Latest on the Red Wings and Bruins – August 12, 2014

Red Wings GM Ken Holland hopes to re-sign Daniel Alfredsson, and Bruins blueliner Torey Krug gets an offer from the KHL.

Red Wings hoping to re-sign Daniel Alfredsson.

Red Wings hoping to re-sign Daniel Alfredsson.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland said his club will likely try to re-sign Daniel Alfredsson if the veteran winger decides to return for another season. If Alfredsson returns, Khan notes the Wings will have fourteen forwards under one-way contract, but suggests Tomas Jurco can be returned to the minors as he’s still on his entry-level contract and exempt from waivers. Holland also said he’s not looking to add another defenseman or forward via free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Alfredsson is reportedly skating in Sweden and will decide about his future before training camp opens next month. He’s indicated if he does return for another season it’ll only be with the Red Wings.  Given the slim pickings remaining in this summer’s UFA market it’s not surprising Holland isn’t interested in signing one of them. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports a source claims Boston Bruins restricted free agent defenseman Torey Krug has received a “sizable offer” from an unidentified KHL team, with a “good chunk” of his money coming via a signing bonus. Haggerty considers it “highly, highly unlikely” Krug bolts for the KHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He probably won’t, but his agent could try to use the offer as leverage in negotiations with the Bruins. 


  1. Alfie needs to hang them up, he won’t be as effective anymore and the Wings are in desperate need to find some youth in their organization to step up to the plate and develop. The Wings IMO are in danger of falling out of playoff contention for the first time in a long time. Alfie I don’t think pushes them their anymore, he has had a great career and needs to accept that!

    • Didn’t Alfie post 18 goals and 31 assists for team lead 49 points this past season??? Injuries or not I think he is more than capable of being productive

      • \yes but add another year of wear and back issues to the mix.

        • The Wings aren’t exactly in desperate need of youth to step up. Most of their lineup is pretty young and inexperienced right now. If anything they’re short on consistency. Something Alfie brings every game when he’s healthy. If there is a signing that is a problem it was Cleary. I’d rather see Jurco in the lineup over Cleary, and I like Cleary. But Alfie is still performing just below a point a game, which is higher than most on the team right now. Give players like Tatar, and Nyqvist a few years and we’ll be rolling 2-3 solid lines again, but for now we’ve got some busted parts that we can roll with because they’re reliable (Alfie and Franzen in particular). Hopefully the Wings can swing a trade and bring in a solid defensemen and this team still has a lot of upside.

  2. Why are there not more grumbles about Holland hanging them up? Wings are saddled with Kindl, Howard and whats his face from FL who played 5 games. Drop Alf, offer Krug 5 mil/yr put Bos in a bigger bind, get the young battle tested D we need and see if we can trade Kindl for some draft picks. Bring Mantha and Xavier up. Let them learn

    • Alfredsson was a God among men in Ottawa. Now he is reduced to this….fans of another team suggested to not sign him. It was not to long ago when the Senators held the All star game and every second was spent giving him a standing ovation.

      • I remembered that. That’s all people around the city would talk about. So much so it would make you sick.
        Sadly, despite his leadership (team had become divided and then fell apart in 2008 under his captaincy) and how he left – the powerful words about leading the team, retiring here, etc. followed by a ludicrous $5M offer and subsequent jetting out of town, people still hold him in high regard for some reason. Frankly, I stand by the fact he should have been dealt to the wings back 4 years ago at the deadline before he signed his last deal in Ottawa as they would have atleast gotten some return.

    • It’s my understanding the both Reilly Smith and Krug can not be signed to offer sheets from other clubs. I guess that doesn’t apply to KHL teams, however.

    • Offer Sheet time is done, All offer sheets had to be in before free agency. And besides since Krug has less then 3 years as a RFA He can’t be offer sheeted any ways and neither can Reilly Smith.

      • You are wrong, I believe.

        Section 10.3 of the CBA deals with offer sheets, and nothing is mentioned about a time window for signing offer sheets. Maybe you are thinking buyouts.

        I also believe Rielly is a group 2 free agent, and can be offered sheeted. I wouldn’t expect that though, as if he is offered in the 3 mark, Boston would match, and above that is an overpayment in both money and picks.

        • either buyouts or teams qualifying rfas.

          • It’s been WELL documented all summer in Boston that neither Krug or Smith qualify for offer sheets.

        • Nope since both Krug and Smith have less then 3 years playing time as RFA They can’t be offer sheeted that came out of Boston so it does’nt matter.

      • remember 2 years ago, Ryan O’Reilly signed like on Feb 1st or something around that date. The only way a team cannot make an offer sheet is if they are offered arbitration. Otherwise if they aren’t signed any team can sign a player to an offer sheet at any point.

  3. It’s funny how a washed up player like Alfie can say maybe one more year but only for this team. Who said the wings would even want him back? But I kinda like that demand from him I can rest knowing he won’t show up in Boston

    • like I said above, last season Alfie 18 goals 31 assists, team lead 49 points. Not too bad for a washed up player… some people’s opinions are just plain stupid

    • At least JJB has a respectable opinion

      • It wouldn’t shock me if he and the Ottawa’s ownership / mngt. kissed and made up with him coming back and finishing his career with the Senator’s. Pay him the money he felt he was owed and create a big PR win for the organization. They need to do something big. Surprised no-ones suggested this…

  4. Alfie is near the end for sure. 18 goals and 49 pts isn’t bad at all…but he’s getting tired..and he knows the big money days are behind him…he likes the Wings..if they like him and believe he can still help, then all is good at the end of the game

  5. Kenn Holland is quoted as saying if Alfie wants to come back, he’s more than welcome, but doesn’t see him playing a full season. Sounds like Holland would like to see him platooned with Dan Cleary. As much as I like Daniel Alfredsson, it’s time to call it a career and let a young player like Jurco get a shot. Cleary should also have not been signed. The only way the Wings will be successful this season, is if they stay healthy for a whole season. After what they went through last season, the new year HAS to be better. Sure can’t be any worse.