Latest on the Oilers and Red Wings – July 17, 2013.

Is this summer the right time for the Edmonton Oilers to shop Ales Hemsky? Are more moves in store for the Detroit Red Wings? Read on for the latest.

This summer might not be the best time to trade Ales Hemsky.

This summer might not be the best time to trade Ales Hemsky.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cited a recent interview former NHL GM and player agent Brian Lawton had with Bob Stauffer of Oilers Now, in which Lawton claimed this summer was a horrible time to try to move Ales Hemsky. Lawton cited Hemsky’s salary ($5 million for next season, the last on his contract), the declining salary cap, and the glut of second-tier talent remaining in the UFA market as factors working against trading the winger. Staples also noted Hemsky’s injury history as another factor.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Staples noted, when Hemsky is healthy, he’s a fine play-maker and puck-handler. Sure, the Oilers were able to move Shawn Horcoff and his hefty contract, but that took place before the start of the free agent period. They could pick up half his salary as a way to stir up interest, but it doesn’t sound as though they’re keen to do that.

I believe Hemsky’s injury history is the biggest factor working against the Oilers moving him this summer. Interested teams could prefer to wait until mid-season to pursue Hemsky, when they have more time to evaluate his performance and half his salary has been paid by the Oilers.  

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited a recent interview by Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland in which he confirmed he’d get RFAs Gustav Nyquist and Joakim Andersson re-signed before training camp. Neither player filed for arbitration, giving Holland time to shed some salary this summer. One player who could be on the move is Jordin Tootoo, who has two years at $1.9 million per season remaining on his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Red Wings coach Mike Babcock didn’t seem to be a fan of Tootoo, which could make him the odd man out this summer. 


  1. At 1.9 Im surprised someone might not take a chance on Tootoo, along the same lines as the Kings picking up Carcillo who seems to be a bit more of a plug then Tootoo. Tootoo can actually skate hits hard (takes some bad penalties but not as many as Carcillo) and seems like a hard guy to play against Im sure someone must have a fourth line who could use this guy for a later round pick. Either way the wings will still need to shed more then just Tootoo.

    • 1.9 mill for a fourth line is high.

      • A little ya but he is 4 line atleast is what Im saying could play him in a third line role if needed he does have some hands (unlike a guy like Komarov or Carcillo) he had 30 points a couple years ago.

    • shticky, big difference between Carcillo and Tootoo when Carcillo makes less than half the $$$ Tootoo does.

      • True I guess, but Tootoo also has nearly twice the points and brings the same kinda game, I get that its twice the money which sounds like a big deal but a mill or 900k isnt a tone of money in the grand scheme of the NHL and 1.9 mill for a guy who could play third line minutes (Carcillo never could play 3rd line and barely plays half the season over the past 3 seasons) if you needed him to isnt really outrageous especially if you could pick him up for a third or fourth round pick. Im not a huge fan of Tootoo or anything just think he could be dealt with that salary, if Carcillo could be dealt.

        • Maybe the Leafs could pick him up and we could put Bozak, Bolland and Tootoo on the third line and call it the $10M OU’s (Over paid, under achievers). lol

          Ooops I am not supposed to use LOL according to someone on this site.
          Ooops I am not supposed to bring up the Leafs if they are not mentioned in the headlines.
          Ooops I am not supposed to bring up Bozak and Bolland being over paid.
          Oh well tough %^&*

          • How are TooToo and Bolland over paid third liners? 3.3 mill and 1.9 just over 5 mill and you have 2/3s of the line and explain how Bolland is an underachiever? 2 cups, Memorial cup, World junior gold, generally always a plus player 30 pt guy who is a pest and plays third line minutes…man try going 1 day with out whining and complaining.

          • you are allowed to go and crawl back under your rock where you belong though …

          • And don’t say ooops!

  2. Much as I love to point out typos: I believe Horcoff’s injury history = I believe Hemsky’s injury history…

    Tootoo’s not a bad character player to have. If the Red Wings move him, some teams out there would like to pick up this pest. I think Pittsburgh let Matt Cooke walk, so they could probably use a guy like that.

    • Hemsky’s lack of will and desire is a bigger part of the problem moving him imo Injured and dont care is way worse then your typical injury prone player and at 5 mill a few teams would have saved them self the trouble and bought out this type of player instead of trying to move him.

  3. Jordin Tootoo isn’t the Wings problem. I prefer see Todd Bertuzzi and Mikael Samuelsson called it a career. They are eating 5 M$ of cap space while not giving much in returns because of injurys.

    Also, the Wings should trade up Quincey for a much cheaper version. That would be ideal, but they will not fetch a good return.

    • And to think holland gave up a first rounder for Quicey and then said he wouldnt give a first rounder for Bouwmeester.

    • Spot on !

  4. who is going to hit with totoo gone

  5. if totoo is gone who will hit

  6. Part of me really wanted to see Ottawa maybe talk about picking up Tootoo as he is a fantastic energy and depth player. But there is really nowhere for him to play when you look at Ottawa forwards.

    Say a possible line up of

    Michalek – Spezza – Ryan
    Greening – Turris – Conacher
    MacArthur – Zibinejad – Neil
    O’Brien – Smith – Pageau

    WIth Condra, Hoffman, Kassian, Da Costa, Noesen, Prince, Puempel, Stone all looking for spots.I mean, Noesen, Prince, and Puempel could be a bit off still and the Da Costa experiment may have failed … but Stone is def ready this year.

    • Wasn’t Noesen included in the Bobby Ryan trade?

    • Noesen was traded to Anaheim, O’Brien’s may be on the bubble but he has a one way contract, Conacher’s a big question mark, Condra will definitely play, Kassian will draw in when necessary, and Stone and Hoffman should get a serious looks. I can’t see any room for him.

      • You are correct about Noesen, apologies.

  7. Like I said in many articles on here, Hemsky will get traded, but for WAY below what the Oilers will hope to get. Why?

    1. Injury history
    2. Contract cap hit
    3. Announced he’d be a trade chip

    All 3 factors hurt any trade return wishes. If/When they trade him, they’ll either have to take back salary or get very little in return.

    To Toronto: Hemsky + 2nd rounder
    To Edmonton: Phaneuf

    To Buffalo: Hemsky + Klefbom
    To Edmonton: Vanek

    To New Jersey: Hemsky
    To Edmonton: Zubrus

    • Honestly, I don’t think any of those teams would accept Hemsky for those deals.
      Edm is going to get much less than that I’m afraid…

    • Lmao There is no way Id do Hemsky for Phaneuf and Im pretty sure Buffalo would want no part of that deal either man, I give you credit you keep trying but the deals just arent getting any better oh well good effort :-)

      • As much as I like both players, there is NO WAY that it would be Hemsky + a draft pick for Dion Phaneuf. That plug is hardly worth hemsky in the first place. I know that he is a captain and all but his good days are behind him. Went missing about the same time his truck got stolen in Calgary.. Coincidence, perhaps!

    • You know I could see Buffalo doing a Miller for Dubynk/Hemsky – the dollars are right, and if Hemsky were to regain his form it could be a win for Bflo and Edmonton. The thing is….would Miller be willing to go to Edmonton? Hell they could even throw in Stafford. Then who knows…..maybe the Leafs would want to do a deal.

      • NO way in HFH would Buffalo want Hemsky—a player who could walk after the season.

        The move Vanek it would be for Klefbom + 1st + something else.

        Same with Miller—Buffalo does not need a golaie so what is the point in doing a Dubnyk/Hemsky trade when they easily could move him for a solid pick and prospect.

      • For Stafford?…bout as much chance as Hemsky Id think, only deals I see the Leafs making are trading Dion (and not for scraps), moving Liles for room (scraps) or to bring in a big Defensive D in which case at least 1 of the previous 2 things has to happen. The only forward I could see us moving is Kuli and I think that is pretty unlikely. Never know but with the turn over we have already had over the past year and with the prospects that could get a look this year Im pretty sure we are pretty much set or atleast done dealing for anything else for now.

    • Klefbom? No way he gets traded. Oilers have been patiently waiting for this guy to be ready so no way they’d trade him. I’d like to see Phaneuf,Zubrus or Vanek in Edmonton but Klefbom won’t be part of any deal. Smid & Nick Schultz or maybe if the player coming back is phenomenal you could see Petry but highly unlikely.

      • Agreed. Klefbom isn’t getting moved. Hemsky is a great player but injuries and work ethic are red flags with this guy. They could get Stafford out of Buffalo for him or maybe they could trade him & Ryan Jones for Tootoo & a 3rd . Not like the Oilers couldn’t use a banger like him.

  8. The thing I don’t really get about the Hemsky situation, if the news stories are correct:

    1. The Oilers don’t want to pick up any of his salary to trade him.
    2. The big worry is that Hemsky gets injured in the season and then they get nothing for him

    So why not a conditional trade including salary, based on injury? Whether EDM make that trade or keep him until the deadline, they basically have the same injury worries about him. If he gets injured, they’re screwed. If not, he’s good top 6 forward.

    Can money be traded as part of a conditional trade? (this isn’t rhetorical, I don’t know the answer) Because let’s say we value a perfectly healthy Hemsky as a $4.5M player, for argument’s sake. (fair for a healthy 60-70 pt guy, I figure)

    Then EDM trades Hemsky for a decent defenceman (or other team need), who is also overpaid by $500k-$1M. If Hemsky plays under 70 games, the Oilers have to throw in $1M next summer. If he plays under 60 games, they have to throw in $1.5M. Etc.

    Doable? Make sense?

    • The point of my question being, if they keep him and he gets injured, they get nothing in return for him in a trade. So they’re gambling either with or without him. In my mind, they might as well gamble and get a valuable asset at the same time.

      • Hemsky = a second or third line player (thats over paid) with some salary coming back and a conditional pick on how many games he plays. Hemsky for Booth and a 3rd kinda deal if that even, Really I cant see them getting rid of him with out holding salary so if they think they are trading him with out it will be another bad contract coming back with something minor.

        • I feel like they can get more, but what do I know. The difference with Booth & Hemsky is that Hemsky, when healthy, still scores points. Booth is now an injury concern AND not producing.

          Not saying they’ll get a great return for Hemsky, but like I say I think if they get a slightly (but not very) over-priced guy and then there’s a draft pick thrown in there, it can still work.

          The Avs, if I’m not mistaken, would be desperate for a top-6 RW, but have no expendable parts that the Oilers would want, I don’t think. If the Devils don’t get Brunner, how about Hemsky + conditional pick to New Jersey for Andy Greene?

          • That could maybe work if the Devils didnt pick up Brunner, they may need to look at some other option for offense and if he is healthy Hemsky could do that if motivated and the Devils didnt have to give much it could be an option. Still a tough contract to swallow for that kind of player, but its short.

    • I like your thinking, but NHLPA would freak right out.
      Too many arguable variables in play here, what if the new team plays him out of position? Or pushes him too hard at practice? Or their doctor’s assessment differs from others?

      • Good points, Konstantine. I could see there being a “doesn’t count if he’s a healthy scratch” clause, but the other variables are too difficult to contain.

        I’m no Oilers fan, so I’m fine either way 😉

    • I think you might get more interest by offering a draft pick – the round would depend on the health of Hemsky.

      • That’s certainly usually the way it works, it’s just that Hemsky has two factors against him – his health, and his salary. His health could be covered by a conditional draft pick, but his salary is a bit harder. Having conditional $$$ would solve both issues.

        However, as Konstantine points out, there’s likely no way the PA (or maybe even the NHL) would allow this to go.

        Just spitballin’! :)

        • Personally if I am the Oilers, I am looking for a 3rd line right wing with size to replace Hemsky, teams that are looking at Hemsky are lower salary teams who need scoring but can’t afford them. If you are going to pay the guy either way then get something valuable … make a trade for a 3rd liner and pick up the difference between his and Hemsky’s salary.

          Say as an example (not a real proposal)

          To Phoenix: F Ales Hemsky + 3rd
          To Edmonton: F David Moss + Retain $2.9 million in salary

          So in a deal like this the premise is that Edmonton is going to have to pay their guy plus a small asset and the other team gets a top 6 winger for the price of their 3rd wing player.

  9. Tootoo is the kind of player that Vancouver needs. I was hoping Vancouver could trade Edler to Detroit for Smith, Tootoo and maybe a pick. Tootoo could play on the 3rd line there with Higgins and probably a rookie center (gaunce). Even Tootoo, Frk, Tatar. Would have help the future and helped now with salary cap space.

  10. This Tootoo’s day. Never has this much been written about Tootoo in one day than today.
    Jordon your 15 minutes of fame is up.

    • Lol probably true….

  11. I heard a leafs fan say theres a rumor about Pens/Leafs trade……
    Crosby & Malkin for draft picks & pucks.

    Leaf fans please shut up!!!!! not 1 rumor contained anything about your beloved leafs but yet you idiots come up with some of the stupidest trade rumors!!!!!!

    • and what flavour Hateraide did you drink today? Go home Trolly…