Latest on the Predators, Canadiens and Bruins.

Updates on Alexander Radulov’s status, Scott Gomez reportedly interested in returning to the Devils, and the Bruins won’t re-sign any more players before the post-season.

THE TENNESSEAN: Mike Organ reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile continued to decline comment on reports coming out of Russia claiming Alexander Radulov will be rejoining the Predators this week, other than to say it appears Radulov is moving closer to returning.

YAHOO! SPORTS: Dmitry Chesnokov reports the reason why the KHL was willing to let Radulov out of his contract with Salavat Yulaev Ufa is because they cut a deal with him in which he either returns to the KHL next season (on a one-year, $5 million contract) or pays back 2/3rds of the value of that contract if he stays in the NHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So we could see Radulov play out this season with the Predators, fulfilling the final year of his entry level NHL contract, then returning to Russia for next season, after which he’ll be eligible by NHL standards for unrestricted free agency. 

Could Gomez return to the Devils?

TVA SPORTS’ L.A. Lariviere reports via Twitter “Scott Gomez reportedly aiming to return to Devils after this season; tells friends he’ll be bought out after season, says (Patrice) Brisebois”, adding “some sources think that Devils GM Lamoriello would consider offering him a 1-yr deal, low salary, given he grew w/ organization”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whether or not there’s an amnesty buyout in the next CBA, it appears Gomez’s days with the Canadiens are drawing to a close. As for returning to the Devils, that remains to be seen, given their ownership’s reported financial issues, plus their need to re-sign Zach Parise.

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has talked contract with pending UFAs “Gregory Campbell and Daniel Paille, as well as Chris Kelly, Joe Corvo, Greg Zanon, Brian Rolston and Mike Mottau, but other potential deals won’t occur until after the season is finished. Chiarelli re-signed Shawn Thornton to a two-year contract extension over the weekend.


  1. Since Boston is mentioned here in an article I feel I must comment on last nights game. Besides the fact Boston has proven what an ultimate power house they can be the bigger fact remains. Anyone who doesn’t think the Leafs need a complete rebuild after last nights game needs their head examined, and before someone mentiones it was only one game remember this is the 6th game in a row against Boston this season the Leafs have been made to look like an OHL team playing Canada’s NHL elite Olympic team.

  2. @ Beergoogles

    I wonder if you guys will get what Ive been trying to say here all most every day about the Leafs …..I hope that some of you copy and pasted as I asked …LOL ….so you have a friendly reminder….LOL …..

    I hope all you guys who kept posting no nbeed to trade guys ..keep the cupborads stocked …get the picture now ….that its not really that way and even the young talent the Leafs have ar just SO / SO ????
    They do not have any high quality players in the system ….its been all smoke and mirrors ….as Ive stated there is no HELP on the way …they stayed the course as all you guys have said ……now what …this team is signed for next year too LMAO …like Ive said the only way out ….is via a big trade and a prominent player or players we have to get the best return for the team ……ONLY WAY !!!!! Copy & paste for future refference!!!!
    They were only 2 points out on trade deadline and BURKE DID NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….NOTHING … was his biggest failure …EVER as a GM …he had the tarde of a life time on his plate and wimped out because of the hopes of one player who is OVER RATED !!!!

    No center man
    No toughness
    No 1-2 defenseman
    No #1 Goalie
    players are too soft
    Terrible UFA signings
    Did not utilize draft picks well
    Did not bring along young prospects well

    Please trade Kessel Schenn and NOW Phaneuf.. …….last time i post this for you none listeners !!!!

    Why in the world would Lou Lamirello take any interest in Scott Gomez ….every cent Lou has to spend is so much more important than any other team due to his restrictions and the teams financial state …Gomez at even $1million is too much as you never know how a season unfolds and where you may need to draw cash from and N J D are tight …even Martin Brodeaur has taken a pay hit and will next year …Iam sure he wouldnt be happy to give his extra $1 million to a player like Gomez to come back ….they need an upgrade and the money would be better spent on a entry level contract for a rookie who can actually help them !!!

    These guys are a force …they have a great core group of 3 solid lines that have played together for allmost 4 to 5 years now …..solid team solid management and gutsy players all around ……LOOK OUT !!!
    Vancouver can not beat these guys again next year … almost no team will in a 7 game series ….
    Dan Paillie
    Chris Kelly
    Greg Campbell should be resigned …….they would be stupid not to take the cash and try and winn another cup .


    I wander with this last big beat down …..if at the next home game ……there are chants of …FIRE BURKE ….FIRE BURKE …..FIRE BURKE …….

    Beer googles you missed out buddy …….you could have been 2- 2 …..not bad !!!

    New ownership coming in soon …Burkes days are numbered ……he will be Ron Wilsons room mate again soon LOL

  4. why are you talking about the leafs ?? there no where in this post. thats sad !!! they suck … thats it thats all.

  5. @Chris
    I’ve been agreeing with you all along buddy. I was actually going to post that thread to you but the guys are already all over you as it is… lol

    That’s because the most interesting topic today is the total romp of the Leafs by Boston. Don’t worry your habs are actually worse off. You have a goalie and one defencman and nothing else. Lucky for Price or you would actually see how bad your teams future really is.

  6. @ Habs 79

    As you may have noticed the MAJOR topic was the Leafs romp which we commented on but both Beer goggles and I have posted on the related topics of the day as well … you can plainly see on all our posts.

    We have always posted on related topics along with a leafs topic of the day …….its just that the Habs arent as relevant right now ….sorry …if it is an consolation you missed the Gomez post and the topic of Carey Price going to RFA yesterday and the day before … shouild visist more often to keep up and read those posts in the past archives !!! posted 2 and 3 days ago !
    Hopefully the Habs can resign Price and he wants to stay …….first lets see who the next GM in Montreal will be and where he wants to go with the club ……

  7. ” Habs 79

    Just out of curiosity …what was the quality of your post to add to any topic that was about today

  8. It’s just like anywhere dumb leaf fans take over

  9. i just find it funny on any site, any posts. leafs fans comment. nothing has changed for leafs in how many years. losing to boston isnt surprising, its turned into the norm.

  10. I agree habs79 and no Chris the leads aren’t mentioned in this article. The one talking about how bad the leads suck is in Canadian corner

  11. Beergoggles- Pacioretty, Cole, Desharnais, Eller, Emelin, Gorges. All guys worth their weight on the Habs. What doomed them was the PP, man games lost to injury, and GM knee jerk firing the coach. To say it was all Price and Subban (I’m assuming, didnt mention a name) isn’t entirely accurate. All those players I mentioned have had very good seasons and provide optimism for us Canadiens fans moving into next year.

    As for Gomez, who’s surprised? He wants to go to the Devils. The Devils are borderline being funded by the NHL. They want him back then take him in a trade to give them the cap relief by his actually salary dropping the next 2 yrs but the cap hit staying the same.

    I believe the Bruins may have a different look next years as some of those depth/character guys should be able to get themselves some larger raises for their successes the past few seasons. Just a feeling I get.

  12. @Icebear
    If Lyle would give us a Leaf’s corner we would post there the problem is Lyle knows how many Leaf fans there are on this site so the “rumours” thread could end up with hardly anyone on it. lol (Kidding Lyle) There I go spoken like a true Laugh fan…

    but in all honesty it’s just a slow rumour day. Really, who cares about Gomez and Radulov. Gomez should never be a topic of conversation. It’s about as much fun as say, talking about Andrew Raycroft.

  13. I watched that game last night and Iast night and the biggest question I have is, “Where was Phaneuf?”
    Schenn and Komisarek both dropped the gloves and showed some passion. Captain Courage was nowhere to be found….

    The bigest thing I noticed is that there was very little pushback from a leafs team that needed the win to become relevant agian in the playoff race. (Not saying they would make it, but 4pts out isn’t unsurmountable). Aside from Schenn, Grabo, some youngsters, and Komo the Leafs didnt show an ounce of courage.

    This summer is going to be a bigtime rebuild for hte Leafs as they get more guys to play Carlisle’s system. I wouldnt be suprised if Phaneuf is traded. I’d be more shocked if Kessel was dealt, but if you can get back an euqal player, they will move him too. But he will not be traded for a pile of 2nd liners, though (this is the point where Chris and I disagree).

    And the goaltending was bad.

    The leafs look beat before the puck was even dropped. I have never seen the Leafs be so bad, in a game that meant so much, since they had 6 shots vs the devils in the playoffs a decade ago.

  14. @beergoogles Lyle doesn’t need to give you or any one else for that matter a section for fans like you to post their “thoughts/great ideas” because they are usually not good ones. In fact reading some of your and others, hi Chris, has in fact lowered the iq of us quiet readers. All I ask and probably many feel the same, if your gonna post please do so with some thought and facts to back it up… You both are guilty of posting your opinions that make little or no sense and is basically the same messasge (we know where you stand so no need to repeat it every day) which for the most part stink and I’m not alone in thinking that. I don’t mean/want to start a flame war but seriously, stick to the topics on hand and use a bit more thought in what you write. You will be better in the long run.

  15. Love that comment about the Habs only having a D and a goalie. Does Toronto have a goalie? No. That supposed 7 quality D mentioned yesterday that Toronto has, I guess they all sat out last night. Yeah, why try to bring in someone else you guys are fine. If only you get Yakupov, everything will be great. All these comments should come under Canadian Corner but apparently Leafs only come to Rumour Round-up ‘cuz they just need a piece or two to challenge for the Cup.
    Montreal on the other hand has been undermined by their horrendous front office. Their on ice product is sure to at least challenge for a playoff spot next year. Can the Leafs expect to? No.

  16. @ A. Donnybrook well said my good sir, and good day to you!

  17. If Im the Bruins I do not sign any of those guys. Maybe Kelly and I bring up some kid”s who can play. Then I trade Thomas if Rask healty and I sign Parise and Suter. Hamilton can play next year. Bruins put Savard on long term and they can afford both Suter and Parise. Is Horton done for the year?

  18. Donnybrook, I personally feel that the Leaf fan’s should have their own area but I also agree with most of what you’ve posted. Please stick to the topics in hand and quit trying to twist every topic to be about a shamefully bad team and organization who’s fan base doesn’t posses enough sense to know when to s.t.f.u.!

  19. @A Donnybrook I read Chris’ first couple of posts around the trade deadline and have skipped over his comments ever since. From yours and others comments about him I think I’m better off for ignoring him.

    @Obi 1 Role players and chemistry are much more important than signing all the “name” players available. With the lack of UFA centers, Kelly and Campbell may be offered too much to be retained by Boston. But yeah Corvo, Rolston, Mottau seem to be the odd men out. Zanon may stick around so we don’t have to rush Dougie Hamilton, altho he seems to be ready now, a year in the AHL wouldn’t be a bad thing. There has been absolutely no news on Horton. It is not looking good for the foreseeable future.

  20. @ Donnybrook
    I think you nailed the head on the hammer with that post. There was nothing in Lyle’s post about the Leafs yet Goggles and Chris seem to think there is a hidden message in Lyle’s post pertaining to the Leafs. If you fuys want to talk Leafs only, I’m sure there’s somewhere for you guys to go. This post was about Radulov’s return and Boston’s UFA players.

    @ Chris
    Just because you say the same irrelevant BS every day, doesn’t make it true. I remember you saying you own your own business in a previous post…what kind of business might that be, just out of curiosity?

    In regards to the Bruins, I say they re-sign Kelly, Paille and Campbell…Rolston could be the odd man out and I would say Motteau is replaceable. The Bruins are a very deep team because of Kelly, Paille and Campbell being solid 3rd/4th line contributors. They play a gritty game but can put the puck in the net from time to time. The Bruins were also mentionned in regards to Nash so it will be very interesting to see what their plans are in the off season.

  21. Chiarelli was on the radio here in Boston this morning (98.5 The Sports Hub) and he said that he’s done signing players for now. That doesn’t mean he won’t revisit talks after the playoffs conclude but for now, he’s done.

    Fwiw, I don’t expect him to resign Kelly or Corvo. I think Kelly will go back to Ottawa. Corvo’s currently a healthy scratch and the Bruins have Dougie Hamilton on the way so I don’t see the need there.

  22. @Gravity mike ….36 crazyfists

    WOW chris haters

    I simply responded to Beer goggles comments as he was the first to post today …as always Ive learned to comment on the daily threads and news agenda …. Ive also posted statistics to try and help out other readers and simply post what I feel is the the truth …..sorry to offend you…. gravity mike ……as Ive gone down the posts I see everyone has a leaf comment so Iam not the only one ….but as stated Ive tried to always post on the news of the day and rebutt to the previous comments which was only Beer goggles at the time ……unfortunately I hust happened to be up early in the morning ….from now one gravity mike I will wait until your highnesss posts his review before I embark on conversation ….so I hope that you geyt up early so I have something to write about as well !!!

    Oh by the way your post today about the Bruins was exactly what I wrote up top so not sure what I didnt do right …..for you your highness …..crazyfists ……gravity mike….it seems all you like to do is talk smack about other people and everything they have to say is bull shit …why dont you just talk to yourself so you can always be assured that you are right everytime …..I never say things to ofend people here I just post my thoughts and arguments and try not to offend people as you do ….so…not sure what offends you so much when we are all talking about hockey and what goes on the day or Night before in the League …… well…….no different then the Fan 590 or TSN 1050 radio here in Ontario they talke about the Leafs for a bit and then other stuff like we all do here ……I alway engage evreyone and love to talk about the NHL in all my post and like I said have posted stats and found articles on various topics and posted them to help out other people who post or have questions …..there just so happens to be other points of interest other than just yours on this site !!!

    Iam not here to be little people….. Iam here to talk about the league just like everyone else !!


  23. I…….. Just…… Can’t…… Deal…….. With……. The…….. Excessive……… Punctuation……. Other than that, talk about whatever you want.

  24. i don’t mind when the leafs take over the board. i can talk about how much toronto sucks all day long:)

  25. Well said Chris!!! Don’t worry buddy comment on what ever you feel like saying. If it has to do with the NHL it’s worth a debate.

    As for the people who make comments calling other people stupid and such… Well they can all kiss my ass… I generally always skip right over Donnybrook because he never has anything good to say about anything. Must suck always being negative.

    As for the Hab’s comments well if they are so stocked with talent then why are they in the basement? Oh that’s right the old excuss “man games lost”. I guess that only applies to the Habs since it didn’t seem to affect the Pen’s.

  26. First time poster here, but long time reader.

    I say we all read the posts from Chris everyday. The simple fact is his non-sensical babbling of the same comments everyday, and his poor command of the English language make it entertaining worthwhile read. Also his random use of capital letters and 4 page essays about how he has all the answers to the Leafs problems are pure comic genius.

    As for the amount of Leafs posts on a non-Leaf post by Lyle, it is common knowledge to anyone outside of Toronto that Leafs fans have a lower IQ than others when it comes to evaluating their own players. According to you people, the Leafs have trades or are going to sign everybody this year. I can’t even count how many times I’ve read that you are getting Nash, Getzlaf, Weber, Suter, Parise, Eric Staal, JVR, Spezza, Bobby Ryan, Brayden Schenn, Loui Ericson, Tavares, and Stasny at some point or another this season. And this past off season you were supposed to get Brad Richards and Stamkos too.

    I’m not asking you to stop posting, just pointing out how ridiculous you all sound to the rest of the hockey world. No wonder the Leafs are the laughing stock of the league.

  27. It appears that even in the dawn of th e email and blogging age ….there is social unrest …like I said Iam not posting to put people down and I never do !! ..a good debate is fantastic with proven points and a point of view in what one believes …..but Iam here to have fun and discuss the league ….the leafs are part of the league …for some of you unfortunately !! You see it your way I see it my way …but not here to make enemies with verbal pollution !

    Leafs loose 4 – 1 tonight LMAO

  28. @ Beergoggles: The Leafs seem to be in trouble as they have had a couple of years and still seem to not have the punch to make the playoffs. They had a good run earlier this year but are now playing to their ability. The Habs have been underachieving all season and I’m not sure why. i will not go with all the ussual suggestions but something was off…way off. To me (and yes I have a bias) the Habs are a much better team than their record shows. I think next year we should see a huge immprovement and jump in the standings. Barring major peronell changes on either side, not sure I can say the same about the Leafs.

  29. Hey Chris I’ll respond constructively with out putting you down tonight. All I ask of you leaf fans is stop making every thread about you. God knows there are enough threads about the leafs and nearly everyday if not everyday you are mentioned in Canadian corner.

  30. Habs don’t have a Malkin to put a team on his back and lead the league in scoring. There’s no doubt the loss of Markov, Gionta, Cammy (early part), and Moen hurt the team. The defense is alright, top PK in the league, quality first line. Just no secondary scoring, PP effectiveness, and losing some key players/leaders for huge stretches hurts. If the Canadiens had a Malkin level player then they probably wouldn’t be in the basement.

    Don’t get mad at me beer goggles!!! Lol. I just said that it was inaccurate! Lol.

  31. These article have nothing to do with cricket so I am going to comment about cricket. A likely culprit is the Australian batsmen…… It was their first innings collapses at Lords and the Oval which lost us two Tests!!!!! The batsman that sticks out like a sore thumb is Mike Hussey….. He was Ravi-Bopara-like in the energy and enthusiasm he gave to the fielding team……. He was always a wicket just waiting to happen…… Sure, he may have saved his position with a futile century yesterday…… It’s becoming an Australian tradition for one beleagured batsman to save his career with a meaningless century at the Oval every 4 years.

    …about as relevant, no?

  32. So Chris you want Burke to trade Kessel, phaneuf and schenn for what? Burke overpaid for Kessel, dion is a meh d man, and so is schenn. What are they going to get you? In a package you might get your #1 center or goalie. Burke has stayed true to maple leaf fashion; he thinks he and his team are better than they are, and has made bad trades.

    If you hadn’t traded your 1sts for Kessel you’d have your #1 center coming along nicely and you’d another top player (Hamilton depending on who he would have drafted with whatever pick it was)

    If Burke trades the guys you want him to or tries to acquire what you want him to it will be lateral moves at best most likely or you know the never ending rebuild you laffs have been on. So unless you want to talk about something new, stop repeating te same garbage.

    Oh and while Kessel is a parameter player it’s not like Nash whom you covet has done wonders. I don’t believe he’s ever even hit 80 pts. I know he’s not playing with superstars in columbus, but it’s not like anyone would have thought lupul was capable of the season he’s having this year.

  33. I hear the Bruins are going to trade the Leafs their dignity back for Kadri, Schenn and a 1st in the off-season. But seriously Leafs fans…can you at least restrict your Leaf discussions to threads dealing with Leaf topics?