Latest on the Oilers, Hurricanes and Canadiens – February 7, 2012.

Updates on Ryan Smyth, Sam Gagner, Tuomo Ruutu, Travis Moen and Hal Gill.

 EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson doubts Oilers winger Ryan Smyth will waive his no-trade clause because of family reasons.

Oilers could face tough decision over Gagner.

SPORTSNET.CA: Nick Kypreos reports Oilers center Sam Gagner, who’s on the cusp of his fifth-straight 40-plus point season, could be in line for a raise of between $4 – $5 million per season as a restricted free agent this summer with arbitration rights, and with young stars Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall due for next contracts next year, the Oilers management will have to ask themselves if Gagner is worth it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I also doubt Smyth will waive his NTC, for as he recently noted, he returned to Edmonton for a reason, that being he wants to finish his career back home in Edmonton. I disagree Gagner will get that much money, though I can see him getting up to $3.25 million per, which would still perhaps make Oilers management consider if he’s worth it. I don’t believe the Oilers will move him at the deadline, unless a rival team should offer up a top two defenseman, which I don’t see happening.

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports the Hurricanes are seeking “a significant draft pick and a solid prospect or a top prospect alone” for winger Tuomo Ruutu, and it’s also possible they could re-sign him. Once they get Ruutu’s situation sorted out, it’s believed they’ll shop defensemen Jaroslav Spacek and Bryan Allen.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford will be holding “an important meeting” with Ruutu this week to discuss his future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Having already re-signed defenseman Tim Gleason to a four-year extension, it’s possible Rutherford could re-sign Ruutu if he cannot find a good return, depending upon the winger’s future plans.

TORONTO SUN: recently reported Montreal Canadiens gritty winger Travis Moen had been receiving considerable interest in the trade market prior to his recent injury.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Jonathan Bernier reports Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma would welcome back current Canadien and former Penguin blueliner Hal Gill with open arms if the club were to acquire him before the trade deadline. Gill was a key component on the Penguins blueline during their 2009 Stanley Cup run.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Moen is currently on IR with an upper body injury and it remains to be seen how long he’ll be sidelined, which could affect his availability and trade value. It remains to be seen if the Penguins have interest in Gill and if they’re willing to deal for him.


  1. Gill is practicing with the team today in a no-contact jersey. He will be ready before trade deadline for sure.

  2. Gagner should be moved by the Oilers, right now as his value has never been higher. I think we all know he is really just a second line 45-55 pt guy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but strike while the iron is hot I say. Plus you factor in the apparent lack of “top six” forwards out there the return will be decent.

  3. Casey….you meant Moen :o)

  4. Gagner is 22 years old. He’s on the verge (as mentioned) of his 5th straight 40+ point season. Why in the world would Edmonton trade him? I agree 100% that the only way this happens is if they get a top-4 D back and that ain’t happening. So keep him around, and the Oilers have 2 very solid forward lines to roll out next season. The shortcomings on the blue line can be addressed via FA and the draft (or if they can get anything back for Hemsky). Playoffs in 2013!

  5. No way Gagner gets 4 to 5 mil! I just don’t believe that any GM will be fooled the way the media has been by his recent hot streak. Gagner isn’t a bad player, and maybe he is finally hitting a stride in his development, but his play up to date warrants something closer to 3 mil/year IMO.I would expect him to get around 3 mil for 3 years, then if he truly is getting significantly better he can cash in with a huge deal in 3 years.

  6. Gagner is up and coming talent but there is no way we’ll land a contract in the $5M range with a few seasons of 40 pt hockey under his belt. I think it would be realistic to think in the $2.5M to $3.5M range depending on term.

  7. the oilers are in a good position to let him go. they have enough youth to develop. they can decline the offer sheet and get the 1st and 3rd round picks or more if the price is right

  8. Gagners comparable should be similar to Graboovski Kulemin and McArthur, all of whom are no higher than 3.5. Grabo may be due for a raise if he resigns but sorry, neither he or Gagner are 5 million dollar players. 4 million to 4.25 million tops for Grabo, and perhaps for Gagner later.

  9. Gagner is a third line center on a cup contender and nothing more.

  10. Gagner is not in the category of Grabovsky/Kulemin/Macarthur. Those guys all hovered around 60pts last season, not 45. Sure Gagner is younger, but he is not at their level of prodcuton or all-round game.
    I agree that $5M is too high for any of these players.
    The leafs should keep Grabo, and the oil should keep Gagner.

    Sure, Rutherford can ask for what he wants for Ruutu, ut no way he is worth a) a picka nd prospect, b) top prospect, c) anything remotely close to a 1st round pick. I think he gets dealt for a 2nd rounder, no more.

  11. As a habs fan I hope Gill, Campoli and maybe Moen are traded this year just so we can get SOMETHING in return because there is 0% chance Gill and Campoli are back next year.

    As for Sam Gagner, I was watching sportsnet yesterday when Kipper was saying this guy would cost 4-5 million. NO WAY!

  12. Gagner for 5 million is insane……
    The oil should try a 5 year deal at an average of 3 million per. The oil must keep nuge eberle and hall together, and that won’t be cheap.

  13. If all Tuomo Ruutu can garner in a trade is a 2nd rounder, he is more valuable to the ‘Canes on the ice than as a trade chip. One could write off this season in Carolina as the exception rather than the rule, and Rutherford can start planning for next year’s roster. Gleason would have fetched a good value in trade, but rather than start chipping away at their roster, they showed they’re willing to re-up with players they see contributing next season. I think with a reasonable offer, Ruutu will extend his deal in Carolina.

  14. I would love if we ended up getting Sam Gagner on the Ducks…what would it take to get him? And no, we’re not giving away the RPG line, Andrew Cogliano, DSP, Palmieri, Etem, Fowler, Vatanen, Schultz, or Gibson.

  15. Hey, how about Jason Demers for Hemsky? I think there might be enough value both ways for that to happen. I think Demers has lost his confidence in SJ……

  16. Gagner is in the 3.5-3.8 mill range. If he puts up 50 pts this year then he’s put in the 4-4.3 mill range. Just the way it works. It seems that holland Moen are mentioned a lot in the rumors everywhere. Gauthier could make out with a better return at the deadline than he thought. Also, I’m starting the think Plekanec/weber, 2nd to Columbus for Carter would make me happy. Carter is a upgrade and Gauthier will be assassinated if he trades Desharnais. Meh, just musing.
    According to tsn Moen will be cleared for the game tonight. Rutherford is crazy if he thinks he’s getting a too prospect AND high end pick for Ruutu. I think it’s more likely he gets a quality prospect and 2nd-3rd rdr

  17. Not “holland”. It was supposed to say “gill and”. Geez….

  18. Oh good, no posts about people’s feelings getting hurt and “attaboys” here…just good ole hockey talk on this thread.

    Ok, so Gagner shows up a big week, now he’s worth 4-5 million? That would be stupid for the Oilers to tie up that kind of money in him, I wish more GM’s would say to themselves “if I signed this guy to a contract for XX amount of dollars, for XX amount of years, how many GM’s would take this contract of my hands in a heartbeat.” I don’t know ONE team that would trade for Gagner if he was signed to $4.5 millon. He doesn’t bring that much to the table other than his 40 pts per season. Good skater? NO! Defnsively responsible? NO! Big? NO! Fast? HELL NO! Hits and kills penalties? NO NO NO NO NO….. $2-2.5 is his ceiling right now. If he wants more he needs to score more… and forget about 8 point games, as a coach I’d rather have that scoring spread out over 4-5 games. Not win one in a blowout and lose the next 5!! OVER-RATED *clap! clap! Clapclapclap!*

  19. What Edmo needs is an amnesty clause in the next CBA so they can rid themselves of Khabibulin’s contract and resign Gagner.

    And they could also do themselves a favor by sending Whitney to Boston to cler more salary. Whitney is not the answer for Edmo and Boston wants a puck mover for theor cup run and they have shwn they are happy to add a vet (see kaberle last year).

    Why is there not more Carter to Toronto chatter? He’s from London so he’d be playing near home and on a decent team so plenty to keep him happy. Toronto seems to have enpugh pices to land him too by offering McCarthur and Gunnarsson plus a 2nd round pick. Win win for all as Columbus ends up with a very good top 4 D (Wiznew, Gunnarsson, Tuytin and Nikitin), a solid 2nd line wing and a pick and Toronto gets a legit 1st line center and can keep Grabo for line 2. Also helps Columbus in that they could then move Clintsome for more help as well.