot at this point because if Remier can’t handle it from here on in then the Leafs will be back in that desperate camp again looking for a top goalie and all GM’s will know they are deperate once again and raise the asking price. Mean while one can be had right now for next to nothing. Hard to say because hind sight is just that.

    • Different Jay than other poster…
      BUT I TOTALLY AGREE with him. I was just coming down to say that I see people post all this crap about the Leafs and I just tune out. The team is having a good run, agreed, somehow! Kadri is not this good but is playing like he was worth a first round pick, Kessel is quietly doing his thing but I dont understand why the leafs fans talk so highly about their players. EVERY post is how they should trade Komi and Connelly for every teams best players when Leaf fans wouldnt let them in the arena if given the choice. its laughable.
      I do hope that as many Canadian teams get in as possible. With the way Feaster is recycling I dont think that the flames have a chance.. I can only hope that the leafs dont get a good goalie. I dont think I could handle 2 playoff rounds of the banter

      • LOL well get ready cause if we stick to the six spot I like our chances against the canes or Jets if we get good goaltending and that shaky young Defence holds up….

  23. Not sure about Reimer, but if Luongo was dealt to the Leafs, I think a goalie would have to go back. Moving Luongo means Lack becomes the backup to Schneider, and that then leaves a hole in their AHL team. They may want Schneider and some other package of prospects and picks for Luongo. The signing of MacIntyre just might be insurance for the Marlies playoff run with Rynnas and Owuya.

  24. My bad, I meant Scrivens and some other package of prospects and picks for Luongo.

  25. Wow today is particularly bad for leaf comments lol

    • 10 years with out being in the playoffs + looking pretty good + trade deadline = wild imaginations

  26. Can’t understand why Holmgren would pick up Clowe….thought for sure Clowey was headed to Boston. I know the asking price was a bit high….would be happy to get a good return….

  27. Let’s GO PEN’s!!!

    • Pens the way you are spelling it makes it look like you’re cheering for male parts…..