Latest on the Red Wings – August 23, 2012.

Making the case for the Red Wings to trade Valtteri Filppula, and Johan Franzen’s trade value.


Should the Wings use Filppula as trade bait for Yandle?

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski recently commented on the opinions of myself and Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press suggesting the Red Wings won’t trade forward Valtteri Filppula for a defenseman. While Greg agrees with my take that moving Filppula for a defenseman would create a new hole in the roster by filling another one, he suggests it would be worthwhile if the defenseman were Keith Yandle of the Phoenix Coyotes. He also pointed out the Wings have over $11 million to find another center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Easier said than done, Greg. I’ve frequently mentioned the Coyotes, after entertaining offers for Yandle during this year’s entry draft, have decided to retain Yandle. Even if Filppula could net Yandle, there’s not exactly a huge market for comparable centers via trade or free agency this year.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James suggested Johan Franzen and his reasonable cap hit “gives him high value in a potential trade for the top-four defenseman the Wings so badly need.” Still, she also believes a fired-up Franzen who plays with more consistency this season would be of considerable value to the Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A big problem with Franzen’s contract, however, is that it runs through 2019-20. There won’t be a big market for a 32-year-old winger earning an average cap hit of over $3.95 million stretching over the next eight years.


  1. Filppula for Yandle is a steal for Red Wings. I doubt Coyotes are that dumb but if that is Yandle’s return value I hope Flyers are involved because I believe Philly can do a better package. Read, 1st and Bourdon for Yandle. Read and two 1sts? Who knows? One thing for sure Yandle is exactly the type of d-men Flyers need.

    • It wouldn’t be just Filppula for Yandle. He would be the center piece of the trade.

      • 1 year of Filppula, who plays a position that the Coyotes don’t need upgrading at the moment, won’t get Yandle. As for the Flyers scenario, why would the Coyotes want a defenseman back? And the 1st doesn’t help the Coyotes make the post season this year. Neither offers would entice the Coyotes to trade Yandle before seeing if Gormley can step up and fill Yandle’s spot in the rotation.

  2. @Eddie is the greatest, Filppula a soon to be UFA with one decent year is a center piece for #1 d-men? Filppula is decent two way forward with some upside, no argument from me there.. Vermette is very similar to Filppula in most ways (maybe a little better statistically) and was traded for 2nd round pick.

    So what I am saying.. Wings better add some serious prospect and pick if they are looking to land Yandle.

    • Nitroglycerin…thats what Eddie is saying too, he never said VF would land Yandle. Your argument about only one good year and a UFA soon can be made about Read as well. Sorry to say nut right now Filppula has way more trade value than Read does.

      • Canadian King, my argument was not about Read vs Filppula. I was just skeptical about Filppula as a center piece for Yandel even if Wings add a few 1st round picks or prospects. Throwing Read out there with few picks and a prospect just a prove that Flyers can make comparable offer trying to trade for #1 D. Truth is, it will take a lot more to land someone like Yandle. I do not think Wings have Schenn, Couturier like young talent the type of talent that would get Coyotes to listen..

  3. Flippula is way better than vermett

    • Is Flippula ‘way’ better than Vermette? Very much debatable. Vermette is 2 years old and has 3 seasons with over 20 goals and 2 seasons with 19 goals. If you round up he basically had 5 20 goal seasons. Flippula was on a better team.

      I was generous when I said both are comparable players. I still think they are.

      • At 2 years old and 3 seasons at with over 20 goals, that is quite impressive. As amazing as the baby would be on ice, that one season from the womb had to be amazing.

  4. Don’t see any major trades being made before teams know what is in new CBA.
    A bigger question may be is what do players like Selanne and Alfredsson do if there is a lockout ? If it gets to Christmas time do they even bother coming back ?

    • I think players like that would love a shortened season. A cancelled season would likely see them retire though.

  5. There is zero chance that the ‘Yotes move Yandle unless the following happens.

    #1 – An all star forward is coming back. Why people think it wouldn’t is beyond me, Yandle is an all star #1 defenseman who is responsible and puts up points.
    #2- Phoenix is comfortable that either Ekman-Larsson, Rundblad, or Gormley could step up for Phoenix.
    #3 – Shane Doan would have to be back long term.

    Matt Read from Philly would not net Yandle. Pheonix would be seeking an improvement at center, so yes Philly would be parting with either Brayden or Sean, regardless of what Flyer fans might think. Only one and not both or anything crazy. Phoenix is a team constantly counted out and are just removed from the Western Conference finals. If Doan were to come back and they felt that they were comfortable at D and could net a big #1 center with offense to join the team for Yandle then they would certainly go about that route.

    But Yandle is signing for 4 more seasons, wears an ‘A’ and is loved by Coyote fans and there is very little chance they will trade him unless the trade is big and helps them into the playoffs and getting deep this year. A bunch of add on picks won’t help Phoenix right now, they are a young team, they have talent in their system and they are looking to get deep. Phoenix is trying to build hockey in the city and taking step backwards won’t help that.

  6. TSN reported Filppula, Ericson and a low draft pick for Jaybo a couple of days ago, which is a solid deal. It would take much more then that to pry Yandle away from PHX. And as far as finding a second line C if they do trade VF, he played LW last year on the second line. Yandle wont come cheap to any team, Maloney is not an idiot.

  7. Honestly, Ericson and Filpulla should be right around what Yandle’s worth, maybe with a bit more fleshing around the trade. Yandle is a good defenseman, top pair guy, he’s getting pumped up because he is pretty much the most well known player on the defense of the team. Both players got 122 points compared to….what, 43? If anything, there should be a pick going back with Yandle.