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What the Predators might do with Shea Weber and Ryan Suter, and Hurricanes winger Tuomo Ruutu addresses trade rumors swirling about him.


Could Suter and Weber be available at the trade deadline?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reported Nashville Predators GM David Poile’s response on Saturday to numerous questions about what he’ll do with pending free agent defensemen Shea Weber and Ryan Suter was, “Ask me on February 27″, which is the NHL trade deadline. While there would undoubtedly be considerable interest if Poile were to shop one or both blueliners, his priority remains re-signing them, and he made it sound as though he won’t move either guy if they’re still unsigned by the deadline and the Predators are still in the playoff race at that time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I disagree with the view the Predators would get a better return if they shopped either guy or both at the trade deadline, rather than in June. It’s still possible to get a good return in June, when teams will have more cap space and more willingness to make trades. One need only look at trade activity in June in recent years, especially near the Entry Draft, to see that. Unless the Predators get a monstrous offer for either guy by the trade deadline, which would improve their offense without jeopardizing their playoff chances, I don’t expect Weber or Suter to be shopped as long as the Preds remain in the playoff hunt.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports Hurricanes winger Tuomo Ruutu is ignoring the trade rumors that have dogged him throughout this season. He’s an unrestricted free agent this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s rumored the Hurricanes won’t re-sign Ruutu, so that’s leading to speculation he could be dealt at the trade deadline if the Hurricanes aren’t in the playoff race by then.


  1. But aren’t both d-men UFAs in the summer? Surely the return for a late season push + playoff run with one of these guys would be better than just to have their negotiating rights in June, no?

    (This isn’t to say they’ll trade either guy, or that the guys wouldn’t be more useful for Nashville’s *own* playoff push. Just that I think a team would find much more value – and so give more – to gain an asset they know the can use for a couple of months, rather than have a Dan Hamhuis situation, where he signed with neither Philly or Pitt)

  2. Only Suter is the UFA, which leads me to believe that he will most likely get dealt by June, as i agree with Lyle.

    Suter is a very solid d-man, but not one that you cannot replace. Weber is very hard to replace.

  3. Northby, Weber is an RFA at seasons end. Suter is a UFA.

  4. I agree with northby9 on this. It’s highly doubtful any team would send away a big package of players/picks/prospects for a guy in June when he can become a UFA in just a few days. The trade deadline would seem the best time to move a player if it came down to having to do that. What the Preds need to do now is to bring in a legitimate offensive player and show both Suter and Weber that the organization is serious about competing for the Cup. Being dead last in team payroll as they are right now sends the opposite message to them.

  5. brayden schenn and a first round pick for weber or suter?

  6. Weber won;t be traded they will go to arbitration again and he will sign one more year. Suter will be moved for some forward help and a pick. Weber will be moved the next year and they will get a bundle.

  7. @jon, it will take more than that to land either one of those guys. Schenn has not proved anything yet and seems to be a bit injury prone since he became professional.

  8. It’ll take more than an injured B. Schenn and a late first round pick to pry either Weber or Suter out of Nashville. Add to that the Flyers would need to clear some cap space first.

  9. Bergeron, Downie, Richard Panik (prospect) for Suter.

  10. Poile would have to seriously consider a player like B.Schenn for Weber or Suter. The problem with Schenn is; he’s yet to display his talents and abilities at the NHL level for any length of time as he’s always injured, so Holmgren would have to sweeten the pot to get Poile to jump.The Preds are extremely deep on D, but they don’t really have any offensive “go-to-guys”. If a trade deadline deal is on the table, every GM out there will definitely want Weber over Suter; Weber is right handed, has a more rounded and dominant game than Suter, and Weber is an RFA, not UFA as is Suter. Poile will be somewhat handcuffed, if and when he has to deal either of these guys. Everyone in the league is aware of their money situation, as well as the fact both of these defensemen may very well want to move on to greener pastures, first chance they get. They’re both in their mid 20’s, if they hit the open market, Weber would probably get a 12+ year deal, worth over 6-7 mill per, and Suter would probably get anywhere between 5-6 over the same period. Nashville simply can’t pay those kinds of salaries.

  11. Tuomo Ruutu will be a great pickup for any team’s playoff run. He’s a bruising winger that can take faceoffs and plays PP minutes.

  12. Still feel if either hit the market Edmonton is the most likely place to start as they have an abundance of forwards they are capable of parting with and they need the defense the most.

  13. I think they Flyers will go after Suter. I think they can pull it off with Schenn a couple of first round picks and manother pick and prospect. Plus they wouldn’t have to move much money since Suter’s cap hit isn’t all that crazy for this year. I think Suter is over shadowed a little by Weber. I think the Flyers would be interested in Weber but that would have to be a summer move IMO. He has a high cap number which the Flyers would have to move more money.

  14. Hemsky and Pajaarvi for Sutter?

  15. to continue on the thought,
    with the intention of Suter signing hopefully for 4-5 years (or longer). The Nashville development system would do wonders for the young and speedy Pajaarvi, and Hemsky would bring immediate offense help (if not injured) and seems like he would fit well with Nashville’s system.

  16. Would love to see Weber in a Bruin black and gold. They have cap room and lots of young stars and there picks. But it might be easier just to sign Suter when he is a UFA. Chara and Weber on the point would be crazy good.

  17. I’m with you obe1
    how about:
    Krejci,Boychuk and 1st rounder and maybe a prospect Hamill for Weber.
    Boychuk’s a UFA though and I like him alot.
    Just don’t move Hamilton he’s a keeper.

  18. Ace, when’s the last time two teams swapped pending ufa’s at the deadline? Won’t happen. Poile would want a bevy of picks/prospects and possible impact player (still under contract) for now. I assume Ed would want the same for Hemsky if moved.

  19. Durt is exactly right here. A team is only going to give up a big return for either Weber or Suter if A: they think this is their year to win the Cup, or B: they feel they can sign the player long term. It’s really a trickier trading situation then one may think.

    If Poile can’t either of them re-signed, the one plus is that he’ll have a decent amount of money to work with come July 1st. If he can get some high draft picks and prospects in return, he could turn a negative into at least a tolerable positive.

  20. where’s Weber going to go folks??…… don’t rule out Vancouver as he’s a BC Boy and best friends with Hamhuis.
    Mike Gillis can do some creative things…stay tuned!

  21. @Durt – true that. That doesn’t really work swapping UFAs for 2 teams unlikely to go deep.
    I guess I was just thinking that Edmonton needs a solid top 2 D-man and Nashville is often looking for scoring forwards. I suppose that lowers the probability of a Semin-4-Suter swap.

    I highly doubt we’ll see Weber as a Canuck this season, but maybe in the off-season … a Ballard for negotiating rights. – acknowledge bias here.

  22. Zach Parise for Shea Weber

  23. Both captains, both top experienced nhl players around the same age. ZP-UFA, SW-RFA

  24. Parise for Weber makes sense, other than the money Parise will want. Preds just can’t afford someone like hm. And he’s a UFA that could walk without even batting an eye.

  25. Perhaps something like; Parise for Suter and a prospect (Taylor Beck or Austin Watson)

  26. Parise for Suter and the rights to Alex Radulov


    Parise and Jeff Frazee for Suter and Anders Lindback

  27. If NJ decides to trade Zach, I hope Lou only entertains offers without prospects. I would only trade Zach if NJ’s return is a top line defenseman or Marty’s replacement.

  28. One would think that Poile would seek offensive help if he did trade a Suter or Weber, but the mindset of the Preds organization is one obsessed with defense. Wouldn’t surprise me if they moved one of them for another Dman.

    It’s not that the Preds couldn’t afford to pay someone like Parise, it ‘s really more of not having the will to pay a top offensive player in the first place. They’ll pay a goalie or Dman big bucks, but not forwards. It’s why the Preds are tough to play against, but never a serious Cup contender.