Latest on the Oilers, Penguins and Panthers – May 2, 2012.

Could the Oilers swap the first overall pick? Could they have interest in Sabres winger Drew Stafford? What plans do the Panthers have for the off-season?  All this, plus a suggestion the Penguins might want to consider moving Malkin instead of Jordan Staal.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports, despite speculation, the Oilers are unlikely to trade this year’s first overall pick. The biggest trade buzz suggested shopping the pick to Pittsburgh for Jordan Staal, but Matheson dismissed this for contractual reasons (Staal is a UFA next summer) and the fact he’s never potted more than 50 points in a season. He also dismissed talk of the Canadiens parting with PK Subban and the third overall pick for the first overall, and expressed doubt the Blue Jackets (second overall) and Islanders (4th overall) would be interested in flipping picks. In response to a fan’s question, Matheson doubts the Oilers would be able to pry winger Drew Stafford away from the Buffalo Sabres.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That doesn’t mean the Oilers won’t move that first overall pick, but let’s just say it’ll take one heck of an offer to convince them to do so, one which should center around a top young defenseman. And no, you don’t get Subban and the third overall pick for the first overall. Matheson is correct in calling that silly. Subban is a key part of the Canadiens future. Yes, the Habs would love to land a top young forward prospect, perhaps someone like Nail Yakupov, but they won’t go to that extreme.

Should Penguins move Malkin instead of Staal?

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien linked to an interview TSN’s Darren Dreger recently had with Sportsradio 93-7, in which Dreger suggested the Penguins should, if necessary, consider trading Evgeni Malkin, rather than Staal.  Dreger also went through a list of things Penguins GM Ray Shero could consider this summer, among which is perhaps dumping the bad contracts of defensemen Paul Martin and Zbynek Michalek.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dreger wasn’t saying the Penguins will move Malkin or Staal, or that they’re considering it, but was merely making his own suggestion of what he might consider if he were in Shero’s shoes. Still, food for thought, eh?

MIAMI HERALD/SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon intends to build on the momentum of his club’s first playoff appearance in 12 years in the off-season, but isn’t expected to be as busy this summer as he was last year, especially in the free agent market.

Tallon said getting pending UFA defenseman Jason Garrison and RFA winger Kris Versteeg under contract are his priorities. The Panthers aren’t expected to get into the bidding for top UFAs like New Jersey’s Zach Parise and Nashville’s Ryan Suter. Tallon could re-sign pending UFA Mikael Samuelsson as a mentor for his young players, but fellow UFAs John Madden, Marco Sturm, Wojtek Wolski, Krys Barch and Scott Clemmensen aren’t expected to be re-signed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be surprising if Garrison isn’t re-signed, but if not, that could push Tallon into the UFA market to replace him, though he won’t go after Suter. Versteeg should be re-signed. He and Tallon have a good relationship going back to their days with the Chicago Blackhawks. I wouldn’t rule out re-signing Clemmensen, but with Jacob Markstrom waiting in the wings, and Jose Theodore signed through next season, that appears unlikely.


  1. Oilers
    I really dont see the Oilers flipping this pick as they now have a a power house on offense!
    Yakupov has gone on record through Lawyer Igor Larionov stating that Yakupov wants to play in the NHL and that is his dream !!
    The Oilers have a so many diifernt choices of trade bait that arent even on the NHL roster to acquire defense or upgrade in Goaltending …the only way they trade the 1st overall is if they get a multip player deal back that helps them instantly and is a tremendous upgrade for long term!

    I think there is a very STRONG possibility that Malkin gets traded this year and I posted last week that the Oilers would be the perfect team to do this with I M O.
    I can see watching Penguins games that Malkin wants to have his own team …he does not like sharing it with Crosby as per his performance and body language when Crsoby is in the line up …..I can see a great return for Malkin that will set Pitt up very good for the next 5 years and they can resign Staal as the 2nd Center and now have money to spend on Defense!
    It makes really good sense at this point moving forward, and Malkin is at his highest return value right now!

    Florida has a very deep core of players in the minors who will be battling for space on next years roster…most of whom are big and very talented …Tallon likes veteran presence on his teams so there could be some movement towards that as well so past winners are in his sights ….I can also see Tallon doing something major this year to give him some star power …he has the assets to make a big splash…..


    Just as a side note if the leafs really believe that Reimer is the saviour they are counting on again
    ( I dont believe he is personaly ) bringing back Clemenson may be a very entertaining option …IF they dont want to trade players away or if they dont want to spedn money on taking on contracts….he would be the perfect fit into the leaf Lineup and have Scrivens play every once and a while as well!!!! It could be a revolving 3 way tandem this year in leafland …this is a good option short term and costs tehm nothing for a qaulity tandem!

  2. Crosby is going to leave Pitts as a UFA. Called it lol. Just a feeling I get. Malkin will be staying with the pens as long as Crosby isn’t signed to a extension.

  3. i think the pens should wait as long as they can before trading malkin or staal. they need to make sure crosby is %100 healthy before making any major decisions.

    if they do trade malkin i can almost guarantee he doesn’t go to edmonton. not unless he’s got a cold, long winter in the middle of nowhere fetish.

    • The problem with moving Malkin is the return. How will you ever get equal return for a player that can score 100 plus points. They could fill a number of needs yes. However it will be a package of good players for the Wing and on D and they in total might combine for Malkin’s numbers.

      Staal will bring you a great winger or Dman to help them out, so I think Staal will go.

      As for Florida. I do believe they still lost a ton of money this year. The only reason Tallon spent the money going into this season, was to reach the cap floor then went like 6 million above that. I don’t see them making a huge impact this offseason. Tallon will sign some proven winners and bring some kids along and will be in the 6 to 9th area again next season. 3rd if they win the division. They don’t have the bankroll to increase their payroll.

  4. The Oilers will ask a steep price for that first overall, which no one should even care about. Yes, Yakupov is a heck of a young player, but i don’t think he is top notch either.

    As usual, the Oilers will draft Yakupov. Hype him up in Edmonton. Make him play. Rush him. And still miss the playoffs.


    The Penguins must keep Malkin and Crosby. They are the two factors in the club’s chances of ever making a Cup run. I really do think it is time to let Staal go to another team and develop. He keeps being buried as a checking liner in Pittsburgh. The guy has all the tools to be a #1 center. Let him get there. I am sure he wants that too.


    Panthers won’t make a big splash. Credit goes to ownership for spending millions of dollars last year in acquiring players via trade (Campbell and Versteeg), and signing all the UFAs. Tallon has to re-sign Garrison, Versteeg, and especially Kulikov. They will all get a big jump in salaries.

    The Panthers will hit the UFA market if Garrison chooses to cash in on July’s market opening. But, not for Suter as Spector stated. There is still a good list of d-men that would be fitting for the Panthers. None that will replace Garrison’s big point shot, but to provide solid D.

    The Panthers will look to add Jon Huberdeau as their big offensive addition. He will be a rookie sensation, as will Jacob Markstrom, who displayed good potential in his short stint with the Panthers this season.

  5. Not sure many GMs have the stones to pull off that trade,
    Teams who need centers:

    Habs… 1st(3rd overall) + Pacioretty + Cole + Weber

    TML… Kessel + Kadri+ JML

    Or the flames… Iginla, Backlund, 1st, Butler

    the preds? Radulov + Ellis?

  6. Keep Malkin, trade Crosby.

  7. No way they trade Crosby. Although I agree keeping Malkin might work out better given the risk with Crosby’s injuries, the issue is the Penguin’s brand. Crosby is worth far too much to the organization beyond his abilities that trading him is financial suicide. I would argue however, that from a pure hickey decision, it would be an amazing trade. I would love to see the return on that given how well the team has proven it can do without him.

  8. Tallon & Versteeg SHOULD have a good relationship…while the Hawks spendthift GM, Dale handed Kris an underserved RFA salary bump that would help Versteeg climb in future contracts to a level ahead of his years or service/overall ability and his place in any teams pecking order jump up many slots!

  9. A little off topic, but thinking about Florida, to me Semin would be a perfect fit there. Semin is a guy who needs to be on a team that has a good amount of sandpaper and work ethic already established. Signing with teams like Tor, Buf, Montreal would be dumb. But a team like Florida, Dallas or Colorado would be ideal. He’s not tough, but a team that needs an affordible pick up, with high end skill could take a flyer on him…especially a team that is cost concious and has the proper role players to mask his soft play. Perfect marraige IMO…say short term deal @5 mill per?

    Here you guys go with the Crosby talk again. I don’t know who they’ll trade but it won’t be Sydney. If it is Staal, Carolina is still where my money is. Aside from already having two Staal’s, Carolina has the cap space to take on Martins contract as well. Say…
    J Staal and Paul Martin for 8th overall, McBain, Brandon Suter, Anthony Stewart and a conditional 2nd in 2013 (if he resigns…which he probably would)
    Pit fills a lot of holes, gets younger and saves a ton of cap, Carolina gets a big upgrade.

    Clemmenson makes sense to sign with the Leafs if BB doesn’t blow his brains out trading for Luongo, I like Vokoun the best though.

  10. Jordan Staal to Montreal!

    The Deal:
    3rd oversll pick + Plekanec + Tinordi for 25th pick + Staal + Despres.

    To Pitt: a great young player, a really skilled 3rd line center with cost certainty (who actually scores more than Staal), and a huge young D prospect.

    Mtl gets their 1st line C horse, a good young francophone D, and the 25th pick (Matteau or Dansk).

  11. A 23 year old established player, borderline star, who put up 50 pts in 62 games while seeing little powerplay time. a borderline selke trophy winner. And he is yet to get into his prime years. You are really really overvaluing the value of a first round pick. I’ve heard that Yak is a “sure” thing but so was daige, johnson, etc. I pick is always a gamble. It would take a package of the pick and a blue chip prospect or an established 2 or 3 center to even consider this deal… I know that he may be able to leave next year, but image what teams would trade for him at the deadline? (personally I think staal is to big an asset to lose, as awful as it seems, I think malkin or crosby shoud be the ones to go)

  12. Luongo And Raymond to Toronto for 1st rounder and MacArthur

    • NO chance BB trades the 1st Luongo. He’d be run out of town. ONly the return of Stall or Getz would be acceptable, but clearly heaps more would need to be thrown in. Need to find other options there. But I don’t think Luo is going to TO.

    • That’s basically trading a top-5 pick for Luongo as raymond and Macarthur are the same players.. they can score a bit, but are soft.

      I don’t see Toronto parting with that pick.

  13. Clemmenson or Vokoun lands in Toronto!

    • And Toronto lands squarely on a lottery pick.

  14. Stall will be dealt, i could see a package with Martin. It frees up cap space and gets you a swap of 1st’s and a mix of 2-3 young top prospects and a good young defensemen

    My Top Four Teams:
    1. Tor 1st Swap, Kadri, Schenn, Ashton
    2. Mtl 1st Pick, Plakenic, Beaulieu
    3. Car 1st Swap, Sutter, Skinner, Mcbain
    4. Col 1st Pick, savard, Johnson, Umburger (Hometown Kid)

    This should be fair trade dont want 1st overall don’t neednother “Sure Thing” also restocks Ahl as we have players ready to come up.