Latest on the Maple Leafs, Jets and Canadiens – June 8, 2013.

Should the Maple Leafs trade Phil Kessel? Should they try to move up in this year’s entry draft? What’s the latest on Ron Hainsey ane Zach Bogosian? Who could the Canadiens hire as their new goalie coach?

Should the Leafs trade Phil Kessel this summer?

Should the Leafs trade Phil Kessel this summer?

TORONTO STAR: Dave Feschuk calls upon the Maple Leafs to trade Phil Kessel now while his trade value is at its highest, while Damien Cox advocates trading up in the draft, as the Nashville Predators (fourth overall) and Edmonton Oilers (seventh) are believed shopping their first round picks. Cox believes the Leafs could landOttawa 67s center Sean Monahan if they could acquire the Predators pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Kessel demands a trade or crazy stupid money (like, say $10 million per season), he’s not going anywhere. If Leafs GM Dave Nonis is smart, he’ll re-sign Kessel now, before his value increases further with his play next season.

Cox’s suggestion, on the other hand, is a worthwhile one, depending of course upon what the Predators and Oilers seek in return for their picks. Cox suggests Jake Gardiner as a trade chip, but I don’t think that’s a worthwhile move. Sure, you’d get a promising young center, but moving Gardiner simply addresses one problem while creating another.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/WINNIPEG SUN: Gary Lawless reports Jets pending UFA defenseman Ron Hainsey is unlikely to return, while Ken Wiebe reports the Jets have started contract talks with the agent for RFA defenseman Zach Bogosian.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Most Jets fans assumed Hainsey wouldn’t return. As for Bogosian, re-signing him to a long-term extension is among the Jets priorities this summer. He’s also eligible for arbitration rights, so it’s possible he or the Jets could file for arbitration later this summer if negotiations should stall by early July. The upside of that is it would then make him ineligible to receive an offer sheet from a rival club.

MONTREAL GAZETTE/LA PRESSE: Pat Hickey reports Canadiens owner Geoff Molson is proud of his club’s improvement this season, while Mathias Brunet examines potential candidates for the Canadiens vacant goaltending coach position.


  1. I don’t think moving Gardiner is a bad idea for the Leafs. Phaneuf & Franson bring offense to the team now, not the slick skating and pass true, and the Leafs have Morgan Rielly, Jesse Blacker, Matt Finn, and Stuart Percy coming through the system. Rielly is a slick puck mover and the others have some talent. They would have to be patient while waiting for them to develop and maybe that means retaining Liles for another season.

    However if you can flip the 21st + Gardiner as center pieces to flip into the 7th or 4th overall pick than why not do it? You are going to get either Monahan, Barkov, or Lindholm with that pick and that addresses a desperate need for the future. I think you are for more likely to land the #7 pick than the #4, The Preds need w/e star forward they can get with that pick.

    • Other way around not Gardner but Riley (5th pick last year) this year’s first and a second for a top 5 nothing more, that’s all for Edmontons remove the second rounder. Gardner is a proven asset and shouldn’t be dangled for picks it may not be enough but at this point I think we should be patient with what we have unless it improves the team immediately Monahan will probably be a good player but not immediately impact like the top 3 are likely to be, I’d rather use picks and a guy like Riley and some other asset to pick up a center to play on the top line or D man and sign a UFA to fill the other hole D or center small steps keep building and do nothing drastic this team is not that bad a couple big holes are easier to fill then a bunch of small ones that could be created if you start wheeling and dealing everything like the idiots in the Toronto media suggest…

    • Can’t see nash or edm making that trade. Draft the best player available and develop him. Like Kadri. Took a while but it seems to have worked out. Toronto isn’t winning the cup next year so just try to make the playoffs again. Sign Kessel to an extension (wouldn’t be for much more than he’s making now; maybe 6m / season). Let Phaneuf go unless he signs for about 4.5m / season. He’s a good player but not elite. Toronto finally has this going in the right direction, don’t make a stupid trade now Nonis (wish you were still in Vancouver).

      • LOL I bet….

      • Not sure about Nash but wouldn’t Riley and Schultz be a nice combo down the road? Oilers could maybe be tempted….

  2. Trading Kessel is just a dumb notion. The leafs finally did something this year and the guy proved himself to be a ppg player in the playoffs. to suggest moving the major piece of our core now is just ridiculous. Money talks, but if bozak get locked in then kessel stays, if no bozak then i can still see him resigning, but might take a little longer.. leafs have solid goaltending, a really good young core with, kessel, kadri,gardiner, lupul, franson, and reimer, Just need to add a solid d man like scudari to help phaneuf, and a tough character top 6 guy like clowe/clarkson. and we will be alright. people forget, the leafs had boston out, and they just knocked out nyr in 5 and the all mighty penguins in 4. i think the leafs are in a lot better position then people think

    • I actually wonder if maybe the leafs could put a trade package together and go after Seabrook or Hjalmarsson to play next to Phaneuf. Blackhawks are up against the cap and need to shed some salary to resign Bickell and Leddy. They also want a second line center. So maybe the rights to Bozak could be starters or even Grabovski with the Leafs retaining salary. Bolland could maybe be had too as he’s overpriced as a third line center for the hawks. Maybe the leafs could go after Hjalmarsson and Bolland. Play Bozak, Kadri, Bolland, Mclement up the middle and Phaneuf + Hjalmarsson and Gardiner + Franson as the top two D pairings. Not sure what they’d have to send to the Hawks though.

      • Chi should be fine if they buy out montador (2.75m -2 years left) and buy out/trade frolik (2.33m – 1 year left). Brookbank could be traded out for nothing (1.25 – 1 year). Stalberg and Handzes would be gone as UFAs, but their young guys are playing well. Bickell will be the hard one to resign. Some team will offer 4 years / 16.0 m (4.0/yr) for him. He’s this playoffs big surprise. Remember Dustin Penner!!!

        • That’s the problem all these Gms that are watching Bickell play so well are watching Penner play too lol I’d be surprised if he gets 4 yr 16 mill but wouldn’t be surprised if it came in 3 yr 10 mill or term was to be a little longer 5 years at around 3.5 as well as he as played you do see big difference in his play with the increase in his minutes where ever he goes he is going to be expected to play second line minutes with the increase in money so I don’t think the raise will be quite as high as you suggest…

        • And while on the subject of Penner… I got this bad feeling in my gut that with the need the leafs have for some size and grit to play between line 2 and 3 he may be the option Nonis will look at. (let’s not forget Randy likes him and was able to get him to play) He will come far cheaper the Clarkson or Bickell, Don’t know why it’s just this queezy feeling I get in my gut that says that’s the guy we are going to get….what a bargin!…lol

          • Schtik – I think you’re right about Penner, I can see TO signing him and I think his transition in TO would be immediate as he know’s Carlyle’s coaching style and more importantly Carlyle knows him. My only hesitation on TO signing him would be the fact that he is 30 and I haven’t really seen him as a big factor for either Edmonton or LA. If I were TO, I might want to look into Valtteri Filppula who is a Center/LW versus signing Penner.

      • If Bozak wants anywhere near 5 mill no…..

        • You got that right. Bozak is worth about 4 mil a year. A proven second line center playing on the top line that can win face offs. If he wants 5 mil they should try to trade his rights for a late pick (if anyone has interest). It will be interesting who will become available when buy outs start to happen. But I don’t think there will be as much as we are all hoping.

          • honestly can you say bozak is worth 4 mil??? I think people forget he plays top line minutes with very good wingers and can not brake 50 pt, he is worth 3 to 3.25 tops if bozak stays then grabos goes to much money on second and third line centers. id rather give some kids a chance to play and save some cash to spend on good shut down d man and clarkson

  3. Leafs imo are 1 shutdown guy away from a legit top d group. You don’t trade gardiner not now anyway. He and franson showed promise when paired together the last couple playoff games. Phaneuf needs someone to play with and not gunnerson. Reilly will and should be in the ahl another year. Don’t rush the young d like they did and ruined schenn.
    I wouldn’t move kessel either. They have a good young group of forwards that finally have playoff experience. Build around them don’t subract and add an unknown draft player that might not pan out.

  4. I don’t think the Leafs trade Kessel. They should work at getting a true #1 centre to play with him.

    Being a Sens fan — who desperately wants the Sens to move up to grab Monahan.. I think I would cry if he went to the Leafs.

    This kid is going to be a very good one. He had a great season on a really bad 67’s team…

  5. Bogosian? What is he worth. 4-5 years 4.25-4.5 /season. I don’t think he will be the top guy in wpg. Byfuglien now and Trouba possibly the future. He will be a really good 2-3 which all teams need. But I wonder if his best valve is being traded for a young center (Couturier, Neilsen, Gagner, Duchene). Not saying player for player but in some form of a trade. Maybe with Burmistrov.
    I think Wheeler is more important to get signed than Bogosian.

    • Did anyone watch Couturier play this year? -8, 15 points, and under 45% on draws, I know he is still young but jeesh you would think he is the second coming….Ganger or Duchene he isn’t, for that mater he is not ROR or Charlie Coyle (I know plays wing but drafted as a center)

  6. I would move anyone for the right price. I really think toronto should do what the can to get into the top 4 to get our future number1 center. even if we have to move gardiner or phaneuf. I think we can find some defensemen…we already have. but we have yet to find a number 1 center. that should be our number 1 priority

    • Thing is tho Monahan is good but he is deff. Not a no. 1 NHL center yet…. Great future piece but not so sure I’d give up Gardner plus for him and I don’t think Phanuef is an option yet…. I wouldn’t want to mess or take away to much with what’s on the roster now for a future piece. Riley being a year or 2 away on the other hand in some kind of package..

  7. I would not touch Penner .
    Trading Gardiner would be foolish , defencemen take time to mature he’ll only get better. He will be the Leafs best defenceman within 2-3 years. If he plays with a solid defensive minded partner he can add offence. Same thing applies fo Bogosian , this kid has stud potential, he’s only 22 and has already played in the NHL for 5 years.
    You can never discount any player being traded , if the Leafs are offered a sweet return for Kessel or Phaneuf they have to consider it. Remember today’s game is more than a sport it’s a business. Most GM’s have to consider the line up today , tomorrow , next year and down the road.
    One risk is if Kessel get s big coin but has a subpar season stats wise then whoever had a good year is going to be looking for a raise. The Semin contract is going to mess up some GM’s, some agents will use his extension as a comparable.

    • Agreed I want no part of Pancakes either, it is just if things play out the way I think they will like Uncle Lou promises the pot of gold at the end of the rain bow and Clarkson resigns in Jersey, someone will then offer to give the keys to the vault to Bickell leaving what available for power forwards? Nonis then says this guy was on the radar the whole time because of reasons I previously stated and comes at a more practical price. Might just be me as a Leaf fan but that is the feeling I get, similar to when the bidding war for Richards was going on and we got Steckle who was the “next best thing”. And signed Grabo to that outrageously generous extension….Just a bad feeling in my gut tells me this is what’s going to happen.

      • I have no problems trading Gardiner or phaneuf etc if it means getting a number one center in the draft. I love MacKinnon and barkov (like everyone else) but it would be really tough to get him. How about, and this is just a random off the cuff idea, trade kessel to Nashville for their first and forsberg? Gives us the chance to get barkov and forsbrg. We are giving up a lot I know but it helps up in the long run. We get to keep our other first rounder too. Now if we can move feattin and phaneuf for two firsts from Columbus then I would be even more happy. Just wishful thinking…

        • Can’t see anyone in the top 5 giving up a pick and prospect for Kessel, I personally like the guy but the return on him being ufa at the end of the year and a 30 goal guy his whole career (going to cost so much) isn’t getting a big return from Nash. To get the kind of price you are looking for it would have to be a big market goal starved team and not many of them in the top 5 picks… Places I could see dealing for Kessel possibly and offering a pretty good return (I know he is going nowhere where for now but…) LA NYR Min…

          • I can see more being interested but in terms of teams willing to give up the most I think it would be those 3….

          • He’s one of the top point getters since he came into the league. Not what much more he needs to do to prove he’s an elite player. And with no play maker setting him up.