Latest on the Rangers, Canucks and Islanders.

Rangers might need a short-term replacement for injured Marc Staal, Cory Schneider’s time won’t come with the Canucks, and a three-way battle for goaltending jobs with the Islanders.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Marc Staal’s linger post-concussion symptoms could make the club’s search for a defenseman to become more serious, believing they have little choice now but to add a veteran, depth defenseman to their green blueline. Brooks suggested free agent Paul Mara as an option, though he noted Rangers head coach John Tortorella oversaw Mara’s departure from the Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There aren’t many options available in terms of depth defensemen. Bryan McCabe isn’t likely to earn a return engagement. Chris Campoli is still available, though his salary demands would likely exceed the Rangers available cap space. Steve Staios and Anton Stralman are currently on tryouts with the Islanders and Devils respectively, though the Rangers could sign one of them if they fail to stick with those teams beyond training camp.

VANCOUVER SUN: Cam Cole reports goaltender Cory Schneider isn’t going to get his shot as a starting goalie with the Canucks.  Cole suggested the Edmonton Oilers, who have serious questions in goal this season, could use him, and they have tradeable assets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Canucks do eventually trade Schneider, odds are they’ll try to avoid sending him to a divisional rival. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports the Islanders have a crowd in goal with Rick DiPietro, Evgeni Nabokov and Al Montoya, and it’s possible they could start the season with the three.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At some point the Isles will move one of them, and it obviously won’t be DiPietro. While many feel it’ll be Nabokov, much will depend on performance and potential return. 


  1. Mark my words, Montoya will be a BEAST for the isle. Maybe not right away with the crowded crease they have, but by the end of the year he will be the undisputed number one.

  2. Thats because they will trade Nabokov and Rick will be hurt 30 games intot he season at best. I always liked Montoya and never thought he got a fair chance with the coyotes.

  3. Hey, the Rangers could trade a draft pick for Morrisonn from the Sabres. Sabres need to get rid of $3.5MM in salary and Morrisonn’s salary is at $2MM – I’m sure with some shuffling – Shoane would fit in nicely and help fill the Staal void.

  4. I have been wondering who the Isle’s will use as their starter. While I think they really want to go with DiPietro – he has a history of injury – seems like its every year since 2007. I know the Isle’s have a lot of $ invested with Rick and I believe they are looking to Nabokov as trade bait – so that leave Montoya – who I think is pretty darn good. Islanders might be best served to go with Montoya as the starter and Rick as the back up – using Nabokov for trade purposes.

  5. The Rangers have less than $1.5m available and a couple kids who could hold them over. Doubt they go shopping, but if they do I wouldn’t mind if they spoke with Hannan’s camp

  6. What about Kuba from the Sens to the Rangers? Torts loves Kuba from his Tampa days. I’m sure he could be had for a song and Ottawa could easily take the required amount of salary back.

  7. can’t talk to hannan’s camp he is a calgary flame

  8. I’d trade with a divisional rival if it meant getting the best deal I could get for that player. In terms of dollars, it would only make the rivalry more interesting.

  9. We know divisional re-alignment is coming to the NHL next year with the return of the Winnipeg Jets (maybe even the Quebec Nordiques by this time next year), so its hard to say right now if Edmonton will stay in Vancouver’s division, or even if the Conference will have divisions. I don’t think that would stop Gillis from trading Schnieder to Edmonton if it meant a really good return. Hey, Gretzky was traded within the Oilers division, so anything is possible…

  10. If schneider gets traded i’d be surprised if it was in the same conference. yeah, it happened with gretzky but that was all about pocklington getting as much money as he could from wherever he could. i think a deal involving schneider wouldl be more hockey oriented and less about a sleazy owner trying to cover his soon to be bankrupt ass. i hope so, anyway.

  11. Schneider to the Devils in the off-season.. Put it on the board!

  12. The oil got roli from the wild who are in our division. Although I don’t think schnieder is the right fit for my team you gotta think the canucks would love to get their hands on one of our swedish wingers.

  13. Unless the injuries come flying early again this year, look for the Isles to trade a goaltender around the same time they traded Roloson last year. If Poulin is ready this year and Montoya is having another great year, the Isles would get better value from Montoya instead of Nabakov.

  14. Oh thanks buff, guess i missed that one.

  15. The cap woes for the Rangers is deep. It looks like they will look to some younger players like
    Erixon, McDonagh and Sauer to complete the defence core. Sather needs to retire. He has over paid for
    all the forwards on the team.

    Montoya was a great prospect that never flurished in Phoenix or NY. Being from the NCAA and US development camp, he had great potential, but was hinered by better players and injuries. He needs to show that he can play a long season. He has never played over 48 games and needs to have a good season in the NHL.