Latest on the Red Wings, Capitals and Panthers – August 29, 2012.

The Detroit Red Wings are still considering moves to address their defense, Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson unconcerned over his contract status, and Florida Panthers goalie Jose Theodore hopes he isn’t moved.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Detroit Red Wings are still considereing free agent and trade opportunities to buttress their defense. They’ve already made a two-year contract offer to UFA blueliner Carlo Colaiacovo, and Khan claims they’ve also expressed interest in “Michal Rozsival, Brett Clark and Mark Eaton.” He also suggests they could wait until a new CBA is in place to make a trade, as a possibly lowered salary cap could force other clubs to shed salary, providing the Wings with better trade options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe either Colaiacovo or Rozsival could join the Wings. They are currently sitting at $57.142 million in payroll, putting them under the NHL’s recently proposed salary cap of $58 million for this season, so they have some wiggle room. Still, they’ll have to move out a bit of salary too, if they hope to land a better d-man via trade, especially if there’s no rollback of existing players salaries.

Carlson not worried about contract status.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Stephen Whyno reports Capitals RFA defenseman John Carlson is unconcerned over the fact he’s yet to sign a new contract with the club. Carlson expressed his love of playing in Washington and doesn’t envision playing elsewhere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been some talk among rumormongers of Carlson inking an offer sheet from a rival club, or perhaps being dealt for a scoring forward. I don’t believe either will occur.

MIAMI HERALD: George Richards recently spoke with Florida Panthers goaltender Jose Theodore, who claims to be unworried over the rumors this summer of the Panthers acquiring Roberto Luongo from the Vancouver Canucks. Theodore wouldn’t say if he’d been approached about waiving his no-trade clause, but he claimed he hasn’t spoken to anyone from either team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been suggested the Panthers would ship Theodore to Vancouver as part of the return for Luongo, or perhaps trade him to another club. It remains to be seen if the Panthers do bring back Luongo, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they retained Theodore, as he has one season left on his contract. He would provide the Panthers with a solid tandem, plus he could be used as a bargaining chip later in the season.


  1. Detroit

    Its time for the Wings to institute some agressive youth into the team they need a shake up and should really persue an elite defenseman VIA a significant trade.
    There are trades to be made and players to be had and in the Wings lifespan its time to make a change and start retoolling little by little.
    With players like Subban E.Kane and Carlson not signed and the fantastic UFA market next year ..they should be looking at rearranging the furniture in the old house!


    I ve seen Carlson play a number of times in Buffalo last year and he is one of the best players on the Ice a steady Eddy …and silent but deadly …very well poised and plays every shift like his last as well as having a gifted first pass out of the zone….he can be significant on any team and improve the back end tremendously for any quality team .


    If all else fails with the leafs in aquiring any significant goalie BB should look at this as an option at only $1.5 mill could be the perfect impact at low cost plus Theo is a great team guy and will not steal the spotlight, he can give you a great chance and will be huge support if by the grace of the big guy the Leafs make the playoffs!

    • I agree that detroit needs to really make some moves, the problem is that when holland resigns bertuzzi for two years and brings in thrid and fourth line players we question if in fact he has the ability to make the neccessary moves to retool this. We have a couple bad contracts that he refuses to get rid of because he doesnt want to believ hes made a bad move. I dont see things better anytime soon in hockeytown.

    • Theodore would definately be a good short term answer for the Leafs his numbers aren’t that bad the last few years and played very well with the Caps.

  2. John Carlson should be worried about his first meeting against the Boston Bruins. His cry baby gesture he made towards Lucic in the playoffs was cute but I’m sure Lucic has not forgot. Will be interesting to see if he stands up like a man or hides like a chicken. Both big strong boys I cant wait to see that tilt.

    • I believe that was Alzner.

  3. Not sure why the Canucks would be interested in Theodore when they have Schneider & Lack, who they just signed to a 2-yr deal.

    I realize that having an experienced backup is always useful, but that is only necessary *if* Schneider falters. And if that happens, aging backup goalies who are good for tutelage and a game here or there are a very affordable commodity, all season long.

    I don’t think the Canucks want Theo as any part of the return.

    Note: I’m not a Canucks fan, and I don’t think Schneider is the best goalie ever. Just that I think the Canucks are ready to go with two young guys, at least to start the season (if it happens)

  4. Your right that was Alzner still should be a fun game to watch.

  5. Van sucks … cant stand the ginger sisters…

    • Leafs suck, embarrassment that they are still considered a hockey team…they should take up badminton or something

  6. It is funny to see people jump all over the Red Wing line up, when in reality it is still very good. Holland continues to do a very good job and has brought in some nice pieces this offseason. Sure landing a stud Dman is number 1 on the wish list, but it is for many teams and they don’t exactly grow on trees. Are they cup favourites, maybe not, but you would be insane to count them out of the playoffs. And after this previous year, we all know that once you get in, anything can happen.

    I don’t think the wings need to add another mediocre band-aid defensemen, that doesn’t solve anything. Give Smith top 4 minutes and re-evaluate a couple weeks in.

    • Agree. If they aren’t going to bring in Bouwmeester or another top two guy, then let the young guys play.

  7. Doesn’t Theo have a NTC?
    Would really like to see him in a leafs uniform. Wonder what Theo’s take is on going to the Leafs? Big city lights that he is used to.
    As a former Hart and Vezina winner he has the talent and would be great for Reimer and Scriven’s development

  8. Theodore and Clemmensen are quality backups at this point in their careers. in the playoffs last year the Panthers led the series against the Devils 3-2 and each goalie was given the chance to win it for the Panthers and they both lost in OT, New Jersey made it to the Finals and if they’d had better goaltending it could’ve been Florida. that’s why Tallon needs a goalie, maybe not to start the season but definitely by the deadline, both goalies are on expiring contracts so they’re going to have to get another goalie at some point anyways.

  9. Jurcina is still the best of the defenseman left in the UFA grab bag. The Wings need better than that and I believe a trade is in the offing once this CBA 3 act play is finished.The Luongo made for tv reality show is just terrible.The whole thing is poorly written and deplorably directed,just get him to Florida soon.Who cares who goes where?Maybe the Sedins,should go with him.It still won’t matter.Both teams will not get to the finals.

  10. No Doan news ?

  11. In other news, Shane Doan had to take a dump today but couldn’t decide where to take it, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Nashville, New York or Buffalo?

  12. The Flyers will be in on John Carlson….Homer will offer sheet him anytime that’s why so many RFAs are unsigned…waiting for the big $$$$$