Latest on the New York Rangers – May 28, 2012.

With the Rangers now eliminated from the 2012 playoffs, what changes could be in store in the off-season?  Read on to find out!


Sather could be busy this summer.

NEWSDAY: Steve Zipay reports changes could be coming to the NY Rangers this summer, noting they have eight UFAs (Martin Biron, Brandon Prust, Ruslan Fedotenko, John Mitchell, Stu Bickell, John Scott, Steve Eminger and Jeff Woywitka)  and three RFAs (Michael Del Zotto, Anton Stralman, Mats Zuccarello) to consider signing this summer. They’re expected to test the UFA market, where the best potentially available talent include New Jersey’s Zach Parise, Nashville’s Ryan Suter, Phoenix’s Shane Doan and LA’s Dustin Penner. Zipay also wondered if GM Glen Sather might revisit the Rick Nash trade talks with Columbus, or perhaps take a run at Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan.

Arthur Staple points out the Rangers will have between $16.4-$20 million in available cap space this summer to pursue big name talent, like Nash and Parise.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks also noted the Rangers cap space this summer, though he cautioned it remains to be determined what the cap ceiling could be under a new CBA. Given the uncertainty over the future of concussed blueliner Michael Sauer, Brooks believes the Rangers will seek a top-two defenseman to play on the right side with Marc Staal, but noted such a blueliner wouldn’t be cheap.  If they were to sign someone like Ryan Suter, they would have to shed a salary or two to also add a scoring forward, like Nash or Parise, though he doesn’t seem optimistic about the latter coming to the Rangers (“Dream on”).  He believes they’ll re-sign Biron and Prust, or perhaps Fedotenko if Prust seeks too much. Brooks doubts the RFAs other than Del Zotto will be re-signed.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard lists five thing the Rangers must address this summer. Among them: get a goal-scorer (Parise? Nash?), improve the defensive depth, and bulking up on the wings.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Andrew Gross also believes GM Glen Sather will be busy this summer seeking to bolster his offense, be it pursuing Parise via free agency or Nash or Ryan via trade, plus perhaps pursue a top defenseman if Michael Sauer (concussion) is unable to continue his career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers will be busy this off-season, and they will try to target Parise and perhaps Suter if they test the UFA market. If that doesn’t work, they’ll hit the trade market. As we’ve seen in the past, especially in today’s salary cap world, the Rangers remain a preferred destination for free agents, and they certainly shouldn’t be ruled out as a possible destination for Nash. I don’t believe the Ducks will shop Bobby Ryan, but if they did, the Rangers would be among the front-runners for his services. Sather will not stand pat this summer. He’ll work out something to add (at the very least) a first line scorer.


  1. Would the rags be allowed to keep redden in the minors after this new cba?

    • I think they would get exempt, yes, but no team will be able to do it any longer either. Or, teams will get amnesty to buy out these players without them counting against the cap.

  2. Hope not

  3. Wow! And the Leafs get ripped for thinking every superstar will end up there. Parise, Suter, Ryan and Nash all being rumoured? I don’t doubt Slats might make a splash but c’mon.

    • Well…

      Gaborik…Richards…Nash has the Rangers on his list as well. Parise’s dad said his son would look good with the Rangers (nothing to put much into, but still worthy of note).

      I think the Rangers are okay in persuading star talent to join them.

      When was the last time the Leafs signed a star?

  4. @durtmchurt: The difference between the Leafs and Rangers in this regard is that the Rangers actually do end up getting some of these players they are rumoured to get

  5. I don’t think they need a star d-man like Suter. There are some solid, smart defensemen that could be had for cheaper than Suter.

    I think the Rangers need some size up front that can score, so obviously someone like Penner could help, but always a risk, and the best choice would be Rick Nash.

    I say go for Rick Nash. Get Langenbrunner, Greg Campbell, or Daniel Paille to improve the bottom two lines.

    A PP specialist is needed, a d-man with experience who benefits from lesser ice time. Sami Salo.

    I like having a diverse goalie tandem of two different style goalies. With Lundqvist, and a strong defense, why not give Jonas Gustavsson a chance?

    Rangers players in possible play for a trade:

    Del Zotto

    • I see Parisi resigning with the Devils, but I do see Nash going to the Rangers for Dubinsky and Del Zotto or Anisimov. I thought Fedotenko had a really good series as did Stralman. Because of the lack of depth in UFA/RFA – I think we are going to be surprised with the number of trades made.

  6. What MattyG said. Manhattan is a preferred destination, and the article didn’t say NYR would sign all of those guys, but would make a play for whichever of them seems likely. Toronto has been in a spin for years, and it’s hard for any UFA to think of sinking the best years of a career here.

    • I doubt the rangers will trade Kreider after his performance in the playoffs and they won’t want to get rid of 2 defenceman for Nash.

  7. Suter has a short list of teams that he wants to go to, and neither the Flyers or Rangers are on it. There are like 4 teams, i think they are like Detroit, Minnesota, Nashville and another that i can not remember. Would a good deal for Nash be:

    Columbus trades Nash, Tyutin and 2 second round picks
    Rangers trade Kreider, Dubinsky, Del Zotto and McDonagh

    • It’s a well-known fact that the Leafs are also on that “very short list”…

      • No there is no big-city teams from the eastern conference on his list

    • What?!?!?

      There is ZERO chance Kreider and McDonagh will be included in any trades, period.

      Sather might need to be aggressive in getting some additional scoring, but he won’t be stupid. No single player (who is unproven in the playoffs) is worth 2 top young players. Talk about dismantling a core…

      (Also, Torts said post-series that changes will occur, but not to the “core”)

    • you are nuts if you think the rangers would trade kreider, del zotto, OR mcdonagh. all of them are not going anywhere

  8. Valid points from you all. But just because NY has landed stars in the past doesn’t mean they are a lock to get any of these guys. Richards went because of the money. One of the biggest reasons BB hasn’t landed very many stars is because he refuses to overpay, not because nobody wants to come here. It’s fine, I don’t even mind fans wanting to make a wishlist of players their team should get. I just find the double standard a little funny. When a Leaf fan says I wish we got such and such player he gets ripped, yet some of the same people who rip him, turn around and throw that player on their wishlist. NY may or may not get one of these players, but Parise’s dad said he wasn’t speaking for his son, and had no idea what his plans were. Nash had the Rangers and Leafs on his list, and Suter has been quite. So it’s anybodies guess.
    And just because they have a little to spend now doesn’t mean they should. After resigning DelZotto and Stralman this year, they still have to give McDonaugh, Anisimov, Stepan, and Sauer nice raises the year after. I think if they can get one of those players at a reasonable deal then go for it, but Slats should learn from the past and not try to overstock his team with expensive vets. Stay with the young core and add patiently when the moment arises. Don’t go nuts like Buffalo did last year.

    • Durt….sorry man but I disagree with you. First Richards signed in NY NOT for the money but to play for Torts and the Rangers organization, which he knew was going to be a cup contender. Rumour has it my Kings offer was just as good as the Rangers’ were and the Flames actually had the best offer on the table. Second, yes they do have to sign those guys you mentioned but if they need to make cap room they will always be able to trade underacheivers like Dubinsky and Gaborik. So yes I do believe the Rangers will try to land whatever big fish they can, and have a great chance at doing it. I hope to hell they don’t but if history tells us anything they will probably land at least one.

      • Well I guess if I’m wrong, we should probably throw Weber, J Staal, E Staal, Getzlaf, Malkin and Thornton onto that list too. Seeing as though everyone wants to be a Ranger. Whatever, I respect your opinion, maybe I’m just being a little bitter. I’ll stop.

        • I am not saying everyone wants to be a Ranger, hey I HATE the Rangers! But take a look at major UFA signings over the last few decades and that will show you that the Rangers land alot of them because they are the biggest stage in hockey. I don’t know forsure if any of this years UFA’s want to become a Ranger or not but I can tell you they will pick the Rangers over Leafland! Rangers were very close to wining the cup this year and they will do what they know how to, and that is throw there endless money at ufa’s to try and put them over the top.

  9. I’m not too well versed in Rangers issues, but after the Gaborik/Tortorella thing I thought to myself, that if NY doesn’t win the cup, I wonder if they might try to trade Gaborik to make room for Nash or Parise.

    • Agreed!

  10. Even with all CBA things that went on with the Kovalchuck signing in New Jersey a few years ago. I think Lamoriello is getting back a better return than Sather is with the Gaborik signing. I never thought it was a good move. But again, that has been the history of the Rangers since Sather has been Gm.He would of been fired a long time ago if had been in another organization than the Rangers.

  11. it’s not the rangers, it’s the city. NYC, baby. you can’t order a pizza past midnight in half the nhl cities, but in NYC that’s just when the babes are starting to line up at the clubs…