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Speculation about the Maple Leafs contacting UFA goalie Marty Turco, the possibility of the Predators re-signing Shea Weber and Ryan Suter, plus getting Alexander Radulov back, and Nikita Filatov could be returning to Russia.

SPORTNET’s Mike Brophy yesterday tweeted the Toronto Maple Leafs had been in contact with UFA goalie Marty Turco.

TSN’s James Duthie subsequently tweeted Turco hadn’t directly spoken with the Leafs, but the team asked his agent some questions. Turco said playing for the Leafs would be a dream come true.

SPORTSNET’s Darren Millard tweeted he’d been informed by Leafs GM Brian Burke his team had no interest in Turco.

Maple Leafs interested in Turco?

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan also reported Burke had told him via e-mail the Leafs weren’t interested in Turco.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burke may have to be more specific. Is he denying his team had any contact with Turco’s agent? Or is he saying he has no interest after speaking with Turco’s agent? The reason I note this is if Burke did in fact make inquiries about Turco but opted to pass, it would appear he’s shopping around for a veteran goalie.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson, responding to a reader’s e-mail, believes the Nashville Predators, despite being a budget team, are well-positioned to retain defensemen Ryan Suter and Shea Weber. He also said he wouldn’t be surprised if Alexander Radulov, who’s been playing in Russia in recent years, returns to the Predators next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I recently noted on The Hockey News, the Predators could re-sign both, but the amount it’ll take to do so will take a big chunk out of their payroll, leaving little room to re-sign other key players and bolster their offensive depth. If Radulov did return, he’d have to play out the final year of his entry level contract, the base salary of which is worth less than $1 million. That would be affordable for the Predators, but there’s no guarantee Radulov, who is earning considerably more (around $4 million per season, tax-free) will return.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports a Russian newspaper recently claimed Ottawa Senator winger Nikita Filatov, who is currently playing with their farm team in Binghamton, is negotiating a return to the KHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Filatov does indeed return to the KHL, we can officially close the book on his short-lived NHL career.


  1. Burke said zero, notta, no interest in trurco, on the fan 590…….Can you say Nabakov

  2. Filatov doesn’t seem to like going into high traffic areas and that’s where you score most of your goals in the NHL. He’s definitely a good skater and has puck skills however at this point he just doesn’t seem to have the heart and drive to take it to the next level.

  3. I love how this sequence goes, Burke contacts Turco’s agent, “what does Turco think about playing for the Leafs?” Turco “it’d be a dream come true!” Burke”yaaaaaa, no thanks.” hahaha! Like WTF? Oh well. Maybe Burke has something else cooking.
    As for Filatov, I completely agree with Lyle.

  4. Burke is always listening to anything that will help the team which includes an upgrade at any and all positions. As for actively shopping? I’d say he is actively shopping for a veteran goalie after witnessing first hand how he was wrong about Gustavsson and knowing full well Scrivens can’t continue his development in this fashion. IMO he is looking for a cheap Vet who has a contract that expires at the end of this season or next. If Turco is of no interest then the next obvious direction would be Nabokov given all the rumblings out of the Island about moving him. I think what could be holding Burke back is the asking price or the possibility Wilson doesn’t want him for some reason. Then again who knows maybe Naby can’t stand playing for Wilson and thinks he’s a crappy coach therefore invoking his NTC.

  5. Wilson doesnt want anything to do with nabby because he is a choke artist ,

  6. Im sure Nabokov would be happy just to get out of town, to anywhere. Its hard to get a real good read on his play. He is in a three goalie rotation, the team in front of him isnt playing all that well, he isnt playing all that well. Leafs need help but Im not sold onNabokov or Turco. Im not so sure Burke was wrong about Gustavsson. He has had some serious setbacks with health issues and has not had great defense in front of him and he may have some issues learning Allaire methods. He could be a good tender but he needs at least one year of playing in the minors with no callups perhaps with a different organization. As for Filatov I think he has three problems. One, he thinks he is better than he is; two, he thinks their is an I in the word team; And three, he doesnt think he has to play any defense. Have fun in the KHL, you will make more money their anyways.

  7. When I said Burke was wrong about Gustavsson I wasn’t saying he is a total writeoff I was saying that he cannot backup an unproven rookie and be called on for long stretches to right the ship when the rookie goes down with long term injury or falls in a prolonged slump. Hindsight is 20/20 but I read a lot of sports writers who felt this was a mistake when the tantum of Reimer/Gustuvsson was announced in the summer as the way to a playoff berth.

  8. Only 3 teams have been scored on more then the Leafs but yet the Bud’s sit a top their division while the 3 teams with a worse goals against sit 19th, 27th, 30th.

    Scary stat!!

  9. Filatov has denied this… saying it just rumour. The club CSKA (I believe) has been after him to sign there…

  10. @James: While it’s true there is no “I” in team, there is a “me” in team which is related so that could be where Filatov is coming from.

    As for the Leafs goaltending mess, I believe that Nabokov would be a better choice than Turco but beware Burkie that because of your proclamation a few years ago announcing that you were going to snag John Tavares for yourself at the draft, Garth Snow might just make it pretty difficult for you to obtain Nabokov without paying a hefty price.

  11. I wouldnt touch Turco, his best days are way behind him, Nabokov, I wouldnt touch either unless the contract is right and the price to get him is very cheap! Otherwise unless there is a blockbuster deal involving goalies plus top 6 forward and a good solid dman, lets just go with the present team until the trade deadline at least. Dont trade your 1st round pick this year Burkie!!

  12. My fellow Preds fans need to consider that even if Radulov did return next season, he would be asking for a sizeable raise as soon as his entry level contract expired. If you want offense, you have to pay for it. Or maybe better put, you need to leave yourself enough money to pay for it.